Received 1-1-15

My ways are better for I know you and what you need. Follow Me and I will make you fishers of men. My Spirit will train you as a coach trains his athletes. He will give you words to speak and opportunities. Listen and obey, then you will be blessed and My kingdom will grow.

Received 1-2-15

Every day will bring opportunities to share your faith in Me. Testify to what I am doing in you. Let people know about the peace I give. Let them know about the confidence you have about coming to Me when you die.

Received 1-3-15

Surrender. What does it mean to surrender? Do you retain any decision-making or control? Is it just asking for permission to do what you want to do? Or is it only doing what those in power want you to do and you have no say? What rights does a prisoner or captive have? Does it make a difference if you voluntarily submit or if you are forced to submit as in slavery? Am I your Lord?

Received 1-4-15

I have done everything I need to do for you. Accept by faith that is all done. You have every tool, every promise, every victory. I am in you and you are in Me.

Received 1-5-15

I will guide you just trust in Me. Look for new opportunities around you. Be in tune with My Spirit especially with people. Ask Me for words to speak. Use your gift to bless others. I have given you ability to sense My anointing. Use this to know what I am doing. I can use you if you are willing to speak out.

Received 1-6-15

Recognize the signs of the age you are living in. What is happening? Prepare yourself and train yourself for greater persecution and aggression against what you believe. Be ready to give an answer for the hope that is in you. Just as in springtime the trees send forth their seeds, so too should you be sending out seeds of life to those around you. You don’t know the condition of a person’s heart. I am working to draw all men to Myself. Speak My Name. Praise My Name. Speak truth and grace.

Received 1-7-15

All things become new in My kingdom. Gone is sin and temptation. Gone is failure. Joy and peace and love abounds. We reflect the glory of God as never before. Unity, wholeness, satisfaction, fulfillment are words to describe My kingdom. You will go on learning more about Me for eternity. Singing, music, testimonies, praise and worship will never cease. Beauty and colors and light will fill your eyes. Fragrances and tastes will stimulate your senses with pleasure unknown before. You will see Me and we will be one.

Received 1-8-15

Watch for Me today, Be expectant and alert. Pray in the Spirit. Let praise flow from your lips like water. Out of the depths will come life. I have planted seeds of life within you and now they will germinate for a great harvest as you give yourself away to others and to Me.

Received 1-9-15

Let My praises flow from your lips. Be a man of prayer and praise. Be thankful and I will fill you with joy. A generous spirit begins with thanksgiving.

Received 1-10-15

I see what is happening. You are seeing what will come about in the last days. Evil increasing, deception and lies, acceptance of sin, inability to stop evil. Desperate people will rise up and take action into their own hands, but will be rebuked. It will seem like a hopeless situation. But My grace is sufficient for My people. Where sin abounds, grace abounds all the more. Pleasure and rights will mean more than truth and holiness. For the sake of My elect, these days will be shortened. To be absent from the body is to be present with Me. Rise up and declare My victory.

Received 1-11-15

Is there time for Me? All things are possible for those who believe. Rescue the sick and lame; rescue them by your prayers and intercessions. See My heart of compassion for My people.

Received 1-12-15

All the earth proclaims who God is. His creative power is unmatched. His hand is upon everything He made. He is what holds it all together in harmony and balance. He knows the breath of every creature. He cares for each one. How sin has changed what He made. Man can only discover and marvel at what He has made. He made what we experience so that we can explore its intricacy and complexity and simplicity and order and predictability. The atoms are in harmony, so also the species of creatures He has made. Every creature has its purpose, design. We marvel at the variety of what we see – those on land and air and in water. We mourn over the extinction of a species, yet rejoice over the discovery of a new species, unknown before.

I made it all for you so you could see My glory.

Received 1-13-15

Love and be loved. Give and receive. Bless and be blessed. My way is to give and serve first, then what you sow will return to you. Whoever wants to become great must first be a servant of all. Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, then all these things shall be added to you. Rejoice and be glad for I have made it so.

Received 1-14-15

All things are possible for those who believe. All things are possible with God. Without faith it is impossible to please God, for he who comes to God must believe that He exists and that He rewards those who diligently seek Him.

Received 1-15-15

Not a day will pass before My glory will be revealed to My people and to those who are seeking Me. I am not hiding or distant. I am very near, active in every life, both in the good and in the evil ones. I do not want any to perish. My creation speaks loudly so men are without excuse. I allow calamity to fall on the unbelieving so they will call upon Me. My heart grieves over the lost. Be like Me and have compassion and love for those who are perishing. Look beyond their sin and unbelief.

