Received 1-1-13

A new year brings new opportunities, but really every day is new. Choose each day who you will serve: your fleshly desires or to follow My way to life. My burden is light and My yoke is easy, yet you must die to self to follow My narrow path. My Spirit gives you the ability to do much more than you think you can do, but it takes faith to be patient and to obey when your eyes and mind don’t understand or when everything seems opposed to what I am calling you to do. Obstacles become opportunities to believe in My power. Cling to My promises and call upon Me in prayer.

Received 1-2-13

New beginnings and fresh ideas bring life and enthusiasm, but they can’t replace a solid foundation that comes over time. You are what you have been over time. If you are faithful, you will be rewarded. Continue in what you have heard and learned from Me. You will not be disappointed, rather you will be blessed. My promises may be new every morning, but they are based in who I am, and I don’t change. I am a rock and not shifting sand. I can’t be moved by what man may do, but I respond to the cry of the hurting and downtrodden, to the weak, to the contrite sinner repenting and crying out to Me in desperation. I am a Friend, I am a Comforter, I am a Helper. What is your need?

Received 1-3-13

Great is the reward I bring. There will be joy as never before. Dancing and celebration will break forth when I come. My peace I bring with Me. I will establish My Kingdom in righteousness and justice. Truth will reign and lies will be banished. Just as I know My Father, My people will know Me. I will be among them rejoicing with them.

Received 1-4-13

Rejoice and be glad. Yes I am a holy God and I want you to live in holiness before Me. My Spirit will show you what you must do and My Word will instruct you. Repent and believe. All the ends of the earth will break forth in singing and praise when I return. The curse will be lifted. I will reign on the earth I created. I will make all things new and full of life. Give and give and give and you will be blessed.

Received 1-5-13

Examine what you have done. Look for fruit and lives changed. Step up and be a friend, a mentor. Expand your horizons. I will help you. I will show you the way. I will bless the work of your hands. You are learning My ways. You are learning My truths. Your strength will be limited apart from Me. Call upon Me and I will be there. I will never leave you or forsake you. Ask My Spirit to teach you and to show you what to do. Look for opportunities, especially as you meet people. I will multiply what you have even more so that you can meet the needs before you. My grace is upon you to cover your failings and weaknesses.

Received 1-6-13

Faithful are the wounds of a wise brother when he speaks life and correction. When sin is exposed, it loses power. When sin is confronted, its roots are torn off. Examine yourself with the light of the Holy Spirit.

My servant Abram believed in Me. I revealed Myself to him and he responded in faith. I challenged him and taught him. You are no different if you walk by faith. You have the Holy Spirit, which he did not. Can I challenge you to trust Me more?

Received 1-7-13

Persuade the ungodly to return to Me. Give them words of life and exhortation and hope. Let them see how far they have strayed from the truth. I care about them and want them to be with Me, but their unbelief is stopping them. Tell a story, tell a truth, entice them with words you have received from Me and My Spirit. My words will not return empty. They will pierce even the hardest hearts. They may try to shut up their ears, but My message will be heard. The enemy may shout to them, but My words will penetrate their heart and will not be silenced. Pray and prepare as if one going on a long journey. Put My words into your heart and spirit so that you will know what to speak.

Received 1-8-13

Go away from here My people. Leave the house of sin and dwell in cities of refuge. Live before Me in righteousness and then you will shine like lights on a hill to be seen from afar. Do not fear what may come for I am with you. My arm will protect you and My shield will be raised up. The warrior will be the one on his knees interceding for those around him. Learn from this and be a warrior for your family. Each day stand your ground against the attacks and lies of the enemy. You will see victory. The time is short and he is showing his work for all to see. He has snared many into his web of lies. Rescue those you love from darkness.

Received 1-9-13

My arm will go forth to rescue My people from the calamity that is coming. The enemy is moving against those I love. They are resisting in My Name. They will see Me coming and will rejoice greatly. Your eyes will see marvelous things. Bring discernment to the times and you will live. Man has not seen this level of destruction before. But I will protect those I love.

