Received 1-3-97

The grace of the Lord is for everyone who receives it – for all who come to Him with a need.  His love extends beyond measure.  His treasures never cease.  A fool does not seek God and he misses out in God’s blessings.  He will die in his folly, but those who are sons of the King will receive life to the full and joy forevermore.

Put aside your misconceptions and limitations of God.  Do not think of Him as like a man.  His thoughts are far greater for He knows everything and all things have their being in Him.  Expect Him to do great things for you but seek the desires, which please Him.  Seek to be like His Son.  You are weak and you will fail but the man who trusts in God will rise and go forward, yes and he will do greater things because he dares to believe God’s word and he trusts in the love and grace and kindness of Almighty God.

A man who is wise will allow his heart to be shaped by the Master’s hands.  He will yield to discipline; he will acknowledge Him in all that he does.  There is an anointing of the Holy Spirit, which will abide in him which will empower his actions, the presence of God will overshadow him and he will walk among the living.  He will see the majesty of God and his thoughts will ever be on God.  His heart will say yes to God even before he knows what God wants him to do.  He will not compromise his walk to please man nor to please his flesh, for his spirit is yielded to the One who upholds him.

The days of his life are many and his steps are ordered by God.  He does not fear.  The joy in his heart wells up, when he thinks of God’s blessings.  He faints not at adversity, but holds ever tighter to God in whom he trusts.

When he puts his head down to sleep at night he knows that the new day before him will be full of hope.  The gladness of his heart overflows to others.  Those who are hurting are attracted to him for he touches them with the love of God.  The kindness of the Lord softens his heart to those who’s hearts are stony.  He looks beyond their hurt and sees God at work bringing them to repentance and ultimately to His pool of love which will refresh them.

His feet are shod with the readiness of the gospel and his expectations are in the promises of God.  The Shepherd leads him forward and the path before him is pleasant.  Though dangers are along the way, he is secure in the path.  His feet do not slip for the hand of the Lord is upon him.

Received 1-5-97

Today is the day of salvation, a day of blessing and life.  My love reaches out to the needy.  My love covers their sins.  I am not restrained as you might think, but I will touch the lives of many.  It is My desire that all should receive My salvation.

The power that I am releasing is for good.  It is not to be used to bring pride or to do what is sensational.  Rather it is to help the hurting and to release the captive.  This power is being given to those who have surrendered themselves to My will, so that it will be used to bring Me glory.

There is a battle being waged in the heavenlies.  It is a battle for men’s souls.  The stakes are high and the weapons that are being used are powerful.  Do not fear, but recognize this and use the tools that I have given you.  The Name of the Lord will bring down the enemy, so use My Name to release the power in the spiritual realm.

Bring forth praise from your lips.  Join in the chorus of praise and worship.  Give thanks in all you do.  For I am raising up a people of praise.  As forerunners in the battle they raise the level of faith in the people.  When you praise Me your eyes are on Me and not on what is happening to you.  There is an anointing in praise that I am gifting My people with.  It sets people free and shows them the freedom and power in praise. It gives them an escape from their burdens.  It releases My love and kindnesses.  Yield to the gift of praise.  Yes I am pleased when My people praise Me, but it is also for their benefit.  It is sometimes more beneficial to them than the gift of faith.  There is healing and life in praise.  Just as there are different tongues, there are different styles of praise and worship, these all please Me.  It is like harmony.

The wages of warfare is eternal life.  For some they may sacrifice their lives for others in this battle only to gain a sooner reward in heaven.  Do not fear and do not be deceived.  I have gifted My people for this battle.  The victory is surely Mine.

Received 1-11-97

Now is the time of salvation.  I will stretch out My hand and touch many lives.  I will call many to My fold.  It will be a day of great rejoicing in heaven as the time draws near.  The world will not notice, except that they will treat My people badly.  Still I will watch over My own and care for them.

This is a day and time for choosing – choosing to obey and do My will or merely receiving salvation.  Some will walk in great power of the Spirit as they obey.  Others will only look on as they live their own lives.  You must help them by showing them the way to go.  Help as you can and do not be discouraged.  My grace is sufficient.

Received 1-17-97

Watch and wait for the time is near.  Decide beforehand what you will do.  Will you choose to follow Me no matter what the cost? Will you stand for Me when others back away and when you are mocked and humiliated?  I will be there with you.  Do not be afraid.

Received 1-18-97

Today is the beginning of life in Christ Jesus – life to the full with the Spirit overshadowing.  The Spirit and the bride say “Come Lord Jesus”.  All that I am I have given My people.

The sins of the world are mounting.  How much longer can I withhold My judgment?  But I have compassion on the weak.  They don’t know what they are doing.  I will stretch forth My hand and bring them to Myself.  I will bring glory to Myself through them.  What is man, but My creation, My likeness?  How well do I know a man’s needs and his failings.  Only in Me will he be complete.

Received 1-26-97

Glory to God.  Praise to His Name.  Victory is His.  His love endures forever.  His people are marching with Him.  He will not be denied His prize.  The day and the hour are near, the people must be told.  No longer will one wait for the answer, for it will come before the words are still on the lips.  Saddle the horses, gird the loins, put on the armor for the battle is beginning.  The heavens are full of shouts of victory and praise.  The enemy will be defeated.

Your eyes will see and your heart will burst with joy as your Lord comes in the clouds.  Precious are those who hear and are prepared.  Jesus is Lord.  His rewards and judgments are in His hands.  His eyes are intense and His path is set before Him.  Nothing can stop Him.

His ways are not to be understood now, but soon your eyes will be opened.  How can sinful man understand a holy God?  You don’t realize how much the blood of My Son and My grace is covering you.  Nothing that you do apart from Me is righteous.

What is faith? Is it believing the impossible?  No, but it is believing in Me.  It is trusting in My power and glory and love to meet your need.  Just as you trust a close friend to respond to you when you have a need that you know they can help you with, so too can you trust in Me – only to an unlimited degree because My resources are unlimited and My faithfulness and love are true.  So when you ask from Me, don’t think about the need, but think about Me as the supply.  I may choose not to respond to your request because of what I am doing in you.  You must fully accept the answer I bring, for it is always for your good and for My glory.  Paul did not get his thorn in the flesh removed, but he glorified Me in his weaknesses and this brought him greater strength to handle other situations.  But also look at what I accomplished through Paul.  He was able to handle My glory because of his weaknesses.  He knew that the power was in Me alone.

The days of defeat are past. My tools in your hands bring victory.  The enemy is weak.  My power is great.  Let not your confidence be in yourself but only in Me.

Those I love I chastise and pare back to produce in them a jewel of greater radiance, a flower of greater loveliness, and a piece of steel of greater strength.  This brings Me glory.  Praise Me from your heart. Praise Me from your mind.  Praise Me with your words.  Praise Me with your actions. Live your life in Praise to Me as a fragrant sweet aroma, an offering worthy of a King.

You will fail, but I will lift you up.  You will be weak, but I will be strong.  You will question, but I will take away your unbelief.  All things are possible in Me.

I have paid the full price.  Your account in heaven has reserves you cannot ever exceed.  Seek My face. Come to Me often.  Come into My presence.  Lift My Name on high.

Received 2-4-97

Respond.  Believe.  Obey.  Don’t be like the fool who hears but ignores the truth.  Rather be like the man who built his house on the rock – whose faith was secure in Me.

