Received 2-18-14

My ways are best for you and your family. Love and be loved. Give and receive love and blessing. Win your children over by kindness and affirmation. Thank them for doing well. Rejoice and be glad for I have redeemed you, washed you with My Word and made you to be one of My sons with full rights of sonship. I will not leave you. I will guide you into all truth and understanding. I will teach you My ways and bring you to My home.


Received 2-19-14

The Lord is my Shepherd. He guides Me in His righteousness and mercy. He knows my every thought. He watches over me for my good. All the days of my life are in His hands. Every one of them is dear to Him. He knows my fears and hopes. I can rely upon Him.

Rest in Me and seek after Me as if your life depended upon it. Yes, I am coming again to bring judgment and to establish My kingdom in righteousness and truth. Many still need to hear My offer of grace and respond.


Received 2-20-14

The Lord is good. He is looking out for my best. He is steering me away from danger and harm. He knows what the enemy is doing. When I fall, He is there to help me.

I will not rest until My will is completed on the earth. I have a plan and it is good. Man may sin and do evil, but I have come to overcome and restore what was lost and damaged. My Son paid a high price that no one could pay. He met the requirements My justice demanded. Man is lazy and always pleases his flesh. He takes the easy way, in spite of what that will bring in the future. He lies to himself to justify his actions. He says no one will see, but he will be found out. The enemy is trying to change the rules, but he can’t. So he lies to man and man believes the lie and is deceived. I am truth. Believe in Me and be saved. Live according to the truth in My Word. It will go well with you and your family. Prodigals return when there is prayer. I do not abandon My people.


Received 2-21-14

Watch and be ready. Do not take the praise of men for yourself. Look to please Me in all that you do. To know Me is to love Me and to love Me is to obey Me. When you care for My little ones you are caring for Me. I send them to you for you to help them on My behalf. Be alert to recognize opportunities to show love and grace and kindness. If you are faithful to do this, I will bring more and more to you. I will stretch you in your faith as a person builds his muscles by greater weights. My Spirit is your Teacher and He is very good at what He does. He is your personal trainer, coach and encourager.


Received 2-22-14

They that wait upon the Lord will renew their strength. Trust Me to work My pleasure in your life and in the lives of your family members. I know you care for them and how much more do I. Give them to Me. Will the clay say to the potter I don’t like the shape you made me? I give gifts to My people, gifts to be used to bless My people, not to be hoarded or paraded about. Love your wife with My love.


Received 2-23-14

Allow My grace to cover you. What is Mine I will share with My people, those who hunger for righteousness and truth.


Received 2-24-14

Walk on the path that leads to life. Give of yourself freely just as you have received from My hand. I will not leave you alone. My Spirit abides with you always. Call upon Me and come into My presence. Observe what I am doing around you in people’s lives. I am always at work and you should be doing what I am doing. Love is the key to everything. If you can love, then people will respond in love. If you forgive, then you will be forgiven. Share My Word and what you know to be true.


Received 2-25-14

Your Name is great and greatly to be praised. How wonderful are Your thoughts toward me. How pleasant the path of life you have given me. I will forever praise You.

Rest in My love and peace. Live to please Me. Obey My Word and Spirit. Honor Me in what you do. Take no glory that is due Me for all that you do for good is a gift from Me.


Received 2-26-14

I have given you My Son. He has shown you the way to live. Walk in His ways and you will do much good for others and yourself. As He gave so also must you give – freely, graciously, abundantly, lovingly, without conditions, sacrificially, completely, with discernment, in obedience, in power


Received 2-27-14

How precious are Your thoughts toward me Lord. I know that I am not alone. I know that You are watching over me. I want to live righteously before You and before men. I commit my ways to doing Your will – what I know to be Your will. All things are Yours.

You are receiving My blessing for the sake of My people and because I love you. Minister in My love and grace and power.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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