Received 1-10-13

You are not one of My prophets as of old. Today I speak freely by My Holy Spirit and all will know when I am about to move upon the earth. I will send My witnesses before Me before that great day of destruction. All will see them as a witness to their sin. Fools may mock Me in their ignorance and defiance, but My words will remain true. The knowledge of good and evil has brought folly and deception to man. Every man does what is right in his own eyes. They do not want to be told that I am watching over them and I see everything they do and say. They try to hide, but they cannot. Even the bold and brash ones who flaunt their sin before men, will be ashamed on that day. The conviction of My Spirit will be strong. Men will try to cover their ears as if to block what My Spirit is saying, but they cannot do so. Others will drug themselves and mask over what they hear. My judgments are true and every man will face the truth.

Received 1-11-13

The sin of My people is great, but I will heal them and forgive their sin if they call upon Me in repentance and truth. They have been lulled into complacency by the world. They see themselves as better than those in the world, but they are corrupt. Repent and believe. I am doing a new thing. I will awaken the sleeping giant. I will touch those who seem to be hiding. My Spirit will be strong and will awaken their spirits. I will rescue those I have redeemed from the foundation of the world. They are Mine just as you are Mine. My house will be filled with the sound of rejoicing.

Received 1-12-13

My ways are not your ways. Seek Me as if you are seeking after a lost child. Give Me your full attention. I will be found by you. I have given you My Spirit to empower you with insights and revelation. Use this gift to help others. Let Me guide your steps. I will be gracious unto you. Trust Me.

Received 1-13-13

The ways of man are fleeting. They wander to and fro seeking what makes them happy, but inwardly they are wretched and empty and lost. Show them the way to Me. Give them an example of one who has found the truth. Glorify Me with your lips and give Me praise. For all in the heavens are listening. They rejoice over the man turning to find his Savior. Let your mind focus on the things above and you will be at peace. In this world you will have trouble, but rejoice for I have overcome the world. I will do greater works among you if you seek Me with all of your heart. Rest in Me My beloved, rest in Me.

Received 1-14-13

My world is coming to your world and your world will become My world. I will reign in majesty and splendor with My people surrounding My throne. Each man will come before Me. I will judge fairly and rightly. I know what each man has done. I will reward those destined for rewards. I will proclaim My glory over them.

Be still and know that I am God. May My words bring life to your soul. Let Me refresh you with My love and joy.

Received 1-15-13

Great is our God. He is mighty to save and deliver those He loves. He rescues the downtrodden and weak. Bless His Holy Name.

I will deliver you from the snares of the evil one. I will lift you up when you fall. Keep your eyes on Me. Sing to Me a song of praise and your spirit will soar to the heavens. Songs of truth inspire. Songs of love deliver. Songs of faith encourage. Songs of hope bring forth life.

Received 1-16-13

My love is in your heart to give to others. My joy is in your heart to sustain you through trials and hardships. You see with My compassion. Give yourself to Me and I will give back a new man full of My Spirit.

Received 1-17-13

My ways are not your ways. Do not try to think things through in your own mind. Seek Me for wisdom and insight. I will reveal My truth and plan. Life brings hurt and disappointment if you are selfish. Deny your flesh and you will live. Live by My Spirit and you will soar.

Received 1-18-13

I have purchased you with My blood. It was costly to Me, but I did it for love of My Father and Our love for you. How will you live?

Received 1-19-13

The life I live is more than living for myself or for my family, its living for God, serving Christ’s body.

I have placed you in My body. I have given you gifts to share. I have given you needs for others in the body to fill. I have given you family for comfort, for companionship, for headship.

