Received 11-21-14

I give you many gifts. You are needy and the people you meet are needy. They need what I have, but I meet their need through you. Pay attention to My Spirit and trust Me to act when you pray for another. Trust Me to use you to bless others. Follow My Spirit. He will teach you and guide you. Rather than fixed giving, save out some to allow Me to direct you to bless needs as they happen.


Received 11-22-14

Are you awake and alive? It is a gift from Me. Every breath you take is a gift from Me. You take for granted that your body works, but this happens because I made you that way and I continue to sustain you. Train your mind and spirit to focus on Me. Give Me praise and thanks for all things. Dwell on the truth of My Word. Just as you carefully read the installation instructions, so carefully and prayerfully read My Word. Take every phrase and word as important. Let Me speak to you.

Grow together as men with a common mission and purpose. Your unity will be the key to blessing. Regularly pray and intercede for the men in your care as if they were your family. They all have needs as you do. They are praying for you. Let each man know that someone cares for them and that they are not alone. Just as you appreciate a heartfelt expression of affection and concern, so too do others need that. I have created My body to be together, working and living together, loving and helping each other.


Received 11-23-14

Help others find Me. Reveal who I am to them. Tell them about My goodness and love for them. Tell them what I have done for you and your family. Display the joy and peace I have given you. Love and forgive others as I have forgiven you. People will respond to love, for everyone wants and needs love.


Received 11-24-14

Be at peace. Do what you know to do. Call upon Me and I will direct your steps. Let My Word fill your heart with truth and love. You are not alone. You are part of My body. We are in you to work our pleasure.


Received 11-25-14

All things are possible with Me. Do you believe this? Ask Me and see what I will do. No problem is too big. No hurt is too deep. No sin is too much, that My grace and mercy cannot overcome. Come before Me to intercede for those who have needs. Be their advocate and friend.


Received 11-26-14

Forever, eternal, everlasting, without time, always – can you imagine what it will be like to be with Me without any limitations. The earth has physical boundaries. There are none with Me. I don’t have to travel for I am. I have no need, but I want to be with My people, the ones I have chosen, the ones who believe in Me. When Adam walked with Me, we talked about what I have made. He was amazed at My creative power. He saw the plants and animals I had made. Everything was new and perfect.

Walk with Me and listen to My voice. I speak life and truth. You are not alone.


Received 11-27-14

This is a day of joy and thanksgiving, of remembering the blessings He had given us. He cares for His people. He provides for all people and all the He created. His care is more wonderful than the doting of a mother, the provision of a father, the spoiling of a grandmother. He knows us deeply and fully.

Walk in the Light and be light to those around you. Give and be blessed for in your kindness others receive from My hand.


Received 11-28-14

Your love endures forever. You reign forever. No one can stop You. You have all power and authority.

Yes and much more that you cannot understand at this time. Know that I do love you as I love all of My people. My love brings salvation and healing. My love overcomes evil and sin. Rescue the lost with words of life and truth. Help them want what you have, by being attractive in your own love and care for them.


Received 11-29-14

Do you believe in prayer? Do you understand why I want My people to come to Me in prayer? Life will always have mysteries, uncertainties, problems because of the fall of man. Only I have the answer. Only I am the Source for what you need.


Received 11-30-14

The days continue on, one season after another. Life passes by. Are you producing fruit? Are you being changed by My Spirit?

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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