Received 11-11-14

Thank You Lord for blessing my life, giving me joy and peace, lifting my burdens. All things are Yours. You are gracious and loving when I don’t deserve anything. Your discipline drives me to You. Open up my eyes to see what You see in me. I submit my will and life to You, Most Holy God.

The heavens declare the glory of God. I speak and few listen, Those that do I give life. You are My chosen one in which My Spirit dwells.


Received 11-12-14

I will speak and you will listen. I will direct and you will follow. I will love and you will love. I have given you all that you need for life and godliness. My grace is sufficient for every weakness and need. I have no surprises or accidents for I know everything. I give gifts, which must be acted on and received. You can do all that My Son did, if you believe as He did. He relied on Me and so must you.


Received 11-13-14

Give and bless. Teach and instruct by your example. Pray and lift up the hands that hang down in discouragement and pain.


Received 11-14-14

My truth will set you free. Know My Word. Meditate on it and you will gain life and health. Put My truth within your spirit and soul. I give peace and joy for those who follow My commands, for they are life.


Received 11-15-14

I have given you wisdom. I will help you remember what you need to know. Ask Me.


Received 11-16-14

I will show you the way. Be at peace. Allow others to work and be blessed. Let your “yes” be yes. Speak truth.


Received 11-17-14

All things are Mine, even the things you don’t think of. You can’t imagine what I know. I don’t have to think about you, for I know you continuously.


Received 11-18-14

Lord, You are wonderful, full of wisdom and truth Your Spirit teaches me all that I need to know. You love me more than a father would love. You know me and yet You love me, in spite of my sin and flaws. Praise Your Holy Name! There is not enough space or paper to express how wonderful You are! Every person on earth can testify to Your goodness, for the sun comes up for the righteous and the sinner. All creation waits expectantly for Jesus to come and restore all things.


Received 11-19-14

I am here. Rest in My provision. Let others do what you do not understand. Pretend you know nothing and are helpless. The wisdom of this world is foolish and is corrupted by the enemy and man’s sin. Look to Me for everything. I am your Source, your very great reward.


Received 11-20-14

The days of roses and joy is approaching. Are you ready? Does your heart soar in anticipation of seeing the One you love? When you see your wife after some days of absence, your heart stirs. I, too, am looking forward to that day. It seems long in coming, but be patient for I am bringing many more into My family. People need Me just as you needed Me and still need Me.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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