Received 1-15-12

My ways are not your ways. Come to Me and be filled with knowledge and truth, then go and proclaim it to others. Let My words penetrate your heart and mind. Give them application and flesh. My words will not fail.

Received 1-16-12

I am here waiting for you. I am always with you for My Spirit dwells in your spirit. Proclaim the truth. Give love away freely. Walk in My ways. Let Me feed you from My Word.

Received 1-17-12

Yes, I am here again no matter what time of day. See what I have given you to gaze upon. My painting continues. My ways are inscrutable. My thoughts are higher than yours in every way possible. I see the end from the beginning and every millisecond in between. I reveal Myself to whom I desire to make known. I rescue the downtrodden. My mercy heals and endures. Touch another with My love and grace.

Received 1-18-12

Rejoice and be glad for this is the day that the Lord has made. Every day is a new day to proclaim the glory of God and to speak of His lovingkindness. He is great and His words never fail. Watch and wait upon the Lord. I love you and I want you to be with Me.

Received 1-19-12

Today is a day of love and to love. My love for you overflows to those you love. My life in you is passed on to them. My grace given to you is given to them. You are My hands and feet. You are My representative, My ambassador to those you meet. They will see Me in you if you allow them.

Received 1-20-12

Bless the Lord O my soul and all that is within me bless His Holy Name. You are most worthy of all praise and adoration. You pour out Your blessings to Your people and they are satisfied and made whole.

My grace is enough, isn’t it? I meet with those who fear Me. I am near to their heart. I bless and not curse. I build up and not tear down. I restore and heal. My favor last for a lifetime, even to a man’s children and grandchildren. Your eyes will see the blessings of My hand on those you love. I am gracious and forgiving. My hands are outstretched. I will hold you and comfort you. I will give you strength for today.

Received 1-21-12

The days of fruitfulness are near, just around the corner. Spread your net, cast your seeds, speak My words and see the harvest come in. I am a God of fruitfulness and growth. I want more and more to come to Me and receive what only I can give – a life in relationship with the One who created all you can see. I give freely and so should you. I give of My heart. Learn from Me.

Received 1-22-12

My grace is and was sufficient, wasn’t it? They will be in My care. My Spirit is working. Love gives. Prayer helps you find Me.

Received 1-23-12

I have put into every person a desire to know Me. You can hide that desire by pursuing other things, but it will come back when trouble comes. Pray earnestly as if life depended on it. Intercede and lift up the hands that hang down. Help those who are discouraged. Give them hope.

Received 1-24-12

What is in your hand? What can you do with your hands? Will they be lifted up to praise Me? Will they touch another for prayers of blessing and healing? There is power in touch. Love heals, restores and blesses. Comfort My people and bless them for I am comforting them and I am blessing them. They call upon Me and I will respond with My great love and mercy. The proud will be cast away, but the humble will enter into My presence.

Received 1-25-12

The ways of man are chaotic and empty. He thinks he is doing something that will help himself, but in the end, he fails. His work is burned up and is lost. Everyone seeks after his own desires. No one is righteous. When will he call upon Me? When will he see the futility of his life? I will shine My light on him. I will expose the darkness of his soul. He will surrender his life to Me. He will cry out to Me in his misery and shame. I will rescue him and set him on a broad and level place. I will show him My ways and teach him about the path he should walk down. He will be changed.

Continue to seek Me and you will be blessed. Let My words be fresh to you each day. Let Me guide your steps. Each day will have opportunities to bless others. Be alert in your spirit.

Received 1-26-12

Rest in Me. Give to Me your concerns and problems. Let Me give you revelation and wisdom. Let Me go before you to make a way. Let Me do what you cannot do.

Received 1-27-12

The Lord is speaking, but the people are not hearing. Their ears are hearing the sounds of the earth. They are surrounded by the din of people pursuing their own desires and pleasures. Who will warn them? Who will speak My words so that they will hear? Will you? Proclaim a fast. Speak My words and bring understanding. Be a watchman on the walls. Let them know of the coming judgment. Wail and mourn over your sins. Repent and humble yourself before Me, so that I might relent of My punishment and destruction. Seek Me as for a hidden treasure or a lost coin.

Received 1-28-12

My ways are not your ways. Why do you struggle in your own efforts when you could call upon Me and gain strength and wisdom? I am here. My Spirit is within you. Wide is the path that leads to destruction. Narrow is the way to life. Seek life.

Received 1-29-12

Rest is pleasant to the body and soul, but work is also good and healthy. You are My workmanship created in Christ Jesus to do good works which I have prepared beforehand for you to do. I am working in you and through you. Pray in the Spirit and let your spirit be refreshed. Let your mind dwell on My Word. Renew your mind and think clearly. Banish anxiety and worry. Purge gossip from your lips. Speak truth in love.

Received 1-30-12

The Lord is gracious and merciful; slow to anger and full of love. He will give blessings to those who call upon Him. Great are you Lord. My thoughts turn to the One who is worthy of all praise and honor. He alone is to be worshiped.

I stand alone in the heavens. No one compares with Me. All that I have created is before Me. I look for those who seek after Me. I look for those with faith and obedience in their hearts. Are you prepared for My return? Are you doing what I have called you to do? Be at peace.

Received 1-31-12

I will wait upon my God, who rules the universe. In Him alone is my trust. When I am weak, He is strong. He is always strong, but I must let Him take over.

I am your God and none will stand before Me. I hold the keys to life in My hand. I give freely and My works are marvelous. I am your avenger and deliverer. Watch Me work on your behalf. Watch Me accomplish My purposes in your life.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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