Received 4-1-12

This is the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it. I am your victory and shield. I am your fortress. I will do the fighting for you. Rest in Me. Place your confidence and hope in Me and you will not be disappointed.

Received 4-2-12

My ways are not your ways. Put your hope in Me. My thoughts are not your thoughts. When I think about you, I see what you are in Christ. I see your faith. I see your willing heart. I see the changes I have made and will make in you. Walk in My grace and love. Lay your burdens down at My feet. I will sustain you and keep you to that day when you will see Me face to face.

Received 4-3-12

My grace is sufficient for you. My strength is made perfect in your weakness. In all that you do, call upon Me to help you. Let Me sustain you.

Received 4-4-12

What a marvelous gift You have given me, that You would share Your heart with me, one of Your creation. How wonderful and loving You are. You are a God deserving of all of my life.

I do not speak idly, but with purpose. I build up and create. My words go forth into all that I have made. I am constantly calling people to Myself. For this is My desire that all would know Me and be with Me. Yes, My universe is vast, but I am near. You needed to see your weaknesses. Your wife speaks truth with love. Listen and respond. Encourage her for she is weak. Everyday speak life to her. Everyday touch her with love. You are in a new phase of your life. Produce fruit that will last. Focus on Me and the working of My Spirit and you will be blessed.

Received 4-5-12

Rejoice and be glad for our God reigns.  Even the smallest detail of life He knows about and governs. Not a thought or word passes without His notice. He holds the world in His hand. He watches over you every night and all through the day. He is your shield and defender. What can man do to you? In Him you can rest.

Received 4-6-12

I love you and I did this all for you and for those who would believe in Me. There was no other way, but the Father gave Me the privilege to give Myself as an offering for your sin. Physical pain is transitory, but the shame and guilt of sin lasts until it is washed away. The wages of sin is death in many ways.

Not all believe. They have been blinded by the things of this world. They would rather suffer in sin, than to give over their life to Me. They don’t understand and they are foolish. Nevertheless, I have granted them the choice and they will live and die with that choice.

Rescue as many as you can. Speak words of life and healing. Give of yourself and I will give to you. Do not judge, but give life and hope. Entice them by the love I have given you. Let them see the emptiness of sin compared to the joy and peace in your heart.

Received 4-7-12

The wages of sin is death – death on the cross. I paid for them all. It grieves Me that people won’t accept My gift and sacrifice for them. Yet My love gives them the choice. I don’t give up on them until their very last breath. But just as Pharaoh’s heart was hardened, so too a man refuses to hear the truth about his life after years of unbelief. His opinions become a stronghold of the enemy. It is not that he believes in anything except that he is his own god. Break through the wall of darkness by speaking words of life and kindness. Encourage and build up, but also warn the foolish.

Received 4-8-12

Today is a day of rejoicing and gladness for the King of all the earth has risen victorious. His kingdom will reign forevermore. There will be joy and peace in His kingdom. Dancing and praise will go forth from His throne, even the little ones will squeal with delight. Yes, and I will lead the procession.

Received 4-9-12

He is risen. He is risen indeed. The world is waiting for My return. It won’t be long. I will establish My kingdom on earth and I will rule over peoples and tribes and nations. You will rule with Me. There will be no more chaos and destruction. People will be at peace. Sin will remain, but My grace will be strong and the tempter will be silenced. Truth will be restored. Lies will be silenced. People will know Me, but still not all will believe and submit to Me. They will bow, but not fully yield. It will be a different time. Creation will blossom again in fruitfulness and plenty.

Received 4-11-12

For by grace you have been saved, it is not of yourself. It is the gift of God, not of works, lest any man should boast. I give of Myself over and over to men whom I have created in My image and likeness. I want all men to be saved and to come to know Me. I am the living God – from the beginning of time. I created time. You will live with Me forever. Can your imagination think about this?

