Received 10-1-12

Give Me this day for My glory and praise. Rest in what I am doing in you and in your family. I see what you see and I see much more. My heart longs for them to come to Me, just like you also desire that for them. My arms are open wide. My voice has gone out to them. By faith and by My grace, they must see what I have done for them. They must realize what the end of their life will be without Me. Pray and intercede and I will do the rest.

Received 10-2-12

Rest and peace are for those who live in Me. All of what I have is yours. Will you give Me all of you? Just as My Son gave Himself for the church, so should you give sacrificially to those around you. Not only when it is convenient, but also when there is a need present. My ways are not your ways. Learn from Me and do what is right.

Received 10-3-12

The ways of man will fail over and over again, but he keeps trying in his own strength. When will he learn? Who can soften his heart to realize that he needs to come to Me and find life? Plant seeds of life and I will water them with My Spirit. Speak of hope. Speak of a living God who loves and wants to give good gifts to His children. Speak truth about sin and its effects. Speak about My forgiveness.

Received 10-4-12

Holy are You Lord, Maker of heaven and earth. We are nothing without You for You are the source for all life. You created us in Your image and likeness. You gave us Your Spirit so that we could know You and hear Your voice. You put a longing in our heart to be with You. You satisfy us with many good gifts. Your love and Your grace sustain us.

Be still My son and wait upon Me. You are worried about many things.

Received 10-5-12

They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. David strengthened himself in the Lord his God when his family was taken and the people were talking of stoning him. There is something wonderful about knowing a God who sees all things and who is in control of our situation. We can call upon Him and find strength to carry on.

Received 10-6-12

There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death. Come to Me and I will fill your mind with wisdom and truth that will fill the longing of your heart. You cannot know the depth of My knowledge. You cannot see what I see. I will share it with you as much as you need and can handle for you are one of My sons. I give good gifts to My people.

Received 10-7-12

My ways are not your ways. I will open a path before you to bring you to the place I want you to be. Let Me guide you by My Spirit and you will do well. In your own strength and wisdom you can do a little, but with My strength and My Spirit there is nothing that you cannot do for My glory.

Received 10-8-12

May the words of my mouth be acceptable to You O Lord My God. Who am I to be able to come before the Living God, the Creator of all things? Yet He has made a way for me through the blood of His Son.

Be at peace and rest in My Presence. I will refresh you and hold you near.

Received 10-9-12

You are doing what I have called you to do, that is, to pray and intercede for those I place in your life. There are people who know Me, whom I have called to pray for you. It was the prayers of others that brought you salvation. Believe My Word and call upon Me in faith. I want to respond to the prayers of those who love Me. Physically and mentally you will decline, but your spirit can grow and increase, energized by My Spirit.

Received 10-10-12

My ways can be seen in what I have created and done. There is order and purpose. There is beauty and variety. There are seasons and lifespans. I bring life out of nothing. There are seedtimes and harvest. I raise up one and bring down another. I rescue one, but allow another to fail. I love and I bless. I discipline and I correct. I judge in My righteousness, but I show mercy and forgiveness. I do not change, but I can be persuaded in My love. I am faithful to Myself and My Word. There is freedom in the ways of man, but there are consequences. Soon I will restore what has been lost through sin. I have redeemed man, but soon I will redeem what I have created.

Received 10-11-12

The wages of sin is death. Sin will always lead to something less than what is better. Temporary pleasure will lead to pain and disappointment later. You reap what you sow. If you sow to sin you will reap its harvest. If however, you sow to righteousness, you will reap blessings here and in the life to come. What I created for man was blessed until sin entered and brought forth the curse, and also the promise that some day the curse would be removed. Live for Me and I will see you through to the end.

Received 10-12-12

There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end, it leads to death. Left to himself, a man cannot do what is pleasing to God for his desires lead him astray. No matter what effort he makes, he will fail in the end. Even if he succeeds in the eyes of the world, he forfeits his life before his Maker. Apart from Me you can do nothing. Let My Spirit guide you and show you the way. Call upon Me for wisdom and guidance. Submit your plans and will to Me.

Received 10-13-12

My Kingdom will be built on My Name and through My Spirit and with My people. Nothing can shake it. All that I AM is made known through My Word and what I have made and what I reveal. Don’t let your heart be troubled. Trust in Me and I will be with you.

Received 10-14-12

Where are you? You are learning truth. You are giving of yourself. You are sensing the leading of My Spirit. Can you spend time in My Presence?