There will be an outpouring of My glory.  Not all will recognize it, for will be in a form that only the discerning will recognize.  Do not seek that which the flesh desires, but seek to glorify Me.

I have no need of man’s help; My arm is outstretched to perform My will.  There are many ways in which I am working.  My ways have no limits.  I will do one thing here and I will do completely different things in other places.  It’s not methods I desire, but hearts that seek Me.  I love to be where My people are hungry to be in My presence, where they want to praise Me and sense My love for them.  My desire is that all of people hunger for My presence.  No longer will it be an effort for My people to gather together, but it will be a joy.  People will look forward to the time when the doors are open.  People will gather in their homes and at work to seek Me.  I am giving My people a desire to be with Me.  There is liberty in My presence.  There is healing.  All that you need is in Me.

Received 2-5-97

See the path before you with the eyes of faith.  You must trust Me in all things.  Does it please Me when you don’t need Me?  No, rather I desire My people to long for more of Me.  Just as a lover wants to be always with the one she loves, so should you want to be with Me.

I have not come to take away all of your desires for this world, but this world will not satisfy you the way I can.  The world’s joy is shallow and superficial.  It lasts but a moment and then it’s gone.  My joy is within and it brings true life.  It can’t be taken away because its basis is found in what I have done for My people and the love I have bestowed to those who seek Me.

All of My blessings to you must come in response to a measure of faith on your part.  You must believe My promises for them to become a reality.  If I were to bless you without any faith on your part, then you would be puffed up with pride as you credit your own abilities for the blessing.  However, I desire so much to bless My people that I will shower them one hundred fold beyond what their faith can imagine.  There are many blessings you are not even aware of, for I protect and guide My people.  Some of My blessings are stored up as treasures in heaven for those who are faithful and full of faith.

Received 2-7-97

If today you hear His voice, do not harden you heart but believe.  My love for you reaches from the depths of eternity, from the full extent of heaven to the smallest part of your being.  I shower you with My Spirit.  I rain My joy upon you.  I carry your weights.  I sustain you with food for your body, with healing for your hurts.

My time is near and your time has come to step out in faith on My words.  I have spoken to your heart.  I have placed My mantle on you.  Nothing can hinder you for I Am with you.  Yield to Me.  Allow Me to take control of the events of your life.  Allow Me to be your source.

Give and it shall be given you.  Give freely and lovingly.  What I give you pass on to others.  Claim nothing as your own.  As you give, I will give so that you can keep on giving.

Do not hesitate to speak of Me; for you will be amazed at the way I will bring people to you who are seeking Me.  Give them words of life and hope.  Fan the fires of hunger for Me.  Let them desire what you have.  Show them love and kindness.  You are My ambassador.  I will fill your lips with life for them.

Let your heart not be troubled, neither let it be afraid, for I am with you.  I care about you.  Lean on Me.  I will not be moved.  You can be secure in Me.  I will support you.  I will lift you up when you fall.  My grace is more than sufficient.  My supply for your needs is vast.  My resources are unlimited.  Banish concern and anxiety from your heart.  He who the Son sets free is totally free.

Received 2-10-97

A life divided cannot stand.  Mixture will detract from the purity God desires.  He has given His all for us to redeem us, to restore us to fellowship with Him.  He expects no less devotion.  Why do we seek after that which cannot satisfy?  Why do we shrink back from His presence?  It is because we know we have put ourselves ahead of the Lord and we seek to serve ourselves more than to please and glorify Him.

Undividedness is not uniformity.  There is room for diversity as we serve our Lord.  He grants gifts, which vary to lives, which vary.  There is richness in the members of His body.  There are those with needs and those to minister to those needs. There are those who have grown in maturity to help those in their first steps.  Those, whose joy abounds as they experience God for the first time, bring joy to the saint who led them into the kingdom.  The praise from lips of seekers and lovers resounds in harmony before His throne.  His truths and promises don’t change, but they are revealed in new ways to His people.  The depth of His love is unsearchable.

O for hearts, which seek after more of Me.  They will find satisfaction for their souls.  They will find joy to thrill their innermost beings.  They will never lack any good thing, for My hands are open wide to them and they feast at My table of delights.  Without measure I give them My love.

Taste and see that I am good.  Try Me and see if I will not honor My word.  Can a man believe too much?  Not, if he believes in Me.  Rest in Me; find renewed strength in Me.  Put your hope in Me.  I will not disappoint you.

Never tire in serving Me.  May your zeal for My work never fade.  Can you give too much of yourself to Me? No, not if you are obedient to My plan for your life.  For I sustain those I call and My yoke is light.  My cross is easy to bear with the grace I give, but there is a cost, a cost of dying to the cares of this life.  This world contains the source of your burdens, which weigh you down.  Repent from the lies of this world and believe the truth, which comes from Me.

Received 2-17-97

Join in the victory march.  Stand for Me and proclaim to others what I have done.  Tell others of how I have helped you.  Do not be ashamed of Me, rather trust in Me to bring to you those who want and need Me.

My power is displayed throughout the universe and My love and compassion is shown in the lives of My people.  I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy.  I will call those who are Mine.  Rejoice with Me as I draw all men to Myself.  Even a stone can be turned into something of beauty in the hands of a craftsman.

What is grace?  What is love?  Can you fully understand who I am?  Can you know all about Me?  Can you search My counsels and discover My thoughts and My ways?  These are questions for you to search for the answers.  I will reveal Myself to you, but you must have a longing heart, a humble heart, and a teachable spirit.  I will write My laws on your heart.  I will fill you with My glory.  Just as you want to find all about the girl you are falling in love with, so too should you be seeking to know all about Me.  I will reveal My self to you.  I will work in your life, so that you can experience more of My grace and love.  I will be found by you.  Receive from My storehouse the blessings and the trials, which will draw you closer to Me.  Don’t look to this world but look to Me.

Received 2-18-97

Rejoice in the Lord and take a stand to live righteously before Him.  Bow your knee and honor Him.  Lift up His name and proclaim Him as Lord.  There is no other before Him.  All things exist in Him.  He is the beginning and the end.  He is the source of life for He is life eternal.  Display the glory, wave the banners, blow the trumpets and dance before Him.

Received 2-22-97

Decide in your heart to follow Me completely, to obey no matter what the cost.  I will not ask you to do what I have not equipped you for.  My plans for your life are rich and full of My glory.  Lives will be changed and you will marvel at what you see.  Speak words of faith and life.  Let joy reign in your heart.  Give freely from what I have given you.

Received 2-23-97

Weep and mourn for the world is passing away, the people are falling into destruction.  Their hearts are stubborn and hard.  Their lips are full of deceit.  They don’t seek Me, nor do they know I exist.  The ways of this world mock their Creator.

My compassion will not fail, for I will reach out and rescue those whom I have called to Myself.  I will make a people who will call upon Me.  I will be glorified.

Do not fear though the times will be difficult and hard for those who must live through this age.  My grace will sustain you.  You will rejoice with Me as you see My hands at work.  There will be a crescendo of praise rising to My ears as My glory is displayed throughout the world.  It will clearly be My work.  No one but Myself can do what I will do.  Revelation of My word will burn in your mind as truth is revealed.  Knowledge will increase to those with a discerning heart.  O for a people who seek to know Me.  It is him whom I will bless.  His roots will go deep, his branches will spread, his leaves will break forth and the fruit will be bountiful so that many will taste and be refreshed and sustained.  My glory will not depart from such a man.

