Received 8-12-13

Who is able to love like I do? Only the person who has died to his fleshly desires and who is willing to obey My commands in spite of how he thinks or feels. Most people of the world are unlovable in their sin and weaknesses. Christ demonstrates His love in this, while we were still sinners, He died for us.


Received 8-13-13

My ways are not your ways. Trust Me in all things. Give of yourself and I will give back to you life and health. My people shall not perish, but they will be with Me forever. You will not perish. My grace is sufficient for you.


Received 8-14-13

My grace is sufficient. My truth is real and satisfying. Truth is the basis for My creation. I have set My world in order, but man has corrupted it through his sin and unbelief. Restore My kingdom through your obedience and faith.


Received 8-15-13

There is much to do, but what I ask is important. Be at peace and let My Spirit guide you.


Received 8-16-13

You are My witness and testimony. I will speak through You. I will declare My truth. I will expose the condition of men’s hearts. I will cause a man to repent because of what you say. Listen carefully, but speak with the faith of My Son. All things are Mine. I do not need to ask anyone for anything. I do what pleases Me. I do what brings My glory to be seen in what I have made.


Received 8-17-13

Nothing is impossible with Me. I touch one life and they are changed. My eyes see all that is happening and I know what is happening even before it occurs. I am your source. Be at peace for you are Mine and I will lead you into green pasture.


Received 8-18-13

My grace is sufficient isn’t it? My power is made perfect in your weaknesses as long as you submit to Me your difficulty and even your strength. You can only understand a small fraction of Who I am and what is laid up for you before the ages past. Have an expectant heart believing the best of what you experience. Call upon Me trusting that I want to bless you and show you My love as you bless others. Give Me praise and thanks in everything! This will open doors more than you think. You will be a witness to My glory and power as you trust Me.


Received 8-19-13

Be at peace. Use this time to draw close to Me to learn a new facet of My glory. Open your heart to Me.


Received 8-20-13

My grace is sufficient. I will sustain you into righteousness and holiness. I will keep your feet from sin. Confess what you believe. Declare to the heavenlies My Truth.


Received 8-21-13

My Words are true and full of righteousness. Obey them and you will live in grace and abundance and wisdom.


Received 8-22-13

My joy is complete when My people pray and offer their thanksgiving. I know their hearts, but I love to hear their voices.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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