Received 10-15-12

There is great joy in Heaven when a sinner turns to Me. Why does a man wait so long to be saved from his sin? Does he love sin so much or is he afraid of Me? No, he really doesn’t understand how much I love him. He doesn’t know who I am. He is deceived by false teaching and by the lies of the enemy. He is prideful and doesn’t want anyone to tell him what he can or cannot do. He pretends that I cannot see and know what he is doing. He refuses to listen to his conscious until he snuffs its voice out. But My Spirit still speaks to him. My people still speak to him.

Received 10-16-12

There is a way to find truth. I place truth in every man’s heart. He can be deceived by the philosophies of this world, but the truth remains true. I am truth and those who love Me find truth that satisfies the soul. I am the way, the truth and the life. I bless and I lift up. I comfort and I rescue. I heal and I save. My ways lead to life and joy and peace for those with a humble heart.

Received 10-17-12

Peace and safety to those who follow after Me. Not peace apart from turmoil, but inner peace that comes from knowing Me. Not safety from all harm, but the assurance that I am with them in the times of trial to fill them with grace.

I am with you to watch over you to guide you into My will. Everyone whom you meet are there because you have a message, a testimony, a witness for them. Even without words what I have done in you is a testimony of My love and grace in a yielded vessel. You are not perfect. You make mistakes, you fail to obey or listen. You miss opportunities, but you still seek Me.

Received 10-18-12

Wait upon the Lord and you will be refreshed. Your mind will clear and you will see God. You will see how small your problems are, compared to the glory and majesty of God. You will learn to trust in Him. He will speak words of wisdom and life. He will honor you as you honor Him. He will be with you in all that you do.

Choose life and not the emptiness of this world. All is vanity for those who pursue only what this world has to offer. Their end will come suddenly and they will face their Maker. He will judge rightly. There will be judgment of their folly. He has made a way, but they chose their own way. He offered them salvation, but they chose bondage and pride.

Received 10-19-12

There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end, it leads to death. The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your steps. The path of the righteous leads to life and all that find it will be blessed.

I am a God of Life. Come to Me and lay your burdens down; take My yoke upon you and I will give you rest. Make a decision to follow Me, let My Spirit be your guide and teacher.

Received 10-20-12

I will be with you. Don’t be concerned about your health. You will live according to My plan for you. All things are possible for those who believe. You are trusting Me for your salvation, so too, trust Me for your life and family. Walk in My Spirit, live in My Spirit and you will be blessed by My Spirit. I give good gifts to My people. I give and I do not take back.

Received 10-21-12

The grace of God extends to all who come to Him with a contrite heart, who call upon Him for mercy: to save, and to heal and to bless. He is love and all that He does is loving toward those He created. He is good and faithful to His Word. We can confidently approach Him with our prayers.

I will hear and respond in My love, grace and mercy. Nothing I do will harm you for I love you and want what is best for you.

Received 10-22-12

All things are possible for those who believe. Faith opens the door to unlimited power, the power that raised Jesus from the dead. Greater things shall you do because I go to be with My Father and I will send My Holy Spirit to be with you. He will guide you into all truth and remind you of everything I said. If you know what I am doing, you can join with Me and see My glory revealed as we do the Kingdom work. Pray that your eyes can see what I am doing. Let My Word teach you about My will. What I have done before I will do again.

Received 10-23-12

There is a time for everything. The time is nearing for My return, yet many go about their lives just for themselves, unaware that time is short. Nations and leaders are being readied. The battle is waging for the heart of man – he is either pursuing Me or he is running away chasing after the wind and his own desires. Sin is increasing, but so is My grace. The outcome is certain. My glory will soon be made known to all. I will shut up the mouth of fools and deceivers. I will reward those I have chosen and prepared for My Kingdom. Continue doing what I have called you to do. Rescue as many as you can from darkness. Bring them into the knowledge and light of My Son. I am working while it is still day.

Received 10-24-12

My ways are not your ways. You can see Me at work all around if your see with discernment. Every problem has a solution in Me. Every trial brings testing of character to see one’s faith – to see where he is going to find strength and help. In failure there can be success and growth if a man turns to Me. Even in blessings a man is tested to see if his eyes and heart turn to his riches. Pain and suffering are not from Me, but they can force a man to look to Me for relief. All things have their purpose. A man reaps what he sows. A sinful world sows pain, suffering and injustice. Wickedness would rule if it were not for My Spirit pouring out grace and truth. Judgment is waiting to be meted out upon the sons of the wicked and rebellious.

You are seeing how easy it is for people to be deceived and to believe a lie, when they blindly follow. Their minds are blinded in their unbelief. Their pride holds them back from seeking the truth about Me. Their house of cards would collapse around them if they let the truth in. Do not put your hope and trust in princes and rulers of men. No man can do what I can do.

