Received 1-1-14

My ways are not your ways. Show love to your wife and win her back to you. Pay attention to her. Notice her. Love her with kindness and interest. Praise and encourage her. Let your words lift her up.

Received 1-2-14

What you saw was true. I am reaching out to rescue people living in darkness. It is real. You are in your safe world, but I go where people need Me. It is not about you, but it is about Me and what I am doing. Can you believe Me for everything? Can you see with My eyes? Open your spiritual eyes. There are people hurting all around you. Are you afraid? Can you love like I love? Be at peace, but remember all who are around you need Me. I will bring them to you. Just open your eyes and listen to My Spirit for direction.

Received 1-3-14

Today is the day of salvation. Every day is the day for men to come to Me. There will come a day when it will be too late. Men will weep and cry out in despair. They will reap what they have sown. Come and experience Me in My fullness. Rest in My Presence. Gain discernment and wisdom. Fill your heart with My love and mercy.

Received 1-4-14

Gracious and loving God, be merciful to me a sinner. Come boldly to the throne of grace, so that we might obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need. Both are right. Both are attitudes of the heart: humility and yet boldness, understanding your rightful standing in Christ. Come and receive.

Received 1-5-14

My name is Jesus, Savior, Lord, King, Friend. What is your need? What is your desire? All things are possible in Me. Wait upon Me and be refreshed.

Received 1-6-14

They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. I give focus and purpose. My will is always accomplished. What I do is for your good and for My good and for the good of those around you. I am good and just and right. Let your spirit gain insight. Heaven and earth will pass a way, but My words will never pass away. My truth is never thwarted or concealed to those who seek after Me.

Received 1-7-14

My ways will bring glory to Me. Open your eyes to see what is around you. Determine to be ready to proclaim My truth and to show My love. Love comes first, then My witness.

Received 1-8-14

Words matter, but love is better. Express love in every way you can. Give of yourself. Show attention to another. Listen carefully. Touch warmly. Smile. Look them in the eyes. Affirm their words. Pray for them. All things are possible to them who believe. Do you believe?

Received 1-9-14

Make a way in the desert. Open the pathways so that My people can come and be in fellowship together. Spread the good news that the King has come. Rejoice and be glad. Be joyful and full of expectation. Let your spirit soar to the heavens. I am coming to restore what was lost. I will reveal My strength and power. Every eye will see Me.

Received 1-10-14

My peace I give to you, not as the world gives. Behold I have overcome the world. Nothing can separate you from My love. In all things, I will be there to help you. Just call upon Me and listen to My Spirit. I am blessing you so that you can bless others. Do not look at what you have done, but look to what I have done. You did not bring the people, I did. It is My Word they are seeking. They want to learn from Me. They want to share life with those who love Me, who know Me.

Received 1-11-14

What is in your heart? What pleases you on the inside? Is it not to do My will, to see people discover the truth and to come to Me? My words bring life and hope. Share them and bless others. Give of yourself without expecting any return. Give to the needy and the hungry. Do not hold back when you can give. I will replenish your storehouse. I will be your God and Friend. Let Me guide you.

Received 1-12-14

I am with you. Let Me change your thinking. Let Me show you truth in different ways – from My perspective. Just as I have made variety in My creation, especially in people, so I work in many ways through people to accomplish My will. It is a mosaic that changes over time into a marvelous and glorious cascade of light and color.

Received 1-13-14

You are the light of the world. Go and reflect My glory. Show My love and mercy to others. Forgive and bless. Love unconditionally and freely. My grace will sustain you. My Spirit will empower you to do what you cannot do by yourself.

Received 1-14-14

Now is the day of salvation and life. Give life in speech and conduct. Do deeds worthy of the Father. Lift up the hands that hang down. Rescue the weak and helpless. Carry the burden for the downtrodden. All things are Mine. I arrange them for My purposes. I display My glory so that those who seek after Me can see with wonder. You are the living Word displayed for others to see. You are My representative, My ambassador. Walk with compassion and love and truth.

Received 1-15-14

All of the efforts of man come to an end, to a limit that I have set. There is only so much revelation and achievement that I will allow. Your mind can know only so much. I reveal so that men will seek after Me. Fools reject who I am. Some may be very smart as a gift from My hand, yet they are also very blind to the truth that is before them. My creation cries out every day. Men love themselves more than the truth. Their thinking blinds them and robs them of a relationship with Me. Speak life and truth. Love will soften hearts and stubborn minds.

Received 1-16-14

What is truth? How can you find it? Look to Me and seek My face, then you will know what is right and just. Your steps will be sure. Truth is not excuses. Truth is confession and humbleness, submitting to the One who judges fairly and without favoritism. You are covered with My righteousness. You are marked with My seal. May your heart be softened by My Word, able to discern what is right. All things are Mine and you are Mine. Rest in My love and truth.

Received 1-17-14

All things are Your’s Lord. My life is in Your hands to do with as You please. You have rescued me from sin and darkness. Now I live in peace, comforted by Your Word.

I will always be with you. I know your thoughts and fears and hopes. I will use you to bring others to Me. You are My vessel, containing My glory and Light. You are weak, but I am strong. When you listen to My Spirit you gain wisdom and truth. Rest in peace. Trust Me to do what you cannot do. Love continually. Speak with grace yet with power with words of truth and life. Allow Me to speak through you. Take the time when you pray to listen and learn what I am doing, then agree with Me.

Received 1-18-14

My ways are not of this world. You are in the world, but not really as you follow My commands. This world has become corrupted by sin. It has been much worse in the past and it again will grow more evil until the day I come. Do not be surprised by the sin around you. Wash your hands and guard what goes into you. Let My Word be your truth and guide. It will not fail you.

Received 1-19-14

Yes, I have been speaking to you for a long time. I do not change. You change and are more able to receive and understand what I am saying. Are you hearing, but not doing what I say? Will My words fall to the ground without effect? No, they are changing you. They are going deep into your spirit. Your faith is rising. The truth I have placed in you is reinforced and confirmed.

Received 1-20-14

I will bring life to the lost and searching. Everyone needs what I have. That is how they were made. They wander about without direction and purpose until they cry out to Me and are saved. Man was not made to be alone. Left to himself he will dream up all kinds of wrong thoughts to justify his empty life. He will be cold and without love. The enemy will capture him in his darkness. Shine My light upon him and let Me rescue him.

Received 1-21-14

Be of good courage and boldness to proclaim My message. Stand for the truth and what is holy. Do not be downcast for I am with you. I will be your strength. I am going before you to prepare the way. Even tonight you will see My power displayed as I set free the oppressed. My wisdom is yours for the asking. Wait and be refreshed as I minister to your spirit.

