Received 11-29-12

Go to the hills and wastelands. Proclaim the gospel of hope and truth. Be ever mindful of what I have done for you. Do not take lightly My blessings in your life. My ways are higher than yours. Rejoice and be glad. Give yourself to Me each day as an offering. Let not your heart be troubled, but trust in Me.

Received 11-30-12

There is a place for you in My kingdom. It is beside the still waters, by the tree of life, by the soft meadow. The fragrance is indescribable, yet very pleasing. You can see afar where My throne is. Its Light is all around you. You are surrounded by people who have been redeemed. Your joy is amplified by their joy. There is singing and dancing. Praise is on your lips.

Your prayers come before Me. I look into your heart. You want to do what I command. You may flirt with sin in your mind, but My Spirit breaks through and you wake up and resist the temptation. Stand before Me with your hands held high. We are pleased.

Received 12-1-12

This day choose whom you will serve. Every day is full of choices. The one who follows Me chooses life. Decide beforehand what you will do. Let your spirit dictate what My Spirit is saying. Only in Me is freedom to choose. Sin brings bondage and pain. Let your steps follow My path. Give of yourself and I will give to you. I have given you much already. I have paid for your soul.

Received 12-2-12

Bless the Lord O my soul and all that is within me, bless His holy Name. When you bless you give good and favor and life to another. You want only the best to happen. You proclaim what you want for the other to receive. You unlock the flow of good things. You make it possible for Me to bless as well. When you bless in My Name, then you release even more power to accomplish good. When you hold back your forgiveness, you restrict any flow of blessings to the offender and to yourself. Forgiving and praying for and blessing, open the door to My blessing and work. When you bless Me with your lips, I turn that around to bless you, like a mirror reflects back the light of the sun or as a ball bounces back when you throw it at a wall. You receive in proportion to what you give. I multiply what you give. A steady pattern of giving will bless more than a sporadic release of giving, for with the one the heart is changed, while the other there is only a sense of obligation or desire to receive back. Giving removes the strings that bind you to what you possess. Blessing in the spiritual realm is what takes place when you give in the physical world.

Received 12-3-12

There is a time under heaven to rejoice when the King comes. He will be majestic in white and royal apparel. His voice will go forth proclaiming His victory and reign. All knees will bow down before Him. All lips will proclaim that He is Lord. We will witness this triumph. A change will come. No longer will there be sorrow and pain. The curse is lifted. Creation will be blessed and fruitful. A song of love will be heard continually.

Received 12-4-12

The days of wine and roses are near. The sound of celebration is heard, singing and laughing and shouts of joy. Look ahead and not back to what has been. Look not at the present for all things will change in an instant. I make all things new. Life will spring forth. Search after Me for where I am is peace and love and joy. I rescue the downtrodden and the hearts that have been broken. I mend and heal and restore what was lost.

Received 12-5-12

There is a way to life to honor your Creator. He has given instructions in His Word. He looks for the man of faith and integrity. He reveals Himself and shines His Light. The man believes and obeys. The man fears and submits his will to the will of the Father. Every good thing is offered to him and he shares with generosity. No trouble will befall him, for the shield of the Holy One surrounds him. He looks around him and sees the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. He says in his heart, everything I have belongs to God. Even those in his care are gifts from God.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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