Received 5-3-14

The praises of men will not satisfy, for there is only One to please. Call upon Me. Let Me be your Source. Let Me do what you cannot do. You are weak in the flesh. Your mind is slow and you can’t see the path before you. I will lift you above your enemies if you ask Me to. I will carry you as I have done in the past. Can’t you see that I love you and I want to be with you? Life is not a game. Others are depending on you as a man.


Received 5-4-14

Others may do certain things, but you must not. There is a cost to leadership. There is a higher standard of righteous living for the one who leads others. I will give grace so that you can do what I ask. At times, it will seem that you are the only one who is willing to serve. Give with a cheerful heart. Do not grow weary in doing good. Recognize that you are serving Me and those who are in My body. What better gift you can give Me, than to give of yourself to Me. Take up your cross daily. Be a living sacrifice.


Received 5-5-14

What is your desire? What is important to you? Rest in Me. Let your mind turn to Me. Give over your worries.

Do you love Me more than these little ones? No, but can I show you how to love? Look at My Son and everything He did. That is love, in full obedience and grace. He was not out to do what He desired, but to live for Me, His Father. Can you obey Me like He did? No, but I will help you.


Received 5-6-14

Drawing near to Me. Come back to your first love. Seek after Me as for a lost child. I am a jealous God and you are chasing after many things, but Me. I paid a high price so that we can be in relationship again, but you choose other things. Ask, seek and knock and I will come to you. I want to know that I am important to you, much more than anything or anyone else. Why do you seek after things that never satisfy? Come to Me the Source of living water, the Source for all that you really need. I made you to be like Me, not like the world.


Received 5-7-14

Rest in Me. Give Me your cares.


Received 5-8-14

Call upon Me to help you. I am near.


Received 5-9-14

Your ways are pleasing to Me. You try to know what I expect of you. You trust Me and you believe that I am good. Can you believe Me for healing? You know that I still heal, but will you believe Me for healing when you pray?


Received 5-10-14

Will the world notice what you are doing? Yes, the spiritual world is paying attention. Every time you call upon Me, the angels are listening. This world is not your home. I have prepared a place for you, a place that doesn’t need to be remodeled. My grace is sufficient for you.


Received 5-11-14

My grace is sufficient for My power is made perfect in your weakness. What you cannot do I will do to accomplish My purpose. I want you to say yes to Me, but I am not dependent upon you.


Received 5-12-14

Lord I give You praise for Your goodness and mercy. You forgive our sins and heal our bodies. You lift us up over our enemies. You rescue us when we fall. You are our Source for everything that is good. Your Spirit guides us into all truth. He gives us power from on high. We rejoice and give thanks today and always.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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