Received 1-20-13

What is in your heart? Is there love or judgment? Is there compassion or hardness? Is there peace or anger? Does My Spirit have freedom to bear fruit in you? Are you relying on My Spirit or on your own strength and knowledge? Do you live by faith? All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Their righteous deeds are filthy rags. Come to Me with a humble heart. Be open to My instruction and correction.

Received 1-21-13

Teach me Your ways. Show me the path to walk on. Give me Your Spirit to guide me and I will be at peace. Let my thoughts please You.

I will be with you for I never leave you. My Spirit is within you. Listen and hear what He says and you will do well. Give My grace away. Give My love away. Give My peace away and these things will return to you. Open your heart for more of My love and grace and peace. You will need them.

Received 1-22-13

Where are My people? What are they doing? They are rebellious seeking only to satisfy their desires. They give Me a few minutes. They pretend to worship, but their hearts are with their plans and activities for the day. They do not listen to Me. They do not seek to find out what I want for them. But I love them. What will I do? I will pour out My Spirit and I will love them with fresh love until they repent and respond to Me. They are My people and I will not abandon them.

Received 1-23-13

My ways are higher than your ways. So I will guide you to the way of life and joy and peace. It may not always be easy for life contains pain and work, but it will be satisfying for your soul.

Received 1-24-13

I am leading My people whether they realize it or not. Some can see My hand upon them. Expect Me to lead you and look for the signs that I am leading you. Trust Me for I love you and I have a good plan for you. You will glorify Me as you follow Me. I am more concerned about you than I am about the nations of this world. I hold My people close to My heart. No one can snatch them from Me. When two or three or more are gathered together in My Name, there I am in their midst.

Received 1-25-13

One day at a time. Is that how your faith operates or do you think of Me for the long haul? Do you live for Me as if this might be your last day on earth? Are you careful to obey Me in everything, even when you don’t understand? Do you think of Me throughout the day? Do you see Me at work in your life and in the lives of people around you? I am there and My Spirit is working. You have invited Me into your life. You are now Mine.

Received 1-26-13

My heart is glad for you have discovered truth from My Word. Look to Me and not to yourself. I will be found by you as you seek Me with all of your heart. My ways are not your ways, but they can be your ways as you submit to Me and learn from Me.

Received 1-27-13

By grace you have been saved through faith. By My mercy and kindness I draw all men to Myself. They will be given a choice. They will choose between life with Me or life with themselves alone. Some have been blinded from the beginning by the god of this world. Some will struggle to decide as their own desires cloud their thinking. Some out of desperation and hopelessness cry out and are rescued. Some respond joyfully as they respond to My love. I make all things new. The folly of this world will be consumed by the wisdom of My Son. The sin of unbelief will be banished for all will see Me in My glory. I will draw a people to Myself. My kingdom will stand.

Received 1-28-13

My joy is incomplete without My people gathered around Me. But I see that happening. My joy is lifted when My people realize the truth of My Word and obey. My Word brings forth life and health to all who obey its commands. There is a place of joy for all to experience and it is found in My Presence. Praise brings joy. Beauty brings joy. The joy of the Lord is your strength.

Received 1-29-13

My work is not done in you, but I am pleased with what I have done. Yield to Me and I will pour out My Spirit to help you. Trust Me to give you words to speak. Trust Me to hear the cry of your heart. My Words have life and they pierce the hardest of hearts. Don’t be a fool who does not listen to advice. Let My Spirit speak to you. The choice is yours to make. The world is before you and heaven is waiting. Choose life and you will be blessed forevermore.

Received 1-30-13

All the ends of the earth will praise Him. Every voice will give praise to the Maker of all. Every tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord. The tongue of the wicked will be silent. No more lies and deceit. No more excuses and stories. We will all stand before the Judge of all the earth. We will see our sins. We will see our good deeds that God has done through us. We will see His grace covering us. We will see His face and glory.

Just as the sun rises in the morning, the glory of the Lord will rise and fill the earth. People will look upon their Savior and Judge. Some men will hide in fear. Some will shake their fist and curse. Some will be filled with immeasurable joy. All will see. The earth will never be the same. The spirits of darkness will be routed. All praise to the Holy One.