Received 10-25-12

May the grace of the Lord Jesus be with you. Remember this phrase? Remember when I told you to say this to those around you? You do now, but you have forgotten to do it. I don’t mind telling you truth over and over again to remind you. Meditate on My Words and let them sink into your mind and spirit. They are life and health to you.

Received 10-26-12

What did you learn? Are you concerned about your country? It is well that you should be. Be concerned about your own life to follow Me and to trust Me in faith and obedience. Nations will rise and fall. My Spirit is being poured out in response to the prayers of My people. Hearts are being softened and awakened by the hardships that will and have come. Be a voice of hope and alarm.

Received 10-27-12

The ways of man are futile without purpose. What he sees with his eyes he pursues. He isn’t aware of the unseen spiritual realm all around him. I speak and it is done. I give life and it is so. Listen for My voice and follow in obedience. My path for you is good and satisfying. I make a way.

Received 10-28-12

Are you concerned about what I have given you? Do you trust Me to accomplish My purposes for your life? Yes, you do. Let Me reveal what is in My heart. Let Me reveal what is in your heart. I am a God of life. You are My creation and joy. I am truth and life. You are dust. You are with Me and will be with Me for eternity.

Received 10-29-12

My words are life and they are health to your body and soul. Feed on them. Let them penetrate into your innermost being, into your character and heart. I have come to bring life and to bring it more abundantly. My ways are not your ways and what I do is not what you would do. Learn from Me and be changed. Let My Spirit guide you and teach you for He wants to be your Teacher. If you lack wisdom, just ask. If you lack understanding, just ask. I have placed knowledge all throughout My creation. If you look hard enough you will find it. I am a mysterious God and I hold back truth and knowledge, yet I also want to reveal who I am to those who are seeking Me. I know your heart. Men have spent their entire lives searching after My Truths and this pleases Me. You will never stop learning if you are seeking. Seeking after Me is an expression of your faith in Me. This is pleasing. Remember that Mary chose the better part to sit before Me listening to My words. There is a place for working and doing in My kingdom, but without feeding the inner man, all of that can be empty.

Received 10-30-12

Today brings forth another day of life and opportunity to bring Me glory and praise. Will you be a part of that? Will your words and deeds bring glory to My Name? Will your lips speak of Me in awe and reverence? Will you express praise for what I am doing in your life and what I have done in the past? Will your faith express what I will do in the future? Will your countenance be full of joy and peace? Will you love and be gracious to those you meet? Will your ears hear the voice of My Spirit and will you respond in obedience?

The world is looking for a man who believes in Me. They want to see a life of faith lived out before their eyes. Yes, you are not perfect and you fail at times, but they can accept that if you genuinely believe and live out what you talk about.

Received 10-31-12

Rejoice and be glad for the enemy has been defeated. His power is empty. Pray for those still in his snare. Release them in My Name. Study My Word with all diligence until you have understanding. Allow My Spirit to instruct you. Apply what you learn. Live out what you learn. Share what you learn.

Received 11-1-12

No man has all truth. What is known is revealed by God according to His desires and plan. There are evidences of truth throughout all of His creation. Truth is true no matter what a person might think or believe. Unbelief and a lack of understanding can veil truth. God is truth and all knowledge and understanding and wisdom lie within Him. Nothing is hidden from God’s eyes.

Received 11-2-12

There is a day coming when all men will come before the judgment seat and will give account for their lives. Everyone will see what I see. Everyone will come face to face before Me. I will have mercy on those I choose. I will reward those I bless. I am a just God. Those who know Me will not be ashamed. Those who have rebelled in unbelief will be dismissed to outer darkness. My Word is clear. My message has gone forth. There is no excuse for they have chosen their fate by not choosing to believe. Then all things will become new. Rejoice and be glad for I am coming.

Received 11-3-12

The ways of man are known and they are futile. But I love those I have created. My heart is stirred as they seek Me, as they cry out to Me. I will rescue and build up. I am calling out: “Come to Me”. I have made a way. I have made a path. Time is short and I am pouring out My grace all the more.

Received 11-4-12

I bring life to all who seek after Me. I give gifts to My people – gifts to build up and to bless. Some gifts are hard to receive as they may require a sacrifice of obedience for the gift to be fully realized. Gifts are made to share and give away and use for the whole body. I am the giver of all life. I hold your life in My hand. I was there when you were born and I will be there when you die. Nothing about you escapes My notice. I am pleased for My Spirit has been at work in you. My Son has cleansed you and has redeemed you with His blood. You are not your own anymore. You are Mine.

