Received 8-1-12

The Lord is my Shepherd whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life of whom shall I be afraid? I am with you. When everything around you fails, I will still be with you.

Received 8-2-12

Yes, My grace is enough for you, but you must learn to release your burden to Me and to receive the help I give. Couple My grace with your praise and a joyful heart and then nothing can bring you down.

Received 8-4-12

Wait upon Me. Seek Me for your strength. Confess your sins and be healed.

Received 8-5-12

May the grace of the Lord be with you. You do not and cannot realize all that I have done for you and am doing for you now. You are My workmanship, a creation that brings Me pleasure and who serves for My purpose. This is true for all of My people. You did not choose Me, but I chose you. Hold on to the treasure within you with reverence. You are a temple where My Spirit dwells.

Received 8-6-12

Be at peace. Serve where you can. Pray and encourage. Build up and restore. Yes, you fall short, but My grace is sufficient. I will accomplish in you and through you what you cannot do. Speak life and hope.

Received 8-7-12

All things are possible for them that believe God. My Word brings life. Rest and peace are promised the weary and downtrodden. Who I am is what I offer to My people. Be a blessing just as I am blessing you. Speak life and truth.

Received 8-8-12

I am with you as before and as always. I am working in you for My good pleasure and purpose. Are you content to spend your life for Me? Good, for it is how it should be. My grace will sustain you in all things. My Spirit will bring you joy and peace. Do not fear, but have hope. My ways are not your ways. I see the end and it is very good.

Received 8-9-12

I will speak. Will you listen? Will you obey if I ask you to do something? My words are precious gifts of life to those who hear and respond.

Received 8-10-12

I will do great things among you. I will be honored and glorified in your presence. There is nothing I cannot do. All things are Mine. All things have their being because of Me.

Can you sing a song of love for Me? Will your heart rejoice when you think of Me? This is My gift to you. I am love and joy. Your cares are with Me. Your fears are with Me. Your future is with Me.

Received 8-11-12

There is a place of rest for My people. It is found in faith and trust in Me. The cares of this world will vanish in My presence. Can you pray and give Me your cares? I do not promise a carefree life, but rather a victorious life in Me. The victory has been won. I have paid the price.

Received 8-14-12

There is a voice in the wilderness crying out: “Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. Prepare your hearts to receive the King of kings. Turn away from your sin and folly. Call upon the Lord and be saved. For all who call will receive the gift of salvation and healing.”

Only a few will respond to this call. Only a few will have ears to hear and hearts to respond. But My offer still stands and My plea is made before men of all nations and tribes.  Will you bring this message?

Received 8-15-12

This is a day of rejoicing for the King is in His throne room. He is arrayed in splendor and glory. In His hand are the keys of life, which He gives to all who call upon Him. He opens the doors and the people He chooses enter in to His presence. He speaks life and truth and the people are refreshed. There is an air of expectation of what He will soon do. The angels around Him are excited waiting for His command. The Father sits admiring His Son. All creation waits for what has been planned from all eternity.

Received 8-16-12

My Spirit is at work in you to bring Me glory. He is changing your heart. He is opening your mind and spirit to the truths of God and this world He created. Listen to My Spirit for He contains the words of Life and Truth. He takes from Me and gives to My people. He is gentle but forceful to accomplish My will.

Received 8-17-12

There is life and it can be found in Me and My Spirit. Turn your cares over to Me. Stop worrying and let Me handle your problems. Let Me grant you wisdom from on high. Trust and obey.

Received 8-18-12

Hear the voice of one crying in the wilderness: “Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand.” Repent and mourn over your sins. Do not take lightly what you have done, for no one pays attention to My Word. All have gone astray from the least to the greatest. Your leaders have fallen away. The people look to gods of plastic and wood, of steel and metal – the creation of men. They pursue things I hate and they excuse and defend what is forbidden. Still they blame Me for what is wrong. They think that I should still bless them. What fools they have become. What prideful men of deceit and lies.

Yet still I will love them and have compassion of those who cry out to Me in their distress and mourning. My heart is moved by those who love Me.

