Received 4-3-13

Wait upon the Lord and He will reward you. Seek His face and you will be well. Trust Him in all things for He cares for you.  The ways of man are a snare, but the good grace of the Lord will provide. All things are Mine, even those who trust in Me. My glory will be seen by all.

Received 4-4-13

Help is near with grace to face any situation. I never leave My people. I am with you now to do My will. Look for My presence in all that you do. Rejoice and be glad.

Received 4-6-13

Today is the day of salvation and life. I am in the now. Praise Me today and always. Live for Me and be Mine. You are trusting in yourself and it doesn’t work. Without Me you can do nothing of value, but be at peace.

Received 4-8-13

My help is the name of the Lord, who is my strength and song. All who trust in Him will not be ashamed. Rest confidently in His provision. Call upon Him and He will come to you.

Received 4-9-13

Your grace is sufficient. Your love is overwhelming. All I am is Yours. You carry me as a feather. You are there with me when I need you. Praise Your Holy Name. Amen.

Received 4-10-13

Where is your faith? Where is your trust in Me? I see into your heart. I know your thoughts. You are in the land where I walked. What does that mean to you? The pace was much slower and I only did what the Father asked of Me. Those He brought to Me I helped. If you could just help the people I bring to you, you would do well.

Received 4-11-13

Today is a day of new beginnings for you. Look for Me in what you do today. I will surprise you. Remember My ways are not your ways. The oceans tremble at My voice. The seas roar in praise of My glory. My creation knows Me, but do you?

Received 4-12-13

I came for the lost tribe of Israel. I came for you. Seek Me and you will find Me. All that I am is for you and for the glory of the Father. He has honored Me and I have honored Him. We seek after the lost to bring them to a relationship that brings life and wholeness. Let us be your source, your well that never runs dry.

Received 4-13-13

Now is the day of salvation and life. Look to Me for everything you need. I am with you always. There is nothing too difficult for Me. I enjoy My people and I love those who love Me and trust Me. Rest from your striving. Be one of My disciples. My strength is with Me. I can do mighty things.

Received 4-14-13

The days of roses are near. There is joy in the air. There is singing and celebrating. The people rejoice because the King is there. No more struggles. No more pain and suffering. He will reign in justice and truth.

Received 4-15-13

Wait and see the glory of the Lord. Watch for Me. Open your eyes, open your heart. Let Me fill you with My love. Let Me stretch you.

Received 4-16-13

If you hear My voice then do what I ask of you. You know My commands and these are your guide. Trust Me to do what is good for you and for My purpose and glory. Yield to Me and you will be used to help many.

Received 4-17-13

Today is the day of salvation. Open your eyes and see the glory of the Lord. My ways are mysterious and glorious. Give Me glory and praise. I will be found by those who seek after Me. Come to the house of the Lord.

Received 4-20-13

There is a time to do what God asks of you. You will know and understand. Others will be blessed by your obedience. He asks and does not demand. His will is good. He is victorious and you will succeed in doing what He asks. You may not see the outcome, but it does matter.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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