Received 1-16-15

Am I your friend? All who seek after Me will find a Friend and Savior. I do not call you servants, but friends. I will show you what I am doing. Respond in faith. You are trusting Me for your future; trust Me for today, for now.

Received 1-17-15

All things are possible to those who believe. All things may be permissible, but not all things are good and righteous and holy. What is in your heart? What do you desire? Is there satisfaction in following Me, and in obeying Me? I am your precious and great reward.

Received 1-18-15

Will you believe? Can you trust Me in every situation and need? Come to Me in prayer for what you see. Add your prayers to those who pray and intercede. Make a difference. Be responsible, consistent. Let My Spirit guide you.

Received 1-19-15

Look for Me in every situation for I am always at work through My people to reach others. Pray always. Rejoice always. Love always. When you are weak then I am strong. Nothing is impossible for those who believe in Me.

Received 1-20-15

Give Me your anger and pride. Turn to Me for wisdom and truth. I have not left you alone to struggle. I am with you. I was near Adam, but He wasn’t seeking Me. The liar is speaking as never before. He has seduced those in the world. They are in a stupor, blindly following his lies. Judgment will come soon. Seek after Me and you will find life.

Received 1-21-15

Life moves on. Each day brings new opportunities and challenges. Examine what you focus on. Pay attention and be alert. Be in tune with My Spirit through prayer. Beware of idols that demand your time and attention. Man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.

Received 1-22-15

Have no fear. I will speak to you about those you love. I love them just as I love you. They are precious to Me. For a time they are choosing not to believe all that they once knew. They were deceived by the world. They don’t know how to return. They have lived for themselves. Love them unconditionally as I love them. Let them know the hope you have in Me.

Received 1-23-15

The wages of sin is death in many forms, but life comes through faith in Me and this is real life that never ends; full of joy and meaning and satisfaction. Do not hoard what you have or know. What has been entrusted to you is also for others, many others.

Received 1-24-15

All that I am is yours through prayer and grace. I long to be with My people, those I created in My own image. Do not focus on the events of this world for it is passing away. Keep your eyes on Me.

Received 1-25-15

All that I am is yours. Change is good for it makes you think about many things that you are doing. How important are they to you and to Me? Submit everything to Me in prayer. Commit your way to the Lord; trust in Him and He will do this: He will make your righteous reward shine like the dawn, your vindication like the noonday sun. Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and He will establish your plans.

Received 1-26-15

You are wonderful! May You be glorified in my life and in my thoughts. Your love and grace are amazing. O how You love. You can reach into the hardest soul to plant Your seed of life.

Received 1-27-15

The Lord is great and greatly to be praised. All things have their life through Him. He is the head of His body, the church. He is the beginning and the end. He is love and the Father sent Him to love us and show us the Father’s love by dying for us.

Received 1-28-15

Much is needed. Many are lost and struggling. Many are hurting emotionally and physically. This has been going on since the fall. How I long to rescue them. O that they would call upon Me. All that I do, all that I am is love.

Received 1-29-15

Every day I will come to You to seek Your words of life. You know me and care for me. You know my future and my past. You made me in Your image and You have a purpose for me in Your kingdom. You prepare me and teach me your ways through every life experience I go through. You have gifted me, but you also challenge me to rely on You by faith, to do what You have me to do. How wonderful it is to know You, Most Holy God Almighty, Creator of the universe! Thank You Lord Jesus Christ for saving me and forgiving my sins and failures. Thank You Holy Spirit for the power and truth You give to me. Amen.

I will be here for you. Just call upon Me. You have heard My truth many times, but you can forget, so I tell you again. I am patient with you for I see your heart.

Received 1-30-15

I look for people who believe in Me. I hear their cry and I come to them. All things are possible for those who believe. Believe that I exist, that I am good, that I love you. Believe that I care about your need, that I hear your prayer, that I can and will do what you ask of Me.

Received 1-31-15

I am your supply and your shield. Let Me guard over you. Unless the Lord builds the house; they labor in vain to build it.

Received 2-1-15

Allow My Spirit to work in you and in My church. Call upon Me for everything. There is life in Me. Tap into Me for your life. Unless a grain of wheat dies in the soil, it cannot produce anything. Die to yourself, but live to Me.

Received 2-2-15

I am here. Put your thoughts on things above. Rejoice in Me and what I have done. There is life in Me, life that brings life in you. Give yourself to Me.

