Received 12-6-12

Yes, there is power in My Name for those who believe. When you are gathered in My Name, I am there with you. At the mention of My Name, the angels rejoice and the demons tremble. Sing a song of praise to Me and your spirits will rise. A testimony encourages and builds faith. I am glorified. My Word is faithful and true. I am faithful and true.

Received 12-7-12

My ways are high above your comprehension. I can see far into the future. I can see into hearts. I know what is best and pleasing and good. Still I have given you a choice to obey, to trust, to believe. Will you choose to do what I reveal? Will you follow no matter what others may say? I will be exalted in My creation, in My people. Follow Me and I will bless you and keep you from the enemy. I have revealed My truth to you. Your heart is changed.

Received 12-8-12

My heart goes out to the needy among you. I have compassion for the downtrodden. What can we do to help them? What can show them that someone cares about them as a person? Is their need too big? No, it is just more than one person can do alone. Join with those who care, who have been helped in the past. Give of your heart. Give of your treasure.

Received 12-9-12

Watch and see Me do miraculous things before your eyes. If you pray and believe you will see. I honor those who honor Me. Give of your time to Me and I will bring blessings that you cannot see, but will be very real nevertheless. I love those who love Me. I give them love to give away to others. I protect them with a shield of faith. My ways will be their ways as I guide them into perfect harmony with justice and mercy. I judge, but I love. I do not condemn, but I rescue those from falling into the pit. I rescued you. I kept you from falling. I opened your eyes to see and you responded.

Received 12-10-12

The days of life are free for the one who loves Me. They walk about freely with no cares or wants. They have put their trust in Me. I am their Source. They seek My face. They do what I am doing. They want to be with Me. They have a song of joy in their heart and a testimony of praise on their lips. They are redeemed and they know it. When trouble comes, they laugh knowing that I am with them. They help those around them. They share what they have and give freely from their hands. They know that what they possess is fleeting, on loan from their Maker.

Received 12-11-12

There is a day where My people will come before Me to receive directly from My hand. They will be with Me forever. I will be in them as never before. Even now some are tasting the sweetness of My fellowship. They are experiencing what will be for them a new life in Me. No one can really know Me, but I reveal truth and your eyes will see more. I am the flavoring that changes the taste of food. I am the dye that colors the yarn. I am the great I AM that inspires hearts.

Received 12-12-12

The days ahead will be gloomy, but don’t be discouraged for I am with you. I will make a way in the darkness. Count it all joy when you encounter various trials for they come to prove your faith, to see if it is made of gold and precious stones. I give life and I do not take it away. My promises are yes and amen for those who call upon Me.

Received 12-13-12

The foolishness of man will be exposed. He cannot sustain the lies he has made. His house of cards will fall. The debt must be paid and he will be found wanting. Not so for the man of righteousness. He is like the tree planted by the river of life, ever producing good fruit. His joy sustains him through the dark times. His faith never wavers for his God is faithful and true.

Received 12-14-12

Rest in Me. Be at peace. Let your mind dwell on the things above and the truth you know. This world is fading away. I have come to bring new life and to rescue the lost. My ways are higher than yours. I reach into the inner man and bring hope.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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