Received 1-22-14

My ways set men free from sin. Men would rather stay enslaved then to give up their so-called “freedom” to make their own decisions and to do what they feel like doing. All men must choose. My standard of holiness and righteousness stands apart from man. He can’t come close on his own efforts. Only in Me and only by Me can he change. Proclaim the truth and let My Spirit work His ways. You did well to respond to My leading. Now I am at work in them.

Received 1-23-14

Yes, I am calling you to prayer. Your spirit will discern what to pray and how to pray. You will pray throughout the day as I lead. Your lips shall be full of praise. Just know that I am listening. Ask those around you if you can pray for them. You will gain insight into how I move and what I am doing. My Spirit will teach you.

Received 1-24-14

The nature of man is corrupted by sin. I came to bring life and to restore what was lost. Sin still pervades, but My Spirit speaks life and truth. Listen to Him and be blessed. Make yourself a vessel worthy of My Presence. Block out unbelief and the thoughts of this world. The world is full of idols and the things of man. My way is narrow, but it leads to life and peace and joy for those who walk on its path.

Received 1-25-14

Tell them that I love them. My invitation is for all to come to Me to find rest for their souls. Their choices can lead to torment and hardship. I came to set people free. I came to bring life and peace. Rescue the downtrodden and the weak. Speak life and truth.

Received 1-26-14

Today was good for many reasons. You learned to rely on Me. Men will recognize My Spirit in you as you interact with them. Treasure this and show Me honor. Imperfect vessels can be used. Encourage and build up, warn gently, show My love.

Received 1-27-14

Where is the passion and dedication to My Word? Where is the zeal to perform what I tell My people? Is there faith to be found? Does the servant look to the hand of the Master, ready to do the task? My people are asleep. They are busy doing other things. They are unprepared. They are full of excuses. I will touch them and speak to them. I will wake them up from their slumber. My love will draw them out. I want them to be with Me.

Received 1-28-14

This is the day of new beginnings. A day to start fresh and to look for new things. I will reveal new truths to My people that have been hidden from long ago. Words of prophecy will become fulfilled. Revelation will come as eyes are opened and ears are unstopped. Death will reveal life. Sin will be covered over with righteousness. Don’t look to the world or be alarmed, but look to Me and at what I am doing. You will sense peace with what I am doing. Rest in Me and nothing will harm you. Be My witness and herald. Proclaim what you know to be true and righteous and good. People will be looking for answers for confusion will set in. Your leaders will muddle along without any wisdom or guidance.

Received 1-29-14

Sin is always creeping at the door looking for an opportunity. Buildup walls around your heart of godly character and discipline, so that you can resist. Sin can destroy much, but My forgiveness can restore and heal. Confess your sins to one another. Expose them and bring them to the light. Renounce them and call upon Me. Break off the curse of sin. Cut away the chains of sin. Put on the robe of My righteousness.

Received 1-30-14

There is victory in the heavenlies and there is victory on the earth in the hearts of man. Release My power with your words. Speak love. Speak truth. Declare what My Word says. My Words will go forth in power. All who know Me shall see My face someday and they will be changed. Do not hesitate to speak for the time is short. Let your thoughts dwell on Me. See what will happen. Ask, seek and knock, and what you desire shall come.

Received 1-31-14

Will My people ever learn to do what is right and pleasing to Me? I look at the heart to see if there is faith, if there is desire to do My will. I will focus on the man who submits to Me. My love covers all. Will you trust Me for everything? Am I not a faithful God?

Received 2-1-14

Do not be afraid. Only believe, only trust, only rely on My power. For I am with you to accomplish My will in your life. My Spirit is actively going before you, making a way for you. He is not weak. No, He is strong. The zeal of the Lord, which is like the anointing that came upon My Son when He cleansed the temple of things that did not belong there, that same zeal, will overcome you. Rest in Me and watch Me do it for you. You are weak but I am strong.

Received 2-2-14

My ways are much higher than yours. You can only understand so much. Then it must be by faith that you see. Mary had to say yes to Me when she didn’t understand. Abraham had to say yes when he was asked to sacrifice his son. Yes and amen is what I say to you about My Word. Let all the earth know My truth.

Received 2-3-14

Trust Me for everything and in everything. Allow Me to freely work in your life. Be the pure anointing oil poured out, fragrant for all to smell and be influenced by. Take no glory for yourself as your flesh wants to do, but give the praise to Me. In humility there is strength. In submission there is power. In weakness there is grace. In faith there is power.

Received 2-4-14

Where are the men who will stand up and be a man? Can I call upon you? Will you say, here I am Lord, send me? Will you obey if My Spirit calls upon you to step out for Me? Are you reliable and faithful to complete the task? Will you rely on My power and not on your own strength? Just say yes and I will do the rest. I have put in you much.

Received 2-5-14

My ways will last for I know the future and it is good. I see into men’s hearts. I know their thoughts. Your heart pleases Me for you are trying to listen and obey. Men of old heard My voice and they responded in faith. They spoke and challenged the unbelief of their religious leaders. They took action. Many times their messages were ignored or resisted. No one understands or sees what is coming. People continue as if what they are doing is acceptable. Wake them up. Speak the truth. Love them with My love.

Received 2-6-14

May the Lord’s Name be lifted high. All will bow and acknowledge that He is Lord. He is the Mighty One, the Prince of Peace, the Everlasting Father. Who can stand against their Creator?

The proud of heart ignore Me. They pretend and lie to themselves about Me. They find others who are blind too. They mock My people. They will fall quickly with no one to rescue them. They may say: we didn’t know. But I know what is in a man. All will stand before Me on the day. They will have no excuses. I am a just God with My righteousness to guide Me. No one can stand in My presence, except those who know My Son. Pray and intercede for those you see. Contend and rescue as many as you can for the days are short. My Spirit is working.

Received 2-7-14

Yes, and go in My power and wisdom. If you are open to others, I will give you many gifts you have never experienced before: gifts of discernment and wisdom and knowledge. I will allow you to see into a man’s heart. You will be blessed and those you are with will be blessed. I give and do not take away. Rest in My peace and many doors will be opened to you. I will show you what you should do. Be an instrument for My glory and not for yourself.

Received 2-8-14

The wages of sin is death, but I have come to bring life, to restore what sin has damaged, to take back what the enemy has stolen, to set people free from oppression and pain. Will you do these things as well in My power and for My glory? Yes, you will not be able to do any of this without My Name. It is not your prayers. It is your faith in My Word and in Me. Hear the Word, believe and respond in faith and obedience.

Received 2-9-14

There is no one like Me. Who do you seek? What do you seek? Where is your heart and focus? Continue to seek after Me and you will be rewarded with more revelation and truth. I shower gifts on My people as they seek Me. It’s not the need I see, but the hunger and thirst for more of Me that I notice.