Received 11-5-12

Great is the Lord and worthy of all praise. He reigns in Majesty and Praise. His Name is Wonderful, Counselor, Almighty God, Prince of Peace and Light of Glory. He is the King of Kings and Lord of lords. Every knee shall bow before Him. He is the great and bright Morning Star, Lilly of the Valley. He is the spotless Lamb of God – sacrificed for our sins and now raised in victory over sin and death. He is our Shepherd to care for us in love and discipline. He is our Living Water that wells up inside us transforming our innermost being. He is the obedient Son of God willing to do all that the Father commanded Him to do. He said, “It is finished” on the cross. Messiah, Master, Teacher, Prophet, Servant, Son of Man, Anointed One, Holy, Righteous Branch of Jesse, Son of David, Word of Truth, Light of the World, Resurrection and Life of the world, The Way, The Truth and The Life. Begotten not made. Eternal, One with the Father and the Spirit, Great High Priest, Intercessor, Sympathetic One, Deliverer, Strong Tower, Lion of Judah, Provider, Healer, soon coming King, Author and Perfecter of our faith, I Am that I Am, Creator.

There is no limit to the titles and names and honor and praise and glory that can be placed upon Jesus. He alone is worthy of our worship, praise and adoration. He alone is to be obeyed and glorified in our lives. He reigns. His will, will be accomplished. Come Lord Jesus.

It is right that you honor Me. I rejoice in you and in all those who call upon Me. We are One and who I am, that you shall be in Me. Let Me reign in you.

Received 11-6-12

The days of the harvest are near. Look all around you and you will see those who need a Savior. A farmer doesn’t leave some of his crops unharvested. Be in My field working to bring men to faith. Be of good courage. Be full of love. Be winsome in your words and deeds. Those who work in My fields share in the harvest.

Received 11-7-12

The waves of change go slowly. Keep praying and keep your focus on Me. My will, will be done as it is in heaven. You have asked for a revival and it will come when people are desperate enough. Now they are too self-centered. Continue to proclaim the truth and rescue those who are needy. My Word is truth and life for all who seek after it.

Received 11-8-12

What is life? The moment you were conceived, life came into you. Your identity was planned from the beginning. As a child you began to learn who you were apart from your parents and friends. My Spirit shined into your life and you recognized a need to know Me. Then your spiritual eyes were opened and a new world opened up to you. A higher calling and purpose was birthed in you. A new appreciation and awareness came forth, as if a light was turned on in a dark place. You discovered that to really live, you had to die to your own desires, and you had to say yes to Me. You let Me change you. Now who you are is connected to Me. Your life is full and made complete in Me.

Received 11-9-12

Do not be dismayed as many have been oppressed before, many have turned from following what is right in My eyes. There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end, it leads to death. Your nation must die to learn how to live again. I will be with My people and My Word will go forth. Lawlessness may increase, but My grace will abound for those who are seeking. When My servant Paul wrote about the evil deeds that were taking place in Rome, do you think he was discouraged as you are? No, for He was looking at what I was doing in him and he was obeying My Word to proclaim the truth to all. People will have to learn the hard way the results of their folly. You are in the last days. The world is on a path set long ago. Nations shall come and go. People will be born and they will die. There is a time for everything.

My people are looking for the wrong savior. Repent and turn back to Me. Only I am your source for Life. Only I am your shield and defender. Only I am your satisfaction and joy. Life is not a game to play and to win. Life is living in My plan and purpose.

Give and it shall be given you. You have been given much. Now much is required. Follow My path and keep your focus on Me. You know that this world can’t satisfy as I can, so why do you stay entangled in the world? Come to a higher calling, for My reward is with Me. There is a crown of life for all who know Me intimately.

Received 11-10-12

My ways are not your ways. You can’t think about this world accurately without seeking the mind of the Spirit. Humble yourself before Me, sit at My feet and I will instruct you.

Received 11-11-12

The ways of man are hard, brought upon himself in his rebellion. I am the only solution. I am the only way. Everything else is window dressing and futile. Philosophy will deceive a man into thinking he has found the answer. Material things will temporarily soothe the flesh. Relationships may cover the aching of the heart for a relationship with his Creator for a time. Wake up you foolish one. Shake off your unbelief. Repent and come to the river of life that will satisfy your soul. I am here waiting with My arms held out to hold you.

Received 11-12-12

The days may be long, but the time is short. Your time is short. Life is short. Are you ready to stand before Me? Can I examine your life? What will you say to Me? Will you be like the rich fool who stored up his riches, but was poor in the things of God? Be at peace for your heart is with Me. Keep your eyes on Me. Keep your spirit in tune with My Spirit. Be aware of the needs of the people around you.

