Received 2-1-12

In Your Name there is power and authority to overcome every obstacle and problem. Keep under My authority. Don’t stray from My path for you. Obey Me in all things with a willing and cheerful heart. Know that I am good and holy and righteous.

Received 2-2-12

My glory I will not share. Purge from your life all idols and those things, which hold your heart. I want you to be with Me. I am a jealous God. Come to Me with a contrite heart. Confess your sins and be healed.

Received 2-3-12

They that wait upon the Lord will renew their strength. Instead of anxiety about their situation and their own weakness, they will rest in the Presence of the Lord and find peace. They will gain confidence in what God will do.

My peace will never leave you. My joy is in your heart. My rest is sweet. My arms will hold you to bring comfort. I will lift you up when you fall down. I will welcome you into My Presence on that day.

Received 2-4-12

All that I am is yours. I am here for you if you call upon Me. My power is great enough. Let Me carry your burden. Follow along My path and you will be blessed.

Received 2-5-12

Today is a day of blessing. Bless those who enter your house. Show them love and acceptance. Pay attention to what is happening in their lives. Speak truth in love and grace. I will bless you and heal you. My love is full, always full.

Received 2-6-12

I am coming to Your well O Lord for I am thirsty again for Your words of life. I am empty and dry in myself. I see my limitations all too well. Forgive me of my sins and cleanse me by Your Word. Fill me with Your Holy Spirit and I will be lifted up above my enemies.

My grace is sufficient and My Word brings life to all who cling to it. Rejoice and be glad for this is the day I have made.

Received 2-7-12

Yes, I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh. I will renew the face of the earth. I will gather My people to Myself. Rejoice and be glad with Me.

Received 2-8-12

My ways are not your ways and My thoughts are not your thoughts. I will reveal truth and knowledge that you cannot know by yourself. Seek Me as if your life depended on it. Seek Me as one who is thirsty in the hot desert.

As I thanked the Lord for my wife and children. I asked that we would be together in His Presence someday soon. He responded: I am powerful and I will do as you have asked. I care about you as a father cares for his children. You are my child. I have adopted you to be with Me. I have made Myself known to you and you have received Me into your heart. That pleases Me each day you live.

Yes, I have confidence in you and am granting you confidence in Me. We will be able to do together what you cannot do. You are weak in your flesh, but mighty in your spirit when you call upon Me. Intercede with confidence knowing that I am listening.

Received 2-9-12

Great is the Lord and worthy of all praise.

Received 2-10-12

Where are My people? Watch and pray. Discern what is going on around you and intercede as a priest of God. Lift up the hands that hang down. Encourage and revive. Speak life, not death.

Received 2-11-12

Happy Birthday. I was there when you were born. I was watching over you as you were being formed. I had a plan for your life. I nurtured and cared for you when you were growing up. I directed your steps even though you didn’t know Me then. I still have a plan for you. Slow down and spend time listening during the day to My Spirit. You will be blessed if you do. Don’t be a Martha, rather be like Mary.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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