Received 2-1-14

Do not be afraid. Only believe, only trust, only rely on My power. For I am with you to accomplish My will in your life. My Spirit is actively going before you, making a way for you. He is not weak. No, He is strong. The zeal of the Lord, which is like the anointing that came upon My Son when He cleansed the temple of things that did not belong there, that same zeal, will overcome you. Rest in Me and watch Me do it for you. You are weak but I am strong.


Received 2-2-14

My ways are much higher than yours. You can only understand so much. Then it must be by faith that you see. Mary had to say yes to Me when she didn’t understand. Abraham had to say yes when he was asked to sacrifice his son. Yes and amen is what I say to you about My Word. Let all the earth know My truth.

Received 2-3-14

Trust Me for everything and in everything. Allow Me to freely work in your life. Be the pure anointing oil poured out, fragrant for all to smell and be influenced by. Take no glory for yourself as your flesh wants to do, but give the praise to Me. In humility there is strength. In submission there is power. In weakness there is grace. In faith there is power.


Received 2-4-14

Where are the men who will stand up and be a man? Can I call upon you? Will you say, Here I am, Lord, send me? Will you obey if My Spirit calls upon you to step out for Me? Are you reliable and faithful to complete the task? Will you rely on My power and not on your own strength? Just say yes and I will do the rest. I have put in you much.


Received 2-5-14

My ways will last for I know the future and it is good. I see into men’s hearts. I know their thoughts. Your heart pleases Me for you are trying to listen and obey. Men of old heard My voice and they responded in faith. They spoke and challenged the unbelief of their religious leaders. They took action. Many times their messages were ignored or resisted. No one understands or sees what is coming. People continue as if what they are doing is acceptable. Wake them up. Speak the truth. Love them with My love.


Received 2-6-14

May the Lord’s Name be lifted high. All will bow and acknowledge that He is Lord. He is the Mighty One, the Prince of Peace, the Everlasting Father. Who can stand against their Creator?

The proud of heart ignore Me. They pretend and lie to themselves about Me. They find others who are blind too. They mock My people. They will fall quickly with no one to rescue them. They may say: we didn’t know. But I know what is in a man. All will stand before Me on the day. They will have no excuses. I am a just God with My righteousness to guide Me. No one can stand in My presence, except those who know My Son. Pray and intercede for those you see. Contend and rescue as many as you can for the days are short. My Spirit is working.


Received 2-7-14

Yes, and go in My power and wisdom. If you are open to others, I will give you many gifts you have never experienced before: gifts of discernment and wisdom and knowledge. I will allow you to see into a man’s heart. You will be blessed and those you are with will be blessed. I give and do not take away. Rest in My peace and many doors will be opened to you. I will show you what you should do. Be an instrument for My glory and not for yourself.


Received 2-8-14

The wages of sin is death, but I have come to bring life, to restore what sin has damaged, to take back what the enemy has stolen, to set people free from oppression and pain. Will you do these things as well in My power and for My glory? Yes, you will not be able to do any of this without My Name. It is not your prayers. It is your faith in My Word and in Me. Hear the Word, believe and respond in faith and obedience.


Received 2-9-14

There is no one like Me. Who do you seek? What do you seek? Where is your heart and focus? Continue to seek after Me and you will be rewarded with more revelation and truth. I shower gifts on My people as they seek Me. It’s not the need I see, but the hunger and thirst for more of Me that I notice.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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