Received 2-3-15

The wages of sin is death. The glory of man is found only as a reflection of My glory. You shine when I shine in you. What appeals to man is vain and empty, fleeting without satisfaction. Beauty is temporary and shallow. So-called stars in entertainment or sports come and go. We live out our fantasy lives through them, but they are empty shells, fleeting and vain. True beauty is righteousness, virtue, love, generosity, kindness and humility. My Son was beautiful. His submission and obedience was pleasing. Be like Him in the power of My Spirit. I put beauty in My creation, but sin has corrupted it so that it fades and is temporary. In you is the capacity to see and appreciate My beauty, the beauty that comes from Me.

Received 2-4-15

I receive your worship and praise and thanksgiving. These things turn your focus away from yourself. Is this too much to ask? Would you rather that you were praised, than for Me to be praised for what you do? Yes, give thanks to Me for everything – before, during and after! Develop in your heart an attitude of gratefulness.

Received 2-5-15

Let your heart be filled with love, My love for others. See with compassion. Experience their pain and struggle and need as I have. I know them and care for them. I am not aloof, far away uncaring. I respond to faith. Speak words of faith and life to them. Bring them before Me in prayer.

Received 2-6-15

Do not be afraid or anxious. Call upon Me to help you. All life comes from Me. Help people find this truth. I do not want My people to suffer, but sin has ravished what I made. There is a consequence to sin and it can be compounded over time. I do not need to bring judgment for people reap what they sow. I rescue those who call upon Me.

Received 2-7-15

Give hope and encouragement to the weary and downcast. Not in a flippant way, but with My love and grace. Life can be hard, especially if you are trying in your own strength to make it through. Even with My help, life can be a struggle, but there can be joy and peace that in the end, there will be reward for perseverance and discipline. Lo, for I will be with you, even to the end of time. Share your burden with Me in prayer and with your brother in conversation. Let others help and pray for you.

Received 2-8-15

Trust Me to carry what you have and to do what you cannot do. If only you would believe Me for this, then your burden would be light. The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want. I care for My sheep and My sheep know Me and trust Me.

Received 2-9-15

I know everyone and every situation. I care about My people and what happens to them. I know how much they can bear. I have a plan for them and what I do will help them and I will be glorified in them, if they allow for that to happen. You must choose to believe in spite of what you see or feel or think.

Received 2-10-15

I am love. I am truth. I am light. I am eternal. You are made in My image for My special purposes. Everything I do or have done is good. Man makes his choices and he will live or die with the consequences. Choose life. Choose the life I offer freely in My Son. He died so that you could live. He lives so that you could live eternally with Me.

Received 2-11-15

I am who I am because of Christ Jesus who lives in me.

You are taking on My nature every day, for I am working within you to accomplish My purpose for your life. The more you yield to Me and say yes to what My Spirit asks of you, the more you will be Me. My Word is true and what it says is true about Me and about you.

Received 2-12-15

When you look at the world, what do you see? Am I visible, working behind the events and in the lives of people? Yes, for I have not stopped working to accomplish My will. As before, the enemy thinks he is winning as he destroys and deceives, but he will lose in the end. The world is slow to recognize what is happening. They want the violence to go away. They don’t want to be reminded of how sinful and wicked people can be. Sadly, they link the fanaticism of the radicals with those who truly do believe in Me. They strike out at My people, because they hate Me. Love them anyway. Show love and kindness to all, but discern and be wise, always seeking My wisdom.

Received 2-13-15

When you hear My voice how do you know it is Me? Have you trained yourself to hear? Do you know My Word and follow it? I speak and My people listen. I cry out and those with discernment will take notice. I am working in you and in each of those who know Me. I am glorified by those who believe in Me. They are My workmanship. Just as you are pruning away unwanted branches, so I am pruning My people for greater fruitfulness. There are seasons of life and your fruit will change over time. A mature person produces different fruit than a new believer. I use both to do My will.

Received 2-14-15

All things are possible for those who believe in Me. It’s not just faith to believe Me to do a specific thing you need, but to trust in My goodness and love for you. If you know that in your heart, you can trust Me to do what is best for you in every situation. Just ask Me and commit what you are doing to Me.

Received 2-15-15

I am using many people to bring glory to My Name. Every time they call upon Me, I respond. If they can see into the spiritual realm, they would see the glory I manifest. You seek after My Presence and that is good, but also seek to bring glory to My Name. As you pray, thank Me and worship Me as one of My children. This touches My heart.

