Received 9-6-14

I am with You to bring success and victory over the schemes of the devil. He is weak and I am strong. He can do only what I allow him to do. Your flesh is weak, but I am strong. Do not feed the desires of your flesh, but seek Me and the power of My Spirit.


Received 9-7-14

Rise up and take the land. Take over the territory the enemy has taken from you. Destroy their idols. Remove every foothold the enemy has placed. Raise up the banner of righteousness. Live in victory and peace. This is what I want for My people.


Received 9-8-14

Lift up the hands that hang down. Bind up the wounds. Encourage and speak life into the hopeless. My ways are better than yours. Follow the leading of My Spirit and you will see miracles happen as lives are touched. Yes, you are weak and getting weaker still in the flesh and mind, but I am stronger and getting stronger in you as you yield to Me.


Received 9-9-14

I am with you to carry you over the rocky places, over the troubled waters, across the canyons, through enemy territory until you reach My land. Everything has its place and purpose in My Kingdom. I am creative and resourceful. I can use anyone to do what I desire and what I need. Surrender your will and plans to Me and I will use you. Do not judge based on what you may see with your eyes, but look to Me for wisdom and truth. Look for opportunities to show love and grace. Be winsome with your words. Words can open doors. Open your mouth and let Me fill you with My Words.


Received 9-10-14

I am with you. My grace is sufficient for you. I have poured out Myself in My Son, He has shown you the way of life. He has made the way for eternal life. Now it is up to you to receive what has been already done. There is nothing impossible for Me. I am God.


Received 9-11-14

I have blessed you with wisdom and grace to do what you are doing. I equip those whom I call and I work on their behalf. My will be done on earth. Give of yourself to Me and I will use you to do My work. Nothing is impossible with Me. Apart from Me you can do nothing.


Received 9-12-14

Allow My light to shine in you. Be gracious and full of love. Forgive and show mercy and kindness. Is that too much to ask of My people. Do they always have to be seeking only what is best for themselves? Not if My Spirit is at work in them. For He will transform them into My image. He will cause them to desire the things that please Me. He is a teacher. Be a student and learn well.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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