Received 6-4-11

Let Me be your satisfaction and reward. Give of yourself and find freedom. My ways are not your ways. Walk in faith and in My Spirit. Expose your life and thoughts to My Spirit. Let Him show the truth.

Received 6-11-11

Seek Me and you will find Me. Love others and it will be returned to you. I will direct your steps. Be at peace and trust Me to do what I desire in You and through you. Yield your will and desires to Me.

Received 6-23-11

The ways of man are fleeting. Look to Me and find true life and joy. I will be your source. I will be your peace.

Received 6-29-11

What are you learning? Life is complicated. People and relationships are important. You can’t do as much as you once could. Without God, nothing else matters. God answers prayer in impossible situations. His ways are better, though much different than the world’s ways. God is faithful to the promises He makes. God is good.

Received 7-10-11

Let Me fill you with My love. You will look at others differently. Instead of judgment, there will be mercy and compassion. Have an attitude of humility in yourself, but a trust and assurance in Me.

Received 7-19-11

You must give away the life you have been given. You have been given much and others need to receive what I have sown in your heart. I am holy and just. I am with you and My Spirit is with you to give you what you need to do My will.

The world is empty. Sin is spreading as people reject Me. Nations are swaying like a drunken sailor in the foolishness of their thinking without My wisdom. My judgment is coming and even now people are receiving the fruit of their folly and sin. Pray and intercede. Live out My righteousness and holiness before men. Speak and identify yourself as one who believes in Me.

Received 8-7-11

What is in your hand? What will matter for all eternity? Who will be blessed by what you are doing? Where is My glory in what  you are doing? Do not be lured by the empty promises of this world? Only in Me comes life and blessing.

I am shaking the world as those who have trusted in riches will see them fail. Governments are people. Politicians promise what they cannot give with the people’s money. The only answer when judgment comes is repentance and humbling. It is foolish to seek answers from men. Men will not repent when they reject who I am. They have become their own gods.

Received 8-12-11

I am holy and righteous and pure. You cannot appreciate and understand what this means for you have been corrupted by sin. There is perfect freedom in Me. Freedom to be holy and righteous and pure without any hesitation, limitation, uncertainty, restriction, judgment, comparison, for this is My nature. This is yours in Christ. Yield to the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus. Abandon your will to My perfect will. Obey Me in all things. Seek Me in all things.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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