Received 2-16-15

I have not stopped working in My creation. It is always before Me as My prized possession. And My people are My jewels shining, reflecting My glory in a dark and hostile world. They stand out in beauty and holiness. Some sparkle more than others as they yield to Me more, but each one is My work and they please Me. I am an Artist and You are My painting, sculpture – more than this, a life-giving spirit, just as My Son gave life, I give life through My people. Can you see this? Change your focus away from this world and see through My eyes. Allow My Spirit to teach you and to guide your every step. He is filled with joy with those who respond to Him.

Received 2-17-15

All that I am is yours. You can do all that I ask of you, because I have gifted you and you have My Spirit and grace. It is not hard to give up the things of this world if you purpose to do so. The lies of the enemy and the deceitfulness of the world’s empty promises can be overcome through discipline as you renew your mind. The flesh may complain, but the spirit will rejoice and be free to flourish. It is not sacrifice, but attitude of mind and soul and submission to My Lordship and will. Great men can live above the crowd, inspiring many. My people can stand out like beacons showing the way to the Father. Teach the truth as I reveal it to you. Give wisdom and understanding to My Word and others will be blessed. Study and share. Put in you what My Spirit can draw out for others.

Received 2-18-15

Yes, and give life to others as never before. You can influence many. Allow Me to speak through you. Tell the men what you see of men who struggle after years of bad choices of yielding to the flesh. There is hope, but it is harder to repent fully after the enemy has taken hold. There is victory in Me for I have overcome all the world has. The enemy has no hold on Me and he should have no hold on you, as you submit to My Lordship. The spiritual realm is real. That is why men must live by My Spirit, not by their flesh. Your spirit can be stronger than you think to overcome the desires of the flesh and thoughts of the mind.

Received 2-19-15

Take time today for prayer and to seek Me for the conference. Let Me speak life into you.

Received 2-20-15

What is man that You should take note of Him? Yes, man is frail and small compared the largeness of what I have made. But I made you in My image and likeness and with My Spirit I have made you anew, erasing the stain of sin and weakness. Live before Me as My son. Live to please Me as if I was your father. It is not about performing or doing. It is in being who I made you to be.

Received 2-21-15

You may not recognize it now, but I will be glorified in what happens in My world. Just as the enemy thought he had won over My Son, so now he thinks he will destroy My people. My patience is waiting for the right time. My love continues to reach out to save and deliver all who call upon Me. The sinfulness and wickedness of man is visible for all to see. My righteousness will shine and all will see it – in My Son and in My people.

Received 2-22-15

Go and be blessed. Listen to My Spirit and pay attention to what men say. Join with My brothers to praise Me, to live for Me. You have not had to struggle as some of these men have. You have received grace just as these men have received, but they were weak and damaged. Encourage them and give them hope.

Received 2-23-15

In Me there is life, true life. Come to Me and I will give you life. You have been born again of My Spirit and now We live in you. Precious in My sight are those who believe in Me. I give the opportunity to believe in every person. They must decide.

Received 2-24-15

All things are possible for those who believe. I am not limited as you are. Let My Spirit reign in you.

Received 2-25-15

There will be wars and rumors of wars in the last days. Fear will be common. Peace will be hard to find, except for those who have My peace. Brother will fight against brother. Lies and hatred will be common. My truth will be mocked. Will I find faith on the earth? Continue doing what you know to be doing. Pray and do battle in the spiritual realm. As never before rely on My Spirit to teach you and to show you the way.

Received 2-26-15

All of the ways of man are before Me. There is nothing new that I do not know about or haven’t seen in man. I am at work. The enemy will deceive, but My truth will win out. Look for the signs of the times. Look for a display of My power. Continue to do what I have called you to do. Pray, encourage, teach, be an example and in all of this, live to please Me. Be holy, for I am holy. Deny the weak flesh within you.

Received 2-27-15

You will be blessed as men come tonight. Be gracious and expecting. This is My work not yours. I have men I want to speak to. You must listen too. For those who call upon Me, I will hear and answer. I will be in your midst doing My work. Pray and seek after Me. Lift up the men to break off the chains that hold them back, that keep them in slavery.

Received 2-28-15

What I started, I will finish. Every man is special to Me. A surrendered heart can be used for My glory. Left to himself, a man can only bring temporary works, shallow, self-serving. Let Me shine My light upon you, so that My light can shine out to draw men to the Father. I can use a broken vessel.

Received 3-1-15

All things are possible. Do you believe this? You know that I blessed the work of your hands. Every heart submitted to Me will be blessed. The enemy may try to attack My children and some will be hurt. But those who cling to Me and call out to Me will see My glory covering them. I am stirring My sleeping church. Watch and pray.

