Received 1-1-98

The day is near, nearer than you think.  Have an expectant heart and believe Me to do much in your life and in those around you as you live and pray and speak and do.

I know your weaknesses and your hurts.  Why do you hold on to them when I am there to help you?  Don’t you realize how much I love you?  Didn’t My death on the cross express My love?  I haven’t changed and I still shower out My love on those I have chosen.

Received 1-14-98

The blessings of the Lord are for those whose hearts are tender toward Him, who are willing to obey His word.  They will not be shaken by the events in their lives, for their trust is in the One who has set them free from sin.

My love for you does not depend on what you do, but on your heart toward Me.  Can you accept this?  I judge the heart and I look for faith and devotion to Me.

Received 1-18-98

When I wake and see the dawn, the skies open in a kaleidoscope of colors as the Master creates a new day.  The trees reach up with their branches and praise their maker. The birds sing their songs of praise.  All of this pleases God, but where is the praise from the creature He sent His Son to die for?  Will they lift their hands and shower Him with praise from their lips?  Will their hearts be filled with joy and anticipation for the new day?

Received 1-25-98

Those who seek Me will not be disappointed.  I will meet them and speak to them from My heart.  I will show them My love and grace and mercy and kindness.  They will know that I am God.

Be alert for the attacks of the enemy.  Keep up your covering of prayer for your family.  Repair those gaps in your life caused by sin, so that there will not be an opportunity for the evil one to come to harass you.

Received 2-1-98

The day of beginnings, the time of new starts, this is what I give to My people.  Every new day is an opportunity to begin a new with fresh promises of hope and grace.  Why do you worry about today and even yesterday, when tomorrow is just around the bend?  Allow My love to flood your heart.  Realize who you are in Me and what I have done for you.  Seek My face and presence.  Do not rush to do your will and business, but look to Me.  Why is this so hard to do?  Because you do not really know the extent of My love for you.

Received 2-7-98

Listen to the voice of your heart.  See the love that I have placed there.  Do not respond as a man who doesn’t know Me, rather lay down your life as one who loves like Me, unconditionally, unselfishly and without limits.  You won’t be able to do this without Me, but I will love through you.

When you are weak, then I can be strong if you let Me.  If you call upon Me I can do wonderful things.

Received 2-9-98

Receive the joy that sets you free from worry, that lifts you up over your circumstances and puts you in My presence.

Received 2-14-98

No weapon formed against you will prosper.  I will be your shield and defender.  Though the arrows of the enemy may fly at you, you will not be harmed.  Put your trust in Me and walk in My ways.  Do not fear or be anxious.  What can man do?  Do not fear the one who can kill the body, rather fear the One who can send you to hell.  Live righteously before man.  When you live by My standards, no charge can be brought against you.

Be at peace.  Rest in My love.   Remember My promises.  Meditate on My truths.  David was a man who was surrounded by his enemies.  He cried out to Me and he put his hope in Me.  I protected him and kept him safe.  I have given you a tender heart so that you will feel compassion.  Do not rely in your own strength or ability for you will fail in doing that.  Put your hope in Me.  Trust in Me and watch Me be your defender.  Are you walking in My purposes?  Will My will for your life ever fail?

Will you still love Me if all that you have is taken away?  Do the things that you have accumulated really matter?  Do you have to be comfortable to serve Me?  My blessings will flow to you, but do not put your trust in what you have.  You are a steward.  What you have is really Mine.  You are Mine.  I have bought your life with My blood.

Received 2-20-98

There is coming a time of refreshing for My people, a time when they will experience My presence as never before.  I will lead them forth to a spacious place where all their needs and wants will be satisfied.  They will have peace and joy and love in their hearts.  There will be no more pain or distress in their bodies.  It will be much different than what is found on earth and none of their past experiences will match what they will find there.  Yet I have put a small glimpse of what it will be like in My creation.  I have touched their lives so that they might experience a taste of what it will be like when they are with Me forever.  Even though the effects of sin have ravaged them, all of that will be healed from them in one moment.

How can I convince you that what you have now is but a mere drop of water compared to the vast ocean of eternity?  That is why you are not to put your hope and affection in this world.  Do not take My blessings in your life for granted, but be good stewards and share with others from what I have given you.  Pretend if you need to, that you really own nothing and that you are in My employ to care for what is Mine.  And what is Mine I can give freely away.  And what is Mine I can take away or I can add to at My pleasure.

It pleases Me that you are finally willing to sit before Me with a heart open to Me.  I have much more for you and you will not be disappointed.

Received 2-21-98

Give and it shall be given you.  You will not gain if you hold on to what you have, when others are in need.  Give freely and without judgement.  Recognize that it is I, who is working within you to give.  Do not hold on to what will perish.  Where is your heart?  Is it with your possessions or with Me?

Received 2-25-98

Your words of life flood my soul.  They pierce my innermost being.  They discover my hidden thoughts, yes even those I have long forgotten.  They show me my need for a Savior.  I cry out and I am healed.  Your words put me on a right path.  My feet find solid ground.