Received 2-10-14

So shall My Word go forth and produce fruit, changed lives, life and blessing, convicted hearts, comforted hearts, anchors of hope for the sufferer. Live for Me, to please and obey Me. Lay aside your worldly ambitions and idols made by man. Bring forth My truth. Let it be seen and heard. Learn about My grace and mercy and love, then live them out to bless others. Isaiah warned his people and those with tender hearts listened and responded. The proud will never hear for their minds are dulled to receive anything. Pray that your leaders will hear.

Received 2-11-14

The day of roses has come. Roses bringing joy to My people. Fragrance and color speaks of celebration. Let your senses revel in My glory. Feast at the table of My delights. Come before Me hungry and thirsty and I will satisfy your hearts with lasting contentment and peace. No more stress or anxiety – just love and acceptance will be felt and given away. The old and the young alike will rejoice. Healing will come. Pain and sorrow will flee. I will banish war and violence. There won’t be time for repentance for I will wipe away the stain of sin, as I touch My people with My righteousness and holiness. The heart that was cold and fearful will now be filled with joy. The burdens will be lifted off shoulders. No more deadlines for the busy, just unending “time” in My presence, completely satisfying the soul. Shalom. Alleluia.

Received 2-12-14

There is strength in the Name of the Lord for all who call upon Me. The fear of the Lord brings wisdom and understanding. He who has a right attitude of humility and gratefulness shall be raised up over his circumstances and enemies.

Received 2-13-14

The wisdom of this world is foolishness to God. The wisdom of God is foolishness to those in the world. Discernment comes with wisdom. Truth is spoken when a man seeks after God’s wisdom. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of all wisdom. You must know your place in God’s creation. You were made in His image and likeness. He wants you to seek after Him and to depend on Him for all things. He will reveal Himself to those who believe in Him. All truth is the basis for knowledge. God is truth. Who the Son is, reveals who the Father and the Spirit are, for God is One. Live in Jesus’ example and teaching and you will do well. Believe when you cannot see. Trust when hope is dim. Encourage and speak life to yourself and to others.

Received 2-14-14

I am with you always for I have made you Mine. You chose Me, but I have chosen you. Just as in a marriage both partners chose to live together, so we have chosen each other. You have done this by faith and by My grace I chose you. Will you spend time with Me? Will you listen and obey My desires for you? Let My Spirit teach you and empower you. Love others as I have loved you. Forgive freely. Encourage and build up. Teach others the way of My righteousness.

Received 2-15-14

Be at peace. Allow Me to work. Pray and release the outcome to Me. Do not take on anything as if it is only you who are doing the work. Submit your work to those over you and to your peers. The work that I desire is to believe in the One and only Son. Ever since the fall of Adam, man must work. Jesus came to set men free from any work of the flesh. Man may still try to work in the flesh, but the results are wood, hay and stubble. Work in the Spirit with the wisdom and guidance of the Spirit and you will see multiplication and growth and life in all that is done. I am a fruitful God. If there is no life, then I am not with you.

Received 2-16-14

There is no life without Me. You are My child. I love you and desire for you to be with Me forever. You are weak, but I am strong. Give yourself to Me and I will heal you and nurture you.

My ways are not hard, but they are different and they require faith and obedience. Self must die and communion with Me must grow and be fed with time and yielding. Pray as My Spirit leads you. Intercede as if lives are in the balance. Rescue those in the grip of the enemy. Push him back and bring forward My light and truth. Speak to the spiritual realm what you know to be true. Take your clues by what you learn and discern from the Spirit of the Living God.

Received 2-17-14

The blessings of the Lord bring peace and joy. He rescues the weak and oppressed when they call upon Him. He puts His people in families, in communities, in relationship with His people. He pours out gifts. All receive from His hand of mercy and kindness.

Ask of Me and I will give you the keys to My kingdom. I will show you truth that has not been revealed to man before. You will not be able to comprehend what I say at first, but I will explain and teach you its meaning. Watch for signs in the heavens. See if I do not do a new thing. I hold all things together with My spoken word. Chaos will ensue. The world will have no answers and no explanations for what is happening. There will be an acceleration of evil and lawlessness. People will cast aside the stable institutions of old in favor of so-called freedom. The rules of law will be destroyed as men do what they think is right for themselves. A deluding spirit will ensnare people into believing a lie. Youth will reign in rebellion and terror. Governments will topple and split apart from within. I will shield My people, but they will not escape the effects of lawlessness. Hard times will come for all on the earth until the Redeemer comes. Watch and be ready. Make the most of the time remaining. Make your life count for My kingdom.

Received 2-18-14

My ways are best for you and your family. Love and be loved. Give and receive love and blessing. Win your children over by kindness and affirmation. Thank them for doing well. Rejoice and be glad for I have redeemed you, washed you with My Word and made you to be one of My sons with full rights of sonship. I will not leave you. I will guide you into all truth and understanding. I will teach you My ways and bring you to My home.

Received 2-19-14

The Lord is my Shepherd. He guides Me in His righteousness and mercy. He knows my every thought. He watches over me for my good. All the days of my life are in His hands. Every one of them is dear to Him. He knows my fears and hopes. I can rely upon Him.

Rest in Me and seek after Me as if your life depended upon it. Yes, I am coming again to bring judgment and to establish My kingdom in righteousness and truth. Many still need to hear My offer of grace and respond.

Received 2-20-14

The Lord is good. He is looking out for my best. He is steering me away from danger and harm. He knows what the enemy is doing. When I fall, He is there to help me.

I will not rest until My will is completed on the earth. I have a plan and it is good. Man may sin and do evil, but I have come to overcome and restore what was lost and damaged. My Son paid a high price that no one could pay. He met the requirements My justice demanded. Man is lazy and always pleases his flesh. He takes the easy way, in spite of what that will bring in the future. He lies to himself to justify his actions. He says no one will see, but he will be found out. The enemy is trying to change the rules, but he can’t. So he lies to man and man believes the lie and is deceived. I am truth. Believe in Me and be saved. Live according to the truth in My Word. It will go well with you and your family. Prodigals return when there is prayer. I do not abandon My people.

Received 2-21-14

Watch and be ready. Do not take the praise of men for yourself. Look to please Me in all that you do. To know Me is to love Me and to love Me is to obey Me. When you care for My little ones you are caring for Me. I send them to you for you to help them on My behalf. Be alert to recognize opportunities to show love and grace and kindness. If you are faithful to do this, I will bring more and more to you. I will stretch you in your faith as a person builds his muscles by greater weights. My Spirit is your Teacher and He is very good at what He does. He is your personal trainer, coach and encourager.

Received 2-22-14

They that wait upon the Lord will renew their strength. Trust Me to work My pleasure in your life and in the lives of your family members. I know you care for them and how much more do I. Give them to Me. Will the clay say to the potter I don’t like the shape you made me? I give gifts to My people, gifts to be used to bless My people, not to be hoarded or paraded about. Love your wife with My love.

