Received 6-29-96

My words of life will prevail.  My joy will sustain the weak and downcast.  Is My word not full of examples of My grace in people’s lives?  Do I not reach out to them again and again?  Your ways please Me as you do My will, but if you shrink back from Me, how can I bless you?  You must abide with Me to receive from Me.

All that you need is in Me.  Why do you strive in your own strength?  Do not think like the world, but let your thoughts be led of Me.  Allow My wisdom and knowledge to guide you.  I have taken away your desire for things.  Now I will give you a desire for people, a heart of compassion for those who resist Me, for those who need Me, for those who are unlovable by the world’s standards, but who will come to Me as I draw them by My love.

Your testimony will reach kings and those in authority.  The doors will open and not be shut. My plan for you is great – only believe Me and rely on My words of life!  The time is near.

Do not pre-decide what you will do, but look to Me for guidance.  Will not the world take notice when My people love and respond to others in love?  They do not understand what love is.  They think I am out to take away their freedom and happiness.  Their hearts are stubborn and corrupt, their eyes are blind, and their hearts are callous.  How can I look upon them, but I do love them.  I have created them in My image and likeness.  I have blessed them with My presence.  Some will respond and you must help them to know Me, to seek Me and to find Me.  Your joy will overflow.  No longer will your heart be dull and your emotions suppressed, but you will see My compassion.  You will wonder at how I can love them when they hate Me so, but I cannot help but love them, for that is the very essence of My being.  Love is the expression of My heart.  When you respond to someone in love, you are responding as I would.  This will be My witness through you to the world.  When you love, they will see what they don’t know, nor understand, but they want this love and they will turn to Me.

The ways of this world are foolish, for they think they can solve their problems in their own strength, but they are sinking down in the mire of their folly and destruction.  Man’s ways are not My ways.  There was a time when a man pleased Me.  At first we had sweet fellowship.  He rejoiced in My creation.  He walked in the garden with Me.  Now I long for My people to be with Me face to face and this time will come, but first I want to extend My arms of love to many whom I have prepared.  They will praise Me and this will bring joy to My heart.

Received 7-12-96

Will you walk with Me?  Will you follow Me as I lead you?  For I am your Shepherd and I will lead you into green pastures.  I will lead you beside still waters.  I will give you rest for your soul.

I will be strong in your time of need.  I will care for you.  Walk in My paths and follow Me.  See I have given you commands, which lead to life.  You will do well to obey them.

You shall be like a tree, planted with your roots secure in My Rock and touching the living water I supply.  Your flowers will attract and your fruit will sustain those who come to you.  You will grow and give Me glory.

Be gentle with those in your care.  Love them unconditionally just as I have loved you.  You will gain much more in this way than if you deal with them in your flesh.

Your hopes and dreams will be realized and you will not be disappointed at the results, for I will bless your life so that I will be glorified.  Others will see and notice and will want what you have.  Be clear to them and lead them to Me.

My people bring Me joy.  Their struggles are not to bring them down, but to keep them focused on Me.  If they would yield to Me, there would be no need to experience hurts and disappointments – for these come from their flesh and the evil one.

One day I will take My people home to be with Me, to see and experience My glory.  Do not consider this present life as an end, but as a beginning of life with Me.  I have so much to give you, but you would not be able to handle it.  You would be overwhelmed, so I allow you to see glimpses of My glory to sustain you.  When you worship Me, you come into My throne room in your spirit and I can touch your heart with love, joy and peace.  If this were not so, would I not have said so.  Haven’t you experienced My presence as you worship Me?

Nothing can keep My people from experiencing My love, for I shower those who are called by My name with My love.  I breathe life into them.  My Spirit guides those who seek Me.  O for a willing heart, a trusting heart, a believing heart.

Received 7-25-96

Will you count the cost of following Me?  Is it great or has My Spirit carried you?  Won’t others see how I have helped you and blessed you?  Yes and they will see more as your life will reflect My glory and power.  You will be a vessel of honor, displaying My nature.  I will remove the dross from your soul.  I will transform your thinking so that your thoughts will be My thoughts as I speak to your heart.  Will you believe Me?

