Received 3-22-11

The grace of the Lord is powerful to overcome our weaknesses. It covers our failings. It gives opportunities to do God’s will, to do what pleases Him. Grace is activated by faith and by His Word.

My truths never end. There is always more to learn about Me. I never change, but there are more facets about My character to keep My people searching and seeking for eternity. I will overcome and be victorious. Mankind may struggle and strive, but My Words will prevail.

I am preparing the nations for the final days. I am raising up one and bringing down another. Before I come there will be chaos, but then false peace. People will live in hopelessness and despair. Those who know Me will find peace and hope, despite their circumstances. I will separate and show off My people. I will be glorified in My people.

Remember that the weapons of your warfare are not flesh and blood, nor tanks and guns, but mighty through the power of the Holy Spirit within you. Use discernment to see the spirits of darkness and then to bring them into submission to My will and plans. I have overcome and you will overcome in Me.

Don’t be complacent or lulled by this world into pursuing its empty promises. My words will prevail and I will raise you up to stand in the gap for the people and situations around you. But you must be alert and attentive to My Spirit. You must spend time in prayer. Pray until you know the answer has come in the heavenlies. It is the effective prayer of a righteous man that brings the victory. Be a skillful warrior in My Kingdom.

My grace will cover you and My hand will be upon you. Strangers will sense My Presence within you as you walk in the power of My Spirit. Live for Me and not for yourself. Lay down your ambitions and desires and submit to My will and the leading of My Spirit. You will be blessed if you do this and others too will experience My grace and love through you.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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