Received 11-13-12

Watch and see the glory of the Lord. He is mighty to save and He will come when He is not expected. His reward is with Him. The righteous will rejoice and be relieved. They will go in and find rest of their souls. The wicked are not so. Their destruction has been sealed from long ago. They refused the Savior who loves them.

Sing a song of love for those around you to hear, a love for your Savior. Turn your heart to bless Me, to think of Me. I am near listening to the cry of My beloved. I do hear your cry, but the time is not right. Suffering produces righteousness and faith. Give to Me and I will give back to you. Think of Me and I will think of you. There is much to do. Be alert and hear the voice of My Spirit. I am calling out in the darkness: Come to the Light and be healed.

Received 11-14-12

All things are yours. Receive from My hand. Ask and it shall be given you. Seek Me and live in the fullest with My Spirit with you. I have made the way, walk in it. Discover what pleases Me and you will find what satisfies your soul. Never tire in doing good, be zealous for the things of God. Lift up the weak hands that hang down. Spread love and give encouraging words.

Received 11-15-12

Watch and see Me at work. Pray for all who come to your mind as the Spirit leads you. The prayer of a righteous man avails much. Let your words be yes and amen as you agree with what is written in My Word. I do not change and My Word is true.

Received 11-16-12

The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God comes through the grace of Jesus, who is the Christ, the Anointed One. There is a way to Life and that is through the Son. I am the Gate to the sheepfold and all must enter through Me. My arms are opened wide to receive all who call upon Me. Come to Me all who are laden with sin and oppression, and I will give you rest for your souls. My ways are higher than yours. I make a way when there seems to be no way. Do not lose heart, but keep believing in Me.

Received 11-17-12

Repent and believe all that I have revealed to you. Banish thoughts of unbelief and doubt, for My Words are true and righteous and holy. Ponder who I am. I am a God of honor and order. I am faithful to My Word. Say yes and be confident. This world may change, but My Word stands forever.

Received 11-18-12

Trust Me in all things for I am working on your behalf and to bring glory to My Name. You cannot see or understand My plan for your life, but trust Me to work for what is good. You are weak and corrupted by sin and unbelief, but you have My Spirit to help you overcome your weaknesses. Be bold and not afraid for I am not finished with what I want to do in your life. Look beyond what you see on the surface. Ask Me what I am doing? I have made a body that loves Me and is dependent on Me for life. My body is alive and each part supports the whole. When one part is weak, another is stronger to help. Pray and intercede for those in My body.

Received 11-19-12

Where there is suffering and pain, there is My grace. Where there is need, there is My grace. Faith will open your eyes to see what I am doing. The world marches on to destruction. Be a light standing along the way to show people the way to life. Be a hand to help those in need. Keep your eyes and ears open.

Received 11-20-12

Do you seek wisdom? My time has not yet come. You are in the world, but I am from above. Do you seek the Kingdom of God or the things of the world? Let not your heart be troubled, but find rest in Me. I will bless what you do. I will see you through to the end for you are Mine.

Received 11-21-12

May Your Name be praised forever more. In my weakness You are strong. You lift me up when I fall. You made my spirit come alive and now I see what is true. My heart rejoices in You.

I will make a way for you. See, I have already done it. Let your spirit rise and be glad. All that you need can be found in Me. Rest in what I have done, yet be doing what I have called you to do. Bless others and give to those in need. Encourage and lift up. Give Me praise for I have chosen you and appointed you to be My witness, a testimony to the lost.

Received 11-22-12

Wait upon the Lord and see His glory. Keep your focus on Him and not on the things of this world. The man of truth will come and all will know. They may try to hide, but they will be exposed. Truth will reign and lies will be banished. No longer will sinners feel good in their sin. There will be agony of heart for the conviction of My Spirit will fall. The motives of a man’s heart will be laid bare. Only in Me will there be relief. I will comfort and forgive and heal.

Received 11-23-12

There is a time and a season for everything under heaven. Look to Me for wisdom and truth. I am your source. Be generous and I will be generous to you. Trust Me in all things for I want to bless you.

Received 11-24-12

Live for Me. Do everything to please Me and to serve those in My body. Give of yourself and I will give to you. Let your words be full of faith and hope. I will use you to do My work. Let My Spirit guide you and show you what to do and what to say. Do you have to think about what sound to make when you speak in tongues? No, and so also will the Spirit give you words to speak at the right time. My voice is going out, calling many to repentance and faith. Be ready.