No one escapes Your examination.  You seek after those whose hearts are tender toward You.  You speak and they listen and obey.  Some have hardened their hearts, but Your love and grace transform them.  Who can resist Your love?

Received 2-25-98

Come to Me all you who labor and are weary.  I will refresh you and lift up your spirits.  I will give you treasures from My storehouse of gold, silver and precious stones.  I will test you with blessings.  I will see if you will love Me and seek Me with My hand of blessing upon you.  Even though you may turn from Me, I will draw you back to My side.  I will blink My eyes and your heart will sense My absence.  You will learn the emptiness of your life without Me.

The time is short.  I will come to rescue My people, to have them come to be with Me forever.  I will display My power to the people I have created.  They will shrink back in terror and shame.  My grace and My Spirit will be at work.  I will save those who cry out to Me.  I will bring glory to My Name and to the Name of My Father.  There will be no other time like this in all of time for I will create a new beginning for My people, a new place of My presence for them.  Even those who have died in the past and are with Me now will experience this new life in Me, for it will be a time of celebration and joy as never before.  I will complete My work on earth and My Father will glorify Me in all creation.  The angels will look on.  The dead will see, even the dead in hell.

What will you do now that you know I am coming?  Will you live the same as before or will you live as one transformed by My Spirit to walk in My ways?  I seek after those who are humble before Me and those who have expectant faith in Me.

Look to the Source of life and live.  Look to the One whose name is Wonderful, Mighty God and Everlasting Father.  You are Mine and I will not let you go.  Lean on Me and see if I will not hold you up.  Trust in My words to you.  Are they not promises for life?  Do not be like the animal that must be led about by a rope.  I do not lead My people in that way, rather I have given them My Spirit and My Word and they will know the way to life and godliness.

Even if you stay here ten thousand years, I will continue to speak to you.  I desire that My people be in fellowship with Me.

Received 3-5-98

This is a day of new beginnings, a day of new life.  Watch and be glad for the memories of this day will astound you.  You will see great and many signs in the heavens and some hearts will fail. Terror and dread will fall upon those who don’t know Me; they will cower and try to hide from My presence.  Look up with joy in your heart for your redemption draws nigh.

Do not hold the good news of My life in you, but share it freely to all.  For many must still come into My kingdom before that day is arrives and there are many I want to bless.

Your flesh is weak and it must be crucified and put to death.  Take My life in you and live for Me.  Make each new day count for Me and your cup of blessings will never run dry.

Received 3-6-98

Watch and see the sky change to a red glow, then you will know that I am near.  Yes I am nearer than you can imagine.  Believe in Me as never before.  Let faith arise in your heart.  Think of the prophets of long ago.  Did they not believe in me and My words even though they never saw the outcome of their prophecies?  Do you have to understand everything in your mind before you believe in your heart?  Put your trust in Me and then your mind will follow in its understanding.  My words are life and hope.

Rejoice for the King is coming. His splendor is unmatched.  His voice is crying out to the lost and hurting.

Received 3-9-98

Be careful to do all that I have commanded you to do and you will be blessed.  The words I have given you are not burdensome, but they are life.  Have I not promised to be with you to show you the way?  When things seem difficult to do, then call upon Me.

This world is passing away.  Man’s sins are reaching to the point that only the ones I call will come to Me.  The others have corrupted their minds and seared their consciences so they will not repent.  You will see the extent of man’s folly.  Do not despair for I have overcome the world.  You must walk as a witness to Me, set apart from the sin around you with your heart set on Me.  Be at peace.

If you lose your life in this world, you will find true life in Me.

Received 3-10-98

There is a wind blowing of My Spirit that is renewing My people with My joy and refreshing.  I will continue to touch My people until they have all been helped.  For the battle is ahead and they need to be prepared.  The days are short.  You are blessed to live at this time to experience what is about to take place.  As you are touched and renewed, do not hold it in as just for yourself, for I am doing this for you so that you can minister to others and to bring them to Me.

What good is fasting if, it is not accompanied by much prayer?  Seek My face.  Follow My Spirit.  Submit yourself to Me as never before.  You cannot rest on what you have done in the past.  I continue to do My work and you must do the same.  You must realize the power and effects of your prayers.  With expectant hearts you will see answers to your prayers that will amaze you.  Believe that I want to do more than what you want Me to do.

Your ease and comfort will not last, for it is time to be in the battle and it will be messy.  I will protect you and provide for you.  You must be willing to sacrifice of yourself to be more effective for Me.  This world is passing away, so do not attach yourself to it.  Seek first My Kingdom and My righteousness and you will do well and My Kingdom will be established.

Received 3-15-98

Today if you hear My voice, do not harden your heart.  Come to Me as a little child, full of trust and wonder.  I love you and I will continue to love you for all eternity.  I want to show you the way to life.  It is found in Me.  It is found in quietness in My presence.

My ways will become your ways as you discover what pleases Me.  You will see Me at work in your life to bring about My good pleasure.  My joy will be in your heart.

