Received 11-21-13

Trust Me and give everything to Me. Give all that you possess, all that came from your body, all that you worked on and made, all that you consider to be your own. You are Mine. May your righteousness and My righteousness come together as one. Joseph loved Me from the beginning. I had a plan for him. No man is perfect or without sin. But all can be instruments in My hand if they will yield to Me. Some I have to direct as if leading a dumb animal with only instincts.


Received 11-22-13

Your ways are Mine when you listen to My Spirit and obey. You are not perfect, but you try to do My will. Be at peace and enjoy what I give to you. Rest in My presence. Rejoice and give Me praise. Let your spirit rise to the heavens. Focus on Me and be glad.


Received 11-23-13

Bless others and give freely of yourself and what I have given you. Let this mind be in you that you love one another to do what your Father asks of you. Willingness is what I seek, willingness to obey My Word and to do My will. Humility comes before honor. Obedience comes before blessing. Lay down your life as I did as a living sacrifice wholly pleasing to the Father.


Received 11-25-13

Blessings and honor and glory and power be unto the King of kings and Lord of lords. There is no one like You. You loved us so much that You were willing to bear our sins upon Your holy body. My ways are for your good and for My purposes. I love you and want you to be with Me forever, to see My glory and splendor. You will see it and be filled with joy as never before. This world is fading away in its corruption. But do not be afraid for I am with you to watch over you and your family.


Received 11-26-13

All things are Mine. I am in control. I am over all. Sin has brought destruction and pain, but I have come to bring life, life that will last forever. You know this life and are walking in it. Rejoice and be glad. Let your lips speak forth praise and wonderment.


Received 11-27-13

My Words will go out to reach all people. I am revealing Myself in dreams and visions and testimonies and miracles. I have not stopped or slowed down. No, I have increased all efforts to reach people to bring them into a relationship with Me. I have many rooms in My kingdom. Keep this perspective before you as you see people and talk with people. You blessed that man and he blessed you. I will bring others to you, just be open to My leading.


Received 11-28-13

My Word has changed your life. You have been a vessel that is willing to change, to grow. Keep responding to My Spirit. My promises are yes and amen. Let your response to Me be yes and amen.

A person focused on himself will not hear the call to repent or to deny himself. He may do some action, but his heart is not right. He pretends he doesn’t hear or the message he hears is for someone else, not him. He has a show face that people see, carefully made so that no one can see what is in his heart. Love such a man and win him over to trust you, to know that you are safe. Help him reveal the hurt inside, the pain inside and the questions he has.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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