Received 11-5-13

Blessed be the Name of the Lord. May His Name be glorified forever. Rejoice and be glad all you who call upon the Lord. The King is coming.

I am Lord of all. Nothing escapes My notice. All must bow before Me, now or later.


Received 11-6-13

The days of roses is near. Roses because the world will smell the fragrance of life from My people. They are living in darkness and death. They are blinded from the truth. Speak life and not death. Speak hope and not despair. Speak My Word and I will be glorified. Do not look with natural eyes only, but ask My Spirit to show you what is really happening and what you should do and pray.


Received 11-7-13

Men have sinned, but I have made a way for restoration through My Son. All who believe are restored to complete fellowship with Me and My Presence. How much do you need to believe? Just enough to recognize that only He is the way and that you have nothing in you that will please Me. Some search a long time, trying to find another way and another thing for them to do, but it is not about doing, it is believing. I have already done what is needed. I have already done whatever area of need you have, the solution and remedy is in Me. My love is constant for that is who I am. Come before Me and live in My love. Let My love saturate your thinking, your emotions, your actions. This is the work of God, to believe in Me and in the One who sent Me.


Received 11-8-13

My ways are good and right altogether, taken as a whole. I see all and I know all. My will is good and right. Rejoice with Me and submit to Me all that you are. Commit your way unto the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. Are you seeking to please Me? Give of yourself to Me and to those I put into your life. Serve and be served. Love and be loved. Teach and be taught. Know and be known.


Received 11-9-13

Now is the day of salvation. Now is the time to praise and rejoice in your Savior and Lord. All things are in My hand. Nothing escapes My notice. I am with you always. I see your heart. I know your thoughts. Yes I rescued you from darkness and brought you into My Light. Open the way for others to come through your prayers and words of life.


Received 11-10-13

Where are My people? Do they really care about their friends and family? Are they blind to what is ahead? Who will warn them?


Received 11-11-13

My ways are higher than your ways. Reach out and try to understand My ways. Look for Me in everything you do. Let Me help you. Ask of Me what you need to know. I will lift you up over your enemies. I will show you new things that you have not known before.


Received 11-12-13

My ways will be known to the world as I display My power. People will be afraid and amazed. Words that were spoken long ago will become true. Just as lies are told today, men will have their tongues shut up until they acknowledge Me. My people shall be My witnesses. They will testify of My love and goodness. Love and be loved. Give and it shall be given unto you. Share what is in your heart. Proclaim the truth with wisdom and understanding of My Spirit. Let not your hearts be troubled for I have overcome the world. Show compassion and kindness.


Received 11-13-13

Look to your heart. What do you see? Do I need to expose what I see so that you can see? What motivates you? What do you think about? Do you have core values and principles that you will not violate?


Received 11-14-13

If your name were chosen to be My witness, what would you do? How would you prepare? What would you be praying? Who would you be praying for? You are My witness and every day, every encounter, every conversation is your opportunity from Me to share the love I have for those I created. Show kindness, concern, compassion, love. Speak truth with gentleness and love and discernment. Testify to My goodness and mercy.


Received 11-16-13

This is the day I have made, a day for rejoicing and giving thanks. Let your heart rise to the heavens, to My very throne. I will receive you and speak words to you. For you are My people and I am your God. Trust in the Lord and He will bring it to pass. Just as the heavens are above the earth, so am I watching over you with My eye on what is coming and how I can bless you as you live before Me. Do righteousness and love. Let your words bless others and encourage them. Many are struggling and need some words to show that you care.


Received 11-17-13

The Lord is my great reward. He is my shield and fortress. I shall not be afraid. The weary come and find rest in My shelter. I will make a way when all looks hopeless. I am the God of possibilities. I give My promises for those who will believe them. I speak and it is so. All of creation looks to Me. There is no one else before Me. Let My voice speak out through you to bless My people and those who will listen. Do not hold back but proclaim boldly what I give to you. The end of all things is near and the new will begin. It will not be as you imagine, but rather I will be glorified in power and in love. The wicked will flee, but My people will rejoice as never before.


Received 11-18-13

Will you be humble about the gifts I give? Are they Mine or yours? What is yours except that I gave it to you? Even what you may have “earned” was because I made you with certain strengths and talents and temperaments and gave you the jobs you have had. You have responded well. Bless others and keep a loose hand on what you have. Let Me direct your steps. My ways are best. I will send people your way.


Received 11-19-13

Which way will you go? Trust Me to handle all of your affairs. Give your choices to Me and watch Me at work.


Received 11-20-13

Watch Me at work on your behalf. You will be pleased and amazed. I care for all of My children. Just ask Me and expect Me to do great things, things that you could not possibly do.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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