Received 7-23-14

Do not be afraid any longer. You know your role. Do what I direct you to do. Inspire and lead. Let your light shine in the darkness.


Received 7-24-14

I am yours. I am with you and I will keep you with Me. I will fill you with My love to share with others. All of the world rejoices when peace comes. There will come a day when I will establish My kingdom and My peace will reign. My enemies will be defeated and removed. Rejoice and be glad for in that day all sickness and disease will end; all pain and sorrow will be removed. Bring comfort and love. Speak life and hope.


Received 7-25-14

There will come a day when you won’t have to work, but for now do your work heartily as unto the Lord. Rejoice and be glad for your name is written in the book of life. All that I am is yours, just believe and ask of Me.


Received 7-26-14

This day proclaim My truth. Shout it from the housetops. Declare a fast of repentance. Speak of My love and mercy. Give grace and not judgment.


Received 7-27-14

All of the world is waiting for Me. They don’t understand, but they know they need a Savior. The false one will deceive many who are not really seeking the truth, but only what they want to hear. He will promise many things. He will show some limited power. The world will take notice and follow his words like a sheep going to the slaughter. They are unaware of his lies. My faithful ones will discern and know the Truth. They will be punished for their “unbelief” and doubting. The Jews will especially be the target of hatred. You can see this happening even now. Speak the truth. Tell them about Me. Give them hope. Rescue them from darkness and unbelief.


Received 7-28-14

Find out what brings life. Avoid darkness. Do not entertain any thought that comes from darkness. Discern and be wise according to My Word. I will carry you. Rest in Me. Follow Me as one who is lost, for that is who you are. You know only a little.


Received 7-29-14

I am here with you. Do not be afraid, but trust in Me. Call upon Me. Cry out to Me. Give your praise to Me. I will bless you and keep you. My face is upon you to watch over you. You are dear to Me.


Received 7-30-14

The world is coming awake. It is stirring. All that I have made is alive and full of life. Tend to My garden. Glorify My Name in everything you do. Have an expectant heart; looking for the opportunities I bring to you. Give yourself away and you will receive much more in return. I gave My only Son. He gave Himself to do My will.


Received 7-31-14

Rest in Me. Put your trust in Me. Abram did not know where he was going, yet he followed after Me. His faith grew as he obeyed.


Received 8-1-14

Help me Lord to know Your ways. Grant me Your wisdom. Lead me in Your path.

The ways of the Lord are pure and holy. He leads me into righteousness. My feet will not stumble.

I will be with you. Do not be afraid or anxious. I have heard your prayer.


Received 8-2-14

All of Your ways are good and holy and righteous. You know all about me.


Received 8-3-14

Do not fear. Trust Me to work on your behalf. Give Me glory and praise. Did I not arrange for you to know who to do your work?

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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