Received 3-2-15

Blessed is the Name of the Lord. He is a strong tower, a place of refuge. We can call upon Him in times of trouble. He will come and see us through.

Received 3-3-15

Watch and pray. Stay alert to what is going on around you – in the physical realm and in the spiritual realm. Respond to My Spirit and pray.

Received 3-4-15

Do not be surprised by the depravity of man or the ignorance about the gospel. These days are not unique. There have been seasons like this throughout history. Men left to themselves can be deceived until their hearts are hardened. I have been hated – when I am love. My will is being carried out before your eyes. Discern the truth, seek after her, live the truth. That is why I shine through My people. The world is growing darker and darker as if the sun is setting. But My Son is rising and all will see and believe.

Received 3-5-15

Lift up your eyes to the hills. Where does your help come from? If you call upon Me, I will be there. Once you call, then rest in Me. I will teach you what to do. My Spirit will remind you. Pray before every meeting, every event.

Received 3-6-15

All things are possible for those who believe and are willing to trust Me to do My will on earth. What is impossible with man is possible with Me. I am your hope. I am your answer. I am your deliverer. I am love and out of My love comes grace for all that you need.

Received 3-7-15

I will take care of you. Your weaknesses will become My strengths in you. Watch and pray. Give freely what I give you. Encourage and lift up. Be a banner of My righteousness. Live before Me and those in the world in holiness. Keep your focus on Me and not on the things of this world, for it is fading away.

Received 3-8-15

What I am doing is marvelous. Pray and agree with Me to bring many into My sheepfold. Lives are being changed as men see what I have done for them. The prisoner is being set free. The eyes of the blind are seeing. The deaf are hearing. The weak are being rescued. Darkness and light are in a battle, but light always dispels darkness.

Received 3-9-15

Allow My Word to speak to you. Pray and invite Me to show the meaning and application to you. All that you need is in My Word. Truth and faith come out of My Word.

Received 3-10-15

All grace and power are available from Me. Just call upon Me. Ask Me. Who is the wise man who walks in My ways?

He will be rewarded.

Received 3-11-15

All that I am is yours. I give to My people. I bless My people. I am not like a genie, but I am your Source and Provision. Grace and Mercy and Love flow from My heart to yours to give away.

Received 3-12-15

Come to Me all who labor and are weary and I will give them rest. Rest is more than sleeping or taking a nap or taking a break from work. It is coming to Me and giving Me your problems and issues and letting Me carry them. It is trusting Me to take care of you in every situation that you may face. It is resting in My strength and care. It is receiving My guidance and direction and wisdom. It is being in My family.

Received 3-13-15

For those who call upon Me, I will be there. I am listening for the cries of the heart. Not the whining of the mind, though I know what a man is made of. My Spirit is working to draw all men to Me. He is relentless. He never tires or is discouraged by apparent setbacks, for He knows what a man will do. He is buoyed by the prayers of the intercessors. Continue to pray and seek after what is in your heart.

Received 3-14-15

Wait upon the Lord and He shall renew your strength. He will speak words of life and wisdom into you. He is the Lord of all. He is the Almighty God, the Creator of the Universe.

Received 3-15-15

All things are possible with God. Man has a free will to choose Me or to choose himself. Most can recognize that I exist, but still they don’t understand who I really am. My Spirit woos and convicts. He doesn’t give up on any man, even until their last breath. Many will choose then when they face the stark reality of death. I still love them though they have refused to believe all the years of their lives. I placed in you to want something more. You were not satisfied with the emptiness of this world. Now this world has even less attractiveness to you. You will see Me someday and you will be surprised and blessed.

Received 3-16-15

Where love is there am I. I am referring to real love that is committed to the end. They will know them by their love for one another. This is My gift to them – the love I have for them can be given away.

Received 3-18-15

Watch and see what I will do on your behalf. You have been faithful in little. Now you must be faithful in much. You must rely on Me. Study and prepare your heart from My Word. Meditate on My Truth. Learn about Me. Yes, My commands can teach you about My holiness. Relationships are built on trust, friendship, common goals and pursuits. The more you seek to do My will, the more I will reveal Myself to you. Did not Elijah ask to see My glory and I revealed a portion of who I am to him? We had been walking together. Abiding with Me. Your flesh may grow weaker, but your spirit can grow stronger as you trust in Me. What is the testimony of a faithful man? It is that He has seen My faithfulness. What I have said in My Word, I will do. What I have done before, I will do again. What I reveal, I will do so that My Name is glorified.