Received 1-31-13

I love you. I will always be with you. I have given you much. Give to others and bless them.

Received 2-1-13

I will bless the Lord at all times. His praise will be continually on my lips. For He has done great things and Holy is His Name.

Received 2-2-13

My ways are not your ways. Live to please Me in all that you do. Others may do many things, but you are to do what I will for you. Will you die to your self and live for My Spirit? I will be glorified in you as you live for Me. Others will notice and be drawn to you to find the life that I give. Be My ambassador of reconciliation.

Received 2-3-13

Give of yourself and you will gain life more abundantly. I will use you in wonderful ways if you are willing. Let Me use you. Let Me fill your heart with love and joy, so that others will be attracted to you.

I will be glorified among My people. I will fill them with My Spirit to give them what they need to reach the lost and hurting. Exercise and be diligent in your preparation. Let your words be full of life and light, attractive to the hearer’s soul and spirit. I will draw all men unto Myself. I am going before you to make the way for you. Look to Me and be blessed.

Received 2-4-13

Will you bear fruit for Me? Yes, and you will witness to My glory. Stay connected to Me and I will lead you and bring people into your life who are seeking Me. Let them taste the fruit of My Spirit. Let them experience My love through you.

Received 2-5-13

Grace will be given when it is needed. My grace covers you all of the time, but when you are weak, it matches the need. I do not want My children to fall. I teach them My ways and lead them on the path of My righteousness. I train them as a trainer teaches an athlete. My eye is on them to bring out the best. I want the best for you, My best. Give of yourself and I will give you riches from heaven, My Spirit.

Received 2-6-13

My grace is sufficient for you. You are weak, but I am strong. Your eyes only see what is before you, but I see into the heart and I know what is ahead. I will guide you with My hand upon you. You will ask a question and I will give you the truth.

Received 2-7-13

Blessed be the Lord God Almighty, who reigns forevermore. He is eternal. He is righteous. He is holy. His ways are wonderful, full of wisdom and life. He is the light that shines in the darkness. He rescues the downhearted, who cry out to the One who can save and deliver. His strength has no limits. His power is mighty to create the universe and to hold all things together in perfect balance.

Received 2-8-13

The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. I have come to bring Life, life that will last, life that brings hope. You were made to live in My Spirit. You were made to have fellowship with Me. You were called to see into the spiritual realm, to know the truth and to follow by faith the message of faith given to you. For by grace you have been saved through faith and not of yourself, it is the gift of God, not of works, so that no man may boast. I am all that you need. Let Me love you and show you what you must do.

Received 2-9-13

May the grace of the Lord be with you. Remember this saying. It is truth and it is life giving. Let your words be seasoned with salt and light. May they encourage and build up. Give Me praise and I will speak to the Father on your behalf. I gave My life for you, so you should give your life to serve others in My body.

Received 2-10-13

The joy of the Lord is your strength. Walk in My ways. Let your heart soar to be in My Presence. I have come to bring you life and peace and joy. My hand is upon you to lift you up when you fall, to steady you along My path, to make a way for you. Trust Me for I do this for those I love and those who love Me.

Received 2-11-13

All things are under My control. I see all that is happening and I know what will happen in the future. You cannot comprehend My knowledge. I am not overburdened. Nothing surprises Me. I rejoice when a person comes to Me in humility and need. I recall when you came to Me. I am pleased with you, for you are willing to sacrifice what might please your flesh to obey Me. Recognize that all that you have comes from Me. Love your wife as if she was a precious gift requiring much care and protection. You have hurt her at times with your words. Restore and comfort and build up. Be sensitive to her needs. Take the initiative to please her. Don’t assume that everything is well.

