Received 1-11-14

What is in your heart? What pleases you on the inside? Is it not to do My will, to see people discover the truth and to come to Me? My words bring life and hope. Share them and bless others. Give of yourself without expecting any return. Give to the needy and the hungry. Do not hold back when you can give. I will replenish your storehouse. I will be your God and Friend. Let Me guide you.


Received 1-12-14

I am with you. Let Me change your thinking. Let Me show you truth in different ways – from My perspective. Just as I have made variety in My creation, especially in people, so I work in many ways through people to accomplish My will. It is a mosaic that changes over time into a marvelous and glorious cascade of light and color.


Received 1-13-14

You are the light of the world. Go and reflect My glory. Show My love and mercy to others. Forgive and bless. Love unconditionally and freely. My grace will sustain you. My Spirit will empower you to do what you cannot do by yourself.


Received 1-14-14

Now is the day of salvation and life. Give life in speech and conduct. Do deeds worthy of the Father. Lift up the hands that hang down. Rescue the weak and helpless. Carry the burden for the downtrodden. All things are Mine. I arrange them for My purposes. I display My glory so that those who seek after Me can see with wonder. You are the living Word displayed for others to see. You are My representative, My ambassador. Walk with compassion and love and truth.


Received 1-15-14

All of the efforts of man come to an end, to a limit that I have set. There is only so much revelation and achievement that I will allow. Your mind can know only so much. I reveal so that men will seek after Me. Fools reject who I am. Some may be very smart as a gift from My hand, yet they are also very blind to the truth that is before them. My creation cries out every day. Men love themselves more than the truth. Their thinking blinds them and robs them of a relationship with Me. Speak life and truth. Love will soften hearts and stubborn minds.


Received 1-16-14

What is truth? How can you find it? Look to Me and seek My face, then you will know what is right and just. Your steps will be sure. Truth is not excuses. Truth is confession and humbleness, submitting to the One who judges fairly and without favoritism. You are covered with My righteousness. Your are marked with My seal. May your heart be softened by My Word, able to discern what is right. All things are Mine and you are Mine. Rest in My love and truth.


Received 1-17-14

All things are Yours Lord. My life is in Your hands to do with as You please. You have rescued me from sin and darkness. Now I live in peace, comforted by Your Word.

I will always be with you. I know your thoughts and fears and hopes. I will use you to bring others to Me. You are My vessel, containing My glory and Light. You are weak, but I am strong. When you listen to My Spirit you gain wisdom and truth. Rest in peace. Trust Me to do what you cannot do. Love continually. Speak with grace yet with power with words of truth and life. Allow Me to speak through you. Take the time when you pray to listen and learn what I am doing, then agree with Me.


Received 1-18-14

My ways are not of this world. You are in the world, but not really as you follow My commands. This world has become corrupted by sin. It has been much worse in the past and it again will grow more evil until the day I come. Do not be surprised by the sin around you. Wash your hands and guard what goes into you. Let My Word be your truth and guide. It will not fail you.


Received 1-19-14

Yes, I have been speaking to you for a long time. I do not change. You change and are more able to receive and understand what I am saying. Are you hearing, but not doing what I say? Will My words fall to the ground without affect? No, they are changing you. They are going deep into your spirit. Your faith is rising. The truth I have placed in you is reinforced and confirmed.


Received 1-20-14

I will bring life to the lost and searching. Everyone needs what I have. That is how they were made. They wander about without direction and purpose until they cry out to Me and are saved. Man was not made to be alone. Left to himself he will dream up all kinds of wrong thoughts to justify his empty life. He will be cold and without love. The enemy will capture him in his darkness. Shine My light upon him and let Me rescue him.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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