Received 4-12-12

By grace I stand. He helps Me in everything I do. His blood covers Me so that I can come to the Father. His Spirit guides my spirit into truth and wisdom. He fills my heart with peace and joy. He gives me love to share. He lifts my burdens and leads me to safe and quiet places.

Received 4-13-12

I am coming soon and I will bring My reward with Me. I am coming with those who believe in Me. All will see Me, from the least to the greatest. They will mourn over their sins, but it will be too late. You will mourn over your sins when you see My face, but you will also rejoice knowing that I have paid the price for you. I have removed your sins. My grace and mercy have covered you.

Received 4-14-12

May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you. I am with you. You are with Me.

Received 4-15-12

I am with you and I will not leave you. I am alive and powerful, able to meet your every need. I will not fail you. Call upon Me and I will rescue you. I am your shield and defender. I am strong when you are weak.

Received 4-16-12

I am alive and I am living in you. Hold dear to the things you have learned from Me. Walk on the path I have set before you. Live for Me. You will be blessed if you do this.

Received 4-17-12

What is man that you think of him? He is the one I have made in My image and likeness. I made him to be with Me. I have made the world around him so that he could rule and ponder My glory. I have given you a mind to think about Me, an imagination to see the unseen, and a heart to love Me. Let My Spirit guide your thoughts. Let Me show you what I have in mind for you to do. It is not about filling up your time. It is about expanding My kingdom around you – about touching lives so that they too may know Me and love Me.

Received 4-18-12

I am the God of now. I don’t delay, but I use My wisdom and judgment to know when to act. I see the end from the beginning. I am time and I am truth. Seek Me daily and often in the day and I will guide you. Put My Name in your thoughts and on your lips. I have done mighty things on your behalf both before you were born and after. I have made a place for you. You are near to My heart.

Received 4-19-12

My heart sings for joy for the King is among us. He has not abandoned us to our enemies, but He rides victorious before us. He leads a procession of joy and singing.

Behold I am coming on the clouds. Everyone will see Me, some will rejoice, but most will hide in fear. Some will arrogantly try to fight Me, but they will fall quickly when I speak. My people Israel will see the One whom they were waiting for. I will restore them to a place of esteem among the nations. No more will they be a curse.

Received 4-20-12

My ways are not your ways. Listen to My Spirit and discover My ways. Let Me fill your mind with My thoughts. Let Me be your tutor. Put your hope in Me and not in what you have. I will care for you. I will give you much more joy than what you can buy or do in this world.

Received 4-21-12

I am your source for wisdom. Put your mind on the things of the Spirit. Speak praise and thanks continually. Meditate on My Word.

Received 4-23-12

Live for Me and I will be with you. My arms will surround you.

Received 4-24-12

Rejoice for the Lord has come. His victory is assured. His people gather about Him and rejoice. He has taken away all of their sin and shame. He has removed sickness and death. He restores His creation and life springs forth in abundance. There is no shortage. Children frolic about in the meadows of wildflowers.

Look to Me and have hope for the future. Trust in Me to fulfill My promises. I love you.

Received 4-25-12

There is a river whose streams flow out of the house of the Lord. Many come to drink from this river. I am that river. Come to Me daily and be refreshed. Learn from Me. Let Me show you your heart. I will bring life and joy to you if you follow in My ways. Give of yourself and give of your substance. Dwell on My precepts and let them become your thinking. My truths endure forever.

Received 4-26-12

There is a path that leads to God. It is the path of righteousness made by the Son, purchased with His blood. All who follow His way will find salvation and blessing. But woe to those who refuse to follow Him. Salvation is found in no one else. Even those who have not heard the name of Jesus can still seek God, who reveals Himself to them as they cry out. Jesus paid for their sins too.

Received 4-27-12

I will guide you. Humble yourself before Me. Do not be wise in your own eyes, but trust in My wisdom and guidance.

Received 4-28-12

Don’t let your heart turn aside. Keep your eyes on Me and what I am doing. Pray and meditate on My Word. Think about things above and not what is below on the earth. My eyes are looking for the man who will seek Me above all else.

