Received 10-1-12

Give Me this day for My glory and praise. Rest in what I am doing in you and in your family. I see what you see and I see much more. My heart longs for them to come to Me, just like you also desire that for them. My arms are open wide. My voice has gone out to them. By faith and by My grace, they must see what I have done for them. They must realize what the end of their life will be without Me. Pray and intercede and I will do the rest.

Received 10-2-12

Rest and peace are for those who live in Me. All of what I have is yours. Will you give Me all of you? Just as My Son gave Himself for the church, so should you give sacrificially to those around you. Not only when it is convenient, but also when there is a need present. My ways are not your ways. Learn from Me and do what is right.

Received 10-3-12

The ways of man will fail over and over again, but he keeps trying in his own strength. When will he learn? Who can soften his heart to realize that he needs to come to Me and find life? Plant seeds of life and I will water them with My Spirit. Speak of hope. Speak of a living God who loves and wants to give good gifts to His children. Speak truth about sin and its effects. Speak about My forgiveness.

Received 10-4-12

Holy are You Lord, Maker of heaven and earth. We are nothing without You for You are the source for all life. You created us in Your image and likeness. You gave us Your Spirit so that we could know You and hear Your voice. You put a longing in our heart to be with You. You satisfy us with many good gifts. Your love and Your grace sustain us.

Be still My son and wait upon Me. You are worried about many things.

Received 10-5-12

They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. David strengthened himself in the Lord his God when his family was taken and the people were talking of stoning him. There is something wonderful about knowing a God who sees all things and who is in control of our situation. We can call upon Him and find strength to carry on.

Received 10-6-12

There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death. Come to Me and I will fill your mind with wisdom and truth that will fill the longing of your heart. You cannot know the depth of My knowledge. You cannot see what I see. I will share it with you as much as you need and can handle for you are one of My sons. I give good gifts to My people.

Received 10-7-12

My ways are not your ways. I will open a path before you to bring you to the place I want you to be. Let Me guide you by My Spirit and you will do well. In your own strength and wisdom you can do a little, but with My strength and My Spirit there is nothing that you cannot do for My glory.

Received 10-8-12

May the words of my mouth be acceptable to You O Lord My God. Who am I to be able to come before the Living God, the Creator of all things? Yet He has made a way for me through the blood of His Son.

Be at peace and rest in My Presence. I will refresh you and hold you near.

Received 10-9-12

You are doing what I have called you to do, that is, to pray and intercede for those I place in your life. There are people who know Me, whom I have called to pray for you. It was the prayers of others that brought you salvation. Believe My Word and call upon Me in faith. I want to respond to the prayers of those who love Me. Physically and mentally you will decline, but your spirit can grow and increase, energized by My Spirit.

Received 10-10-12

My ways can be seen in what I have created and done. There is order and purpose. There is beauty and variety. There are seasons and lifespans. I bring life out of nothing. There are seedtimes and harvest. I raise up one and bring down another. I rescue one, but allow another to fail. I love and I bless. I discipline and I correct. I judge in My righteousness, but I show mercy and forgiveness. I do not change, but I can be persuaded in My love. I am faithful to Myself and My Word. There is freedom in the ways of man, but there are consequences. Soon I will restore what has been lost through sin. I have redeemed man, but soon I will redeem what I have created.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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