Received 1-21-14

Be of good courage and boldness to proclaim My message. Stand for the truth and what is holy. Do not be downcast for I am with you. I will be your strength. I am going before you to prepare the way. Even tonight you will see My power displayed as I set free the oppressed. My wisdom is yours for the asking. Wait and be refreshed as I minister to your spirit.


Received 1-22-14

My ways set men free from sin. Men would rather stay enslaved then to give up their so-called “freedom” to make their own decisions and to do what they feel like doing. All men must choose. My standard of holiness and righteousness stands apart from man. He can’t come close on his own efforts. Only in Me and only by Me can he change. Proclaim the truth and let My Spirit work His ways. You did well to respond to My leading. Now I am at work in them.

Received 1-23-14

Yes, I am calling you to prayer. Your spirit will discern what to pray and how to pray. You will pray throughout the day as I lead. Your lips shall be full of praise. Just know that I am listening. Ask those around you if you can pray for them. You will gain insight into how I move and what I am doing. My Spirit will teach you.


Received 1-24-14

The nature of man is corrupted by sin. I came to bring life and to restore what was lost. Sin still pervades, but My Spirit speaks life and truth. Listen to Him and be blessed. Make yourself a vessel worthy of My Presence. Block out unbelief and the thoughts of this world. The world is full of idols and the things of man. My way is narrow, but it leads to life and peace and joy for those who walk on its path.


Received 1-25-14

Tell them that I love them. My invitation is for all to come to Me to find rest for their souls. Their choices can lead to torment and hardship. I came to set people free. I came to bring life and peace. Rescue the downtrodden and the weak. Speak life and truth.


Received 1-26-14

Today was good for many reasons. You learned to rely on Me. Men will recognize My Spirit in you as you interact with them. Treasure this and show Me honor. Imperfect vessels can be used. Encourage and build up, warn gently, show My love.


Received 1-27-14

Where is the passion and dedication to My Word? Where is the zeal to perform what I tell My people? Is there faith to be found? Does the servant look to the hand of the Master, ready to do the task? My people are asleep. They are busy doing other things. They are unprepared. They are full of excuses. I will touch them and speak to them. I will wake them up from their slumber. My love will draw them out. I want them to be with Me.


Received 1-28-14

This is the day of new beginnings. A day to start fresh and to look for new things. I will reveal new truths to My people that have been hidden from long ago. Words of prophecy will become fulfilled. Revelation will come as eyes are opened and ears are unstopped. Death will reveal life. Sin will be covered over with righteousness. Don’t look to the world or be alarmed, but look to Me and at what I am doing. You will sense peace with what I am doing. Rest in Me and nothing will harm you. Be My witness and herald. Proclaim what you know to be true and righteous and good. People will be looking for answers for confusion will set in. Your leaders will muddle along without any wisdom or guidance.


Received 1-29-14

Sin is always creeping at the door looking for an opportunity. Buildup walls around your heart of godly character and discipline, so that you can resist. Sin can destroy much, but My forgiveness can restore and heal. Confess your sins to one another. Expose them and bring them to the light. Renounce them and call upon Me. Break off the curse of sin. Cut away the chains of sin. Put on the robe of My righteousness.


Received 1-30-14

There is victory in the heavenlies and there is victory on the earth in the hearts of man. Release My power with your words. Speak love. Speak truth. Declare what My Word says. My Words will go forth in power. All who know Me shall see My face someday and they will be changed. Do not hesitate to speak for the time is short. Let your thoughts dwell on Me. See what will happen. Ask, seek and knock, and what you desire shall come.


Received 1-31-14

Will My people ever learn to do what is right and pleasing to Me? I look at the heart to see if there is faith, if there is desire to do My will. I will focus on the man who submits to Me. My love covers all. Will you trust Me for everything? Am I not a faithful God?

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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