Received 2-25-97

Walk on the path that leads to life.  Choose in your heart to follow Me no matter what the cost may seem to be.  Fear will always lie to your heart to discourage you, but My love will overcome any fears you may have.  Your physical eyes will not always see the truth and your mind will not always understand.  But trust in Me and you will be rewarded greatly with blessings you cannot contain.  Your vats will overflow with new wine and the fruit of your womb will increase.

Holy is the Lord.  From the rising of the sun, to the going down of the same, His name shall be exalted.  Lift high the banners of praise.  Rejoice greatly in all that He has done.

If you are weary, come to the waters and find refreshment.  Put a garland of peace about your neck.  Walk in harmony and forgiveness with all men.  Let your battles be with the forces of spiritual darkness and not with man.  I am your avenger.  I will honor those who honor Me.

Received 2-26-97

Make a joyful triumph in the sky.  Give Me praise that’s worthy of a king and even more.  Don’t hold back your love for Me.  I will search you out.  I will confound the wicked.   I will make them foolish.  But My little ones will triumph.  Praise Me for in your praise you will gain the victory.  All the ends of the earth will break forth in praise.

Received 2-28-97

The one, who loves God, will be loved by God.  He will see the glory of God manifested in his life.  His family will be fruitful.  His days will be blessed because he dwells with his Creator.

The wicked are not so, their lives are full of trouble for God is against them.  Peace will flee from them and they will be tormented in their spirits.

Truth is to be found in Thy word.  Understanding will come to those who seek after it.  I will be found by those who desire to know Me.  I am a jealous God and I will not tolerate your idols placed before Me.  I want all of you.

Jesus is the answer for the world today.  Open up your eyes and see the harvest field.  See beyond the resistance of people to the things of God and see their need for a Savior and their fate should they remain in their unbelief.

Rejoice with Me.  Bring your sacrifices to My altar. Bring your offerings.  Come before Me with songs of life and joy.  Dwell in My presence.  Feast at My table of delights.  Why should you live alone in your hurt and despair when you can come to Me and be healed and lifted up.  There is a river whose streams flow from the throne of God.  All who drink will be refreshed.

I am calling forth a people dedicated and set apart to serve Me, to minister to Me.

Received 3-1-97

The times and seasons are nearing alignment for a time of outpouring of My Spirit says the Lord.  This day has been long awaited since the creation of the world.  It will be a day of glory and a day of wrath.  Those who know Me will rejoice, while others will flee with fear as I appear.  My sword is in My hand and My angels are preparing.  The strategy is clear; the victory has already been accomplished.

You must live differently now.  You must use what I have given you for the joy that is within you will be your weapon to defeat the enemy’s attacks, not only against you and your family, but to those who you don’t know now.  Release My joy to others.

There is now a time of favor.  My grace is being extended as never before.  I am covering the sins of unbelief in My people.  I am giving them a new heart of faith.  Receive.  Receive.  Receive.

Come to My table often. Receive from My banqueting table.  Taste and see the goodness from My storehouse.  Are not My plans for your life as fruit of heavenly delight?  For those who have a willing heart to accept My workings in their lives, it is they who will be nourished and watered.  They will receive more than they can assimilate, more than they can use themselves, so that others can receive from them.

Use your mouth to proclaim liberty and truth.

Received 3-2-97

Come to the Light.  See it is rising.  Its warmth is touching lives.  There is a peace, O what a peace, to overshadow you.  Let His love fill your hearts.  His arms are reaching out.  Come to be blessed, loved and forgiven.  Bring your hurts and cares.  Turn from your sins and be cleansed.

Do not regard anything you’ve done in your own strength as an offering.  Your works are not what I desire.  I want a submissive, humble heart.   A man cannot do what is spiritual except by the power of God.  Don’t let your pride be lifted up.  Remember who is doing the work and give Him praise.

All of what you see with your eyes is passing away, so why do you work at what means nothing?  My people are My inheritance.  They will endure.  I will bring them to My presence.  I will rejoice in their praises.

Received 3-6-97

The ones I choose will have humble hearts.  They will seek to please Me in what they do.  Their eyes will be focused on Me and not on the world.  Their joy is in serving Me wholly.  They may be weak and struggling but I can use a vessel that honors Me to accomplish great things.

The proud are not so, for their focus is on themselves.  They are concerned more about what others think of themselves than about obeying Me.  How can I use a person with a divided heart?  He can only respond partially to Me.  He may do what I ask, but he is fearful of others, so he does not reflect Me in his actions.  Rather than being eager to obey Me, they have their excuses of why they can’t.  They want to serve Me on their terms and in their timing.  They don’t want to work very hard.  They won’t give of themselves fully to the task so that it will glorify Me.  Instead it is mixed with their motives of recognition so they get praised and not Me.

Come to Me and I will help you.  I will teach you in the way you should go.  Allow Me to develop in you the heart I desire.  It may be painful. Pride does not want to go away.

Why is it so hard to obey Me?  Are the pleasures of sin so great that they surpass the satisfaction that comes from obeying Me?  Can you wait to see your reward?  Can you express your love for Me?  Can you give of yourself as a living sacrifice?

What is the value of My peace and joy to you?  The world cannot give these to you.  Is My favor something you desire?

Repent and believe.  Allow Me to shape you.  I am the potter and you are the clay.

Received 3-8-97

The ways of man are not the ways of God.  I speak to My people.  They hear My voice and they follow.   Those in the world follow people and not Me.

The workings of My Spirit will transform lives.  People become new.  Not all can receive.  I give many gifts, but not all are received.

Received 3-10-97

The days are short; the time for repentance is here.  My bride must be prepared for the celebration, which is soon to come. Cast aside your idols and ‘jewelry’ of this world.  Wash yourselves and be clean.  Humble yourselves and seek My Spirit to examine your hearts.  Allow My blood to cleanse you and wash away your sins.

O what a celebration is planned.  There will be singing and dancing.  There will be heavenly food from the tree of life.  My love will be poured out and joy will fill every heart.  Cares will be forgotten.  How proud I am of My bride.  What a gift My Father has given Me.

Rejoice in your heart.  Allow your spirit to be renewed by My Spirit.  Receive all that I have for you.  Let your arms and your feet be strengthened for the work I have for you.  Open your ears to the voice of My Spirit.  Bring forth praise from your lips.  Drink deeply from My word.  May your thoughts dwell on Me.  May your heart be filled with My love and compassion.  May your thoughts be pure, devoted to Me.  Your hands will bless and not strike.

Received 3-12-97

Let the day begin.  I am pouring out My Holy Spirit. I am touching My people with power and grace.  Power will be displayed in them and through them.  My grace will work within them to transform them into My image and character.  None of My people will not be touched by this outpouring of power and grace.

When I said I would pour out My Spirit on all flesh – those who believe will be renewed; those who don’t believe will be convicted.

Received 3-19-97

Now is the time to rejoice as My Spirit is being poured out.  I will send Him in power and joy.  I will display My glory in My people.  Their love for Me will increase so much that they will not be able to contain it within themselves.  Rather it will overflow to My people and to the lost to show the world My love.

