Received 9-1-13

You will know what I am doing. Look around you. Pray and discern. March out to battle in the heavenlies for those you love. Give Me praise.


Received 9-2-13

My ways are not your ways. Yes, you can learn from My Word, but I am so full of knowledge and wisdom you will not be able to grasp all that I am doing in any person’s life or in any situation. My Spirit will reveal the truth you need to know and apply to your life. I am doing so much more than you can imagine or think. Your life and actions can make a difference for good or for bad. Even when you choose to disobey and go your own way, I can redeem that if you repent and return to Me with a humble and contrite spirit. Saul was just a man like you with needs and desires. At first his heart was open to Me, but he was not strong in faith. I wanted him to repent, but he would not. He was an example to the people. They got what they wanted, but they did not know what they were asking or what would really happen to them with a human king. I spoke to Samuel and he tried to warn them. Even David was flawed, but he loved Me and trusted Me.

I do not mind when people ask Me why. I see the heart and I respond to those who love Me. I am moved by their pain, but pain is all around. I look to their heart for a humble heart, a teachable spirit.

I am revealing much to you so that you can teach others. I am pleased that you rely on My Spirit for words to speak as He gives you thoughts and insight. You are not a prophet, but a spokesman for My Word.


Received 9-3-13

Rejoice in the Lord. He is your victory and Savior. He has removed your sins nailing them to the cross. All charges of disobedience have been fully paid for. He has rescued you from darkness, to bring you into His Light of Truth and Holiness. You now have the grace to live pleasing to Him who has called you.


Received 9-4-13

Peace and joy are yours. My gifts are wonderful and satisfying. I give you insight into My Word. My Spirit guides you as you seek after Me. I see your heart. I know your thoughts. I created you and knew everything about you. You were made for Me.


Received 9-5-13

Let Me love you. Let Me lift you above what is happening around you to speak to your heart. I know you.


Received 9-6-13

The world is being made ready. The time is at hand for My Son to be glorified among men and angels. My people will look upon Him and will bow in reverence. Life continues with most people unaware of their fate. Tell them and warn them. Speak life and hope. Speak of a future. My Word has gone forth, but many choose their own way in unbelief. My Spirit is working.


Received 9-7-13

My Name is all you need. I am all you need. I am with you to lift you up above your troubles. My hand is upon you to guide your way and to keep your foot from slipping.


Received 9-8-13

Rejoice and give Me praise. Do not concern yourself with details that you have no control over. Just give them to Me. I am doing wonderful things for you and in you and through you. Isn’t it marvelous? You cannot see always what I am doing, but know that I am always at work in you. My love and grace never end.


Received 9-9-13

My grace is sufficient for those who trust in Me. It is not by your strength or ability that brings Me glory. It is in trusting Me and agreeing with Me in faith that accomplishes much.


Received 9-10-13

Where is your strength? Do you trust in yourself or in Me?


Received 9-11-13

Rest upon Me and I will carry you. Pray and see Me at work. Pray and release your loved ones to Me. They are Mine just as you are Mine.

I sought out a man who would love Me. I could not find any. I sent My Son to redeem and restore and to make a way for men. Now there are many who have been touched by the love and mercy of My Son. They love Me and they  have healed you so that you can bring healing and love to others.


Received 9-12-13

Rest in Me. Give yourself to Me and call upon Me in truth and holiness. Love will grow cold in the world so that only My people will show real love. The world won’t understand how you can love. They will mock and insult you, but inside they will desire your kind of love. Don’t look at the outside, but see with My Spirit what is in their hearts. Proclaim the truth. Do battle against the enemy forces to set the captives free.


Received 9-13-13

Today is the day of salvation. Rise up and take the land. Claim your territory for My kingdom. Resist the enemy and draw near to Me. Let My Word be on your lips and in your heart. The victory is Mine. You are Mine if you do My will. I will rescue you from darkness and bring you into the truth.


Received 9-14-13

My heart is moved by what I see. I see men who are seeking Me. Some are weak, some are proud, some are broken, some have known Me for a while. I am a Repairer of the walls. I will re-establish your foundations so you can stand against the enemy’s attacks. Lead and your family will follow. Submit yourself to Me and I will come to you with freshness and revival. I feel your pain and your struggles. I was there. Let Me carry you and give you My arm to steady you.


Received 9-15-13

Today is the day of salvation. Trust Me to speak and to direct your ways. My life is your life. Your life is My life. We are one since you gave yourself to Me. Do not resist My Spirit. Listen and obey.


Received 9-16-13

I will bless the Lord with all my heart. What does that mean to you? Is it praise and worship? Is it thanksgiving? Is it surrender? Is it dedication? I will teach you My ways as My thoughts come to you. Ponder them and make them yours. Share them with others. Let My Word go forth to the nations and every person who breathes. I will not be satisfied until My house is full.


Received 9-17-13

Your ways will please Me for a submitted heart can be directed by My Spirit. I am giving you love that is not natural to you. My Word is going forth. My promises are yes and amen for those who believe. I will be found by those who seek after Me. Pray and intercede for the lost around you. Mention their names to Me. Remind Me of your concern for them.


Received 9-18-13

I am reaching out to the lost and hurting. I am speaking to them through My people and with My Spirit. I know those who are Mine. I won’t let them go.


Received 9-19-13

My love never runs dry or fails. I can soften the hardest heart through love and so can you if you show love led by My Spirit. Real love is not selfish. There is no motive behind love except to love with grace.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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