Received 8-4-14

Time continues and aging occurs due to the penalty of sin. But life comes from Me and those who find Me and seek after Me with all of their hearts, find real life forevermore. I will carry you through the storms of life. Keep your focus on Me. Listen for My Spirit. Make room for Me to work on your behalf. Do not presume to know what to do. I will bless you and keep you on My path for you seek after Me.


Received 8-5-14

If you follow Me I will challenge you. You will not be the same. Rest will become resting in Me to do what you cannot do, not sitting back and being self-absorbed. I am for people, the ones I created. I am trying to reach them, to wake them up. Speak life and encouragement.


Received 8-6-14

All things are under My control. All that you see and what you can’t see, I made for My purposes. Nothing happens by chance, though some things occur as a part of natural processes, once I established them.


Received 8-7-14

You have realized a great truth, that if you meditate on My Word you will gain wisdom and life. This is what I want for all of those who put their faith in Me. I want to reveal Myself to them. I want to speak to them. Many only can hear Me through My Word or what they hear from their pastor or from a teacher. Yet My Spirit is able to communicate in ways they can hear. He won’t let them be confused or without direction. He is very good at what He does for he knows the heart of man and He knows My heart. We are One and we want you to be one with Us.


Received 8-8-14

Wait upon Me and be still. Do not assume anything, but pray and seek My face and will. You are at a crossroad and you need to know which way to go. I will be with you regardless of your choice, but one path is better.


Received 8-9-14

I am with you to lift you up over the rocks of life. Trust in Me. Call upon Me. Listen for Me and you will be safe. On your own, you can nothing of lasting value. What you see with your eyes will all pass away and I will make everything new. The beauty you now see is but a shadow of what I will make.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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