Received 2-23-14

Allow My grace to cover you. What is Mine I will share with My people, those who hunger for righteousness and truth.

Received 2-24-14

Walk on the path that leads to life. Give of yourself freely just as you have received from My hand. I will not leave you alone. My Spirit abides with you always. Call upon Me and come into My presence. Observe what I am doing around you in people’s lives. I am always at work and you should be doing what I am doing. Love is the key to everything. If you can love, then people will respond in love. If you forgive, then you will be forgiven. Share My Word and what you know to be true.

Received 2-25-14

Your Name is great and greatly to be praised. How wonderful are Your thoughts toward me. How pleasant the path of life you have given me. I will forever praise You.

Rest in My love and peace. Live to please Me. Obey My Word and Spirit. Honor Me in what you do. Take no glory that is due Me for all that you do for good is a gift from Me.

Received 2-26-14

I have given you My Son. He has shown you the way to live. Walk in His ways and you will do much good for others and yourself. As He gave so also must you give – freely, graciously, abundantly, lovingly, without conditions, sacrificially, completely, with discernment, in obedience, in power.

Received 2-27-14

How precious are Your thoughts toward me Lord. I know that I am not alone. I know that You are watching over me. I want to live righteously before You and before men. I commit my ways to doing Your will – what I know to be Your will. All things are Yours.

You are receiving My blessing for the sake of My people and because I love you. Minister in My love and grace and power.

Received 2-28-14

My ways are not your ways. Do not be disturbed when people sin and fall into darkness, for that is their nature. They need to come to the end of their sin and face the death that it brings. They need to see the emptiness of sin, the folly of sin, the wages of sin. Pray that they soon quickly realize their folly. You won’t be able to talk them out of sin for they are deceived.

Received 3-1-14

Who is the Son of God? There is only One. He is mighty yet kind. He will come again to judge the world He made. We have His Spirit residing in us, our Teacher. Your fruit comes out when we obey your commands and abide in them. Your Word is rich in truth and wisdom, grace and power, faith and love. Teach us Your ways and help us to walk in them.

I am coming to bring life to My people, eternal life. I will restore what was lost. Pray and intercede for the lost around you. Speak of Me.

Received 3-2-14

Follow Me and I will make you fishers of men.

I give You my life, Lord. Do with me as You desire. My life is hid in God in Christ. Fulfill Your purposes for me. Mold me and shape me. Teach me Your ways. May Your commands be my guide. May Your Holy Spirit be My Teacher.

Received 3-3-14

When I come to you, do you tremble? Know that I love you and not only you, but all of My people all over the world and through all of history to the end of time. As many as they are, I can be with you any time of any day. I live in My people. My Spirit is at home within you. You need to be reminded of My love. I am as close to you as your breath. I watch over you as if I were high above seeing ahead into time and space. Nothing comes near without My permission. But I also send people and events your way, to see how you will respond. Do you love as I love? Do you serve as I serve? You can and you will by My grace. Work for Me and for the sake of My people. Learn and study to be a workman who is skilled and prepared for the task.

Received 3-4-14

I am closer than a brother. I am a breath away. I am a thought away. I am a prayer away. My Spirit is working all of the time within you, produce life and fruit that will last. I am a Master Builder and all that I work on is very good. Yield to Me for even greater changes and results. Obey Me and see many opportunities to witness My glory within and without you. I am a Coach, a Friend, a Confidant. I am all these things and more – whatever you lack or need.

Received 3-5-14

My life is hid in Christ. He is my righteousness, covering my sin. He has sealed me with His Holy Spirit. His blood washes away my sin and unrighteousness. He promised to come into me. He directs my steps, He guides me into His truth.

Will you come before Me every day? Will you turn to Me in prayer for everything? Be at peace, receive My peace. Learn from Me. Submit to Me in all things.

Received 3-6-14

I am near for I am with you. Let Me speak to you words of life so that you can speak them to others. From the beginning it was Our desire to create someone who could share in Us, who would understand Us, who would strive to know Us. You are small and We are great, but you can know Us intimately because We will reveal who We are to you. You know We are love and grace and mercy for you have experienced those things from Us. Continue to believe in Us. Let Us grow your faith and understanding. Look for what Our hearts cry out in Our Word to those We have created. Men of old have longed to see what you have seen. Men of old could only respond in faith for what they saw revealed to them in the Spirit. So too you will have to believe what We reveal to you.

Received 3-7-14

All of the names of God describe His character. No one has seen God so they can only describe Him by what He has done and how He has revealed Himself to man. I am who I am – shows us how He has existed forever and that there is no one like Him; He lives in the present.

Much is required for the man whom I have spoken to. I speak to all men, but only a few can recognize and hear what I say. You have learned. Let My words be spoken and heard. Who gives Me counsel, there is no one, yet I am moved by the prayers of My people.

Received 3-8-14

The days of roses is near. Fragrance and beauty will return to the earth. Seek after Me as if I was lost and you were searching for Me. Hunger for My voice. Hunger for My Presence. Present yourself before Me to receive and to learn at My feet. Do not be puffed up at the revelation I will give you, but with humility and submission obey what I reveal. I am a God of truth. Live before Me and before man in truth. Discover who you are in Me. Discover who I am in you.

Received 3-9-14

You have a responsibility to your brothers. You are a friend to them who knows them and cares for them. Would you reach out to them if you were facing trouble? Pray and give them over to Me. Seek Me often for them. Do not be anxious, but pray.

Received 3-10-14

My ways will touch many people for I am speaking to many. I desire to be with you. Do you want to be with Me? What does it mean to walk with God? If I speak to you, will you be changed? If you examine My Word, will it change you? How long will these changes last? Do you recognize the changes My Spirit is making within you? Do you come to Me for guidance and wisdom when you are making a decision? Don’t I freely speak to you? It is not about you, though I love you. It is about the people I can reach through you. Wake them up. Instruct and exhort them. Encourage them and cheer them on. You will receive your reward. My storehouse of treasures is always available to you; treasures of love, joy and peace, treasures of wisdom and satisfaction and comfort. These are priceless and can be found only in Me.

Received 3-11-14

The Lord is great. Come to Me and be filled and refreshed. All that I am is yours for I am in you and you are in Me. Look at the people around you with different eyes. Listen to My Spirit and learn about what they are concerned about. Greet them and speak to their need. Speak life and hope. Let My Spirit rule in you today. Trust Me and give Me glory and praise. This is My world, My kingdom.

Received 3-12-14

Yes and amen are My words to you and to My people. Believe and receive all that I want for you. I came to give life to all who believe in Me. I open the doors to life in My Spirit. You must choose how far you will believe. You can receive much or little. How big is your yes to Me? My words are always yes to you and you must decide to receive them as truth for you; to apply them to your life. I am the living Word, the Word made flesh.

