Received 12-15-12

I will come when you do not expect it. Everything will be happening as normal. Sinners will be sinning. Righteous ones will be glorifying My Name. Yes, My people will be stirred by My Spirit. Will you be ready? I am looking for those who seek after Me, for those who praise Me, for those who love Me. Don’t be distracted by this world, but keep your focus on Me.

Received 12-16-12

My heart grieves as well over this tragedy. I am the God of comfort and restoration. When will you repent? With zeal you pursue every form of immorality. You are never satisfied. Pleasure is your god. You are your god. Wake up and return to the One who saves. The fool says in his heart, there is no God. I will leave him to his folly and he will reap his reward. The wages of sin is death. I will have mercy on those I will be merciful. Pray and repent. Humble yourself and return to Me.

Received 12-17-12

You will see an attractive way, but beware for the enemy can deceive even those who know Me. Fools rush in and believe the lie. Seek My face and live. Continue on the path I have set before you. Walk in righteousness and integrity of heart. People are watching you. Let your words bring life and health and encouragement. My way is better for it satisfies the soul. Pray and intercede for the lost and hurting that I would have mercy on them. They are ignorant and foolish. They have been deceived. If I care about the sparrow, I must care about those made in My image. I give them over to their foolishness, but only that they would repent and return to Me.

Received 12-18-12

My ways are not your ways. Trust Me to do what you cannot do. Be a listener and a friend. Are you lonely? So are others. But I am here and I will bring comfort. I can arrange what happens so that you are not afraid. I can challenge you to do what is not comfortable and safe. I can show what is in your heart that is what you can share.

Received 12-19-12

Life is complicated for the sinner. His mind is confused about many things. He seeks after stimulation and pleasure. He is trying to fill the emptiness in his heart, but only one thing can do that. Be a beacon of light to give direction to the wayward. Let the man of sin come to the Light to find rest for his soul. Let Me expose his sin and folly with the Light. My arms are open wide. My bag of blessings will never run dry. My Spirit hovers over the lost bringing conviction and hope of something better. The wise hear and respond. You were once lost and without hope. I touched you and you said yes to Me.

Received 12-21-12

Wait and see Me do marvelous things in your midst. I can see into the future and it is well pleasing to My eyes. I build and tear down according to My plan. I explore into the depths of your heart. I shine My light to expose any darkness. Listen to My Spirit and He will guide you. Open your mouth and He will fill it.

Received 12-22-12

Be patience and kind. The fruit of your labor of love will be great. My kingdom will go on forever. My grace is sufficient and My love overcomes every sin and failure. I am a God of love. I rescue and build up. My hope is reality. I have a plan for every person. I have a plan for you. Seek Me and walk on My path. Seeking Me is the key. Die to yourself and live to please Me.

Received 12-22-12

Give of your self to Me and to others. Let what I have given you flow out to those around you. Speak and listen. Let My words in you bring forth life. Trust Me above all things. I am the voice calling out in the wilderness, on the street corner, in the alleyway, in the recesses of your heart. I call with love. I sing and make melody in your heart. I put a song on your lips. I refresh and restore. My ways are wonderful and all who follow Me are satisfied with many gifts.

Received 12-24-12

Rejoice and be glad for the King has come. His victory is sure. His people rejoice and sing their praises. Halleluiah. I have come to bring life, springing up, joyous, plentiful. My peace I give and rest for the weary. Lay your burdens down before Me and I will sweep them away. Trust Me even when nothing seems to be happening. I am at work in ways you cannot see.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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