There is no lack of resources for My people because My storehouse is well stocked with gifts and blessings.  This day will herald the outpouring of My blessings on My people.  I will touch those who are hurting and I will restore what has been withheld from them.

Come to Me as a child full of faith.  Seek Me with all of your heart, mind and strength.  Make this your purpose to do My will.  Open your ears to hear the voice of My Spirit, then follow Him.  Do not be concerned, for the things of this world for they are fading away.  All that I have is yours.  Do not be jealous of others who seem to be touched more by My presence, rather seek Me all the more and rejoice in what I am doing.  Encourage, bless, love, exhort, defend, and uphold in prayer My people.  Let this be your aim, to bless all who you meet. Let your love be genuine.  You are not doing this mechanically as a good work, but you are an extension of My hands reaching out.  Give Me the glory.  Let your mouths be full of praise. Banish criticism from your lips.  Remember the persecution and shame I received at the hands of men.  You also will see this, but rejoice for I am with you.

Received 3-21-97

Let joy fill your heart.  Be at peace.  Rest in Me.  I love you.   I won’t reveal everything to you now, for I want you to train yourself to listen and respond in every situation you face.  If you grieve over people who don’t want Me, it is because I am grieving too.  I can only do what you allow Me to do in you.  Trust the prompting of your heart.

Received 3-25-97

When the days of man have ended, when the times of kings have spent, then My glory will be revealed to all of mankind.  I will display My hand and show My power.  All will kneel before Me, from the least to the greatest.  They will be speechless before Me, for they will have no arguments or excuses.  Their lives will be laid bare for all to see.

The joy of the Lord shall be your strength.  Nothing shall remove My love from you.  You shall walk confidently before men as My power resides in you.  Your faith will remain secure as tied to a rock of immense size.

Received 3-30-97

The days of My coming are near.  There will be great disturbances in the skies.  People will faint with fear.  It will seem as if the earth is being precariously held in balance.  Your eyes will see My glory displayed.  I will shower My love and grace on My people.  They will shine. Those who are seeking will see and take notice.

Let your focus and attention always be on Me.  Meditate on My words.  Think about what I have done.  May your lips be full of praise to Me.  Receive of My Spirit.  Let Him be your teacher.  He will reveal hidden truths to you.  He will expose your weaknesses so you can bring them to Me for cleansing and healing.  His power will anoint you to be My hands of blessing, to be My spoken words of life to others.  Receive and give away.  Sow to the kingdom of God and you will reap eternal blessings.

Be real and transparent to others.  Always recognize Me as the source of your strength.  You will be used mightily, but it is for My glory.

Faith comes by hearing My words of truth.  Allow your mind to learn My truths and turn from the vain and futile ideas of this world.  There is no life in them.  Even the best of man’s ideas for good are only weak copies of My truth.

My grace is sufficient. My love sustains.  My joy refreshes. My peace calms.  Rest in these truths.  Let your heart find its rest in Me.

Received 4-2-97

Jesus loves me this I know for the bible tells me so.  He’s there for me in every need and situation.  Love is His calling card and grace is His gift.  How much does He love – if we could only receive it all.  Allow My love to penetrate your stony heart.  Renew your mind in My word.  Be a changed person, a vessel that is prepared and available.  Choose to follow Me over everything else.  You don’t have to do everything others are doing even if it is things of Me.  I have a place for each of My people.  Receive.

Received 4-4-97

The joy that I bring is everlasting.  It can’t be taken away. It saturates the heart.  It wells up from within.  It triumphs over worry and despair.  It gives peace to the soul.  It seems foolish to the unbeliever because it shines forth when things are not going well always.  It is centered in our knowledge of the Lord and what He has done.

Rescue the weak.  Help those in need.  Don’t be selfish with what I have given you.  One day you must give an account for what I have given you.

My love is overwhelming.  It graces those who are Mine.

Received 4-7-97

The voice of victory is in the air, a message of triumph over My enemies.  Nothing can defeat you now.  Rest in My victory.

The pain and tears people experience is sometimes necessary to cleanse the soul of self, to make a way for My glory to be displayed.  Do not harden your heart against Me but turn your mourning into tears of joy.  Weep with those who weep.  Mourn with those who mourn.

May grace come to those who seek Me.  They will find the source for their need.  Their strength will be renewed in Me.  My power will be displayed so that My glory will be evident to all.

Watch and pray for the time is near.  Set your focus and attention on Me.  Remove distractions from your mind and life.  May your energies be given over to My work in you.  Nurture those in your care as if their lives depended on your every word and action.  Many will take notice of a life that is dedicated to the singleness of your life.  Let not your heart follow the impulses of your flesh for if you do you will sense heaviness.  Rather follow the leading of My Spirit and you will experience release and freedom and joy.  You will recognize the leading of My Spirit for you will know that what you will do will further the kingdom of God.  You will know that others will be blessed.

Lift up the hands that are weak.  Come beside those who need direction and help.  Show people the way to victory.  Do not push, but lead and encourage.  Remember that you did not change over night.  Remember the resistance and the unbelief you displayed to My will.  Give My grace.  Speak words of life and allow My Spirit to speak to their hearts.

Received 4-15-97

Glorious is the Lord.  His majesty reigns over all.  All peoples will fall down before Him to give their praise, worship and submission. His train of His robe sparkles with all manner of jewels.  His eyes sparkle and penetrate every man’s hearts.  His lips bring forth commands of love.  Mighty is the strength of His arm.  In all His power there is also humility and grace and compassion and tenderness, kindness and love.  For those who resist Him, they see only His sword.  For those who love Him, they see His hands of blessing and healing.  All peoples surround the throne in constant praise.  No one is distracted.  All eyes are on Him. Blessed is the man whose eyes behold His majesty.  Their hearts are filled to overflowing with joy and love.  There is no need in His presence.  All other things are meaningless in His presence.

Many are the ways of man. His eyes flit to and fro.  His feet are constantly taking him from one place to the next.  His eyes are never satisfied.  His heart is empty so he tries to fill it in any way he can.  He dies in frustration and in agony.  The horror of the moment overtakes him as he sees his fate.  Though he cries out he falls into the abyss.

Rescue those who are doomed in their sins of unbelief.  Penetrate their hearts with My words of life.  Give the gift of life to them.  My words will go forth from your lips to penetrate, to spring forth life to their innermost being.  The seed of immortality is sown.  My Spirit is working, drawing many to Me.  He never tires but rejoices in the fruit of His labors.  All that He does brings success for He does the will of the Father.  No one can resist the love of the Father.  No one.

Received 4-19-97

I am stretching out My arm.  I am reaching out to My people to bless them.  My ways are not your ways.  I will do what I need to do to bring My people closer to Me in fellowship.  A trial can test what is in a man.  He can run to Me and learn or he can resist My work and suffer with no gain.

Walk in the path I have placed before you.  Do not be discouraged but walk in faith.  Allow My grace to overshadow you.  In quiet fellowship with Me will you find strength.  You do matter to Me.  I have created you and you are Mine.  I am at work in you so that your life will please Me – so that I will be glorified.  The angels rejoice with Me as you praise Me, as you realize the truths of My word, as you love one another, as you become more and more like Me.  There is no gain in failure unless you learn from it so that the next time you will be strong in Me and won’t fall again.

