Received 6-16-14

I have rescued you from darkness, now live as a child of Light. Be an example. Let My Spirit shine out from you. Be gracious and kind, full of mercy and love. Speak the oracles of God to build up and encourage those around you.


Received 6-17-14

Wake up and see the harvest ready around you. Pray and discern what is happening. Listen for My direction when you are with people. Train your ears to hear and your eyes to see. People are hurting and are needy. You have been blessed with My grace and provision.


Received 6-18-14

I am with you to help you. Cast your burdens upon Me and I will carry you. You were not made to live alone or to do things on your own. Live for Me. Live to expand the kingdom of God. Live to do the will of My Father and your Father.


Received 6-19-14

Gather together to give Me praise. Lift your voices and sing praises to your God. Learn how to train your heart to believe and not doubt. Put My Word into your mind and heart. Trust Me as never before. What do you hold dear in your life? Where is your treasure?


Received 6-20-14

Pray and discern the times. It is not what you hear in the news. It is what I am doing in the earth. All throughout history I have been working in the lives of men. Some have responded well; others have just done what is needed. You see the evil that is in the hearts of men corrupted and deceived by other men who claim to know God. Lies are easily spread for those who are deceived.


Received 6-21-14

I will make a way for you. Trust Me to open doors.


Received 6-23-14

My ways are the best for you. Seek Me for wisdom. Do not trust solely on what you may know, but rather pray and ask Me to reveal My wisdom.


Received 6-24-14

Keep an open mind. Be ready in season and out of season. Respond as I lead. I will help you.


Received 6-25-14

I am here. I am always with you. You have decided to believe in Me. You trust Me for your life and all that happens in your life.


Received 6-26-14

What is in your heart? Can you see what I see? You are anxious for nothing. Be at peace and give Me your burdens.


Received 6-27-14

I will show you the way, when you need to know. Be aware of the needs around you. Remember that people are more important than anything material. Love fully and you will be loved.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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