Received 4-21-13

The outcome for the righteous is good, but not so for the wicked. His way is always sweet for the one who trusts in Him. He is a shield and a fortress, He is a source of strength and wisdom. You have walked in My land, the place I have chosen for My people. Soon it will all change and be transformed even as I transform My people into My image. Pray that My will is done in the nations. No man can stand before Me to stop what I desire.

Received 4-22-13

Where is your peace? Is it in trusting Me or in your comfortable situation? Can you deal with trials? Do you run when trouble comes? Where is your hope? What motivates you to do good? Can you see into the unknown world? Do you see the forces behind the veil? You are but a man with limited strength. Look to Me and find rest for your soul.

Received 4-23-13

Today is the day of salvation and life. Give of yourself and you will truly live. My ways are wonderful and pleasing. Discover who I am and live to please Me. Open your eyes and see Me at work. Give Me your heart and let Me change you. Rescue those around you from darkness.

Received 4-24-13

Rejoice and be glad for I am with you. My hand is steady upon you to guide you into My truth and ways. Look all around you and see Me at work.

Received 4-25-13

Where is the love of God? It is poured out within your heart, to rescue and deliver you from darkness and unbelief. My love covers you. I am with you to help you. I am molding you into My image and character. Say yes to Me and you will grow.

Received 4-26-13

Wait upon the Lord and He will guide you into all truth and knowledge. His wisdom knows no limit for He created all that you see. Is anything too difficult for Him? No, and He will freely give from His abundance.

Received 4-27-13

Faithful are the words from our God. He is a shield of truth guarding against the deceit and lies of this world. He is alive and He is coming back to judge the world. He is the only way to the Father. He is the only real Savior and God to be worshipped and praised forevermore. There is no one like Him in His splendor and majesty. He has earned His high position through His obedience even unto death on the cross, bearing the sins of many.

Yes, it is true and I will bring My reward with Me, My people whom I have redeemed with My blood. Even so I am working to accomplish the Father’s will. He has a wonderful plan to bring life to the world, to restore what was lost. I am with you to hold you up and to keep you on My path. Listen to the voice of My Spirit and live.

Received 4-29-13

My heart rings with joy at the voice of the Lord. He speaks love and grace and truth. His words comfort my soul and give me hope for the future. He is wisdom and understanding. He leads me on down His path. I lack for nothing.

Received 4-30-13

Let Me be your source of wisdom and understanding. I will use you as you trust Me to provide what you cannot do.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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