Received 2-12-12

I rescue the poor and the needy. I protect My little ones. Sin has brought much suffering and pain and hardship. The enemy is waging war sensing that his time is nearing the end. Raise up your shield. Take up your sword and join in the battle for those you love and know. Break up the strongholds. Spread confusion.

Received 2-13-12

My grace is sufficient for you. My Spirit is with you. You can call upon Me at any time. I will not leave you. I will make a way for you in the darkness. I will be your light.

Received 2-14-12

I bring glory to My Father and you bring glory to My Father in your believing in Me. What you do is less important than what you believe. Works without love is pointless. Works with love is life giving and appreciated. You are My workmanship. I am building in you life and character. I am making you to be like Me. Say yes to Me. Allow My discipline in your life to come to completion and maturity, bearing fruit of righteousness.

Received 2-15-12

Rejoice and be glad for this is the day that the Lord has made. All things work for good as My grace covers you. Your life brings Me glory. Give yourself over to Me each day. Surrender your will and plans to Me. Let Me give you each day filled with My will.

Received 2-16-12

The days of the harvest are here. Sow and reap. Bring many into My Kingdom. Sow in love with grace and kindness. Let your deeds make a way in the dry land. Let your love water the parched soil to bring forth life. I will bless your hands and feet. Give and bless others.

Received 2-17-12

Rejoice and be glad. Lift your countenance and give Me praise. I inhabit your praises. I go before you to make a way in the desert. Let your light shine in the darkness. Reveal the truth that has been revealed to you. Speak life and not darkness. Don’t give words of darkness. Yes at times, all you can speak about is Me. The world is full of the things of sin and darkness and death. How wonderful is light.

Received 2-18-12

My ways will surprise you and challenge you. I am creative and new. I give life and take it away. I build and I tear down. I heal and restore. I am actively involved in what I have made. My hand holds back the enemy’s work and schemes. I am not done with you. You are being made ready.

Received 2-19-12

The ways of man are fleeting and desperate, without purpose and meaning. Only when he comes to his end and calls upon Me and believes in Me will his life make any sense. He will think he is OK, but he is deceived.

Received 2-20-12

The Lord is gracious and kind, full of mercy and love. He doesn’t give us what we deserve, rather He gives forgiveness and blessing. Follow My example to your brother and neighbor.

Received 2-21-12

Wait upon the Lord. Seek Me daily. Walk by the Spirit and the Light. Give of yourself freely just as I gave Myself for you.

Received 2-22-12

I will give you wisdom and understanding for all that you must do. I will guide you and hold you steady. Trust Me and give to Me all that you want to do.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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