What is in your hand?  A pen to write the very oracles of God.  When I spoke to My servant Moses, I touched his very heart.  He was open to Me as no other.  He feared Me.  He knew My desires, for I moved his heart to be like Mine.

Can I call you out?  Will your life matter for Me?  Are you willing to follow as I lead?  Do you know that My plans are good for you?  Do you trust in Me so much that you know that what I want for you will be better than what you could ever imagine?

Received 7-26-96

My son, allow My word to transform your thinking.  Let My words penetrate your inner most being, so that they become yours and your life will reflect My characteristics and holiness.  Will not others take notice?  They won’t understand the wisdom and the grace that comes from your mouth.  Yet they will want what you have.  They will seek Me because of what I will do in you.

Gather your thoughts and put them in a box – how small they are.  Compare them to My thoughts.  What do you see?

My Spirit is there to teach you, to tutor you, to show you the way.  No longer do you need to act in ignorance, but you can rely on My Spirit to be your guide.

The grace I give My people will sustain them.  Don’t I know what they need?  If they are dismayed, it is not because My grace is insufficient, but because their desires are misplaced to the things of this world.  They do not trust Me to perform My word.  Yet I know their weaknesses and I will help them.  I will carry them when they are not able to stand.

Keep your focus on Me.  Discover who I am.  You will not be able to exhaust the depth and width and height of the knowledge of whom I am, but in the process, you will see enough of My glory to sustain you and to fill you with overwhelming joy.  How would you describe Me to someone?  What phrases would you use?  How would you describe what pleases Me?  Seek Me with all your heart.

Received 7-27-96

Join with Me, come to Me and I will refresh you.  My arms will hold you and surround you.  No longer will you be afraid, for you will be secure in the shelter of My arms.  I will be strong in your life to meet your needs.  I will defend you from harm.  Have I not created this world and everything in it?  What can harm you when I am in control of you life?

There is a choice you must make: a choice to follow Me, to rely on Me, and to seek Me.  What is the desire of your life?  Is it to please Me or to please yourself?  How temporary are your pleasures, but O, how satisfying is the joy that comes from Me.  Why do you seek which cannot satisfy?

Received 8-4-96

He who seeks Me shall find Me and he who loves Me shall be loved by My Father.  The joy that is in Me will be given to him.  The life that he lives will no longer be his alone, but We are with him.  Rest in My love.

Others will come to you to mislead you.  You must be aware and alert.  Their voice will sound sweet, but their hearts are not with Me.  You must weigh in your spirit My word and seek Me for your direction.  I will guide you.

Do not be one to cause your brother to stumble, but be an example of My love and grace.  Others are watching you.  They don’t understand, but I am working to convict them for they need Me.

Will you say yes when I call?  Will you proclaim My words?  My voice is going out, but only a few have ears to hear, but the others need to hear.

Received 8-20-96

My little ones, I love you.  My love doesn’t end it continues on to eternity.  You can’t exhaust My love nor deplete it.  What is your need?  My love will supply.

I choose My people.  They come to Me and receive.  They fall and I pick them up.  I know all about them.  There are no surprises, no hidden secrets.  When they praise Me, My heart rejoices.  Praise Me often and you will sense My love in greater ways.  You will enter My throne room and be blessed.  Nothing will hinder those whose hearts and lips are full of praise.

You must love your brothers and sisters.  You must lift them up and encourage them, just as you would want to be encouraged.  You will start a cycle of love, as you love.  This goes beyond flattery for you will be expressing My love.  You will recognize more and more good things to speak about.  Your mind will focus on what’s good in people and you will realize peace and contentment.  Others will take notice.  Even those in the world will respond to love.

Your joy will have no limit.  I am touching My people to lift them out of the world’s depression and oppression.  There is freedom in Me.

Received 8-28-96

I will be your shield.  I will support you when you are weak, when you are crying.  Don’t I know your heart?  Your needs become mine when you call out to Me.

