Received 5-30-13

Taste and see that the Lord is good. Linger with Him and be refreshed. Spend time with Him and you will learn the secrets of life. Let Him teach you and give you understanding. The world has nothing to offer since it has been corrupted by sin, but our God is full of joy and love, mercy and kindness, that no one can take away from you. My God is gracious.

Received 5-31-13

Trust in Me, do not waver in your faith. Believe Me and what My Word says, for I am a faithful God above all others. Do not be anxious, but trust in Me to do what is needed.

Received 6-1-13

Be patient, but be ready. I have much for you to do, but you must do it in My strength and power, relying on Me to do it. Cover what you do in prayer. Invite Me to do what you are doing, regardless if you have the ability to do the task or not. Listen to My Spirit more. Be aware of what He is doing around you.

Received 6-2-13

Rest in Me. Have I not provided everything you need? I am with you to bless you and give you what you need: wisdom, insight, revelation, knowledge and My heart.

Received 6-3-13

The Word brings life, but death lays waiting for the foolish. Life is full of choices. Settle in your hearts who you will serve. Then each choice must be made with this foundation of faith in mind. Either live for Me or live pleasing yourself and the desires of your flesh. I will be gracious to those who are seeking after Me. I know their weaknesses, but I will deliver them from the ways of this world, if they let Me.

Received 6-4-13

Be at peace. Rescue the downtrodden. Give life to the oppressed. Give hope and encouragement to those feeling pain in their heart. Send them to Me. Speak of My love and grace and kindness. I care about them. I care about you and your family.

Received 6-5-13

Teach My truth from your heart with My Word. Allow My Spirit to show you what to say and do. This is a door of opportunity for a season. Be careful to maintain a good and right attitude. It is My message you are proclaiming. It is about Me and not you. I love My people and I want them to learn from Me and walk in truth and light.

Received 6-6-13

My voice will go out for all to hear. I speak and they will listen. Those with tender and sensitive hearts will hear clearly. Others may only know that I am speaking, but will not understand the message. Others will try to hide and stop up their ears as if not to face who I am. Tremble and fear your Creator. I am the giver of all life. I carefully place each spirit and breathe life. I have a plan for each one. I choose, I call, I draw men unto Me. I have real life for those who believe.

Received 6-7-13

Time is always passing by. Are you serving Me or yourself? Is your heart right with Me? Are your thoughts agreeing with My Word? Do you cast down the thoughts of the world and the enemy? Love your wife and bless her. Fill her with joy. Guard your heart, but give away your heart to those you love.

Received 6-8-13

Let love be your guide and your motive. Capture My love and give it to others that you meet. Let My heart be formed in you so that you think, and feel, and speak, and act as I would in every situation that you encounter. I will guide your life and bring people before you to share My love and kindness. It will not be difficult and over time it will become natural for you – a good habit of loving others as I have loved you. Even now you can imagine that being formed in you and it will happen. Declare My Word and speak life and blessing.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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