Received 3-18-14

I will give you the grace you need. Do not be anxious. Pray and ask for My help in all that you do. Fear is not from Me. Come to the well of living water, come and drink.


Received 3-19-14

Family is more important than church, but I am more important than family. Sickness and disease is not from Me, but I will use these things for My glory. Trials come to bring people to Me, to strengthen your faith, to test your faith, to see Me at work. No one likes to be in a trial, but later they can be grateful for what the trial achieved in them.


Received 3-20-14

Victory has been achieved, but My people need to live it out. I did all that was required. Pray and believe. Trust Me when you don’t see or feel Me. Your senses are limited to the physical realm, but My power works in the spiritual realm, which impacts the physical realm.


Received 3-21-14

I am not limited. You are of the earth. Your roots were damaged by sin – Adam’s and what you committed. But I have redeemed you with My blood. Now you are with Me in My righteousness. Change your thinking and how you act. You are not your own anymore. You belong to Me and I am with you. I am a jealous God. Don’t keep on sinning. When I bring caution, don’t do what you are considering in your mind. Your body can live without that experience. Listen to My Spirit and really live for Me.


Received 3-22-14

All things pertaining to life and godliness are within Me. I am your source. Call upon Me for everything. Let your mind dwell on the things of My Kingdom.


Received 3-24-14

I will direct your steps. Pay attention to My Spirit. Trust My voice. Continue to seek Me and you will find Me. I am very near> My Spirit is at work within you.


Received 3-25-14

Walk in My ways. Let your spirit be renewed by My Spirit. Give of yourself. Be alert to those around you. I will bring people to you for you to express My love to. All things are Mine, as you know and believe. It is not you, but it is now Me in you. Minister My grace and watch Me touch lives with My power.


Received 3-26-14

Be anxious for nothing, but come to Me in prayer with thanksgiving. I will take action on your behalf. I will speak to men to respond, to come forward in support of what you are doing.


Received 3-27-14

In all things give thanks to the One who is in charge of all things. I will be exalted in your life as you yield your will to Me. You are trying to be sensitive to My Spirit. Be anxious for nothing, but give your concerns to Me and I will lift them off your shoulders.


Received 3-28-14

Wait upon Me. Do not be impatient or anxious. Just spend time in My presence.


Received 3-29-14

All things come from Me. I am your source. What do you need? What is your weakness? Even when I ask you to do something, come to Me to help you. You are not alone, for I am with you. You have responded well to My call. You are trying. I look at the heart and not at the product. Yes I may ask you to do something, but I want you to obey in your heart and I will take care of the rest. Abraham believed Me and he responded in his trust in My love and relationship with him.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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