Received 4-29-12

You have the words of life. You are Life and Truth and Holiness. Who can stand before you? Our mouths are shut. There is no reply we can give for our lives.

You are weak, but I am strong.

Received 4-30-12

Who am I that You should think of me? I struggle and doubt. I trust in my own thinking and abilities. I call upon You when all else fails. Yet You still love me. You give Your grace and kindness without measure or limit.

I know your weaknesses and failings. I washed you in My blood. I have made you new in My likeness. I have given you My Spirit. Call upon Me and I will answer. Put your faith and trust in Me and I will lift you up.

Received 5-1-12

My Spirit is for all to enjoy. He is a teacher just as I was a Teacher. He will expose and bring to light all things – both good and bad. There is nothing hidden from Him. He speaks the Truth for He talks of Me. He will give you power to believe and obey My Word. Receive Him daily.

Received 5-2-12

There will be a day of rejoicing. Come and rejoice with Me. My victory is won and this day will be the celebration as I return triumphantly to gather My People to be with Me forever. My arm is strong and My determination is set like a rock. No one can stop what I am about to do. Pray that many will yield to Me before that day. Pray that their eyes will be open. I am working even now and I will continue until all who have been called will respond.

Received 5-3-12

I know the days and times of your life for I am there with you and I planned them out. You are My workmanship. I have made life to sustain itself, heal itself and reproduce itself. Yet everything has its time and season.

Received 5-4-12

You are a faithful God. You keep Your promises. You do not change. You are Holy, Righteous and Good. You love us and think of us. You hear and answer our prayers. You know what is best for us and You guide us along Your path to accomplish Your purposes. As little children, we simply follow You, because we love and trust You.

I am there for you. Rest in Me and I will carry you in My arms. Let Me surprise you with gifts from a heart of love.

Received 5-6-12

The greatest gift is love. People need and want to be loved. Love includes acceptance, forgiveness and friendship. Love covers over the sins of others. Love sees the hurts and cries of the heart and reaches out with healing and encouragement. Love gives to the needs of others, even sacrificially. No heart is so callous that it cannot be touched by love. I love you. Do you love Me?

Received 5-7-12

My ways are not your ways. Trust in Me to do what you cannot do. I will lift you up above your enemies and shower you with blessings in front of them. Put your hope in Me and not in the things of this world, which will perish. My Truths never fail and My Words are sure foundations for your life. Put them into your heart and meditate on them often. Apply them to the situation that you face. See if I do not honor My Word.

Received 5-10-12

Taste and see that the Lord is good. His mercies endure forever. His ways are past learning, though He reveals Himself to His chosen. I speak, will you listen? Will you do what I ask? Pray and discern My will. Seek Me as if you were lost and desperately needed directions. Know that I love you and want what is best for you at all times.

Received 5-11-12

My ways are not your ways. Let Me direct your steps. Let My Word fill your mind and spirit. Meditate on My Truth. For I bring Life and health to those who seek Me.

Received 5-12-12

Let all the earth give praise to its Maker. We live and breathe because of His goodness and grace. He speaks and the world was created. Life out of darkness and void. We are sustained by His Presence. He holds the world together by His power.

Received 5-13-12

I am here. I have heard the cry of your heart. My grace covers you. Speak of life and truth. All that is Mine is yours and you are Mine.

Received 5-14-12

Let love be your guide. Speak with love and compassion. Be encouraging and uplifting. Give of your life to others and you will see gifts being given to you in ways you do not expect. Let My Spirit guide you and point the way to bless others.

Received 5-15-12

I will bless the Lord at all times. His praise shall not depart from my lips. For He has done great things and Holy is His Name.

Received 5-16-12

It is not important to follow the ways of this world. Rather you should be doing the will of God and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. You will not fail if you do this. Discern truth from error. Gain wisdom from My Word. Let your mind be renewed with the things of God and not in the philosophies of this world.