Received 2-12-13

The days of roses will come. The world will bloom in color imaginable. Creation will be healed and restored. My glory will shine forth. Joy will fill the hearts of men, just as a young calf bolts around in newness of life. The heavens will sing the praises of their Maker.

Received 2-13-13

I have come to lift the burdens of sin off the backs of the humble and contrite. I show mercy to those who need mercy. I bring forgiveness and healing. My grace and loving kindness will cover over the pain and hurt, as a warm blanket. My shield and banner will reign over the one who battles to be free of sin. My ear is attentive to their cry. I hear the voice of praise and thanks. It is a sweet aroma.

Received 2-14-13

Praise the Lord O my soul and forget not any of His benefits to me a sinner. For He has done great things in my life and in His body, the church. He has rescued us from darkness and given us access to His throne, covered in glorious light. From there He reigns in justice and truth, showing mercy to those He chooses. He welcomes those who call upon Him.

Received 2-15-13

He who is greater is within you. He is working to bring glory to My Name. His ways are not your ways, so He must work in spite of your efforts. Learn to seek My ways and My will. Follow Me. Use the discernment and wisdom that I give and you will be blessed. I have already blessed you and I will continue to do so as you keep your eyes on Me. Others are looking at you. I share My glory with My people so they will be encouraged.

Received 2-16-13

Live to please Me in all things. Let your lips ring out with praise. Put a song of love in your heart. Put hope before you as a target. Trust Me in all things for I am thinking of you. Banish fear and doubt. Rather let your faith soar and increase all the more as the day approaches.

Received 2-17-13

My grace is sufficient for you to withstand the pressures of this world in all of its corruption and sin. Keep your eyes focused on Me and the things above where I am. I will not share My glory with another. Be faithful to Me and I will be faithful to you. My promises are true and righteous. My Word never fails. Put your hope and satisfaction in Me.

Received 2-18-13

All things work out well for those who follow My commands and teachings. My Word is truth and it is light. I made you and I have a wonderful plan for you. Discover what pleases Me and you will find true happiness and joy. For where your heart is, there is the focus of your whole life. Seek Me and all things will be added that bring forth life. Have understanding of the times so you can tell others. Know My wisdom that comes from My Word and you can instruct others.

Received 2-19-13

My ways are not your ways. Can you wait upon Me without losing your focus? Can you appreciate what I am doing for you? I am your Creator. I am your Author. I write My glory upon your hand. I speak life into your mind and spirit. I lift you up when you are down. I let you see into the future. I bring people into your life to love you and to be loved by you. All of the world is before you, but I have given you a place where you can bloom and shine. Look to be Me as your strength.

Received 2-20-13

My ways are wonderful. There is reward in every task. There is joy and satisfaction. I bless those who love and obey Me. Are you one of those?

Received 2-21-13

Your ways O Lord are wonderful for they bring life and truth. You see into men’s hearts. You know what is in a man. You lead us to still waters. You prepare a way for us. How great is your Name. I will proclaim: My God has rescued me from darkness and has brought me into the light of life.

I will bless you and lead you. I will go before you and make a way. Keep your eyes on Me. Let your heart always follow after Me. Don’t be deceived by the things of this world for they are fading away. They have nothing to offer you. I have come to bring life.

Received 2-22-13

Walk with Me. Let Me instruct you. In all your ways let Me be your guide. Ask of Me and I will respond. You are not alone for I am with you. Rest in My presence for I am carrying your burdens.

Received 2-23-13

May the grace of the Lord be with you and with your family. Grace and mercy and kindness are from the Lord, the giver of all life. When you receive these things, it is a gift from God. For God changes hearts with His love and that love pours out to others. He who loves is like the Father, for the Father loves beyond measure in giving His own Son to die at a high price. The Father overlooks our sins, and sees the blood of His Son, the righteous and holy and pure blood. Do not take advantage of His love by continuing in sin. Rather live to please Him in all things. You are not ignorant. You know what you are doing. Wake up and pursue after God with your whole heart and mind and strength.