Received 3-13-14

Watch for Me today. See Me at work. I am a gracious God, slow to anger and full of mercy. It grieves Me when people refuse My love for they don’t realize what they are doing, but I do. I keep on trying until they breathe their last breath. Pray and intercede for the lost. Break off the chains of darkness and unbelief.

Received 3-14-14

I will come and establish My kingdom through My people who will reign with Me. Proclaim the good news. Shout it from the housetops. Tell it to all who come near. I will reign in glory and power. All will bow before Me. Heaven and earth will not disappear until all of these words are fulfilled.

Received 3-15-14

You will be blessed as you obey Me in this. Let Me guide you and learn from Me. Yes, it is different than you normally give, but My kingdom will be expanded. I care about My people and I am teaching you how to care as well. You will give and also pray.

(In a dream God asked me to give $800 to someone His Spirit will point out to me.)

Received 3-16-14

May Your words penetrate my soul and mind and spirit. All that I am is Yours Lord for it all came from You. You created me and gave me life. You nurtured me and provided for me. All that I have were given to me by You. All the people in my life are there because of You. Forgive me Lord and wash me in Your blood. Remove my unbelief and doubts.

Be at peace. I will never leave you. My Spirit works within you. My Spirit teaches you.

Received 3-17-14

I do love you as I love all who believe in Me and give themselves to Me. I died so that you could live again in freedom and power over sin and death.

Received 3-18-14

I will give you the grace you need. Do not be anxious. Pray and ask for My help in all that you do. Fear is not from Me. Come to the well of living water, come and drink.

Received 3-19-14

Family is more important than church, but I am more important than family. Sickness and disease is not from Me, but I will use these things for My glory. Trials come to bring people to Me, to strengthen your faith, to test your faith, to see Me at work. No one likes to be in a trial, but later they can be grateful for what the trial achieved in them.

Received 3-20-14

Victory has been achieved, but My people need to live it out. I did all that was required. Pray and believe. Trust Me when you don’t see or feel Me. Your senses are limited to the physical realm, but My power works in the spiritual realm, which impacts the physical realm.

Received 3-21-14

I am not limited. You are of the earth. Your roots were damaged by sin – Adam’s and what you committed. But I have redeemed you with My blood. Now you are with Me in My righteousness. Change your thinking and how you act. You are not your own anymore. You belong to Me and I am with you. I am a jealous God. Don’t keep on sinning. When I bring caution, don’t do what you are considering in your mind. Your body can live without that experience. Listen to My Spirit and really live for Me.

Received 3-22-14

All things pertaining to life and godliness are within Me. I am your source. Call upon Me for everything. Let your mind dwell on the things of My Kingdom.

Received 3-24-14

I will direct your steps. Pay attention to My Spirit. Trust My voice. Continue to seek Me and you will find Me. I am very near. My Spirit is at work within you.

Received 3-25-14

Walk in My ways. Let your spirit be renewed by My Spirit. Give of yourself. Be alert to those around you. I will bring people to you for you to express My love to. All things are Mine, as you know and believe. It is not you, but it is now Me in you. Minister My grace and watch Me touch lives with My power.

Received 3-26-14

Be anxious for nothing, but come to Me in prayer with thanksgiving. I will take action on your behalf. I will speak to men to respond, to come forward in support of what you are doing.

Received 3-27-14

In all things give thanks to the One who is in charge of all things. I will be exalted in your life as you yield your will to Me. You are trying to be sensitive to My Spirit. Be anxious for nothing, but give your concerns to Me and I will lift them off your shoulders.

Received 3-28-14

Wait upon Me. Do not be impatient or anxious. Just spend time in My presence.

Received 3-29-14

All things come from Me. I am your source. What do you need? What is your weakness? Even when I ask you to do something, come to Me to help you. You are not alone, for I am with you. You have responded well to My call. You are trying. I look at the heart and not at the product. Yes I may ask you to do something, but I want you to obey in your heart and I will take care of the rest. Abraham believed Me and he responded in his trust in My love and relationship with him.

Received 3-30-14

All of my life, there have been good and bad things to test my faith. God has been faithful to help me. He works when no one notices. He reveals His power at times, so I can give Him praise. He is faithful. He is Holy and righteous. His Spirit is always there to remind me to choose the right way and to warn me against the trap of sin before me.

Received 3-31-14

Because He cares for Me, I have no fear. His words minister to my soul and heart. He is the source of my life. In Him is all truth and knowledge and wisdom.

I will not leave you. If you call upon Me I will listen. Give Me your cares, your future. Pursue My righteousness. Let your mind dwell on My truth.

Received 4-1-14

The fool and his money are soon parted. That is what the world says. What I say is different. A fool has no hope for he trusts in himself. But you are not a fool, for you are seeking Me for wisdom and I will give it. You have been faithful, so I will be faithful to you. Actually, because of My faithfulness, I have imparted faithfulness to you. You are a product of My nature for I have been making you anew in My likeness. Will you find harmony in saying no? I can stop this opportunity at any time. From death there comes life. This is not an idle dream of your wife. It may seem foolish or even crazy to some now. It is not practical, but it looks ahead. Yes, I could have arranged these things to appear differently. You were so focused on what would not have been what you would have liked. I give good gifts to My children. I reward them with My joy and peace. I speak My word and it is so. In My Father’s house there are many rooms. I will go and prepare a place for you, so that where I go you may be also. I am the way the truth and the life. Those who believe My words, find life. I have opened many doors for you. You have said yes to Me and you are still saying yes when you can. Your heart is pliable in My hand.

Abraham was a man who trusted in Me. He didn’t know everything. He wasn’t sure of Me at first, so I had to speak several times to him. But I knew what was in his heart and I knew he would say yes to Me when it really mattered. He was willing to give up his only son of promise. I knew he was willing to obey Me. I needed a man to respond in faith and even to believe that I could raise up his son. His son of promise came. My Son of promise came for you. I did raise Him up. He was the One promised from the beginning of time. He still is the One whom some are waiting for and they will see Him on that day.

What is it that you want? He who did not spare His only Son, will He not freely give him all things.

Received 4-2-14

When the dust settles, where will you be? After much activity, will your activity bring forth life? When desire comes, will it be to please Me or to please your flesh? What is in your heart? I can see there, but can you? I bring tests to reveal what is in your heart.

Received 4-3-14

The ways of man never seem to change unless I intervene and show him the path to life. I love you My son and I give good gifts to those who love Me. You don’t see very far into the future. You can dream, but I can see. I will reveal truth to you and go before you. You are Mine. Love your family with passion.

Received 4-4-14

Come bless the Lord all you servants of the Lord. For He is good in everything He does. Mighty is His Name and greatly to be praised. The heavens declare His glory for all to see. He is holy and true. His Word never fails.

