Received 5-10-13

The ways of man lead to death, but the pathway to life comes through Me. Surrender your life to Me and live.

Received 5-11-13

The holiness of God penetrates my soul. It exposes the darkness and sin. It roots out any pretext of excuse for there is none that can stand. I am weak and my flesh is weaker still. Only in You comes my righteousness. Only in Your blood is there forgiveness. O what a price You paid. Your suffering brought me peace as You bore my sins and shame.

Received 5-12-13

Your life is hid in Me. I am in you to accomplish My purposes. Abide in Me and I will abide in you. Let My Presence be known to others through you by walking in My Spirit and anointing. Serve My body and draw men unto Me. Teach and exhort, encourage and build up, challenge and lead by example. I have opened a door for you. Do not take your work as if by your own strength, but humbly serve and give of yourself.

Received 5-13-13

Let the earth rejoice and the peoples be glad for the King is coming to establish His throne among the people. Righteousness and truth will be His garland. His eyes will mete out justice. Let all the earth rejoice.

Received 5-14-13

Let the wicked repent and turn to Me. Let the righteous repent and turn to Me. All are proud and haughty. They don’t think they need a God who is greater than they. They make up a god who is like them so they don’t need to change or obey. They dabble in religion to appease their soul. They join with others who think like they do, all safe and yet deceived in their unbelief. I say, repent and believe. You who know the truth must pray and intercede for the lost for the time is short and judgment is at hand. Wail and mourn as if they were a sister or a brother on the edge of destruction.

Received 5-15-13

May the gracious God of Israel bless you and keep you for His own, a precious possession. All who love Him will be blessed. He is kind and forgiving, the God who created all things. Blessed is the man who puts his trust in the Lord. The fear of the Lord brings wisdom, for he knows his place with his Maker. The kings of the earth bow before Him. No one who sees Him can live for His Presence is glorious.

My hands will bless you. Come before Me in humility and praise. Bow and be lifted up. Yield to Me and be carried over your enemies. Surrender your plans and be led into all truth. Die to yourself and you will truly live in the abundance of My household.

Received 5-16-13

May the God of Israel be exalted. Your Word is a treasure for those who find it. It brings forth life and instruction. The fool will not listen, but those who seek after You are satisfied by its fruit. Many will come to Me on that day and I will ask them about My Word. The ignorant will be ashamed, but the righteous will speak forth truth from My Word. Once I have spoken and then it is settled forevermore. My promises are yes and amen for those who believe. It is better to believe My Word to the extreme, than to not believe and fall. Yes, there are many who have a zeal for My Word, but miss the real important truth. Knowing Me is what counts and My Word can instruct you. Knowing Me comes through My Word and much more is to be with Me in prayer and seeking.

Received 5-17-13

Let the people rejoice for I say I am coming to bring truth to this world. I will establish My throne and no one will be able to remove it. The stone the builders have rejected has become the Cornerstone and all who stumble over it shall be crushed by it. My hand of mercy is with Me to bring comfort to My people. I will turn on My Presence in you as you seek Me.

Received 5-18-13

Come to Me all who labor and I will give you rest. It is My joy to bless you. It is My joy to reveal Myself to you. Wait upon Me and listen for My Spirit. He is in Me and I am in Him. We are One in the Father. I will bless you and keep you. There is victory in Me. All that the Father gives Me I will keep and bless.

Received 5-19-13

May your Name be praised and glorified throughout Your creation. Let all the earth rise up and praise Him. Praise Him in His sanctuary, in the presence of the congregation of His people. Lift up your voices and shout for joy. The King rules.

Received 5-20-13

Let the earth rejoice for the King is coming. Let the people be glad and lift their heads. Rise up O King and set forth Your Kingdom in justice and truth, with kindness and mercy Your shield. I will establish My Kingdom in your heart to reign over your life. Submit your will to My ways and plans, then you will see good things and be at peace. No trouble will befall you that you cannot gain victory by My Word.

Received 5-21-13

My ways are not your ways, but be at peace for I am directing you. Resist the temptations of this world. Seek to do My will. Follow My leading. Be My voice and My light to the world that is lost around you. You don’t have to look very far.

Received 5-22-13

I am working on your behalf to bring about what We both desire. Trust Me. Give them to Me.

Received 5-23-13

Make a way in the desert; prepare the way of the Lord. Plow up the ground; break up the clods. Pour out water to soften the soil. Let My Word go forth to proclaim the truth. May those who have been prepared receive the good word in fruitfulness and life. I have come to bring life, not death. Life in My Kingdom and not life in this world. Life springs forth life as seeds make new seeds through the new mature plant. Death becomes life as My Spirit transforms your heart.

Received 5-24-13

The man of this world falls into many snares, but the righteous one seeks out the truth and finds safety and peace. There is only life in Me. Pursue after Me and you will be blessed. The heart knows pain, but My love can heal and forgive and restore. There is rest in Me that cannot be found in this world. It is more than contentment, it is a deep satisfaction for the soul, knowing it is well in relationship with its Maker and God.

Received 5-25-13

Watch where you are going. Don’t let your feet go to the place of abandon. Don’t let your mind think impure thoughts. My path is narrow and the way is hard, for the sacrifice of the flesh is needed to walk here. Sacrifice and death to the desires of the flesh will lead to life and blessing. I created you and I know what is in your heart. Let My Spirit take control of your spirit.

Received 5-26-13

A man is judged by what he speaks and what he does. His thoughts cannot be known unless he speaks or acts. Motives come from the heart. A man who builds his life by following Me will be blessed in all that he does. I know your thoughts. I am looking for a man with pure thoughts, not just to avoid evil, but those who focus on Me, who abide in My Word and presence. Spend your time with Me. Let Me build the strong and sure foundation of life. Let My words come out of your mouth, words of truth and life.

Received 5-27-13

Death brings new life for the one who dies to himself and chooses to follow Me. I have opened up opportunities for you to serve. Do them in humility, but in passion for My Word. Be an example of a disciplined life. Be one who loves Me and trusts Me for his life.

Received 5-28-13

Yes, you responded well to the opportunity I gave you. She will be blessed and you are blessed. Look to see what I bring before you. Respond as I would respond. Love and be a blessing. Live before Me in holiness and purity. You will know what that means as My Spirit will show you.

Received 5-29-13

My life is hid in You O Lord. You protect Me and guide me with Your unseen hand. You open doors to pleasant places. I can know You are there by the blessings that follow Me. Who is like the Lord? Who can stand before Him? There is no one who compares to His power and glory, His holiness and love.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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