Received 2-24-13

My grace is sufficient for you. Lean on Me and trust in the power of My Spirit. My Words will sustain you and bring life to your spirit. I am a life giving God. My creation bears testimony to Me.

Received 2-25-13

All creation gives You praise. You are the Maker of all things and in You all is preserved in life. Nothing happens without Your notice. You are Almighty God. You hold the keys of life in Your hand. How great is Your Name. May the heavens and the earth proclaim Your glory. Who is man that you should take notice of him, yet you made him in Your likeness with a heart that seeks after You. In the right time, You sent Your Son to give life to our sinful bodies by dying the death we deserved for our sin. What a mighty God we serve. He is love.

I will be with you in all circumstances. I will never leave you. My love for you is constant and strong. I created you to be with Me. I take joy is watching over you.

Received 2-26-13

When you call upon Me I will answer. I hear your voice and the cry of your heart. My ways are not your ways, but you can count on Me, I do not change. You have learned many lessons and you will continue to learn for My Spirit is within you. Trust Me to speak through you to help your brothers.

Received 2-27-13

Great is the love of the Father for His children. He sees and cares for them. Nothing happens to them that He doesn’t know about. He is full of grace and mercy.

Received 2-28-13

Let your heart be at peace for I am with you. I give wisdom and understanding. I lift up and hold up your weak hands. In you there is weakness, but I will strengthen you and give you what you need to do My will. Place your eyes on Me and what I am doing in you and through you. You are like a beacon of light to others. Shine forth and proclaim My truth. Be a living witness to a changed life. Love with the love I have loved you.

Received 3-1-13

Live to please Me. Live in My Presence and love and grace. Let My love to flow through you to others – to those you know well and to strangers. There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death. You cannot live for yourself or you will fail. I have come to give you life. My life-giving Spirit is with you always.


Received 3-2-13

Rejoice and be glad for this is the day that the Lord has made. I triumph over all difficulties. I make the path smooth and straight. I knock down all barriers. Who can stand before Me to block Me? All things are possible for him who believes. Look at your problems from My perspective.

Received 3-3-13

I will bless you and keep you with Me. I will cause My face to shine upon you with life-giving light. I will open doors before you and give you peace. These are the blessings for My servants, for those who love Me.

Received 3-4-13

These words of life are for you and your children. You will see the day of their return and you will give Me praise. I am the God of love and I love My people and I do good things for them. Even now I am working for you to bless you. You are weak in your flesh, but I have called you and I have empowered you by My Spirit to do great things for Me and My people. Trust in Me and I will open the gates of heaven for you.

Received 3-5-13

The ways of man bring his downfall. He trusts in himself and not in His Creator and God. O for the man who seeks after Me. I will hear his cry and I will come to him. I am not far from those I created. They are My workmanship; they are My vessels made for My glory to reside. You are My vessel to comfort and encourage in My name.

Received 3-6-13

The days continue, morning and evening, sunrise and sunset, day and night. All the while My glory is displayed for all to see. Everyone is witness to what I have made. I speak to the hearts of man. From high to low, each man can know Me. All have been invited. When you pray I am stirred. When you intercede I send out My messengers. I am the God of now, as well as the future and the past. I give generously. I bless My people. I shower them with grace and mercy and love and peace.

Received 3-7-13

Blessed is the Lord Jesus Christ, who has purchased our salvation with His blood. He has made a way for us to enter into the presence of the Father. My arms are open wide for you. Welcome. I see your robe of righteousness covered with the blood of My Son. It is beautiful in My sight. If My Son died for you, you are special to Me.

Received 3-8-13

My heart is stirred when My people give Me praise. I know those who are Mine and they know Me. I listen for their voice. I watch over them as a mother watches over her little children.