Received 5-17-12

Be holy for I am holy. Be righteous for I am righteous. Be loving for I am love. Imitate Me.

Received 5-18-12

The day of new beginnings has come. A day to turn away from unrighteousness and sin, and to turn to the living God, who heals and forgives. Walk on a new path. Decide to obey what My Word says for it has the keys to true life.

Received 5-19-12

The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. He gives and He takes away according to His will and purpose. He is the Creator and Master of all of His creation.

Received 5-20-12

He who waits upon the Lord will find rest and answers. Ask of Me and I will fill you with wisdom from on high. Are you weak? Then come to Me and be strong. Are you hungry? Then come to Me and be filled with every good thing. Are you thirsty? Then come to Me and find life that satisfies the yearning of the heart.

Received 5-23-12

By grace you are saved through faith, faith in the one true God and the Son He sent to redeem the world to Himself. Lay aside your burdens and concerns and put your trust in Me. I will not be moved. My love is steadfast. Receive My love. Don’t allow your heart to become callous.

Received 5-24-12

Wake up and see the glory of the Lord. He is all around you. He is in all and He holds everything together for His glory. He lives to bring life to us. Be aware of Him every moment of every day. Praise His holy Name.

Received 5-25-12

Give and it shall be given unto you. Give love and love will be given you. Give encouragement to others and you will be encouraged. Sow what you wish to reap and expect to be blessed by the Lord of the harvest. Give to bless others. Give to be like your Father in heaven, who gave us His one and only Son.

Received 5-26-12

This is the day of new beginnings, a day of fruitfulness. Sow seeds of life and see the harvest right away. Give and receive. Bless and be blessed. My words have life and power and they will not return to Me empty. Rescue the downtrodden and be hope for the wayward one.

Received 5-28-12

Rescue the wounded in spirit, captured by the enemy. Intercede for them and lift up their weak hands. Do battle against the forces that bind them. Speak truth over them and set them free from the lies they have heard. Give them hope.

Received 5-30-12

May your days be long and full of joy. May your heart rejoice in God our Savior. May your lips speak praises to His Name in all circumstances. May you rest in peace.

These are just a few of the promised blessings for those who follow Me and love Me with all of their heart. I am not a stingy God, rather I want to shower My children with many gifts of love.

Received 5-31-12

The joy of the Lord is your strength. Rejoice and be glad for your Savior has come. I have made Myself known to you and you are dear to Me. I will reveal who I am to you if you seek Me with all of your heart, soul and strength. You will never completely know Me, but it pleases Me that you try. I want you to be like Me. Believe in Me and believe in the One who sent Me into the world.

Received 6-1-12

Rejoice and be glad. Though the things of this world may fail, and they will fail, My love for you never changes. What I have done for you on the cross has eternal consequences. Receive My love and give it to others. Bless and do not curse. Lift up the weak hands and carry the burdens of the downtrodden. You have been given much so that you can bless others. Rejoice and be glad.

Received 6-2-12

Your ways are wonderful. They bring life and holiness. You draw men to Yourself and they are changed in Your presence. You let us fall in our own strength. Then we cry out to You and You lift us up and rescue us. How marvelous are Your ways. Let us proclaim the glory of God to all who will listen.

Received 6-3-12

Great is our God! He stretched out His hand and spoke and the world was created. Myriads of stars brighten up the sky. He put in us the desire to seek the Creator, the One who made us. He sent His Son to reveal Himself and to proclaim the way to salvation. He calls His own to Himself and those who respond He gives the right to be called children of God. We are His people and the sheep of His pasture. He leads us in paths of righteousness and holiness for His name’s sake. He makes a place for us to be with Him for all eternity.

Received 6-4-12

The joy of the Lord is your strength. I am revealing My truth to all who seek Me diligently. It must be searched after, but it can be found. Let Me write it on your heart so that it will last. I am a God of peace and justice. Do not let your heart be troubled by the events of this world. Put your trust in Me and I will give you rest.

Received 6-5-12

I am a God who reveals truth and life. My Word is full of life and truth for all to read and learn from.