Received 11-25-12

Today is the day that My glory will shine forth for all to see. My Son is full of glory and He has glorified Me by doing all that I asked of Him. I have glorified Him by giving Him a name that is higher than any name. He is the Mighty One, the Lord of Glory. Bring your glory before Him and place it at His feet. He is the deserving One, not you.

Received 11-26-12

The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord. Your ways O Lord are life and truth. Your promises are true. You honor Your Word. You raise up and bring down according to Your good purposes. We will ever praise You in the congregation of the redeemed. We will proclaim Your righteousness before all men, so that You will be lifted up for all to see. Our God is mighty to save and deliver the weak, the hurt, the broken of heart, to bring them into a broad place of blessing and provision.

Received 11-27-12

My peace I give to you. Open the door and enter into My presence. What you see and hear means nothing in comparison to the glory that I will reveal. I am Spirit and what I reveal is Spirit and it is Life. I came to bring Life. I made a way for you to come before My throne. Only those who know Me can come. I love you. I know you. Let your light shine into the darkness around you. Speak of Me and for Me. Let My Spirit guide and teach you.

Received 11-28-12

Rejoice and be glad at heart. Lift up the hands that hang down and the countenance that is low. Remember what I have done. Cling to the hope of your salvation. I will come again to rescue My people from this sinful world to take them to be with Me. Borrow from Me what you need.

Received 11-29-12

Go to the hills and wastelands. Proclaim the gospel of hope and truth. Be ever mindful of what I have done for you. Do not take lightly My blessings in your life. My ways are higher than yours. Rejoice and be glad. Give yourself to Me each day as an offering. Let not your heart be troubled, but trust in Me.

Received 11-30-12

There is a place for you in My kingdom. It is beside the still waters, by the tree of life, by the soft meadow. The fragrance is indescribable, yet very pleasing. You can see afar where My throne is. Its Light is all around you. You are surrounded by people who have been redeemed. Your joy is amplified by their joy. There is singing and dancing. Praise is on your lips.

Your prayers come before Me. I look into your heart. You want to do what I command. You may flirt with sin in your mind, but My Spirit breaks through and you wake up and resist the temptation. Stand before Me with your hands held high. We are pleased.

Received 12-1-12

This day choose whom you will serve. Every day is full of choices. The one who follows Me chooses life. Decide beforehand what you will do. Let your spirit dictate what My Spirit is saying. Only in Me is freedom to choose. Sin brings bondage and pain. Let your steps follow My path. Give of yourself and I will give to you. I have given you much already. I have paid for your soul.

Received 12-2-12

Bless the Lord O my soul and all that is within me, bless His holy Name. When you bless you give good and favor and life to another. You want only the best to happen. You proclaim what you want for the other to receive. You unlock the flow of good things. You make it possible for Me to bless as well. When you bless in My Name, then you release even more power to accomplish good. When you hold back your forgiveness, you restrict any flow of blessings to the offender and to yourself. Forgiving and praying for and blessing, open the door to My blessing and work. When you bless Me with your lips, I turn that around to bless you, like a mirror reflects back the light of the sun or as a ball bounces back when you throw it at a wall. You receive in proportion to what you give. I multiply what you give. A steady pattern of giving will bless more than a sporadic release of giving, for with the one the heart is changed, while the other there is only a sense of obligation or desire to receive back. Giving removes the strings that bind you to what you possess. Blessing in the spiritual realm is what takes place when you give in the physical world.

Received 12-3-12

There is a time under heaven to rejoice when the King comes. He will be majestic in white and royal apparel. His voice will go forth proclaiming His victory and reign. All knees will bow down before Him. All lips will proclaim that He is Lord. We will witness this triumph. A change will come. No longer will there be sorrow and pain. The curse is lifted. Creation will be blessed and fruitful. A song of love will be heard continually.

Received 12-4-12

The days of wine and roses are near. The sound of celebration is heard, singing and laughing and shouts of joy. Look ahead and not back to what has been. Look not at the present for all things will change in an instant. I make all things new. Life will spring forth. Search after Me for where I am is peace and love and joy. I rescue the downtrodden and the hearts that have been broken. I mend and heal and restore what was lost.

Received 12-5-12

There is a way to life to honor your Creator. He has given instructions in His Word. He looks for the man of faith and integrity. He reveals Himself and shines His Light. The man believes and obeys. The man fears and submits his will to the will of the Father. Every good thing is offered to him and he shares with generosity. No trouble will befall him, for the shield of the Holy One surrounds him. He looks around him and sees the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. He says in his heart, everything I have belongs to God. Even those in his care are gifts from God.

