Received 2-28-14

My ways are not your ways. Do not be disturbed when people sin and fall into darkness, for that is their nature. They need to come to the end of their sin and face the death that it brings. They need to see the emptiness of sin, the folly of sin, the wages of sin. Pray that they soon quickly realize their folly. You won’t be able to talk them out of sin for they are deceived.


Received 3-1-14

Who is the Son of God? There is only One. He is mighty yet kind. He will come again to judge the world He made. We have His Spirit residing in us, our Teacher. Your fruit comes out when we obey your commands and abide in them. Your Word is rich in truth and wisdom, grace and power, faith and love. Teach us Your ways and help us to walk in them.

I am coming to bring life to My people, eternal life. I will restore what was lost. Pray and intercede for the lost around you. Speak of Me.


Received 3-2-14

Follow Me and I will make you fishers of men.

I give You my life, Lord. Do with me as You desire. My life is hid in God in Christ. Fulfill Your purposes for me. Mold me and shape me. Teach me Your ways. May Your commands be my guide. May Your Holy Spirit be My Teacher.


Received 3-3-14

When I come to you, do you tremble? Know that I love you and not only you, but all of My people all over the world and through all of history to the end of time. As many as they are, I can be with you any time of any day. I live in My people. My Spirit is at home within you. You need to be reminded of My love. I am as close to you as your breath. I watch over you as if I were high above seeing ahead into time and space. Nothing comes near without My permission. But I also send people and events your way, to see how you will respond. Do you love as I love? Do you serve as I serve? You can and you will by My grace. Work for Me and for the sake of My people. Learn and study to be a workman who is skilled and prepared for the task.


Received 3-4-14

I am closer than a brother. I am a breath away. I am a thought away. I am a prayer away. My Spirit is working all of the time within you, produce life and fruit that will last. I am a Master Builder and all that work on is very good. Yield to Me for even greater changes and results. Obey Me and see many opportunities to witness My glory within and without you. I am a Coach, a Friend, a Confidant. I am all these things and more – whatever you lack or need.


Received 3-5-14

My life is hid in Christ. He is my righteousness, covering my sin. He has sealed me with His Holy Spirit. His blood washes away my sin and unrighteousness. He promised to come into me. He directs my steps, He guides me into His truth.

Will you come before Me every day? Will you turn to Me in prayer for everything? Be at peace, receive My peace. Learn from Me. Submit to Me in all things.


Received 3-6-14

I am near for I am with you. Let Me speak to you words of life so that you can speak them to others. From the beginning it was Our desire to create someone who could share in Us, who would understand Us, who would strive to know Us. You are small and We are great, but you can know Us intimately because We will reveal who We are to you. You know We are love and grace and mercy for you have experienced those things from Us. Continue to believe in Us. Let Us grow your faith and understanding. Look for what Our hearts cry out in Our Word to those We have created. Men of old have longed to see what you have seen. Men of old could only respond in faith for what they saw revealed to them in the Spirit. So too you will have to believe what We reveal to you.


Received 3-7-14

All of the names of God describe His character. No one has seen God so they can only describe Him by what He has done and how He has revealed Himself to man. I am who I am – shows us how He has existed forever and that there is no one like Him; He lives in the present.

Much is required for the man whom I have spoken to. I speak to all men, but only a few can recognize and hear what I say. You have learned. Let My words be spoken and heard. Who gives Me counsel, there is no one, yet I am moved by the prayers of My people.


Received 3-8-14

The days of roses is near. Fragrance and beauty will return to the earth. Seek after Me as if I was lost and you were searching for Me. Hunger for My voice. Hunger for My Presence. Present yourself before Me to receive and to learn at My feet. Do not be puffed up at the revelation I will give you, but with humility and submission obey what I reveal. I am a God of truth. Live before Me and before man in truth. Discover who you are in Me. Discover who I am in you.


Received 3-9-14

You have a responsibility to your brothers. You are a friend to them who knows them and cares for them. Would you reach out to them if you were facing trouble? Pray and give them over to Me. Seek Me often for them. Do not be anxious, but pray.


Received 3-10-14

My ways will touch many people for I am speaking to many. I desire to be with you. Do you want to be with Me? What does it mean to walk with God? If I speak to you, will you be changed? If you examine My Word, will it change you? How long will these changes last? Do you recognize the changes My Spirit is making within you? Do you come to Me for guidance and wisdom when you are making a decision? Don’t I freely speak to you? It is not about you, though I love you. It is about the people I can reach through you. Wake them up. Instruct and exhort them. Encourage them and cheer them on. You will receive your reward. My storehouse of treasures is always available to you; treasures of love, joy and peace, treasures of wisdom and satisfaction and comfort. These are priceless and can be found only in Me.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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