Received 9-1-12

A time of refreshing will come for My people as they put their trust alone in Me. How much greater to give yourself to Me, than to serve the gods of this world or to live to please your flesh. My ways are pleasing to the soul and spirit. I offer joy and peace. There is contentment in giving yourself in doing My will. You were created to walk in fellowship with Me. Choose the life I offer and you will spend eternity with Me. When you fall I will pick you up and set you back on My path. You will not be alone. Give Me praise for I will do this for you in spite of your weaknesses.

Received 9-2-12

I cannot stop loving you in spite of your failings. My love endures forever. It pleases Me when you do try to listen and obey. The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. This truth applies to every decision, every thought and every act. You can choose to follow Me and receive Me or you can give in to your desires and the influence of this world and be outside of My blessings and will.

Received 9-3-12

Go and be fruitful, fill the earth with the glory of God. Let all men everywhere give praise to their Maker. Let the earth rejoice for the King is coming in great glory and power. The end has come, the new age is beginning. Justice and truth will reign once again. The lies of the enemy will be silenced. Praise His Holy Name forever and ever. Amen.

Received 9-4-12

These are the words of truth: I love you and I gave Myself for you so that you would be with Me. I have called you to be with Me. I want you to know Me. My ways are not your ways, but I will show you My ways so that you can do what is right and pleasing in My sight. You must die to your fleshly desires that resist what My Spirit is saying to you. You will bear fruit and are bearing fruit as you stay with Me. Learn to love as I have loved you. Give of yourself sacrificially and with love.

Received 9-5-12

The end is near, nearer than many think. Fools continue to mock as if they will not be judged for their words and deeds. Nations boast of their powers and achievements, but they must answer to the King of kings. Young and old have gone astray. Who will warn them? The wages of sin is death and many will reap their wages and pain. What can I do to reach them? I have loved them. I have displayed My glory in the heavens. My creation speaks of My power and wisdom. Yet they turn to the follies of men in their thinking. They deny the truth and believe the lie. They will see the sign of the Son of Man in the sky and then they will be ashamed. They will try to hide. They will run to and fro.

Received 9-6-12

I am awe and I am wonder. I have made all that you see. I am still working to amaze those who are seeking Me. Someday you will see even more than your senses can now fathom or your mind comprehend. If I can do all this, can I not help you with your weakness and failings? Can you trust Me?

Received 9-7-12

Those who live in Me live by faith in the One I sent. What their eyes can’t see, their heart and spirit can experience and know by grace through faith. I have revealed Myself through My Son. My Spirit testifies to man who I am. I pour out My grace and man believes in faith. Faith is not a warm feeling, but a fact energized by My grace. A person may not know and understand everything when he puts his trust in Me by faith, but I will reveal Myself to that man. I will not fail the man who believes in Me. He knows that he can’t save himself.  He learns of My Son and believes in what My Son did for him on the cross.

Received 9-8-12

You cannot be god. It is not your place to judge another. When you see a wrong, you should pray and ask Me to intervene. You don’t know the heart as I do. You don’t know what I am doing. Where is your love and compassion and mercy? All would be destroyed if you were god. I have not treated you in this way, nor is this the way of My Spirit.

Received 9-9-12

For by grace you have been saved through faith. It is My work in you, to draw you to Myself, to extend My grace to enable you to believe in Me by faith. It is My Spirit that leads you in truth and in power. Do not rely on yourself for it is weak, but trust wholly in My Spirit and you will live to please Me.

Received 9-10-12

My grace is sufficient for you. I speak to My people and some will listen while others are too preoccupied to notice. Still I love My people and I will work to accomplish My glory in them as My Spirit touches them. It doesn’t matter what is going on in the world for it is what I am doing in people that counts. I am reaching out to many and they are responding to My wonderful offer of grace and forgiveness. I am preparing a place for them to be with Me for all of eternity.

Let Me love you and give you what you need. Let My Spirit teach you to walk in My ways. Give your heart over to Me so that I can mold you into My image. I am pleased.

Received 9-11-12

Taste and see that the Lord He is good. His words are true and faithful. He honors His Word. His promises are yes and amen. His commands are just and righteous for He is righteous. He knows all things including everything about us, for we were made at His direction. His plans for us are good. Out of His love and compassion, He rescues us from our sin and foolishness. He draws us to Himself with His mercy and kindness. He forgives all of our sins and faults.

Received 9-12-12

My joy is in you and around you. Rejoice and be glad for I am coming soon. No more pain and suffering. No more lies and deceit. I will make all things new, including you. Guard over your heart. See that it follows Me with full obedience and desire. Let My grace do what you cannot do and My Spirit empower you. You are Mine.