Received 12-6-12

Yes, there is power in My Name for those who believe. When you are gathered in My Name, I am there with you. At the mention of My Name, the angels rejoice and the demons tremble. Sing a song of praise to Me and your spirits will rise. A testimony encourages and builds faith. I am glorified. My Word is faithful and true. I am faithful and true.

Received 12-7-12

My ways are high above your comprehension. I can see far into the future. I can see into hearts. I know what is best and pleasing and good. Still I have given you a choice to obey, to trust, to believe. Will you choose to do what I reveal? Will you follow no matter what others may say? I will be exalted in My creation, in My people. Follow Me and I will bless you and keep you from the enemy. I have revealed My truth to you. Your heart is changed.

Received 12-8-12

My heart goes out to the needy among you. I have compassion for the downtrodden. What can we do to help them? What can show them that someone cares about them as a person? Is their need too big? No, it is just more than one person can do alone. Join with those who care, who have been helped in the past. Give of your heart. Give of your treasure.

Received 12-9-12

Watch and see Me do miraculous things before your eyes. If you pray and believe you will see. I honor those who honor Me. Give of your time to Me and I will bring blessings that you cannot see, but will be very real nevertheless. I love those who love Me. I give them love to give away to others. I protect them with a shield of faith. My ways will be their ways as I guide them into perfect harmony with justice and mercy. I judge, but I love. I do not condemn, but I rescue those from falling into the pit. I rescued you. I kept you from falling. I opened your eyes to see and you responded.

Received 12-10-12

The days of life are free for the one who loves Me. They walk about freely with no cares or wants. They have put their trust in Me. I am their Source. They seek My face. They do what I am doing. They want to be with Me. They have a song of joy in their heart and a testimony of praise on their lips. They are redeemed and they know it. When trouble comes, they laugh knowing that I am with them. They help those around them. They share what they have and give freely from their hands. They know that what they possess is fleeting, on loan from their Maker.

Received 12-11-12

There is a day where My people will come before Me to receive directly from My hand. They will be with Me forever. I will be in them as never before. Even now some are tasting the sweetness of My fellowship. They are experiencing what will be for them a new life in Me. No one can really know Me, but I reveal truth and your eyes will see more. I am the flavoring that changes the taste of food. I am the dye that colors the yarn. I am the great I AM that inspires hearts.

Received 12-12-12

The days ahead will be gloomy, but don’t be discouraged for I am with you. I will make a way in the darkness. Count it all joy when you encounter various trials for they come to prove your faith, to see if it is made of gold and precious stones. I give life and I do not take it away. My promises are yes and amen for those who call upon Me.

Received 12-13-12

The foolishness of man will be exposed. He cannot sustain the lies he has made. His house of cards will fall. The debt must be paid and he will be found wanting. Not so for the man of righteousness. He is like the tree planted by the river of life, ever producing good fruit. His joy sustains him through the dark times. His faith never wavers for his God is faithful and true.

Received 12-14-12

Rest in Me. Be at peace. Let your mind dwell on the things above and the truth you know. This world is fading away. I have come to bring new life and to rescue the lost. My ways are higher than yours. I reach into the inner man and bring hope.

Received 12-15-12

I will come when you do not expect it. Everything will be happening as normal. Sinners will be sinning. Righteous ones will be glorifying My Name. Yes, My people will be stirred by My Spirit. Will you be ready? I am looking for those who seek after Me, for those who praise Me, for those who love Me. Don’t be distracted by this world, but keep your focus on Me.

Received 12-16-12

My heart grieves as well over this tragedy. I am the God of comfort and restoration. When will you repent? With zeal you pursue every form of immorality. You are never satisfied. Pleasure is your god. You are your god. Wake up and return to the One who saves. The fool says in his heart, there is no God. I will leave him to his folly and he will reap his reward. The wages of sin is death. I will have mercy on those I will be merciful. Pray and repent. Humble yourself and return to Me.

Received 12-17-12

You will see an attractive way, but beware for the enemy can deceive even those who know Me. Fools rush in and believe the lie. Seek My face and live. Continue on the path I have set before you. Walk in righteousness and integrity of heart. People are watching you. Let your words bring life and health and encouragement. My way is better for it satisfies the soul. Pray and intercede for the lost and hurting that I would have mercy on them. They are ignorant and foolish. They have been deceived. If I care about the sparrow, I must care about those made in My image. I give them over to their foolishness, but only that they would repent and return to Me.

Received 12-18-12

My ways are not your ways. Trust Me to do what you cannot do. Be a listener and a friend. Are you lonely? So are others. But I am here and I will bring comfort. I can arrange what happens so that you are not afraid. I can challenge you to do what is not comfortable and safe. I can show what is in your heart that is what you can share.