Received 6-6-12

Your hands can bless others. People need to be touched with love. It is a special gift to give love. I gave My best for you to show My love for you.

Received 6-7-12

The ways of man are confusing. He wanders aimlessly through life pursing money and fame and happiness ignoring the One who created him. His appetite for things pushes him along, though he is never satisfied. He stumbles many times. He hurts many and himself. I still love him and desire that he comes to Me to be healed, forgiven and restored. I bring people into his life to warn him and to show him the right way, but he won’t listen. Over time his heart becomes hardened to any real truth, except what he perceives as truth. Only when he faces the terror of death will he listen, but all he sees is his life of sin and rebellion, and he can’t believe that he could come to Me and be forgiven. How foolish is the man who lives this way. Speak truth and life to such a one, even though he may belittle you and mock you.

Received 6-8-12

Oh what a joy to have those who believe in Me and My Son to dwell with Us for all eternity! May they truly understand the riches they have in Me. Just to have fellowship with Me and be touching the source of power which holds the universe together – this is a treasure of great weight. To be sheltered by My protection and to receive My grace and mercy – there is no greater blessing that one could find. And what could you pay for the peace and rest I can give those in trouble and discouragement? What is the key to all of this – just simple faith in Me and My Word. When you walk and live in love for one another and when you obey My Word, there is great reward in this life and in the life to come. Love, humility and unity are the keys to harmony in fellowship in the body of My Son.

Received 6-9-12

Let grace abound. For those who live in sin must forsake it and turn to Me their Source of righteousness and healing. You must not give into sin in any way, for its seeds spread to corrupt your soul and body. You are made new in Me. So don’t return to the past life which leads to death. I have given you all the tools you need and I have made it possible for you to overcome by My power and grace. So there is no excuse. My blood shed on the cross has made a way for righteousness and cleansing. Let My Word saturate your thinking and actions and you will do well. I have overcome sin and so will you as you live in Me. Do not think that your sin is too difficult or unique to overcome. All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. I have made the way for you if you are willing to humble yourself before Me and follow the leading of My Holy Spirit. The victory has been won. It is finished.

Received 6-10-12

Blessed be the Lord Jesus Christ who has given us from His riches and grace all that we need to live and prosper by faith in Him. He holds all things together by His mighty power and wisdom. He is the head of His church, the body of believers from all times, growing into a building of praise and glory for its Maker. We are His workmanship, His inheritance and His reward. He is all things to us. Every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord over all.

I will be glorified in you as you walk in My ways and give Me praise. I am pleased with what I have done in you. Keep seeking Me with a willing heart.

Received 6-11-12

The joy of the Lord is your strength. The truth of My Word will set you free from worry and concern. Just place your trust in what I have said I will do. Ask of Me and I will do it for you.

Received 6-12-12

My grace is given to all to help their weaknesses. None would receive salvation without My grace. It is My gift to the church. I have made the way of Life. Many will be set free as they walk in the way of Life. Give grace to others to show them the way.

Received 6-13-12

Rest in Me. Do not let your heart be troubled, but receive My peace. I have called you to prayer for others as My Spirit guides you. Be diligent to do this as lives are relying on what you do. The battle has been waging for all of time. Light will win over darkness. Be a child of Light. Bring My Light into areas of darkness around you. Rescue the weak and hurting. Lift up hands that hang down. Encourage and build up. Let people know what the Lord of heaven can do for them.

Received 6-14-12

The God of heaven has come down to His people. He has revealed Himself to His creation. They blush and hide themselves from His Light. Even now people live as if I didn’t exist. They don’t want a God to look at their life, to see what they are doing. They don’t want to be told how to live. They want their freedom to choose and make decisions to feed the desires of their flesh and mind. But I love them, yet they turn their backs when I approach them. I am patient and loving. I will draw them to Myself. They will come to Me. Even those who profess My Name pretend not to hear or see My Words. Even you. I will be gracious. I will accomplish what I desire in you. Be at peace.

