Received 10-1-13

Never before has My Spirit been so alive in the hearts of My people. He is working to bring them to Me. He is working to transform them into My image. Rise up and take the land before you. You have the tools and weapons you need.


Received 10-2-13

My Name will be lifted high. My Voice is going out to speak to the hearts of men, calling them to repent and turn to Me and I will heal them. Only a few will respond, but I will reach out to them in hope. I am a patient God wanting all to come to Me. I don’t give up. I still pursue while there is still day. The seeds of life I plant will bear fruit. Even the hardest heart can soften when I show them My love. Everyone needs love and seeks after love. I will make them hunger all the more until they cry out to Me in their desperation and pain.


Received 10-3-13

My time has not come. I am waiting for the Father. I know it is soon. Be ready and be about My Father’s business of winning people, discipling people, loving people in My kingdom. There is always hope for every person no matter what they appear. I have put into every person a need to know Me, like a seed. I am constantly at work. Your prayers can open opportunities and can push back the enemy’s workers.


Received 10-4-13

Rejoice in the Lord always again I say rejoice. When joy fills the heart, there is no room for worry or confusion. Remember the times when I rescued you, when I answered your prayers, when you felt close to Me, when I spoke to you, when you experienced My love and grace. These will sustain you when you are struggling. Give of yourself. Pray and release the captives from the enemy’s hands. My ways are not your ways, but seek Me and I will show you the way to go.


Received 10-6-13

Let Me tell you what I want you to do and what you are doing. Open your mind beyond what you see and I will show you what I see.

I give skills and personality, I give temperament, I give spiritual gifts. I place people together to accomplish My purposes in all of their lives – to give and receive, to challenge and to try with trial exposing their level of faith in Me and their need for others.


Received 10-7=13

My joy is to see you before Me waiting for My words. You are hungry for My words. They are life to you. Man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. I breathe life into weary bones. I restore and heal. Life is not over until the last breath is taken, then comes the judgment and reward. I will come and bring rewards, but also judgment. The fool says in his heart that I will never come, that no one is watching, that I can do whatever I desire. Life is full of choices. Be wise and discerning, especially in this evil world.


Received 10-8-13

I am with you to lift you up over your enemies, to give you life and abundance. I will strike down those who oppose you. I will carry you through the storms. Look to Me and be full of hope. There is no one like Me and you know it. Do not be afraid for I will guide you. Open your heart to Me and I will fill it with treasures from My storehouse.


Received 10-9-13

I am with you. Do not be afraid or discouraged. What can man do to you when I am with you? My strength is more than enough. My power breaks the trees of Lebanon. My power raises mountains out of the deep. My power creates new life. My power and My grace takes your burdens from you if you give them to Me. All that I am is yours. Submit yourself to Me and allow Me the freedom to work out My good pleasure in you.


Received 10-10-13

What is in your hand? What is in your mind and heart? Have I not given you all of these things? I am your provider, your shield and protector and you realize this. Can you trust Me in all things? Yes, and more.


Received 10-11-13

My ways are not your ways. Accept what I give to you. Keep and open hand on what you possess for I may ask you to share it with another. I am not like you, yet you were made to be like Me. I bring down one and raise up another. I am always at work to do My will and pleasure. Nothing escapes My notice, both evil and good.


Received 10-12-13

My ways are best for you and your family. As you love you will see good changes. People need love and they will be attracted to love.


Received 10-13-13

I am birthing a new thing for you. There are people in your life who need Me. They do not have a way to come to Me, to draw near. Will you care for them? I will give you My love to give to them. Just a monthly fellowship gathering.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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