I am here with you through all of this process. Call upon Me when you feel stress and give your stress to Me. Let My peace cover you. Give Me praise and thanks and the stress will go.

Received 4-5-14

Go and God speed.

Received 4-6-14

Nothing will happen unless they all repent and turn to Me. They should be willing to step down for a time until this gets resolved and their marriage reconciled. The enemy has brought division, but I can heal and restore. There is nothing new going on here. Power exposes what is in the flesh. Is there not one among you who can lead without dividing? It is not about human rules, but about who is Head of My Church. I will care for My sheep.

Received 4-7-14

My ways are not your ways. Trust Me to work on your behalf. It is not about your strength or ability. It is about your faith and trust in Me. I will silence the foe and the enemy. I will take his threats away.

Received 4-8-14

All things are Mine and you are Mine. Look to Me for all that you need. Come to Me first.

Received 4-9-14

The ways of the Lord are pure and holy. He doesn’t rely on any darkness. He knows we are weak, but He overcomes our weaknesses.

I have to bring life to My people. They shall not perish. They will be with Me and I with them.

Received 4-10-14

God is Spirit and all who worship Him must do so in spirit and in truth. He sees our hearts. He knows what kind of faith we have. He gives us faith to believe. He is pleased when we believe and when we obey His Word and His command to us. He does much more for us than we can realize or see. It was all accomplished on the cross, but it is realized every second of our lives as He pours out His grace and kindness. He is good and He only wants good for us. He is moved by our love for Him.

You are a student of My Word. Continue to seek after Me. Know that I love you. I am always aware of you. I want the best for you and I want you to be with Me forever. Watch over those in your care. Cover them with your prayers and your love. Defend them and call upon Me to defend them.

Received 4-11-14

Come before Me with a humble heart, seeking the source of your life. Be willing to say yes as My Spirit guides you. Focus on Me and what I am doing around you. Turn off the distractions of this world. Purify your mind with My Word. Remove the dross and that which is good will be seen.

Received 4-12-14

All things work out for the good of God’s people and the glory of God. He works in ways we cannot see at the time. He can move mountains and with our faith we can move mountains.

Received 4-13-14

All things are in My control. You don’t have to be concerned, just ask Me and I will take care of it. What is on your heart? Do you trust Me?

Received 4-14-14

Lord You are good. Your mercies and grace endure forever. We are created by You to bring glory to You. I love You and I thank You for all that You have done for me and my family. I give my life to You. May Your will be done in me according to Your plan and purposes. Help me to do what is right in Your eyes.

I speak and the earth shudders. I give My Word and it is so. Who has given Me any counsel – there is none. You are precious to Me. You are the work of My hands. I made you in My image. All that you have is from Me. You are flawed by sin, yet I love you and I gave My Son for you. Now what was lost and destroyed has been found and redeemed and made new. Did you noticed how My Spirit touched the woman I love? Yes, and I will touch you too as you seek after Me in total abandon.

Received 4-15-14

They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up on eagle’s wings. They shall walk and not grow weary for the Lord’s hand is upon them.

Man’s strength is limited, but I can move heaven and earth to accomplish what I desire. Look to the source of all that is good and wonderful and holy. I will meet with you and refresh you.

Received 4-16-14

Many will come to Me on that day and say to Me, Lord, let us in. I will say to them I do not know you. But I will be gracious. I know their hearts. Were they seeking after Me or were they pursuing their own desires? It is both an easy choice to believe in My Son and a hard choice to surrender in obedience to His commands. He is Lord and all will bow before Him. Bow now when it really counts. Submit to My will over you. Yield your desires to My way of righteousness. Acknowledge Me in everything you do. My Spirit will guide you if you listen for His voice.

Received 4-17-14

There is a King and He will rule in power and righteousness. His Words ring out bringing hope to those who love Him; and bringing fear of those who are trying to hide from His wrath and judgment. They condemn themselves in their unbelief. Come boldly to My throne and find grace to help in time of need. I am very near to you even within you.

Rest in Me. Allow Me to work on your behalf, to carry your burden. If you feel stress, it is because you are trying to carry a burden by yourself. I will provide for you. People are ready to help.

Received 4-18-14

The ways of man will fail because of sin. Oh, there might be temporary “success”, but the end will be disappointment. I made you in My image. You have power within to do much. You have authority over the things of this earth. Use what I give to you with respect. Seek My will in all things. Don’t rely on your own thinking alone. Trust in the Lord with all of your heart. Do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him , and He will direct your steps.

Received 4-19-14

I am here with you. Do not be afraid for I am with you. I will take care of you and your family. They are Mine just as you are Mine. Trust Me in this. Watch Me do great things for you. Keep your eyes on Me.

Received 4-20-14

I came to rescue people whom I love from the pain of sin and death. I wanted to cover their sins, so I could look upon them again and be with them. I wanted to cancel their rebellion and give them a heart that loves Me and wants to be with Me.

What you did was good. I will use it for My glory. She could not respond because she was in shock. She will bring her testimony to others. Keep in tune with My Spirit. Use your words to speak hope and life to others. Bring encouragement where there is despair.

Received 4-21-14

Come to Me afresh every day for your daily bread and your drink of living water. Let Me sustain you. I am your strength. I am your sustenance. I give you my knowledge and wisdom. I open up the path before you. I guide your steps.

Received 4-22-14

Give yourself to Me first and to the fullest extent that your faith will support. Say yes in your heart as your first answer when I call upon you. Be in tune with My Spirit. Rejoice and have a grateful attitude, bubbling with enthusiasm and joy, as a witness to what I have done for you.

Received 4-23-14

This is a day of rejoicing. Give Me praise. Give gifts of love and joy. Allow My Spirit to wash over you. Dedicate what you have to Me.

Received 4-24-14

May Your Name be glorified in my life. May my words and actions reflect You. May my thoughts be pure and full of faith.

Received 4-25-14

Yours is the kingdom of God. Listen and you will hear Me speak. Train yourself to hear. Put on an obedient heart that says yes at every opportunity. I am not weak as you are. I can help you if you call upon Me.

Received 4-26-14

I am blessing many through you. You are influencing many to look to Me to find help and healing and true life. Eyes are being opened. Hearts are being changed. Isn’t that what I want? Yes and much more. I will not stop doing what I desire in a man until he comes to be with Me.

Received 4-27-14

I am not finished with you. I will use you greatly if you allow Me access to your heart. Will you? There is nothing in this world that compares to the glory of My world. It is just a shadow. Watch and pray. Open up your eyes to the harvest around you.

Received 4-28-14

All the ways of men bring them to a place of need. They pursue what seem right to them, to satisfy the desires of their flesh and soul. When they find out that all is emptiness, they flounder until they wake up and call upon Me. I desire for all to call upon Me, to open up their heart to Me. I am waiting. My Spirit is working to do My will in everything I have created.