Received 12-19-12

Life is complicated for the sinner. His mind is confused about many things. He seeks after stimulation and pleasure. He is trying to fill the emptiness in his heart, but only one thing can do that. Be a beacon of light to give direction to the wayward. Let the man of sin come to the Light to find rest for his soul. Let Me expose his sin and folly with the Light. My arms are open wide. My bag of blessings will never run dry. My Spirit hovers over the lost bringing conviction and hope of something better. The wise hear and respond. You were once lost and without hope. I touched you and you said yes to Me.

Received 12-21-12

Wait and see Me do marvelous things in your midst. I can see into the future and it is well pleasing to My eyes. I build and tear down according to My plan. I explore into the depths of your heart. I shine My light to expose any darkness. Listen to My Spirit and He will guide you. Open your mouth and He will fill it.

Received 12-22-12

Give of your self to Me and to others. Let what I have given you flow out to those around you. Speak and listen. Let My words in you bring forth life. Trust Me above all things. I am the voice calling out in the wilderness, on the street corner, in the alleyway, in the recesses of your heart. I call with love. I sing and make melody in your heart. I put a song on your lips. I refresh and restore. My ways are wonderful and all who follow Me are satisfied with many gifts.

Received 12-24-12

Rejoice and be glad for the King has come. His victory is sure. His people rejoice and sing their praises. Halleluiah. I have come to bring life, springing up, joyous, plentiful. My peace I give and rest for the weary. Lay your burdens down before Me and I will sweep them away. Trust Me even when nothing seems to be happening. I am at work in ways you cannot see.

Received 12-25-12

My grace is sufficient for you. My ways are above your ways. Give life and life will come to you. I will refill the outflow from your heart. Be gracious and kind and let your words be filled with love. You will win over even the hardest heart.

Received 12-26-12

Great is the Lord and worthy of all praise. He is the deliverer. He is the mighty One. All praise belongs to the King of kings and Lord of lords. May His Name be lifted up. Gracious God, Healer, Friend, Mighty One of Israel. Bring forth the banners. March in procession before the throne. Dance in jubilation. Sound the cymbals and drums. Let the whole earth break forth in praise. Freedom is coming. The curse of sin is broken.

I will bring life. I will restore what sin has destroyed. You will be amazed as the burden is lifted.

Received 12-27-12

Great is the Lord in His Majesty and Glory. The kingdoms of this world have faded away and the King reigns in power and splendor. He will reveal Himself to all men to bring His righteous judgment. His ways will be made known and the truth He brings will stand forever. All mouths will be shut and no one will have any excuses. The lies of the enemy will be silenced. His glory will fall and all flesh will be transformed.

Received 12-28-12

Grace and peace to you through Christ Jesus our Lord. He rescues the downtrodden and lonely. He binds up the wounds of the hurt. He brings life where there is death. Watch and see with your eyes the glory of the Lord revealed. My ways are wonderful. I am a jealous God. I will not share My glory with another. I will arise and defend My people. I will bring low My enemies. Pray and intercede. Set the captives free from the bondage of sin and foolish thoughts. I am watching over you. Do not be concerned.

Received 12-29-12

Great is the Lord of Hosts. I am great and I reign forevermore. My people reign with Me in justice and righteousness. Healing and deliverance is before Me and I bring peace to hearts that are troubled. There is a calm before the storm, a receding of the water. It is still day, so do your work. Let Me see you at work doing My business. My reward is with Me. Let your heart be softened by the cruelty and injustice you see. Do not despair, but cry out to Me and I will bring justice.

Received 12-30-12

Grace and majesty are fitting for the King. Let Him be surrounded by those He redeemed, offering their crowns and praises and worship. The sky will shine with the glory of the Lord. The world will give up their dead. A breeze of fresh air will blow across the earth as the Spirit moves once again, renewing the face of the earth. Halleluiah will be the cry heard. Every creature will look upon their Maker. From the least to the greatest every knee will bow before the Mighty One, the Righteous Branch of David. All praise and adoration and glory be to the King.

I will be exalted among My people. I have brought life where there was death and destruction. I have given you life. What will you do this year to bring life to those you love? Will you remain silent or will you speak?

Let the words of my heart and the meditation of my mind be pleasing to you my Savior. Use me as your heart desires.

Received 12-31-12

Great is the Lord. Forever He is to be praised. The angels gather around the throne ever worshipping Him. The kings of the earth will bow down before Him. No one can speak to justify his life for all have fallen short of God’s glory. In His mercy and loving-kindness He pardons, He forgives, He restores.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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