Received 3-9-13

O the ways of man. If he would only turn to Me I would heal him, but he would not. Humble yourself before Me. Let Me counsel you and guide you. Then it will go well for you. Let Me teach My ways. Give and give again. Share from the wealth that I have given you. Let others experience the joy of living with blessing.

Received 3-10-13

What is a day without God like? Death, emptiness, pain, sorrow, alone, torment, darkness, terror, hunger, thirst, confusion, anxiety, condemnation, judgment, fear, unfulfilled lust, shame, hatred, lies and deception.

What is a day with God like? Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faith, hope, forgiveness, healing, abundance, fellowship, provision, blessing, gentleness, salvation, power, redemption, covering, wisdom, understanding, revelation, knowledge, life, truth, direction, calling, adoption, perseverance, victory, holiness, righteousness, rescue, deliverance and grace.

Received 3-11-13

By grace you are saved through faith. My grace covers you. My grace gives you the ability to believe. May the grace of the Lord Jesus be with you. I love you and I want the best for you, My best, not what you desire. Pray and bless others. Give and bless others. Speak and bless others. Listen and bless others.

Received 3-12-13

I will love the man who seeks after Me with all of his heart. That is what I am looking for in you. Loving Me and obeying My commands is more important than anything you could do.


Received 3-13-13

My God is mighty. He can rescue us in the storms of life. He can make a way for us. Live for Me and trust Me to do what I must do.

Received 3-14-13

I will make a way. My arm can bring help to the lowly and humble. Be at peace for you have listened and brought comfort as a friend. He will yield to Me in due time. Can you see what I see? Do you know what the future may bring? I have prepared a place for My people and it is good, very good.

Received 3-15-13

Understand and know the righteousness I demand. Are your thoughts pure? Do your eyes wander? Do your lips speak only what is good and helpful? Are you proud when you judge others? Do you honor Me in everything you do? Repent and believe My Word. Trust Me with your life. Obey the leading of My Spirit and walk in truth and love. Give of yourself and think of the needs of others more than your desires. Seek after Me and My righteousness.

Received 3-16-13

Do not be afraid. I will guide you. I will instruct you and remind you of what you should do.

Received 3-17-13

Where are My people, the ones I have called by My Name? Are they seeking Me – some are. Are they doing My work – some are. I will bless them and keep them close to Me, just as a father to his son. I will instruct them and train them to be like Me. I like variety and each person is unique in many ways. I shape them in character and personality to represent a wonder of My creation. You are weak, yet you are strong. You are bold, yet you are held back. You are quiet, yet you speak confidently. All of this pleases Me as you do My will. Flaws and weaknesses can be strengths in My hand with My power working. You know you can’t do anything without Me.

Received 3-18-13

They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up like eagles, they shall walk and not grow weary, they shall run and not grow faint. This is the heritage for those who love Me and follow after Me with a heart to obey. I love you and have good things for you that you have never dreamed about or known. Watch over those under your care. Nuture them and raise them up in knowledge and wisdom and grace. Care for them as if they were your own.

Received 3-19-13

My grace will cover you. Do not be afraid for I am with you. Speak life and not death. Listen and hear and support.

Received 3-20-13

I will make a way for you. Be patient and yet attentive to My Spirit. Do not look with natural eyes only, but trust Me when I speak. I see into a man’s heart. I am the one who makes a man and grooms a man for service in My kingdom.

Received 3-21-13

Where is your faith, is it Me or yourself? Do you see only with your natural eyes or can you see what I see? Can you look into the future, do you know what has happened in the past? I will carry the man who is hurting. I will lift up the one who has fallen down. I will rescue the person trapped in their sin. I will bless the one who seeks after Me.

Received 3-22-13

Where is the man who trusts in Me? I will take notice of Him and bless him. Where is your faith? Do you trust Me or do you just hope? I know that you love Me. I hear your praise. I see your life. Look to Me for blessings and help for they are part of My nature. They should flow out from you as well. Give what you have been given. Pass on the truth you have learned. Encourage and teach. Create an atmosphere of learning and fellowship.