Peace I give to you and hope.  Don’t let the troubles of this world get you down, for this world is passing away, but My words and My kingdom will never end.  They are secure and you are secure as you abide in Me.

Father those who come to you.  Love them as you would love your own.  For My people are aimless and hurting.  Love them with My love.  “Father them,” means to show My compassion to them.  Be tender to My people and love them as I would love them.

Do not be aimless yourself, but seek My face daily.  The time is short and there is much for you to do.  I will touch your hands and your feet so they will serve Me.  You will go where I command and you will do My desire.  No longer will your mind dictate to your heart, but My Spirit will overshadow you and you will be overwhelmed with My will.

Received 9-1-96

Come walk in My garden with Me.  Smell the flowers.  Taste the fruit.  Bask in the sunlight.  Enjoy My presence.  Receive the nourishment for your soul.

Is your heart troubled – find rest in Me.  I created you and I know you.  I will take care of you.  If you are concerned, you are not trusting Me and your focus is on yourself and your own feelings.

What is love?  How do you show love to others?  Is it not through acts of caring and words of encouragement and praise?  How do you feel love from others?  Is it not through unexpected expressions of kindness and commitment?  How have I loved you?  Are you aware of My love for you?  Do you realize all that I have done on your behalf on the cross?  Do you see Me intervening for you, directing you, helping you and blessing you?  Much of what I have done is for you just to receive.

Come to My garden.  Drink deeply from the well of life.  Refresh your soul.  Enjoy My presence.  Take time to be with Me.

Received 9-7-96

I have come to bring LIFE, life in Me, life full of joy and peace.  Receive what I bring. Seek Me and you will find life.

Look at your car.  Many have spent hours designing every detail so that it will run well under many circumstances for many years.  But it must be operated properly to get the most out of it.  Haven’t I also designed man to live and the way man is to live with Me is by following My commands and doing what pleases Me.  For in doing this man will find what true life is.  He will discover all the blessings I have planned for those who seek Me with all their heart.  Will a man neglect the care and maintenance of his car?  Will he also neglect his relationship with Me?

My grace has sustained you and My forgiveness has released you from the bondage of sin.  No longer do you need to feel oppressed by the evil one, for you have My victory.

Drink deeply from My well.  Draw life from My streams.  Be refreshed in My presence.  Soak in My love.  For I have not called My people to suffer alone, for I have put My body together to love one another.  When one hurts, the whole body hurts.  You will miss out in this grace of mine, if you are not in relationship with others in My body.  You must be vulnerable to receive and you must be loving, to help others.  It won’t come naturally, because it is of Me and not of this world.

Received 9-11-96

Do you know what I am thinking?  Can you discern My plans and My ways?  You won’t know all, but you can develop a sense of what I will do by studying My word.  For I do not change and what I have done I will do again.  Seek Me as a servant would seek his master, to know his every wish and desire so that he may anticipate what his master may ask of him.

The days are short.  You must be ready to do My will.  My purposes will stand and My plans will be accomplished on the earth and in the heavens.  The zeal of the Lord will accomplish it.  The glory of My presence will soon be made known to all.

Rise up and claim the land.  My victory is certain for I have overcome My foes.  The battle is won in the heavenlies.  Overcome evil with good.  Use love as your main “weapon”.  Forgive freely just as I have forgiven you.  Encourage those around you.  Lift up the hands of the weak.  The cries of the despondent are before Me.  I will raise them up out of their pit.  They will glorify My name.

Received 9-17-96

Rest in Me. Bring Me your cares and weaknesses.  Allow Me to help you in your struggles and pain.  I have provided for your every need.  Let Me complete My work in you.  Is anything too great for Me to accomplish?

The words of life for your life are written in My book.  They are here, dear to My heart.  I read them daily.  I pronounce them before the angels.  I speak them forth and they come to life.

The struggle over evil continues with man, but I have already overcome.  There is nothing I haven’t done, nor will I not do on your behalf.

