Received 8-23-13

Repent and believe – the most import words you can say to anyone who is seeking Me. Stop trying to do things on your own. Trust Me to carry you, to go before you.


Received 8-24-13

My joy will be great when My people seek after Me with their whole heart, not just when they face a trial or hardship, but when they realize the love I have for them. You are looking at My relationship with My Son and you see how close We are, how related, how connected, how One we are. I want that for you and Me. I want that for My body. Let people know what My desire is. My Spirit will lead you and instruct you. It’s not just about resisting sin or the enemy, but it’s about doing My will and reaping the harvest, helping My little ones to grow and mature. I have shown you many things, now teach others. Give freely and love as I love.


Received 8-25-13

My grace is sufficient. My truth never fails. My Words go forth to bring life and health and peace. Rejoice with Me and be free from sin.


Received 8-26-13

Not by a man’s will or strength will victory come. Hardship only delays the final outcome. Trials bring good fruit for the one who clings to Me. My Spirit hovers jealously over those We know. I have not abandoned you. I am with you more than you realize. My hand is upon you to guide you. Trust in Me and remove your cares with prayer.


Received 8-27-13

I am with you to raise you up on the last day. My power is working in you so that My glory is defended. You are My witness to others in your family and to those men and women who look to you. Walk in faith and trust Me. My victory has already been won. Don’t let the devil get any opportunity. Be strong and defend the faith you have. My reward is sweet as more and more people come to believe in Me. Show them the Way. Proclaim the Truth. Lead them to the Source of all Life.


Received 8-28-13

Rest in Me. Find strength in Me. My burden is light and My yoke is easy for those who rest in My Spirit.


Received 8-29-13

The Lord is my Shepherd. I shall not want. He will guide me to truth. He will lead the way. He will bind up my wounds. He will carry me through the storm. I have no care for He cares for me.


Received 8-30-13

Let the righteous rejoice in their God. May His praise be continually on their lips. Let us glorify the Lord together. He has done great things and marvelous is His Name. The Spirit of the living God is among us. Proclaim the glory of the Lord. Rejoice and be glad for He has done great things. He is the testimony of righteousness. He is the image of the Father. Praise the Lord.


Received 8-31-13

The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. You cannot now imagine or think about what We have planned for you. We have made everything just for you and for all who will come. Even though My creation has a limit, there will be no limit in heaven. You will never come to the end. Every moment will be unique. Every experience is designed to amaze and to bring glory to the One who saved you. Are you ready?

Now is the time to be doing what I desire for you. Listen and respond with a grateful heart. Allow Me to do what you cannot do. You will experience My glory here on earth.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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