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Received 1-6-06 This is My desire that you draw near to Me. I have given you a new heart to seek after Me. The Lord is mighty. Yes I am the One who is Creator, who made you in My … Continue reading

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Received 1-4-07 The wages of sin is death. Everything you do affects your spiritual health and the health of your body. You can sow life or death. For the one who follows after Me, My blood cleanses him from unrighteousness. … Continue reading

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Received 1-3-08 The grace of the Lord Jesus be upon you. If you could only know how much I love you. Received 2-1-08 I am revealing who I AM to My people. You experience more of Me when you worship … Continue reading

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Received 1-9-09 The way of man is empty. Let Me fill you with Life and peace and joy. Seek Me in everything and you will never be disappointed. Received 1-10-09 Wait upon the Lord. Wait until you receive direction and … Continue reading

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Received 1-5-10 The ways of man are before Me. I know you and see your heart and thoughts. Yes, you wander, but you come back to Me. You hunger for truth and righteousness. You are touched by My presence. I … Continue reading

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Received 1-1-11 I make all things new. I forgive and restore. I plant seeds of life and they grow. I renew and revive what has gone cold. I have made the seasons of a year for variety and renewal. I … Continue reading

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