Received 6-15-12

The pathway to peace starts with you as you make peace with your neighbor. My peace will rule. There will be no more fear or worry. I will reign and the people will rejoice. No longer will there be corruption and deceit. You will reign with Me in My kingdom. The beasts of the field will sing a song. It will be pleasant in all of My kingdom.

Received 6-16-12

You are My great reward. I died for you to bring you into My Presence and to show you My glory. Rejoice with Me and weep with Me. See the struggles of My people brought on by their sin and rebellion. See the pain and suffering of those who love Me. But also see the joy and release on their faces as they worship Me and give Me praise. I answer their prayers and they rejoice. I give them gifts from My hands and they have hearts of thanksgiving.

Received 6-17-12

They (RFKC) are Mine. I have prepared them for this time. My hands have reached out to them to rescue them and to bind up their wounded hearts. Love them with My love. Give them hope and may their hearts experience joy.

Received 6-18-12

My grace is more than sufficient to cover your sins and weaknesses. My love overshadows you always. I hold you in the palm of My hand. This is the heritage for those who put their trust in Me. I will not disappoint them. They believe that I want only good for them.

Received 6-19-12

The glory of the Lord will shine like lightning across the sky. All will see it. It will be much brighter than the light from the sun, yet all can look and see the coming King with His army of angels. People will blush and be afraid. They may try to hide, knowing that their sins have been found out. All will be laid bare before Him who judges righteously. Oh what a day of glory and power. There will be great rejoicing for what has been promised from long ago will come to pass.

Received 6-20-12

The days of fantasy are over, reality is here. Truth will reign and My Word will be honored among men. Herald the truth. Speak boldly even if they don’t want to listen. Shout it from the rooftops. My Word is going forth to all. No one will have an excuse of not knowing. My Spirit is speaking. Rejoice and be glad for the day is near.

Received 6-21-12

Rejoice and be glad. All things become new. My glory will be evident to all. Those who know Me will reflect My glory. Those who do not will hide ashamed.

Received 6-22-12

I will be exalted among men. They will see My glory and be ashamed at their sin. My ways are not your ways. My time is forever.

Received 6-23-12

The joy of the Lord is your strength. Give praise and thanks for this is the day that I have made. I have created all things to bring Me glory. It is marvelous to My eyes. Yes, sin has corrupted the world, but My grace has overcome. See, I am coming soon to restore all things. Rejoice with Me and be glad.

Received 6-24-12

Holy is the Lord God Almighty. He reigns in splendor and might. No enemies can rise up against Him. Behold and see the power of our God: Power to save a sinner who repents, Power to mend a heart that is broken, Power to restore all things to Himself for His glory and praise. The people rejoice for He is coming with His angels.

Received 6-25-12

The praises of our God will reach to the farthest place on earth. All will hear and their spirits will be stirred. The truth will reign that Jesus Christ is Lord over all. Every knee will bow before Him. Let Me reign in your heart.

Received 6-26-12

The wages of sin is death. But I have made a way for you to escape death by the cross. Nevertheless, avoid sin and you will avoid the pitfalls of sin. Be holy for I am holy. I do not give a command unless it is possible to obey it. I have given you the power and resources to be holy. I have given you My Name. I have covered you with My righteousness and grace. Holiness is being set apart to do what is right and good and pure before Me.

Received 6-27-12

Rejoice My people and be glad for your King is coming. He will reign over all He has made. His delight will be in the truth and righteousness. There will be dancing and singing around His throne.

Received 6-28-12

My grace is sufficient. I have covered you with kindness and peace. I have placed My shield around you and your family. I have listened to your prayers. You are Mine. Do not fear when the enemy tries to rise up against you for I am your defender.

Received 6-29-12

Rejoice and be glad. Give praise and thanks for what the Lord has done.

Received 6-30-12

My joy is with you. My peace covers you. Let Me hold you and comfort you when you are down. My power is great.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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