Received 9-13-12

This is the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it. All things are new. Rejoice and be glad. Let your mind dwell on good things and who is good. I am touching My people as never before and they are responding in faith. My ways are not the ways of this world. Put your faith in Me. I will see you through to the  day of Christ Jesus.

Received 9-14-12

Rejoice for this is the day I have made. Each day is a gift from My hand. For those who will embrace Me, it will become a fountain of joy and life. What is in your heart will come out to either lift you or bring you down. If your mind is set on the work of My Spirit, you will do well. The world is full of troubles and pain. If you focus on them without doing anything to help, you will be fearful and depressed. I am aware of what is happening. I will guide you if you let Me. If you want to help the poor and needy, be open to those I bring before you for you to help. He who is faithful in little will be given much.

Received 9-15-12

This is the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in our God. There is much to do for the Kingdom. My arms are outstretched: Come to Me and be healed, come to Me and be filled, come to Me and be refreshed. I am working in your life for your good and for My glory. My plans for you are yes and amen.

Be a voice for My people to hear. Be bold in Me. I have spoken to you.

Received 9-16-12

Wait and see the glory of God. Your eyes will see it. It will amaze you and humble you. Nothing you can imagine is like it. My thoughts are not your thoughts. You only think in a limited way. Someday your eyes will be opened to all that I have made.

Received 9-17-12

May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you. What is grace but favor and love combined? This is My gift to you and to all who call upon Me.

Received 9-18-12

Bring life and hope. Bring truth and love. Give of yourself. Give what I have given you. Let others see what I have placed in you – the treasure of life transformed by My Spirit.

Received 9-19-12

My peace I give you. Let not your heart be troubled for I am with you. I am guiding you and will make a way for you. Rescue the downtrodden. Lift up the hands that are weak. Be a friend to the friendless. If you do these things and more you will be blessed. Pray and intercede for the lost around you. Open their eyes to the truth. Many are blind in their stupor. They don’t know the way to life.

Received 9-20-12

Rejoice and be glad for I am with you. I have not left you though at times you weren’t able to recognize that I was still there. At times your spirit became dull as you pursued worldly things. Now that you have been seeking Me, you can know that I am here. My grace is covering you and you can tell how I am helping you. You have only a little power in yourself. You must rely on the power of My Spirit and the revelation of truth that I bring to My people. Train yourself to call upon Me always for every situation and need. I don’t mind. I want to help you. I want to be your Source. I want to be your Wisdom. I want to be your Strength.

Received 9-21-12

All things are Yours Almighty God. There is nothing hidden from You. You know me: my thoughts, my deeds and my desires. May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in Your sight. Develop in me a heart that seeks after You.

I will bless you and keep you for that day. You will see Me and you will shine like the sun. This is the heritage for all of those who love Me.

Received 9-22-12

Peace be with you. My peace I give you. Let not your heart be troubled. Rest in Me. I have come to bring life and to bring it more abundantly for those who believe in Me. My ways are not your ways, but you will be able to recognize My blessings. I am not far off, but very near. The world is full of trouble and pain and suffering. Be wise and see Me at work. I raise up one and bring low another. I speak and people hear and see. Evil is prepared for the day of judgment. I will bring My glory and there will be justice and peace.

Received 9-23-12

Today was a day of victory over the enemy. People were set free of their chains. Lives were touched. You were able to bless others with My words of grace and love. You were blessed by others and what they had spoken. This is My body working together as My Spirit leads.

Received 9-24-12

My grace I give you. Receive it as a treasure for that is what it is. It is My gift to the church to cover them and make a way for their faith to grow. This world has many snares and without My grace those in the world would be lost beyond rescue and hope. I want those I created in My image to be with Me. I want to restore what the enemy has taken. I want to heal and build up.

Received 9-25-12

Your ways are wonderful Lord. You fill the world with splendor and majesty. Your truths and promises never fail. How great is Your Name. All things are possible with God.

Received 9-26-12

The wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life paid for by the blood atonement sacrifice of the spotless Lamb of God, Jesus Christ. He ransomed your soul from the snares of death and restored you to fellowship with the holy God. He extended His grace to enable your faith to believe in Him. He loved you so that you could love Him. He willingly gave of Himself so that you could give your life to Him. He died so that you also could put to death your old sinful life and find new life in His resurrection and in the power of His Holy Spirit. He was tempted in all things so that He could help you gain victory over your temptations and weaknesses. He obeyed His Father making a way for you to obey Him. He suffered in His flesh so that you could be free of your suffering and disease. He showed you the way to the Father, because the Father lived in Him. Put your faith and trust in My Son and He will give you Life.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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