Rejoice in Me.  Take joy as your breastplate.  Let your heart and emotions be full of My joy.  Allow My peace to cover you as a warm blanket.

Received 10-7-96

Grace and truth will come to those who seek Me, for My desire is that My people know Me.  My character will be theirs as they allow My Spirit to overshadow them.  Those who seek Me will be blessed.  For I desire a people close to My heart.  When I was with Mary, she chose the better part, which was to be with Me.  You will always have things to do.  Your attempts to please Me will always fall short of the simple pleasure of just being with Me, waiting in My presence, listening to My voice, receiving grace and truth.

Those who were in Solomon’s court were blessed to hear his wisdom, but someone greater than he is present.  Seek the One who can help you and who has helped you in the past.

You are deceiving yourself if you think you do not need My blessings, for every day I am responding to your needs and you are not aware.  If I were to turn My face from you, you would be shocked to see how depraved you really are. It is My grace that sustains you.  I will not turn My face from you.  If you knew all that I did for you, every word out of your mouth would be full of thanks.

My dear little ones, I cherish you.  I glory in your love for Me. As I am in constant fellowship with My Father, so I desire to be with you.  Ps 105:1-4

They who come to Me will not be disappointed, for I give gifts to My people.  I shower My people with blessings and spiritual gifts. I allow no one to harm My little ones.  I lift up their weak arms.  I care for their needs.

Do not be afraid to draw near to Me, for I have covered you with My righteousness.  I will not turn away from those who seek Me.  I will be found by them.

Let My face shine upon you.  Just as the rays of the sun give warmth, so also do My beams of love warm your heart. I will sustain My people with life.

You should not be living for yourselves alone, for I have called My people to be one with one another, to be My hands for one another, hands of blessing.  What I give you is not for you alone, but for others as well.  Share what I give so I can give you more.  Your cup of blessing will not run dry.  You will not be able to exhaust My supply to you.

Expect and believe that all who come into your life are sent by Me.  I am drawing them to Myself.  I want them to see Me in you.  Walk in a way that will honor Me and represent Me to others

Received 10-13-96

They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, for they learn that their own strength is not enough.  They learn to trust in Me. It’s not that they rest in My presence, but they come to believe in their Creator.  They see that I have all things under control.  They see their efforts as puny and small compared to the work of My grace.  I speak My promise to them and they are healed.

Received 10-21-96

All things work together for the good of those who love God, who are called according to His purposes.  He makes all things new, for the broken hearted, for the one who is desperately seeking help from Him.  He rescues them in their despair.  He lifts them up.  They see hope in their God.  He banishes their fears.  He commands His angels to go forth to minister to His people.  He dispenses His grace and covers them with His love, their problems become small.

He confounds the wicked; He turns those who seem wise in circles, so that their thoughts become foolish.   He rescues those who have committed themselves to His care.  Their hurts are eased by His love and mercy.

Nations rise and fall.  Leaders come and go.  Nothing is too great for Him.  He laughs at their efforts, for His will is always done.  The best that man can do is nothing compared to what comes forth from His lips.  He hears the cry of the oppressed.  He responds to the needy.  Put your trust in the living God and not in man.

You will see with your eyes My workings.  I will display My glory in the heavens.  My people will rejoice at the work of My hands.  Those who trust in Me will not be disappointed.  I will see My name lifted up.  The world will know My power.  Do not shrink back as those in the world, but draw near to Me for I have covered you with My blood.

In times past I delivered My people and I will set them free again from the bondage of their sin.  I will have mercy on them.  Even those who are not seeking Me will find Me, for My grace and mercy will touch their hearts.  You will be astonished at response of those around you.  Yes there will be those who mock Me to their shame and destruction, but many will express their need for Me.  My Spirit has been working and will not rest.  There is no limit to the power of My Spirit.

Received 10-26-96

The struggles you see between men are the out workings of the unseen spiritual battle.  The fighting is intense.  Do not look at the surface.  The battle is spiritual.  Pray accordingly.  Cover those you love in prayer.

