Received 9-19-13

My love never runs dry or fails. I can soften the hardest heart through love and so can you if you show love led by My Spirit. Real love is not selfish. There is no motive behind love except to love with grace.


Received 9-20-13

I am a lover and giver. My nature is love. I respond in love. I express Myself with love. I want My people to love Me and to love each other. That is why My Word says for you to love the Lord your God with all of your heart, with all of your strength, with all of your mind, with all of your soul; and to love your neighbor as yourself. Love forgives and blesses.


Received 9-21-13

My days of patience are coming to an end. I see how the people of the world are selfish and unloving. I see rebellion and unbelief. I see folly and immorality. Who will speak to them? Who will warn them? My Son will come and bring judgment.


Received 9-22-13

Where is your heart? Where do you see My favor in what you do? Can you sense My leading? I will bless you regardless of what you do, but you will have greater increase in what I lead you to do. My gifts and callings are irrevocable, but you will see My hand upon you in certain things. Open your spiritual eyes to see what I mean.


Received 9-23-13

The grace of the Lord Jesus be with you to provide and supply all that you need for godliness and truth.


Received 9-24-13

All things are yours for the asking. Ask for wisdom, understanding, hidden knowledge, truth, what is in a man’s heart. I will let you know so you can love and minister for Me.


Received 9-25-13

Watch what I can do. Respond in faith to the voice of My Spirit.


Received 9-26-13

The world is passing away. All that was stable before will fall down – governments, relationships, systems. Anything that a man has touched is corrupted by sin and these will fail. I will shake the earth as never before. There will be panic and fear. Only My people will stand in righteousness and love. They will suffer for their faith, but I will protect them and cover them. Does this surprise you? No, it was foretold long ago. But people have been lulled to sleep in their unbelief. It will be like the herd of pigs racing to fall off the cliff. They will be blind and ignorant speedily pursuing pleasure at more and more extremes like a rabid dog. Folly will be celebrated. Mockery will reach new heights against anything that is good and wise. Youth will tower over their elders. My people will have discernment as never before to know the path to take, for I will guide them to green pastures. Only a few will be saved as darkness rises. In the end I will come in victory and great light.

Use this time wisely to rescue the lost from destruction. I will lead you and speak through you. Be a beacon. Be a tower.


Received 9-27-13

All that I am is yours through faith. Will you yield to Me your desires and hopes and plans?


Received 9-28-13

The just shall live by faith. Who are you to claim to know everything? Turn over to Me your concerns. Why are you anxious? Allow My Spirit to control your thoughts.


Received 9-29-13

Wait upon the Lord. Focus on Him until you sense His presence and love. Let Him speak. Listen and obey. His Word will comfort and instruct and challenge.


Received 9-30-13

The Lord is my Helper. He is my Shield and Fortress. He is the Holy One who reigns on high. He is my Healer and Deliverer.

Come to Me all who labor and toil for righteousness. Receive My gift of righteousness through My grace and kindness. I will wipe away your sin. I will forgive you and cleanse you. Your garments shall be clean once more.


Received 10-1-13

Never before has My Spirit been so alive in the hearts of My people. He is working to bring them to Me. He is working to transform them into My image. Rise up and take the land before you. You have the tools and weapons you need.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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