Received 3-19-15

I will speak to you as long as you come to Me. I love you. My Words contain the key to your life, the missing piece, the instructions, the wisdom that you need. I will show you the way to go. Even as you take a long, pleasant journey – I will direct your steps. There may be dangers and pits along the way, but I will help you avoid them and get through them unharmed. You must intercede for those you love, so that they too can walk this journey. This journey leads to Life. It leads to Me.

Received 3-20-15

I am with you. Cast your cares upon Me.

Received 3-21-15

All things are possible, but not all things are permissible. My righteousness and holiness is far greater than what a man can do or be. It is who I am and it should be who you are. My Son is covering you with His righteousness. But live before Me with purity of mind, not stained by the sins of this world or the fleshly desires. Think of others as better than yourself. Die to self and live to Me in the power of My Spirit.

Received 3-22-15

Allow My servant to help you. Yield to what he knows. Trust Me to work through him. All that I am is yours. All the wisdom that you need is available in Me. I see the beginning and the end. Life is not perfect, and you can’t have or do everything. What seems right at one time, will look different to you at another time. Things change and you change.

Received 3-23-15

I have blessed you in many ways. Trust Me to bless you in this and in the future. I can expose and I can hide. Give your cares to Me. Let My peace rule in your heart. Could I have not changed the outcome in another way?

Received 3-24-15

O how He loves us and provides everything for us. He deserves all of our praise and devotion. There is none like Him. How much has Jesus done for us on the cross, freeing us from sin and sickness and oppression. Thank You for Your Holy Spirit that dwells within to guide and teach us. You have entrusted us as Your witnesses as we carry about Your Light and glory.

Received 3-25-15

I love you and I want to bless you. Prepare your heart to receive the blessing. Fight against pride. Always remember who has blessed you and where the blessings have come from. For by grace you have been saved through faith. And even that faith was a gift from Me. Actually I give everyone the faith they need to believe in Me. My creation confirms that I exist. I reward faith. I look for faith. I honor faith. Faith is not seeing but believing in the unseen. It is not so much that you believe that what you desire has happened, but in Me.

Received 3-26-15

All the ways of man are before me. There is nothing new under the sun. The enemy tempts and deceives. I rescue and deliver and save and forgive. You must be my witness to testify about who I am and My goodness. People need to hear about Me, not the lies of the enemy that feeds their fears about an angry God. They are the ones who turn away. They are the ones who decide not to believe in Me. Love them. Let Me love them through you. Speak life and not judgment. Purge judgment from your thoughts. They are lost and need to find their way home. I will bring them to you. Be alert and open to My Spirit.

Received 3-27-15

Great is the Lord and worthy of all praise. He is the beginning and the end. He has done great things for us. He has prepared a wonderful life for us all. He knows every day and every situation we will have. He loves us and wants only good things for us. He knows that we are weak and that our flesh cries out for pleasure. So He gives us abundant grace and listens for our cries for help. He has given us His powerful Holy Spirit to live in us and to help us do what we cannot do in our own strength or ability. All He asks of us is to believe in Him and love Him and to follow Him.

Lord, I thank You for putting a desire in me to seek after You, to pursue You and to want a personal relationship with You. You are much more than I could ever have imagined. Help me to follow You and obey Your commands. May my lips always praise You.

Received 3-28-15

All things are Mine whether on earth or in the heavens. All that you can see I made and brought into being. Nothing surprises Me for I see all and know all even before it happens. If I know when a sparrow falls or the number of stars in the sky, I can certainly know when one of My people calls upon Me. Cultivate the gifts I have given you. Use them to bless others. Use them to further My kingdom. Allow My Spirit to move you.

Received 3-29-15

Rest and renew your strength. Build up your faith from My Word. Pray and cover those you love. Speak life into the spiritual realm. Declare My truth. Bring My kingdom to bear upon your world. Establish a foothold, a beachhead, a base in the enemy’s territory. Declare My victory and take back what has been stolen.

Received 3-30-15

All the ways of man are before Me, even yours. Will you bring glory to My Name? Yes, for My Spirit is at work in you.

Received 3-31-15

The earth is filled with My glory and it is a testimony to My creation. The heavens declare the glory of God and the fullness therein. You are My workmanship created in My Son, made new by My Spirit, renewed and growing into My image, bearing fruit in every good work I give for you to do. Every word you speak about Me goes out to the spiritual world around you. Every declaration of praise pushes back the enemy’s forces.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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