Received 2-10-14

So shall My Word go forth and produce fruit, changed lives, life and blessing, convicted hearts, comforted hearts, anchors of hope for the sufferer. Live for Me, to please and obey Me. Lay aside your worldly ambitions and idols made by man. Bring forth My truth. Let it be seen and heard. Learn about My grace and mercy and love, then live them out to bless others. Isaiah warned his people and those with tender hearts listened and responded. The proud will never hear for their minds are dulled to receive anything. Pray that your leaders will hear.


Received 2-11-14

The day of roses has come. Roses bringing joy to My people. Fragrance and color speaks of celebration. Let your senses revel in My glory. Feast at the table of My delights. Come before Me hungry and thirsty and I will satisfy your hearts with lasting contentment and peace. No more stress or anxiety – just love and acceptance will be felt and given away. The old and the young alike will rejoice. Healing will come. Pain and sorrow will flee. I will banish war and violence. There won’t be time for repentance for I will wipe away the stain of sin, as I touch My people with My righteousness and holiness. The heart that was cold and fearful will now be filled with joy. The burdens will be lifted off shoulders. No more deadlines for the busy, just unending “time” in My presence, completely satisfying the soul. Shalom. Alleluia.


Received 2-12-14

There is strength in the Name of the Lord for all who call upon Me. The fear of the Lord brings wisdom and understanding. He who has a right attitude of humility and gratefulness shall be raised up over his circumstances and enemies.


Received 2-13-14

The wisdom of this world is foolishness to God. The wisdom of God is foolishness to those in the world. Discernment comes with wisdom. Truth is spoken when a man seeks after God’s wisdom. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of all wisdom. You must know your place in God’s creation. You were made in His image and likeness. He wants you to seek after Him and to depend on Him for all things. He will reveal Himself to those who believe in Him. All truth is the basis for knowledge. God is truth. Who the Son is, reveals who the Father and the Spirit are, for God is One. Live in Jesus’ example and teaching and you will do well. Believe when you cannot see. Trust when hope is dim. Encourage and speak life to yourself and to others.


Received 2-14-14

I am with you always for I have made you Mine. You chose Me, but I have chosen you. Just as in a marriage both partners chose to live together, so we have chosen each other. You have done this by faith and by My grace I chose you. Will you spend time with Me? Will you listen and obey My desires for you? Let My Spirit teach you and empower you. Love others as I have loved you. Forgive freely. Encourage and build up. Teach others the way of My righteousness.


Received 2-15-14

Be at peace. Allow Me to work. Pray and release the outcome to Me. Do not take on anything as if it is only you who are doing the work. Submit your work to those over you and to your peers. The work that I desire is to believe in the One and only Son. Ever since the fall of Adam, man must work. Jesus came to set men free from any work of the flesh. Man may still try to work in the flesh, but the results are wood, hay and stubble. Work in the Spirit with the wisdom and guidance of the Spirit and you will see multiplication and growth and life in all that is done. I am a fruitful God. If there is no life, then I am not with you.


Received 2-16-14

There is no life without Me. You are My child. I love you and desire for you to be with Me forever. You are weak, but I am strong. Give yourself to Me and I will heal you and nurture you.

My ways are not hard, but they are different and they require faith and obedience. Self must die and communion with Me must grow and be fed with time and yielding. Pray as My Spirit leads you. Intercede as if lives are in the balance. Rescue those in the grip of the enemy. Push him back and bring forward My light and truth. Speak to the spiritual realm what you know to be true. Take your clues by what you learn and discern from the Spirit of the Living God.


Received 2-17-14

The blessings of the Lord bring peace and joy. He rescues the weak and oppressed when they call upon Him. He puts His people in families, in communities, in relationship with His people. He pours out gifts. All receive from His hand of mercy and kindness.

Ask of Me and I will give you the keys to My kingdom. I will show you truth that has not been revealed to man before. You will not be able to comprehend what I say at first, but I will explain and teach you its meaning. Watch for signs in the heavens. See if I do not do a new thing. I hold all things together with My spoken word. Chaos will ensue. The world will have no answers and no explanations for what is happening. There will be an acceleration of evil and lawlessness. People will cast aside the stable institutions of old in favor of so-called freedom. The rules of law will be destroyed as men do what they think is right for themselves. A deluding spirit will ensnare people into believing a lie. Youth will reign in rebellion and terror. Governments will topple and split apart from within. I will shield My people, but they will not escape the effects of lawlessness. Hard times will come for all on the earth until the Redeemer comes. Watch and be ready. Make the most of the time remaining. Make your life count for My kingdom.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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