Received 1-7-13

Persuade the ungodly to return to Me. Give them words of life and exhortation and hope. Let them see how far they have strayed from the truth. I care about them and want them to be with Me, but their unbelief is stopping them. Tell a story, tell a truth, entice them with words you have received from Me and My Spirit. My words will not return empty. They will pierce even the hardest hearts. They may try to shut up their ears, but My message will be heard. The enemy may shout to them, but My words will penetrate their heart and will not be silenced. Pray and prepare as if one going on a long journey. Put My words into your heart and spirit so that you will know what to speak.

Received 1-8-13

Go away from here My people. Leave the house of sin and dwell in cities of refuge. Live before Me in righteousness and then you will shine like lights on a hill to be seen from afar. Do not fear what may come for I am with you. My arm will protect you and My shield will be raised up. The warrior will be the one on his knees interceding for those around him. Learn from this and be a warrior for your family. Each day stand your ground against the attacks and lies of the enemy. You will see victory. The time is short and he is showing his work for all to see. He has snared many into his web of lies. Rescue those you love from darkness.

Received 1-9-13

My arm will go forth to rescue My people from the calamity that is coming. The enemy is moving against those I love. They are resisting in My Name. They will see Me coming and will rejoice greatly. Your eyes will see marvelous things. Bring discernment to the times and you will live. Man has not seen this level of destruction before. But I will protect those I love.

Received 1-10-13

You are not one of My prophets as of old. Today I speak freely by My Holy Spirit and all will know when I am about to move upon the earth. I will send My witnesses before Me before that great day of destruction. All will see them as a witness to their sin. Fools may mock Me in their ignorance and defiance, but My words will remain true. The knowledge of good and evil has brought folly and deception to man. Every man does what is right in his own eyes. They do not want to be told that I am watching over them and I see everything they do and say. They try to hide, but they cannot. Even the bold and brash ones who flaunt their sin before men, will be ashamed on that day. The conviction of My Spirit will be strong. Men will try to cover their ears as if to block what My Spirit is saying, but they cannot do so. Others will drug themselves and mask over what they hear. My judgments are true and every man will face the truth.

Received 1-11-13

The sin of My people is great, but I will heal them and forgive their sin if they call upon Me in repentance and truth. They have been lulled into complacency by the world. They see themselves as better than those in the world, but they are corrupt. Repent and believe. I am doing a new thing. I will awaken the sleeping giant. I will touch those who seem to be hiding. My Spirit will be strong and will awaken their spirits. I will rescue those I have redeemed from the foundation of the world. They are Mine just as you are Mine. My house will be filled with the sound of rejoicing.

Received 1-12-13

My ways are not your ways. Seek Me as if you are seeking after a lost child. Give Me your full attention. I will be found by you. I have given you My Spirit to empower you with insights and revelation. Use this gift to help others. Let Me guide your steps. I will be gracious unto you. Trust Me.

Received 1-13-13

The ways of man are fleeting. They wander to and fro seeking what makes them happy, but inwardly they are wretched and empty and lost. Show them the way to Me. Give them an example of one who has found the truth. Glorify Me with your lips and give Me praise. For all in the heavens are listening. They rejoice over the man turning to find his Savior. Let your mind focus on the things above and you will be at peace. In this world you will have trouble, but rejoice for I have overcome the world. I will do greater works among you if you seek Me with all of your heart. Rest in Me My beloved, rest in Me.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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