Received 10-28-12

Are you concerned about what I have given you? Do you trust Me to accomplish My purposes for your life? Yes, you do. Let Me reveal what is in My heart. Let Me reveal what is in your heart. I am a God of life. You are My creation and joy. I am truth and life. You are dust. You are with Me and will be with Me for eternity.

Received 10-29-12

My words are life and they are health to your body and soul. Feed on them. Let them penetrate into your innermost being, into your character and heart. I have come to bring life and to bring it more abundantly. My ways are not your ways and what I do is not what you would do. Learn from Me and be changed. Let My Spirit guide you and teach you for He wants to be your Teacher. If you lack wisdom, just ask. If you lack understanding, just ask. I have placed knowledge all throughout My creation. If you look hard enough you will find it. I am a mysterious God and I hold back truth and knowledge, yet I also want to reveal who I am to those who are seeking Me. I know your heart. Men have spent their entire lives searching after My Truths and this pleases Me. You will never stop learning if you are seeking. Seeking after Me is an expression of your faith in Me. This is pleasing. Remember that Mary chose the better part to sit before Me listening to My words. There is a place for working and doing in My kingdom, but without feeding the inner man, all of that can be empty.

Received 10-30-12

Today brings forth another day of life and opportunity to bring Me glory and praise. Will you be a part of that? Will your words and deeds bring glory to My Name? Will your lips speak of Me in awe and reverence? Will you express praise for what I am doing in your life and what I have done in the past? Will your faith express what I will do in the future? Will your countenance be full of joy and peace? Will you love and be gracious to those you meet? Will your ears hear the voice of My Spirit and will you respond in obedience?

The world is looking for a man who believes in Me. They want to see a life of faith lived out before their eyes. Yes, you are not perfect and you fail at times, but they can accept that if you genuinely believe and live out what you talk about.

Received 10-31-12

Rejoice and be glad for the enemy has been defeated. His power is empty. Pray for those still in his snare. Release them in My Name. Study My Word with all diligence until you have understanding. Allow My Spirit to instruct you. Apply what you learn. Live out what you learn. Share what you learn.

Received 11-1-12

No man has all truth. What is known is revealed by God according to His desires and plan. There are evidences of truth throughout all of His creation. Truth is true no matter what a person might think or believe. Unbelief and a lack of understanding can veil truth. God is truth and all knowledge and understanding and wisdom lie within Him. Nothing is hidden from God’s eyes.

Received 11-2-12

There is a day coming when all men will come before the judgment seat and will give account for their lives. Everyone will see what I see. Everyone will come face to face before Me. I will have mercy on those I choose. I will reward those I bless. I am a just God. Those who know Me will not be ashamed. Those who have rebelled in unbelief will be dismissed to outer darkness. My Word is clear. My message has gone forth. There is no excuse for they have chosen their fate by not choosing to believe. Then all things will become new. Rejoice and be glad for I am coming.

Received 11-3-12

The ways of man are known and they are futile. But I love those I have created. My heart is stirred as they seek Me, as they cry out to Me. I will rescue and build up. I am calling out: “Come to Me”. I have made a way. I have made a path. Time is short and I am pouring out My grace all the more.

Received 11-4-12

I bring life to all who seek after Me. I give gifts to My people – gifts to build up and to bless. Some gifts are hard to receive as they may require a sacrifice of obedience for the gift to be fully realized. Gifts are made to share and give away and use for the whole body. I am the giver of all life. I hold your life in My hand. I was there when you were born and I will be there when you die. Nothing about you escapes My notice. I am pleased for My Spirit has been at work in you. My Son has cleansed you and has redeemed you with His blood. You are not your own anymore. You are Mine.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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