There is no lack in My kingdom. I am not restricted or limited. What I will to be is done. You are coming to the end of your journey on earth. Now real life begins. You have done well, but more will be required of you. Pursue after Me and My Word with all diligence.

Received 4-29-14

My ways always lead to glory. You cannot know what I know. You may seek after Me for eternity and still not know Me fully. How can you know about the universe I made with its billions of stars, yet I know each one of them by name. But I do want you to seek after Me and My ways. I want you to be like My Son. In Me there is no lack or sorrow. I am your Source, not as a genie, but as a loving Father.

Received 4-30-14

I will be glorified in My people. They are My chosen ones. I brood over them like a mother hen. I care and nurture them. I give them gifts. I protect them. I heal them. Why do you resist what I do? Don’t you know the love I have for you? Say yes and trust Me to do what is good.

Received 5-1-14

May the days of your youth be duplicated and your strength renewed. All things are possible for those who believe. My strength is made perfect in your weakness. Call upon Me and see if I don’t bring the angels in heaven to be with you. Trust Me and see what I will do.

Received 5-2-14

My ways are higher than yours. I know what is in your heart. I can see what will happen and all of the choices you will make; choices for good and mistakes that you will make. I have covered you and I will cover you until you are with Me. Put your hope securely on Me. I will not disappoint you. I love you. Can you not see that?

Received 5-3-14

The praises of men will not satisfy, for there is only One to please. Call upon Me. Let Me be your Source. Let Me do what you cannot do. You are weak in the flesh. Your mind is slow and you can’t see the path before you. I will lift you above your enemies if you ask Me to. I will carry you as I have done in the past. Can’t you see that I love you and I want to be with you? Life is not a game. Others are depending on you as a man.

Received 5-4-14

Others may do certain things, but you must not. There is a cost to leadership. There is a higher standard of righteous living for the one who leads others. I will give grace so that you can do what I ask. At times, it will seem that you are the only one who is willing to serve. Give with a cheerful heart. Do not grow weary in doing good. Recognize that you are serving Me and those who are in My body. What better gift you can give Me, than to give of yourself to Me. Take up your cross daily. Be a living sacrifice.

Received 5-5-14

What is your desire? What is important to you? Rest in Me. Let your mind turn to Me. Give over your worries.

Do you love Me more than these little ones? No, but can I show you how to love? Look at My Son and everything He did. That is love, in full obedience and grace. He was not out to do what He desired, but to live for Me, His Father. Can you obey Me like He did? No, but I will help you.

Received 5-6-14

Draw near to Me. Come back to your first love. Seek after Me as for a lost child. I am a jealous God and you are chasing after many things, but Me. I paid a high price so that we can be in relationship again, but you choose other things. Ask, seek and knock and I will come to you. I want to know that I am important to you, much more than anything or anyone else. Why do you seek after things that never satisfy? Come to Me the Source of living water, the Source for all that you really need. I made you to be like Me, not like the world.


Received 5-7-14

Rest in Me. Give Me your cares.

Received 5-8-14

Call upon Me to help you. I am near.

Received 5-9-14

Your ways are pleasing to Me. You try to know what I expect of you. You trust Me and you believe that I am good. Can you believe Me for healing? You know that I still heal, but will you believe Me for healing when you pray?

Received 5-10-14

Will the world notice what you are doing? Yes, the spiritual world is paying attention. Every time you call upon Me, the angels are listening. This world is not your home. I have prepared a place for you, a place that doesn’t need to be remodeled. My grace is sufficient for you.


Received 5-11-14

My grace is sufficient for My power is made perfect in your weakness. What you cannot do I will do to accomplish My purpose. I want you to say yes to Me, but I am not dependent upon you.

Received 5-12-14

Lord I give You praise for Your goodness and mercy. You forgive our sins and heal our bodies. You lift us up over our enemies. You rescue us when we fall. You are our Source for everything that is good. Your Spirit guides us into all truth. He gives us power from on high. We rejoice and give thanks today and always.

Received 5-13-14

I will be with you to guide you. Keep your spiritual eyes alert to the opportunities I will bring. You are My workmanship and I will use you even on this trip. Be very sensitive to your wife. Give her your attention. Show her special love as if this trip was only for her benefit.

Received 5-14-14

I will be with you. I am always with you. I will never leave you or forsake you. Do these words bring comfort to you? Moses did not want to move on without My presence also being there. He did not want a substitute. He knew what My glory was like. He was changed in My Presence.

Received 5-15-14

Your ways are wonderful. They bring forth life and fruit. They love and give mercy and grace.

Come to the Light and then you will shine for others to see. I am the way, the truth and the life; no one comes to the Father except through Me. I am the Light of the world. I am a beacon in darkness. No one can hide from My Light. I penetrate the stoniest heart.

Received 5-16-14

My Name is Jesus. There is no other Name like Mine for in My Name there is life and healing and power for those who believe. Do you believe? My Word is always true and right. Find My grace to help you.

Received 5-17-14

What are you waiting for? What is your plan? I will teach you if you ask Me.

Received 5-18-14

They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. David encouraged himself in the Lord as he spent time seeking God. I am the Source for what you really need. After you have come to the end of what you can do and everything looks hopeless, then come to Me and be reminded of My power and glory. Your problems will become small again in light of My expansiveness. If you really are doing My will, then you will have the resources you need. You may encounter roadblocks at times as the enemy tries to thwart My purposes, but I have overcome and so you will overcome his deceptive maneuvers.

Received 5-19-14

May Your words fill me with truth and grace.

May My thoughts be in you as you seek My face. I will transform your lowly body into a work of My Spirit. I will bring life where there has been destruction and pain. I will bring ever more life to build upon what I have started in you. You are My workmanship. I am a Master Builder.

Received 5-20-14

All of my days I will praise You, almighty King. You guide me with love and peace. You restore me when I fail. You help me do much more than I can do by myself.

Received 5-21-14

Come to Me and give Me your burdens. Let Me speak life into your body and spirit.

Received 5-22-14

All who come to Me will find what they are looking for. Even when I came, people with great needs and heavy hearts came for miles to be with Me. They sought after Me because they knew I would accept them and love them. That is still true today. I have come to bring life and to satisfy the longing of your heart. My ways are not your ways. Look into My Word and learn from Me. Change your thinking and change your heart. Love as I love. You will be surprised how attractive you will become to others.

Received 5-23-14

I will liberate the lost soul, the one who is in bondage to his sin and pain. Invite them to My wedding feast.

Received 5-24-14

All who come to Me I will never push away. I am eager that all be saved from their unbelief and sin. Tell them and show them the way to life in Me.

Received 5-25-14

I have come to bring life. I created life to share life with Me. You have come to realize what real life is all about; it is in giving yourself away to others in love and service with grace. Now live it out to bring Me glory and honor from your lips and from those you bless. This is not a small thing, but it is the main thing. Love and serve your family first, then others I place in your life.