Received 4-22-97

Now is the time of salvation.  My people need to respond to the voice of My Spirit for He is crying out to the lost and they are responding, but they need someone to come to them to show them the way.

Received 4-25-97

Arise and sing the praises to your God.  He will lift you up and strengthen your arms and feet.  Before you is a field of men that are ready, just as ready as you were when it was your time to come to Me.  Why do you hesitate?  Run to the battles and be swift to do so, for the victory is yours.

Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised.  He has brought peace to all men and reconciled them to Himself.  He has made a people to reach out to Him in their times of need. He has delivered them and rescued them from the snares of the enemy.  Now He has raised them up to be with Him in the throne room.

Search your hearts.  Consider your ways.  What is your life but a short span.  Who is the One who has shed His blood to save you from destruction?

Received 4-26-97

Give of your life and you will receive.  Sow to the Spirit and you will reap spiritual blessings.  My grace will fill you with measures of blessings, coverings, protection, deliverance, healings and joy.  Why are you holding back?  Is there anything I will withhold from My people?  No, it is My people who are withholding their devotion and obedience to Me.  Repent and believe.  My love is like the love of a parent.  It never ceases no matter what the child does.  When the child cries out, the parent is there.

Received 5-3-97

This is the day of a great outpouring of My Spirit.  Just as life is given from My breath so too is a renewed life is given as I breathe upon My people.

Received 5-5-97

A flower is growing, a rose of Sharon, a lily of the valley.  It will spread in beauty to the utmost parts of the earth.  People will look on and be refreshed by its splendor.  Its fragrance will penetrate the stony hearts and they will respond.

Come learn a lesson from the fig tree.  Do you see fruit in its branches?  Are people bearing fruit, as they should?  What kind of fruit are they producing?  Will not the gardener prune back the branches so they will be more fruitful?  Won’t He lop off the dead branches?  Won’t He water and fertilize the plant so that everything is right for a large harvest of fruit?

Received 5-7-97

The days of the harvest are upon you.  The fields are ripe for the greatest ingathering of the church.  Everyone will be an evangelist.  This will be a time of great evil, but the ones I have chosen will come into the kingdom.  There will be a clear distinction between My people and the world.  This will be true all over the world.

You will be hated on My account.  Do not be afraid for I am with you.

Strengthen your arms and put on the armor for the battle is being joined for people’s lives.  Pray them into the kingdom.  Battle back the enemy from them.  Bring confusion into his ranks.

Received 5-14-97

Just as you received revelation and knowledge and wisdom to do your tasks for work, so will My people even more be given direction as to what they are to do for Me.  Does this not make sense that My people should know all that they need to know to go forward to do My will?  Why would I want My people to be ignorant of My plans?  No, I will reveal My thoughts and desires and I will raise up prophets and leaders who will give guidance to My people.  The prophecies in the old testament may seem vague in their meaning but they will become clear as the days of fulfillment occur.  I am the teacher and the source of all wisdom and knowledge.

Received 5-26-97

This is a day of discernment, of looking unto Me for understanding and wisdom, a time of seeking Me with all your heart.  Soon there will be not enough time and you will need to be prepared ahead of time.  Do you know what I am calling you to do?  Do you know your place?

Allow My Spirit to flood you with knowledge of the times.  Study My word and seek understanding.

Received 6-3-97

The day is near: a time of great rejoicing and a time of restoration and healing.  My people will be blessed beyond their expectations.  The wicked will take notice and hide for they realize their doom is near.

Are you waiting for My bride to be ready?  I tell you she will be ready for I will touch My people with grace so that they will be like Me before the Father.  No one will have any basis for boasting except in what I have done.  Be faithful in what I have called you to do.

My people will rejoice and be glad in that day.  It will be evident to all that their hope will soon be fulfilled.  Do not be concerned about this world for it is failing.  All the efforts of good men will be for naught for the corruption of men’s hearts will cause this world to fail.  Only in Me will there be blessing.  Put your efforts where they will reap eternal rewards.  Set your heart to please Me in all that you do.  See it will not be a burden but a joy.

Received 6-7-97

All day long I stretch out My hands to an obstinate and stubborn people who refuse to accept My grace and love.  What will open up their eyes?  Why are they so closed to Me?

Received 6-9-97

Come listen to the voice of the Most High.  Come into His presence and bow down. Kneel before your King.  I will bring victory on the earth and vengeance for My name and My glory.  The people of this world will be dismayed.  All of their hopes will be crushed.  Their strength will fail.

In their panic they will seek out My people for instruction.  They will ask how to find Me.  The wages of their sins will cause them to fail.  They will seek Me but it will be too late.  My ears will be stopped up.  They have wearied Me with their arrogance and now their punishment is due.

Do not be afraid though the elements will fail.  The earth will be in labor and anguish.  Man will be helpless.  But My hand will be upon My people to protect them and to guide them.  All those who seek Me now with an open heart will be found by Me. There will come a day when it will be too late.

Rescue the hands of those who are falling down.  Rescue them and bring them to Me.

Received 6-10-97

The Lord reigns!  Let the people rejoice.  Victory is in My right hand.  Rewards are in My left.  Who can stand before Me?  Where is My equal?  There is none.

Rejoice O barren one for the times will be difficult.

Received 6-18-97

Life is a gift from My hand.  Choices are made by man and these affect his life.  The best choice is to love and follow Me.  Then you will discover true life.  O that My people would cry out to Me. Why do they ignore Me?  Why do they rebel against Me?

When you seek Me with all of your heart and purpose to do My will, then I will be found by you.  I will open your eyes to My spiritual truths.  I will allow you to see My glory.  Then how full and rich your life will be.

You are asking what it means to seek Me with all of your heart.  I know your heart so I will know when you are truly seeking Me.  I will know when you will respond when I reveal Myself to you.  What would you pay to see a glimpse of My glory?  How far would you travel if you knew you could see Me?  Yes I am revealed in the scriptures.  Yes I can be felt as you worship Me.  Is it enough for you to sense My presence?  How long does that sustain you?  Are you changed when you see Me?  You can never get too much of Me.  Mary chose the better part to sit in My presence.  She could have served Me as Martha did.  Who showed more love for Me?

What is your choice?  What means more to you – to know and experience Me or to live your life to please yourself?  What will last in your life when all that you can see is burned with fire?  The pleasure of sin is temporary and shallow and its end is death.  Even if you do not overtly sin are you still in sin if you do not seek Me with all of your heart?  Are you missing the mark?

Do not be condemned but come to Me.  I am a gracious and loving God.  I will forgive your sins and heal you.  I will give you a new heart that seeks Me.  Receive from My hand true life.

Received 6-25-97

The cup of blessing that I give never runs dry.  It is full of goodness and life.  All who come to Me receive this cup.  Their hearts are healed and renewed.  Their burdens lifted.  No longer are they alone for I am with them.  My Spirit guides them into all truth.  They receive joy and peace from My hand.  My right arm is their shield and protection.

Received 7-6-97

The way of the wicked is hard, but the blessings of the righteous, never disappoints. Believe in Me and My words, for in this you will gain much wisdom and truth. You will know how to live and what to speak.  You will be a source of life to those around you.

Your thoughts from your mind are not as reliable as what comes from your spirit.  For your desires are carnal and what you think will be colored by those carnal desires.  But the spirit is energized by My Spirit and it recognizes the truth that only comes from Me.  Decide to follow Me and to obey Me.