Received 10-28-96

The hope that I give is not the hope in the world.  It is based on truth and reality.  I will return and establish My kingdom.  I will rescue My people.  When they see Me they will rejoice.  Their spirits will leap for joy.  Even as they long for the day so do I.  I want to gather My people around Me.  I want to shower them with love.  The world does not know this, nor does it care.  It doesn’t understand what I have done or what I will do.  It is blinded by the enemy.  Do not be astonished by their unbelief, but pray so that the ones I have called will be released from darkness and come into the light of the knowledge of the glory of God.

Many are the ways of the unbeliever.  He tries everything to find peace and happiness.  But his life is empty and cursed.  Only in Me is there true life.  Do not copy their ways; do not conform to their pattern, but follow Me.

Received 11-30-96

Those who trust in Me will not be disappointed for I satisfy every need.  My heart reaches out to those who seek Me, who desire to know Me, who depend on Me for life and joy and strength.

The days are nearing when those who are not seeking Me will acknowledge that I am God.  Their lives will be such that they will see their need ever more clearly.  Not all will accept Me as their Savior, but many will and you will have a part in it.

Look at your hands.  I will anoint them so that those you bless will be blessed in My Name.  Be free from your cares.  Be concerned only about My affairs and not those of this world.  May your focus and energy be on the work I have called you to do.  Men will fail at times, but I will not fail you.  I will honor those who honor Me with their lips to all who come their way.

I will wipe clean your slate and give you a fresh start.  I will refresh your soul; I will renew your thoughts.  Your mind will be clear and your thoughts will dwell on Me.  Your flesh will be revived.

The days of your life will pass by.  You will see My glory. You will be amazed at what I am doing in your life.  Do not sit back and wait but enter in.  For there is much to do and you will be blessed in all that you do.  I will strengthen you to carry the load I have prepared for you.  You will not notice its weight.  My grace is sufficient for those who are called to do My will.

The grace of the Lord transforms every situation.  It’s like a covering of jewels in a bleak scene, a ray of light in gloom, and a warm sun in a cold day.  My grace provides the answer to your need.  When My grace is coupled by your faith and energized by your praises, nothing on this earth can stop you.  Just so your imagination can soar to the limits of expectations, those dreams can be reality through My grace.

Received 12-7-96

The words I speak are not My own, but the Father is speaking through Me. I have sent you the Holy Spirit who will teach you all things about Me.  He will love you just as I love you.  We will dwell with you and fill your heart with joy and peace. Think about these things.  Dwell on My presence in your life.  Think of who I AM.

Received 12-8-96

Jesus died on the cross bearing every one of our sins, not just collectively, but He was aware of each one and His love covered each one.  And He paid the price for all man’s sins.  That is why it grieves His heart when people reject His gift of salvation.

Received 12-10-96

Come to the river.  Taste its fruit.  Bask in its sunlight.  Smell its fragrance. Receive its blessings.  For your heart is in need of restoration.

I am nourishing My people to sustain them.  Think of Elijah and how I fed him and strengthened him for his journey.  So too am I building My people up.  This is the sixth day and they will need strength to sustain them through the seventh day.  I am putting in you more than you can handle in the natural so that there will be plenty to flow out of you to sustain others as well.

You will see great and marvelous displays of My power.  All who see it will be awestruck.  Those who know Me will even be amazed for they will see My glory.  Those who don’t acknowledge Me will be terrified and their hearts will melt and they will be distressed, for they will see that I am God and they will be confronted with their sins.  People will suffer but I will sustain those who are Mine.

Nothing that you rely on apart from Me will stand in that day.  Without Me you will surely fail.  Do not be concerned now, for My grace will sustain you.

I have food that you do not know of.  Your life is not sustained by what is in the natural, but My food is in you.  My food is realized as you do My will.  There is much you do not know about the realm of the spiritual.  Things that have no meaning to you have great significance in the spiritual.  In fact some of the spiritual may seem foolish and inappropriate.