Received 5-26-14

The days of roses and celebration is near. Roses, because the fragrance of the body of Christ will be strong to all, in the church and to those outside the church. It will be a drawing element, but it will also push those away bent on destruction. My supper is being prepared for My bride and she also is being made ready. What a celebration it will be!

Received 5-27-14

Do not be concerned for I am working in those you love. Just as I am blessing you, so I will bless those you love. They will learn from Me and they will find the truth.

Received 5-28-14

They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. They will hear from Me and receive My Word to encourage them and direct them. You can do all things that I direct you to do.

Received 5-29-14

I will bless you and keep you for you are Mine. Others wonder what to do. Others choose their own way, but you must follow Me. I lead, I direct, I guide to accomplish My plan. The men of old longed to see and hear what has been revealed in your day. They knew very little, but still trusted Me. I will be honored by My people.

Received 5-30-14

All things work together for good for those who love God and are called according to His promises. You have been called. Now you know the truth. Your eyes have been opened to My ways. You can discern good and evil. You can know what is of Me. Now you must tell others. Now you must speak what you know to be true. Others will listen for they recognize My voice in what you will say. Truth is true and My words are true.

Received 5-31-14

My ways bring life and health. Follow after My holiness. Let My Spirit guide you. Do not entertain evil thoughts, but think on what is good. Give Me praise and thanks. Remind your mind who is helping you. Declare My promises and truth. You know how I have helped you. You can see for yourself My goodness and grace.

Received 6-1-14

May the Lord bless you and keep you. May His face shine upon you. I am there for you in every situation. I am there even when you don’t know I am there.

Received 6-2-14

You will find Me if you are looking for Me. My grace is sufficient for all that you need. I have purchased all that for you when I died on the cross bearing your sins and shame. Now you are free to live with Me.

Received 6-3-14

My ways are higher than your ways. I can see much better and I know what is best. I am good and I want the best for you in My perspective. Do you want that too? Do you trust Me with your life?

Received 6-4-14

All things are possible for those who believe in Me. Put your faith in the One who created all that is seen and unseen.

Received 6-5-14

Come to Me and I will give you all that you need. I give wisdom, peace, joy, love, acceptance, purpose, truth, grace, forgiveness, mercy.

Received 6-6-14

Where is your faith? Is it in Me or in your own ability? Who gave you your ability? Who controls the circumstances and situation you face. Who protects you and keeps you from falling when you are not aware? Have a grateful heart and always pray with thanksgiving. How would you want to hear someone make a request of you? How do you respond if someone demands something from you, even if it is within his right to do so? Learn from Me. I will be your Teacher and Friend. I love you and want only the best for you.


Received 6-7-14

What happens today is a sign of what will happen tomorrow. Expect to do more and not less. Give to others unselfishly and you will be rewarded. Be a servant to those I place in your life. You will know and the opportunities will come. Keep your spiritual eyes open and don’t be distracted.

Received 6-8-14

My ways are higher than your ways. Seek Me for wisdom and I will give it. Everything that is important is within Me. Nothing this world has to offer has lasting value for the world will pass away, but My Words shall not pass away. Do you believe this? I have made a home, a place for you.

Received 6-9-14

I will sing of the mercies of the Lord forever. He has graciously forgiven my sins and removed my shame. He has given me a new heart that wants to obey Him and serve Him. My eyes are now opened to the truth.

Received 6-10-14

I am here. I am always here even when you are not aware. I will never leave you nor forsake you. All that I am is yours. Can you believe this? Ask of Me freely.

Received 6-11-14

If you harden your heart, you will be broken. If your thinking becomes distorted by lies, you will fall into deception. Only in Me is truth and life. Do not seek after what is in the world. Purify your heart with My Word. Give Me your attention and devotion. Pray and fast if needed until your mind is clear and single minded, with only one desire and that is to please Me.

Received 6-12-14

My ways are not your ways. Seek Me and you will find Me. When you do, you will find all that you need.

Received 6-13-14

You are wonderful Lord. You give grace and truth. Your Holy Spirit is full of wisdom and comfort. Someday I will be with You face to face. I will see what You were doing in every aspect and event of my life. I will be amazed at Your grace and mercy You showered on me.

Received 6-14-14

All that I am is yours. Intercede for those you love, for those who are hurting or needy. I have been working on your heart and what touches Me now is touching you. You can see needs all around you.

Received 6-15-14

I control the events of man. Do not be concerned, but accept what I have for you. All things work together for good for those who love Me and are called according to My purposes. You will be used in other ways.

Received 6-16-14

I have rescued you from darkness, now live as a child of Light. Be an example. Let My Spirit shine out from you. Be gracious and kind, full of mercy and love. Speak the oracles of God to build up and encourage those around you.

Received 6-17-14

Wake up and see the harvest ready around you. Pray and discern what is happening. Listen for My direction when you are with people. Train your ears to hear and your eyes to see. People are hurting and are needy. You have been blessed with My grace and provision.

Received 6-18-14

I am with you to help you. Cast your burdens upon Me and I will carry you. You were not made to live alone or to do things on your own. Live for Me. Live to expand the kingdom of God. Live to do the will of My Father and your Father.

Received 6-19-14

Gather together to give Me praise. Lift your voices and sing praises to your God. Learn how to train your heart to believe and not doubt. Put My Word into your mind and heart. Trust Me as never before. What do you hold dear in your life? Where is your treasure?

Received 6-20-14

Pray and discern the times. It is not what you hear in the news. It is what I am doing in the earth. All throughout history I have been working in the lives of men. Some have responded well; others have just done what is needed. You see the evil that is in the hearts of men corrupted and deceived by other men who claim to know God. Lies are easily spread for those who are deceived.

Received 6-21-14

I will make a way for you. Trust Me to open doors.

Received 6-23-14

My ways are the best for you. Seek Me for wisdom. Do not trust solely on what you may know, but rather pray and ask Me to reveal My wisdom.

Received 6-24-14

Keep an open mind. Be ready in season and out of season. Respond as I lead. I will help you.

Received 6-25-14

I am here. I am always with you. You have decided to believe in Me. You trust Me for your life and all that happens in your life.


Received 6-26-14

What is in your heart? Can you see what I see? You are anxious for nothing. Be at peace and give Me your burdens.

Received 6-27-14

I will show you the way, when you need to know. Be aware of the needs around you. Remember that people are more important than anything material. Love fully and you will be loved.

Received 6-28-14

I will love you no matter what you do for I am love. Give Me praise and let Me lift your burdens.

Received 6-29-14

Let My words fill you with life and truth. Give yourself to Me and I will give Myself to you.

Received 6-30-14

All that I am is Yours Lord Jesus. You have blessed my life more than I could ever imagine. I see You at work in people.


About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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