Received 7-9-97

The Lord gives and the Lord takes away.  Blessed be the name of the Lord.  This is a day of trial and testing.  My people are being refined and purified.  Nothing will satisfy unless it comes from My hand.  People will be frustrated as they seek the pleasures of this world.  You are not to be as one of them. No your joy is to be in Me.  I will be the source of inner joy and peace.  I will sustain you.

Rejoice and be glad in Me.  Let your praises ring out.  This will be a release to you.

Received 7-17-97

The days of the beginning are here – right at the door. Open your eyes and see.  Proclaim the good news that I am alive and that I will come.  Watch and pray.  Just as I asked My disciples to watch and pray in the garden so you too should watch and pray for the time is short and temptations will increase.

Do not be discouraged but rejoice in Me. For therein will your strength be.  Rejoice and be glad for your redemption is near and the hope of your heart will soon be satisfied.

Received 7-21-97

Joy is the flag. Peace is the anchor.  Love is the foundation.  Let your strength come from Me.

Don’t compare yourselves to one another, but look to Me.  Allow Me to work out My plan for your life.  Everyone has a place in My body.  Allow Me to shape you.  Just as you are pleased with the work of your hands, so too am I pleased to create a person who pleases Me by yielding to My hands.  How do you yield to Me, by saying yes, by obeying My commands.

Those who seek Me will see more.  Their eyes will be opened as I reveal Myself to them.  It will not be easy, for to truly see Me you must see Me in both good and bad times for I am there with you in both.  Others will be attracted to you for they will see Me in you.

Received 7-28-97

Come to the waters and drink deeply.  Taste the goodness of My Spirit.  You will discover the depth of the love and blessings planned for you from the foundation of the world.  There is no shortage of blessing reserved for you.  Your hearts will be full of joy in My presence.  Live as if this was a reality for you even now.  Come and drink and be refreshed.  Don’t allow this world to darken the light of revelation given to you.

Received 8-10-97

When the waters rise, I will be there. When the storms come, I will be there.  I do not leave My people, I am there for them in their times of need.  I protect them and heal their hurts.  I comfort them.

Received 8-13-97

My joy holds no bounds as I gaze upon my King.  He is exalted above all else.  He is mighty and powerful.  All glory and honor belong to Him.  He laid down His life for mankind.  He suffered on our behalf.  Now God has raised Him up to the highest position.

He loves like no other.  He is full of mercy and grace.  His arm stretches out to rescue those in need.  He understands who we are for He became a man.  He blesses us when we don’t deserve it.  He forgives our sins.  He empowers us with His Spirit.

Received 8-15-97

Come to Me all who labor and I will give you rest.  I will refresh you and give you strength and renewed zeal for the work of ministry.  I will empower your thoughts and words so that My will may be accomplished in your life.  Drink from the well of living water.  Do not be satisfied with what the world offers, but spend time in My presence and you will be blessed.

If you are tired of serving Me, then are you doing it in your own strength?  Are you bathing your efforts in prayer?  Are you listening to the voice of My Spirit?  Are your ways man’s ways and programs?  Look at Paul, did he not proclaim My word in power and that power was not from him self, but from Me?

The wages of sin is death.  The wages of man’s efforts apart from Me is wood, hay and stubble.

What is the standard you would establish if you knew I would examine your work?  Is it not perfection?  Can you do that in your own strength?  Then why do work without calling upon Me?

I am a loving God, full of grace and mercy.  I am slow to anger.

Received 8-25-97

Rejoice and come to Me and I will give you rest for your souls.  I will fill you with loving kindness and grace.  Your eyes will be opened to the truth and your heart will be softened.  No longer will you respond like the ungodly in their hatred and deceit.

Speak with love.  Give freely with your lips words of life.  May others want to be with you because they will be lifted up by your words.  Let your joy over flow to others.

Received 8-26-97

The days of the harvest are here.  Men will see their sin as never before.  They will look for godly men and they will observe how they live.  They won’t be looking to bring derision and discredit to Christians as they once would do, but now it will be that they want to see if what you have is real.  They are looking for fruit.  Are you being attractive?  Are you being real and consistent in your walk?  Do people see Me in you?  People are watching you as never before.  Be ready to give an answer to the hope that lies within you.  Be ready in season and out of season.

There is a path of righteousness before you – walk in it.  You will have choices to make – choose to follow Me.  Look beyond the immediate situation and see what I am doing, then you will know what to do.  You eyes will be opened as never before to see into the spiritual realm.  Do not let your heart be troubled at what you see for there is a battle going on for men and women.  People are not the same from a spiritual perspective.  One is either black or white – darkness or light.  Do battle and remove the hard crusts around men’s hearts.  Strip away the scales over men’s eyes.  Break the chains of bondage over their lives.  No matter what a person seems to be on the outside, the inner man, the heart reveals who the person is.  Blessed is the man whose heart longs for Me.

Received 9-1-97

The days are near.  Open up your heart.  I will give to My loved ones in their sleep so they will see that it is from Me and not of their own efforts or thinking.  Rejoice with Me.  The angels of God are excited and busy.  The preparations are being made.

The ways of man are foolish.  I will show them the extent of their folly.  Their plans will fail.  I will bring disgrace to the proud and haughty.  I will allow evil to multiply and their efforts to control its spread will be ineffective.  I will cause men to dream up foolish plans to waste money.  There will be new diseases, which will be unstoppable.  The media and the government will deceive the people.  They will not see the full extent of man’s folly.

Even so My people will shine as the Son.  They will see miracles as never before as My power is displayed.  But the world will not notice.  Only those whom I have called will see.  Only those, whose hearts are soft toward Me will find Me.  How great will be the differences between My people and those who refuse to acknowledge Me.  I will not be mocked and I will expose those who say they are Mine but they are not.  Some will repent but others will find calamity and disgrace following them.

The workers are few in My fields yet there is much to do.  Pray that your efforts are multiplied by My Spirit.  Ask Me to do what you cannot do.  Even if you can do it, ask Me and see that I will do even more than you ask.  Remember your love for Me and do not forget what I have done for you.  Keep your heart humble and teachable and willing to obey before Me.  Weep and mourn for the condition of men’s souls and I will have compassion and mercy on them.  Do not regard yourselves as better than they, but remember that you were in their position and it was My grace that saved you.

Received 9-6-97

There is much to do, but you can’t do it.  Only I can do it. You can help Me, but you can’t do it alone.  Stop trying to do it in your strength.  Rely on Me.  See what I am doing.  Ask Me what I want you to do, and then do it with all your heart.

Received 9-15-97

Now is the day.  Today is the time.  You can wait no longer to respond to Me.  Allow your heart and mind to yield to Me.  Let Me take your burdens.  Give them to Me and don’t take them back.  Put your trust in Me as one who can and will do what is needed.  See; even now you realize that I can do this.  So why do you hesitate?

Received 9-23-97

Respond to Me.  Obey Me.  Honor Me.  Let your faith grow, as you trust in Me to perform My words to you.  I do not manipulate My people, nor am I manipulated by their prayers.  Rather I respond to them in love, graciously meeting their needs as they come to Me.  I look beyond their faults and see their true needs.  It is not for you to judge or to compare yourself to others.  Let them live and be judged by Me for their own actions and thoughts.  Do I not see and know all? Will I not judge rightly?  Who are you to judge with your limited knowledge and wisdom?