Received 3-23-13

Just as the wind blows across the land, so too will I blow My Spirit across My people to warn them and to encourage them. I will bring life where there is death and dying. My hand is working even now to reach out to the lost and hurting among you. Look and see what I am doing. It is hard to reach a person who has made this life his life. He puts many things around him to shield him from emptiness and sadness. Yet those things are empty and lost. As much as My creation is beautiful and majestic, they are empty and cold without My love. I want My people to share in My glory and they will at the right time. Give and you will be blessed and your eyes will be opened even more to the great things I am doing.

Received 3-24-13

I have paid your price for freedom. Now you can enter My throne room. Now the curse is broken off you. Now you can love like I love. Walk out your freedom in truth, holiness and joy. Let Me love you and bear your burdens. Let Me heal the wounds in your heart. Let Me give you My Spirit to be with you always. I love you just as the Father loves you. We are One.

Received 3-25-13

Give of yourself this day and look to Me to be blessing and honor. I am doing a marvelous work in you. Can you not notice it? I have made you into a new man with a heart that seeks after Me. I am making you an example for others to follow, not for your pride, but for My glory. Just as I humbled Myself to become a Servant to many, so too should you do. Don’t expect to be noticed and rewarded by man, for your reward is in heaven. Pray and intercede, encourage and build up, challenge and inspire, these are the marks of My servant. You are a doer, seeking to do My will. Don’t lose sight of the needs of your family, but treat them as special.

Received 3-26-13

My grace is sufficient isn’t it? I will bless those who seek after Me. Nothing will harm them for My grace covers them. Rejoice and be glad for your name is written in My book.

My grace is sufficient enough, isn’t it? Can I cover your sins with My blood? Can you accept what I did for you on the cross? Will you honor Me and love Me enough to obey Me? I am here with you. Come to Me and lay down your burdens, stop striving and let Me help you. You are weak but I am strong. It was not a small thing for Me to die for you, but My Father sent Me to do this for you. We love you and we want you to love us and be with us.

Received 3-27-13

I love and I want to bless you. Keep walking on My path. Respond as My Spirit leads you just as you did last night. Train your heart to be sensitive to Me. Everyone around you needs Me and you can bring My life to them with your presence and with your words.

Received 3-28-13

Bless and do not hold back. Who are you to judge another man? Love and be loved by My Father. I have given you a new heart. My Spirit is resting upon you as you seek Me. My ways are not your ways, but you can learn My ways. Rest in Me and you will see doors open before you.

Received 3-29-13

You will go where no man has gone. You will see what few can see. Do not be troubled but trust Me. I will make a way for you in the desert. My heart is grieved over My people. They are lost in a hostile world. Tell them and rescue them with My truth.

Received 3-30-13

If My people seek after Me, I will search after them. My eye is always upon them. I see what they are doing and what they are not doing. Will they obey Me even in the smallest things or are their hearts so far from Me that they don’t even think of Me? This day you must choose between the things of this world that entice you and what pleases Me. Are you willing to sacrifice what pleases your flesh to do My will? Will you stand for Me when no one else is with you?

Received 3-31-13

O what a glorious day, our Savior is risen. He is alive. All authority in heaven and earth is His. Every knee shall bow before Him, every tongues shall confess that He is Lord of all. He is the beginning and the end, the Alpha and Omega. He is the firstborn from the dead. He will lead many to justice and set many free from sin and bondage.

They that wait for Me shall renew their strength. They shall mount up like eagles and fly over their enemies. They will see with clear eyes the victory of the King. They will be My planting in the garden of My delights. Their aroma will be sweet. Their blossoms will wave in the breeze of My Spirit. How great and glorious will that day be. I will come and establish My throne in their midst. Every eye shall see Me in My splendor and might. For some I will bring life and for others I will bring judgment and destruction. My people shall be with Me forever and ever.







About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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