Received 3-11-14

The Lord is great. Come to Me and be filled and refreshed. All that I am is yours for I am in you and you are in Me. Look at the people around you with different eyes. Listen to My Spirit and learn about what they are concerned about. Greet them and speak to their need. Speak life and hope. Let My Spirit rule in you today. Trust Me and give Me glory and praise. This is My world, My kingdom.


Received 3-12-14

Yes and amen are My words to you and to My people. Believe and receive all that I want for you. I came to give life to all who believe in Me. I open the doors to life in My Spirit. You must choose how far you will believe. You can receive much or little. How big is your yes to Me? My words are always yes to you and you must decide to receive them as truth for you; to apply them to your life. I am the living Word, the Word made flesh.


Received 3-13-14

Watch for Me today. See Me at work. I am a gracious God, slow to anger and full of mercy. It grieves Me when people refuse My love for they don’t realize what they are doing, but I do. I keep on trying until they breathe their last breath. Pray and intercede for the lost. Break off the chains of darkness and unbelief.


Received 3-14-14

I will come and establish My kingdom through My people who will reign with Me. Proclaim the good news. Shout it from the housetops. Tell it to all who come near. I will reign in glory and power. All will bow before Me. Heaven and earth will not disappear until all of these words are fulfilled.


Received 3-15-14

You will be blessed as you obey Me in this. Let Me guide you and learn from Me. Yes, it is different than you normally give, but My kingdom will be expanded. I care about My people and I am teaching you how to care as well. You will give and also pray.


Received 3-16-14

May Your words penetrate my soul and mind and spirit. All that I am is Yours Lord for it all came from You. You created me and gave me life. You nurtured me and provided for me. All that I have were given to me by You. All the people in my life are there because of You. Forgive me Lord and wash me in Your blood. Remove my unbelief and doubts.

Be at peace. I will never leave you. My Spirit works within you. My Spirit teaches you.


Received 3-17-14

I do love you as I love all who believe in Me and give themselves to Me. I died so that you could live again in freedom and power over sin and death.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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