Allow Me to be God.  Accept what I do in your life and embrace it.  Haven’t I always blessed you and cared for you.

Love is giving beyond measure, doing more than that, which is expected or imagined.  This is what I give My people.

Do not condemn, but love. People are imperfect, full of faults. And so are you.  Love and bless and give life.  Lift people up.  Help them experience My love.

Received 12-13-96

My joy goes beyond human description for its source is inexplicable.  It comes when things at times are not going well.  Even in tragedy there can be joy.  My joy sustains the heart.  It gives strength.  When one yields to My joy there is freedom and release.  All things become secondary.

Its companions are thanksgiving and praise.  For when your heart is filled with My joy, you will have a desire to give Me thanks and praise.  Then is My glory manifested in you.

I love those who seek after Me, who are not satisfied with just a part of Me – just a portion of My glory.

Received 12-24-96

The Word of the Lord is active.  It works in the lives of My people to accomplish My will.  It goes forth from My lips.  My zeal energizes it.  Nothing can hinder it.

My plan for your life was laid out before the foundation of the world.  I know your every thought and nothing surprises Me.

Only as you praise Me, only as you yield to My Holy Spirit is life realized.  There is a dimension in which there is life. Only a few discover it, only a few taste its fruit. There is joy unlimited.  I am showing My people what it is like to enter this dimension, so that they will hunger and thirst for more of Me. So they will not be satisfied with this world.

There will come a day for release, a day when no one will be able to resist the work of My Spirit.  He will come and overshadow My people.  You have not yet experienced, nor witnessed the power of My Spirit.  No one can stand in that power.  Do not let your mind bring doubts.  Do not predispose what you think should happen.  Be open to the work of My Spirit.

Just as the water you are drinking is clear, so the work of My Spirit is making clear your mind.  No longer will your thoughts be confused.  Expect and pray for knowledge, which comes from Me.  Believe that you have My mind.  Reach out to Me in your time of need.

As you inhale you are breathing in My Spirit.  As you exhale you are breathing out the clutter of this world, the snares of this world.  I am freeing My people.  I am purging My people from the lies of the enemy.  Nothing, nothing, nothing can separate you from My love.

Drink from My waters.  Drink and eat at My table.  Allow My body and blood to overflow into you.  Yours is the kingdom of God, but there is a price.  It’s not costly but it involves your will.  You must choose to give up and yield to My purposes.  You must let My will to be your desire.

Express My love to those around you.  May your words contain words of life.   Build others up.  Give them hope.  Help them see the good I have for them.  Help them desire what I have done in you.

Be real and vulnerable. Yet use your discernment.  If your words of life are mocked, then withhold them and give them to others who will receive them.  You will see people’s hearts be touched.  You will see walls of unbelief disappear.  They will respond to your words as never before because My Spirit will bring life and power to your words.  Even today you will see the power of My Spirit in you.

I am showing My people these truths, for the time is short and you must be prepared.  Great is the Glory, which will be displayed.

Received 12-27-96

When the day comes and the light shines, My people will radiate My Glory.  The sun will not need to shine.  The world will see the evil present.  Men will try to hide but they cannot escape.  Tell them before it’s too late.  Give them hope.

If there were time to explore My creation to discover all that I have made, you would see My love present in all that I have made.  These things are not, without purpose but I have created them to go together.

I have placed My seal on your forehead; I have touched your heart with My Spirit. Nothing can take you from Me.  I will reveal the depths of My plans for you.  You will see with your eyes the grace, which I give.  You will see Me redeem what seems to have once been ugly and disfigured and I will make it glorious and beautiful.  My creative power is not over.  With every new life I am at work.

Received 12-28-96

Taste and see that I am good.  Feast at My table.  Drink from My cup.  Be filled with new wine.  I will satisfy your desires.

Be gracious for I am full of grace to you.  Love unconditionally.  Give freely from what I have given you.  Do not withhold good from those who need it.

The time is short and you must be wise to make the best use of the time available.  If you seek Me I will reveal to you what you should do.  I have built in your life gifts and grace for others.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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