Received 10-3-97

Throw yourself on Me as a child trustingly jumps into the arms of his father.  Let all your cares be Mine.  Release them to Me and be at peace.

Received 10-5-97

The day comes.  It comes quietly and many are caught unprepared.  They don’t recognize their condition.  They are ashamed before Me.  O that they would find Me earlier and repent, then I would touch them and heal them.  But they are too proud.  They don’t want Me.  They mock Me and hide from Me in their hearts.  Reach out and plant My seeds so their hard soil will be penetrated.  They will not receive what you say at first, but My words through you will not lose their power for I will energize them by My Spirit.

Humble yourselves before Me.  Turn from your earthly pursuits.  Wash yourself with My Word and remove the stains of the world from your thinking and life.  You say Christianity is a relationship with Me, yet where are you?  You won’t open your heart to respond to Me in obedience.  Your ears are stopped up.  You half-heartedly squeeze time for Me and when you come to Me you don’t listen.  Your mind is full of other thoughts.

Yes humble yourselves before Me and I will heal you.  I am not angry with you, but sad because I have so much to say to you.  My hands reach out to hold you.  Can you feel My tender love?  Even if a person is angry, he cannot resist love when a person holds the other tenderly and refuses to stop loving.  The walls fall down by the power of My love.

If you were to draw a line, which represented following Me, where would you place yourself?  Would your walk with Me follow this line?  Did you draw a straight line?  Did you draw a horizontal or a vertical line?  Do you know the pathway for your life?  This line can only be seen in retrospection for you must look ahead with eyes of faith.  You learn from the past and how I guided you before, seek Me afresh to find out what I have for you.  Yesterday’s manna is gone.  Today you must gather up manna to sustain you and that manna is found only in Me.

Your life is only a mere breath when seen in the light of eternity. How should you then live?

See the woman caught in adultery in My Word (John 8).  See how I treated her.  See how her accusers acted.  Do you bring judgment upon others like they did?  Do you judge and compare yourself with others to make yourself look good in your own eyes?  Do you ignore your own sinfulness and My grace, which has rescued you?  How did the woman respond to Me?  Humble yourself before Me, then you will not be so quick to bring judgment.  Then you will respond with grace and mercy.  My ways are not the ways of this world.  I am light and not darkness.  You must repent and change your thinking if you want to truly be My disciples.  If you follow Me you will walk in My light.  Others will see and take notice.  It will not be your words spoken about Me, but your words of love rather than judgment that they will notice.

Yes, I will judge their lives and they must give account.  But you are not to judge for My Spirit is working to point out their sin.  He knows much more than you do how to bring them to Me.  If you love, you will be sons of My Father for He is love.

Received 10-10-97

Jesus is the answer the people of this world are seeking.  They don’t know Him, but they know their need for Him.

Just as the rain gently falls down, so My love and grace are continually being poured out.  Open your heart to receive from Me.  Have an expectant heart – one who expects to receive – a heart full of faith in Me.  Do not expect Me to always bless you in the same way as before, but be open to the new ways I will bring.  Look for My hand to be at work in all situations you encounter.  Would you expect anything less from the God of the Universe?  No, I am mighty.  May the praise from your lips rise to Me as the sweet odor of incense, which lingers in the air.  May your hearts be in tune with the voice of My Spirit.

Rejoice with Me and be glad for the Day of My return is near, right at the door.  Do not focus on the past, but look forward.  The past is over and what you have done will be weighed.  But now is the time to do new things for Me.  I will stretch you beyond your limits so that you must trust in Me fully.  I will not leave you alone, but you will see that nothing can be done apart from My power.  Your eyes will see Me at work.  My arms will reach out to many through you, even this day.

Received 10-14-97

What shall I say about this day?  What will bring you to Me more completely?  Shall I call you home to be with Me forever or shall I just manifest My presence in your life?  Are you willing to die to yourself, so that I might live more prominently in you?  For only one of us can be in charge of your life.  Right now we are taking turns, with you being mostly in control.  I understand your weaknesses and I will extend My grace, so that you can release more of your life to Me.  Do not be afraid, but put your trust in Me.  Have I ever failed you?  No, I have let you fall so that you would cry out to Me, but I was there to lift you up out of your despair.

I am calling you to worship Me with all of your being.  When you rise, praise Me.  When you work, praise Me.  When you speak, praise Me.  In all that you do, praise Me.  If you can so completely fill your mind with thoughts of praise to Me, then there will be no room left for worry or fear. Would that be good for you?  Is that what you want?  Even if it is not, it is what I desire from you.

Received 10-18-97

Come to Me as a child with joy and laughter.  Allow Me to hold you and show love to you.  Give Me your cares and hurts and let Me meet your needs.  Trust in Me and I will sustain you.  Allow My grace to replace your anxiety.  Believe that I will provide for you.  You cannot be a help to others, if you are so much in need yourself.  Still, do not focus on your needs alone, or you will not find the help from Me.  See by faith, the answers to your prayers.  Think and meditate on how I will bring the answer, but don’t put Me in a box, for I will do what is best in My eyes and this may not be the same as what you expect.  Meditate on how great My love is toward you.  Ponder My greatness and power, then your needs will seem small.

Today, as never before, am I stretching My people in prayer.  This is to prepare them for the times ahead when they will need to be close to Me.  You are a chosen and blessed generation to usher in My kingdom.  You will see what others have longed to see.  Still, this will be with a cost; a cost for some of their very lives as the battle is waged between the forces of the enemy and My people.  Do not hold your life in this world as dear.  Rather, lay down your lives for Me, then you will find true life.

Humble yourself before Me.  Remember your place and how I have rescued you.  Do not take what I do through you as from yourself.  Do not use My grace working in you as a righteousness that you have achieved by your own efforts.  Nothing you have is from your own efforts.  This is a hard thing to realize, for your pride says otherwise. Your every breath is from Me!

Received 10-25-97

I have sustained you and I will sustain you again.  I will lift you up above your enemies.  I will be the one who rescues you. But you must come to Me in earnest prayer.  You must seek My face for wisdom.  You must humble yourself before Me, for I am your God.

Lift up your heart to Me.  Let your mind focus on My Word.  Those who seek Me, will find Me and I will come into their presence.  I will reveal My nature to those who are willing to live according to My Word.  Be gentle and humble to those around you.  Let love be your guide and weapon.  Yes, love can be a weapon to disarm the evil.

Received 10-27-97

They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength.  I am mighty and My strength is not diminished.  I will come to you in your time of trouble and I will rescue you.  I will be your shield.  Yes, wait upon Me and stop your striving.  Seek My will and wisdom and you will again be on the path for your life with a renewed sense of My presence.  You will see victory before you, as your enemies are defeated.  Put your trust in Me and not in your own ability nor in the strength of others.

The time is near, the day is at hand.  I will come in glory to take My bride to be with Me forever.  Comfort My people with these words.

Received 10-28-97

What is it that satisfies a man but the knowledge of his God?  Who can find rest in his soul except in the presence of his Redeemer?  Be at peace.  Find rest and quiet for your heart.  My Spirit will refresh the weary soul.  Come to Me and be filled.  Drink deeply from the well of living water.