Received 8-19-12

I will rejoice. I will declare: “Our God reigns.” He reigns in spite of what your eyes may see in this corrupt world. Trust and believe that He will bring justice for the oppressed and His righteousness will reign over all. Every knee will bow before Him.

Will you bow before Me? Will you honor Me by obeying My commands and doing what is right before Me? Obedience comes from the heart. It is a decision to say yes regardless of the circumstances and what your mind may think. My ways are not your ways. My Spirit will guide you.

Received 8-20-12

I am blessing My people as they seek My face and desire to do My will. I will open doors that no one can shut. I will make a way when there seems to be no way. I will do what they cannot do. If you listen I will speak and direct your steps. I am a God of yes and amen. I am a God of life.

Received 8-21-12

May the Lord’s name be praised forevermore. He gives gifts to His children. He showers them with His love and kindness. He listens to their cries for help. He doesn’t disappoint. He gives us people to love us and for us to love. He is a father to the fatherless. He defends our cause. He instructs us in the way we should go. He rescues us when we fall down.

Received 8-22-12

Give of yourself without hesitation. You will know when it is too much and I will direct your steps. What you have done in the past may not be what I now want you to do. My ways are not your ways.

Received 8-23-12

Be a vessel of love today. Show love and concern. Listen to the cry of the heart. Give of yourself and give away what I have given you. Speak life and truth. Speak love and hope. Speak of My promises.

Received 8-24-12

There is life in My Name. People can choose life by choosing to put their faith in Me. Everyone has this choice – every tribe and nations and peoples. My Word has gone forth to the ends of the earth. I am drawing those who will listen to Me.

Received 8-25-12

My Word contains life and all that find it will be blessed. I have given all men the way to life, but only a few choose to follow My way. They are deceived in their sin and by the lies of the enemy. Sin leads to deception and corruption of their thinking. They don’t believe that I love them and will forgive them if they call upon Me. They don’t believe that it really matters what they do. They are lost in the hopelessness of sin and its bondage. But I still call for them. I still love them and want them to repent. I am not finished until they take their last breath. The prayers of the righteous matter for I hear their cry and respond.

Received 8-27-12

Walk by faith and in faith. Listen to the voice of My Spirit. Let Me guide you. Make up your mind to obey what I say. Rest in the knowledge that I love you and that I have a good plan for your life. Do you want to grow in faith? Then follow Me and learn from Me. My ways are not your ways. Not everything I tell you to do will make sense to your thinking, but afterward you will see the fruit of My wisdom. Even in failure there is growth.

Received 8-28-12

My Words are yes and amen, they are truth and hope. They bring forth life and wellbeing for all who trust their lives upon them. I am a God of promise and hope, a refuge from the storms of this world. My ways shine and give peace and rest. I deliver you from the hands of the enemy and the snares of sin. Come to Me and be refreshed and comforted.

Received 8-29-12

Who do you say that I am? What aspect of My nature and character do you think of most? Am I Savior or Lord? Am I healer or deliverer? Am I comforter or refuge? Am I soon coming King or obedient Servant? Am I good teacher or fulfiller of prophecy? Am I the Son of God or Son of man or Son of David? Am I the Way, the Life and the Truth? Am I the good Shepherd or the Lord of the Sabbath? Am I the Son of the Father or the Man filled with the Spirit? Am I the Righteous Servant or the spotless Lamb of God? I am all these things and more. I AM that I AM.

Received 8-30-12

The ways of this world displease Me. Men pursue their own desires without a thought of My righteousness or will. They pretend I don’t exist or know what they are doing and thinking, but they are wrong. My love was poured out on My Son for them. It is not enough for people to speak of Me when their hearts are far from Me. If you love Me you will obey My commands. If you love Me you will do My will.

Received 8-31-12

Do you love Me? Will you follow Me? Will you obey Me? Will you do as I say? All things are possible for them that believe. Believe that I am good and that I know what is best for you and your family. Believe My promises for they are life and truth.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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