Received 1-1-13

A new year brings new opportunities, but really every day is new. Choose each day who you will serve: your fleshly desires or to follow My way to life. My burden is light and My yoke is easy, yet you must die to self to follow My narrow path. My Spirit gives you the ability to do much more than you think you can do, but it takes faith to be patient and to obey when your eyes and mind don’t understand or when everything seems opposed to what I am calling you to do. Obstacles become opportunities to believe in My power. Cling to My promises and call upon Me in prayer.

Received 1-2-13

New beginnings and fresh ideas bring life and enthusiasm, but they can’t replace a solid foundation that comes over time. You are what you have been over time. If you are faithful, you will be rewarded. Continue in what you have heard and learned from Me. You will not be disappointed, rather you will be blessed. My promises may be new every morning, but they are based in who I am, and I don’t change. I am a rock and not shifting sand. I can’t be moved by what man may do, but I respond to the cry of the hurting and downtrodden, to the weak, to the contrite sinner repenting and crying out to Me in desperation. I am a Friend, I am a Comforter, I am a Helper. What is your need?

Received 1-3-13

Great is the reward I bring. There will be joy as never before. Dancing and celebration will break forth when I come. My peace I bring with Me. I will establish My Kingdom in righteousness and justice. Truth will reign and lies will be banished. Just as I know My Father, My people will know Me. I will be among them rejoicing with them.

Received 1-4-13

Rejoice and be glad. Yes I am a holy God and I want you to live in holiness before Me. My Spirit will show you what you must do and My Word will instruct you. Repent and believe. All the ends of the earth will break forth in singing and praise when I return. The curse will be lifted. I will reign on the earth I created. I will make all things new and full of life. Give and give and give and you will be blessed.

Received 1-5-13

Examine what you have done. Look for fruit and lives changed. Step up and be a friend a mentor. Expand your horizons. I will help you. I will show you the way. I will bless the work of your hands. You are learning My ways. You are learning My truths. Your strength will be limited apart from Me. Call upon Me and I will be there. I will never leave you or forsake you. Ask My Spirit to teach you and to show you what to do. Look for opportunities, especially as you meet people. I will multiply what you have even more so that you can meet the needs before you. My grace is upon you to cover your failings and weaknesses.

Received 1-6-13

Faithful are the wounds of a wise brother when he speaks life and correction. When sin is exposed, it loses power. When sin is confronted, its roots are torn off. Examine yourself with the light of the Holy Spirit.

My servant Abram believed in Me. I revealed Myself to him and he responded in faith. I challenged him and taught him. You are no different if you walk by faith. You have the Holy Spirit, which he did not. Can I challenge you to trust Me more?





About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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