Received 10-30-97

Live to please Me and to do My will.  Not all will be able to respond fully to this call for their lives, but I will give grace.  Even those who seem to be selfish can still fulfill this command at times in their lives as I touch them.  You will do well to die to yourself and your selfish desires, so that you will be free to follow Me.

Walls are falling that are really not walls, but are misunderstandings.  As I draw My people together to praise Me and to serve My body, they will learn to love each other.  I do not have a divided church from My perspective.  Rather it is working to accomplish My will.  Do not focus on what people are doing wrong from your point of view.  Instead think of Me.  Am I not capable of correcting My people?  Can I not work in their lives; just I am working in your life, to make what is beautiful in My sight?

Received 11-1-97

The joy of the Lord is your strength.  You shall run upon a wall and you will continue over the top.  Nothing will hinder you as you do My will.  Your eyes will see the path before you open wide and your enemies fall back.  You will take back what the enemy has robbed My people.  You will discover the source of your strength.

Come bow down before Me.  Humble yourself in My presence.  Recognize who I am and give Me praise and honor.  Who has rescued you from darkness and sin?  Who has given you power and grace?  Who has shown you love and mercy?  Who is your Creator?  You will do well to meditate on these things.

Received 11-2-97

Now will you listen to the words I am bringing?  Will you harden your heart or will you trust Me and say yes and amen? Will your thoughts be focused on Me or will you be like the waves of the sea, tossed by the wind?  O, for a people who will have ears to hear!

I will not withhold any good thing from My people.  My gifts are endless and My power at work in them has no limits. Discover from My revealed Word the truths that lead to life and godliness.  Allow My Spirit to fill you with joy and peace and light.  My love never ceases to reach out to the lost and hurting.  Will you be a vessel of love to these people?  Do not hold back what I have given you.

My presence is with you at all times.  My glory is being revealed to your spirit.  Give Me praise and see Me.  Open your heart wide and trust Me as if you were a young child with her loving mother or father.  If you can believe in the words of a man, how much more should you believe in My words.

What you are seeing and experiencing is the decay of sinful man.  Left to his own devices, man will self-destruct.  He will wallow in his sin and pride.  As he is falling into the pit, he is boasting in his heart.  Creation is groaning.  He is unaware of his condition for he has hardened his heart and mind beyond redemption.  Do not be sucked into their ways, but be like Me and show them what life is all about.  You are My ambassadors.  As imperfect as you are, you are still a bright beacon in this dark world.  Respond to My words and your light will be brighter still.  Rescue those who are perishing.  Forcefully take them back from the jaws of the enemy.  Bind up their wounds with My words.

Wash your garments.  Remove the filth of this world from your bodies.  Put on My righteousness.  Purge the sin and unbelief from your lives.  Come before Me as a vessel prepared for service for a king.  Do not be casual about this, but make this a daily practice.  Do not cheapen the grace I give, but respond with a life of holiness and purity.  Prepare yourselves to come into My presence in worship.  Not only on Sunday, but also on every day of the week and every hour of the day.  Allow Me to expose your sin, then you will be clean as My forgiveness and grace covers you.  In your weakness, I will be strong.

Received 11-4-97

Love is My very essence.  I shower My love on My people.  There is little in this world that comes close to being the same as My love.  A parent’s love, a lover’s love, a patriot’s love, whatever love you could name, these are but shadows of the kind of love I give.  Look at My Son and examine His life.  Discover if you can, the love He displayed.  Then try to live your life in love as He did.  Love is sacrificial, love does not seek its own reward, love is giving, love is gracious and forbearing, love is hating sin and its effects, love is saying yes when others say no to the need that can’t be met by man alone – all of this and more is love.  Love softens the hardest of hearts.  It eases the pain of loss.  No one can resist My love when I touch them.  My love toward you doesn’t stop at the cross, but it is new every day in your life to meet your needs.  Bask in it and draw strength from it.

Received 11-20-97

I am the God that healeth thee.  I am your provider.  I will be with you in every situation.  Look to Me and find help.  Why should you continue to struggle in your own strength, when you could come to Me and I would meet your needs?

The days are near for the world to see My hand at work.  People who know Me will see and understand.  Those who don’t know Me will be afraid.  They will be confronted by their sin and unbelief for My people will stand like beacons of light.

You will be a cup of blessing to others in need.  Your hands will reach out to them.  I will replenish your storehouse as you give.  Allow Me to guide you in what you do.  Be willing to say yes to people’s needs, but seek My face so that you will know how to respond.

Your family will be blessed as never before.  They will also learn from Me and discover the love and joy I have for them.  Cover them in prayer.

Received 11-24-97

One will put a thousand to flight and two will cause ten thousand to flee.  My hand is upon you to guide you and give you strength.  My work in you will not be completed until the day I call you home to be with Me.  You may reach different levels of maturity in your faith, but I will always be stretching you so that your faith will grow even more.  Continue to say yes and believe Me when I speak.  The doors will be opened for you as you believe in Me and My words.   This day will bring forth both promise and hope.  Have expectancy in your heart that I am continually at work in your life to bring about My purposes.  Every situation you encounter is designed by Me to fulfill My plans for you.  Yes, even the work of the enemy has its purpose; otherwise I would have bound him up long ago.

Received 12-3-97

Peace and safety are for those who trust in Me.  I will be their refuge.  I will sustain them and lift their weary hands.  I will lead them to a quiet place where they can find rest for their souls.

Received 12-6-97

Bring life to My people.  Tell them of My love for them.  Open up their eyes to the understanding of My presence in their lives and what I want to do for them.  My hands are reaching out to bless and comfort My people.  I will fill them with My joy and peace.  No longer will they say, “where is God?” for they will experience My presence with them as never before.

Where are those who seek after Me, who hunger for My word.  Let them come to Me and find rest.  Do not compare yourselves one to another for I am working in different ways in each of you.  I have different plans for each of you.  Rather encourage each other and pray for one another that My will might be done to its full completion until the day when I return.  Do not grow weary in doing good for in this you will be blessed.  Do not hold on to what is really not yours, but give it to others in their need.  If your supply matches their need, then give it freely and you will be blessed.  The night is approaching, so do your good deeds while it is still day.

Received 12-10-97

The days will soon pass and you will look back and be amazed at what I have done in your life.  You will see changes that you would have never thought to be possible.  It will be almost as though you were a different person.  That is what I am doing in My people.  I am preparing them to be with Me. I will take away their hurts. I will forgive their sins.  I will make them in My image and likeness.  I will give them new hearts.  I will pour out My Spirit and transform them beyond human ability.

Are you willing to follow in My steps?  Are you willing to change?  Do you trust Me with your life?  Do you trust Me for your future?

Received 12-25-97

Be still and know that I am God.  Come and listen to My voice.  Do My words of love bring you comfort?  Can you love unconditionally?  Can you give of yourself without expecting any return?  No, you cannot unless I give you My Spirit.

Received 12-30-97

Walk in the light.  Do not be afraid for I am with you. You will not see far ahead, but you will know where to place your next step.  Do not let your spiritual eyes grow dim for lack of use, but seek Me daily.

Put your confidence in Me.  Don’t be discouraged by the circumstances around you.  Expect Me to provide a way through to victory, joy and peace.  You will not be shaken if you are grounded in Me.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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