My grace is sufficient for every need.  It covers your failings and sustains you through difficult times.  Bring your needs before Me and I will help you.

Received 3-18-98

Give those in your care the same love that I give you.  Don’t hold back your affections; let them know of your love.  Let them hear the words and also let them experience it in your actions.  Be quick to forgive.  Don’t find fault, but overlook their shortcomings.  In the same way you want to be treated, so treat them.  You long for My love, so too do they long for your love.  Be careful of your words, for careless words can destroy the trust and bond of love.  Love will overcome the hardest of hearts, for all desire love.

Received 3-21-98

What is heaven like?  It is more wonderful than anything you could imagine.  There is nothing like it on earth, though I have made in My creation a shadow of its glory.  It is not man made.  There are no flaws, no imperfections.  Everything is pleasing to the senses.  As beautiful as it is, it does not have glory by itself, but it is a reflection of My glory.  My presence is everywhere; My love and My light and My peace are like gentle breezes of a fragrant tropical wind against the face.  You will begin to know all and you will know that I know all about you.  You will discover more of My glory as each second passes on in to eternity as if you were seeing a rose unfold its petals without ever running out of petals.  Your lips will be full of praise to Me and your voice will join with others in songs of love to Me.  Everything that you do will be completely satisfying, yet your focus will not be on yourself or on others, but only on Me.  You will have your personality, but it will be sanctified by My blood.  You will discover the answers to your questions; your understanding will be complete.  You will see your desires and will to be so much subjected to Me as to be almost indiscernible apart from wanting to please Me.

Received 3-24-98

Those who come to Me will not be ashamed.  They will receive from My hand what they need.  Where is your faith?  Is it in Me or in yourself or others?  Are you living by faith or in your own ability and provision?  Do you not realize how much more could be done by believing in Me?

Lift up your hands to the soon coming King!  He will come in glory and power.  Nothing can stop Him.  All will see Him.  Are you ready?  Will you rejoice in that day or will you desire more time for your own pursuits?  Be at peace, but serve Me as if I will come today.  Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.

Received 4-2-98

What is the benefit of a new day?  It is a fresh opportunity to begin anew.  Yesterday can be forgotten and its cares can be laid aside.  Today brings new challenges and adventures.  We can expect God to give us His plan for the day along with the grace we will need to accomplish His plan.  We will grow and see fruit as we obey and submit to His Lordship.  We need not be concerned about tomorrow’s problems because God will help us and our yoke will be bearable.  We are His children and He will lead us and protect us.  He has not left us alone to deal with life’s matters, but He has given us His Spirit to help us.  His Word offers guidance and principles for life and our lives will be better for knowing and applying what is given there.  Through prayer we can find answers to our needs.  Through eyes of faith we can see God at work on our behalf to do in us what is pleasing to Him.

Lord, help me do Your will today.  Let me give You praise in what I do.

Received 4-7-98

Blessed be the God of my fathers for He has done great things.  All that He has created is wonderful.  All that He has made gives Him praise.  What is man that You should take note of him?  Yet You loved him so much to send Your Son to die a painful death on the cross.

Now we see only dimly, but then we shall see Him face to face.  We will someday understand the mysteries of the ages.  We will know God at least much more than we can know Him now on earth.

There will be great joy and release of the captives on that day.  The pains of this life will be forgotten.  Keep your eyes on Me and you will rise above your enemies.  Receive from My hands all that you need.  See, I have given you My Holy Spirit and He will help you.  Wait expectantly and receive the answers to your prayers.  Believe in Me for I will not disappoint you.

Received 4-12-98

He lives!  Come and see the empty tomb.  Death could not hold Me.  What is holding you?  Do you need to put it to death so that you can rise to victory in life with Me?  Draw strength from Me.  Believe in the power of the Holy Spirit that raised Me from the grave.  Trust in My blood shed for you.  I love you!  Nothing can separate you from My love.

Received 4-15-98

Humble yourself in My presence.  I am not a man like you.  Recognize your sinfulness apart from Me. Think about your life before you knew Me.  Do not lose sight of what I have done for you.  My hands and feet were pierced for You.  My back was lashed open, My face was slapped.  I took the weight of your sins and the penalty you deserved.  I love you.  Put your focus on serving Me.

Received 4-21-98

Are you looking for someone who will never fail you?  Then come to Me.  I will be your immovable wall.  I will be your anchor in the storm.  Life will always be full of uncertainty, but My words will never fail.  My words are always yes and amen.  They refresh the weary soul.  They deliver the one in bondage.  They set the captives to sin free.  Do not set your hope in this world.  This does not mean you are to be cynical, but rather you are to be positive because of what I can do and will do in your behalf.  See with the eyes of faith.

I have been given a Name that is above every name.  Use My Name to bring life to the dead and help to the hurting.

Received 4-25-98

Those that wait upon Me will be blessed.  They will receive the desires of their heart.  If your heart is troubled, find comfort in Me.

For I am not far off, I am near.  I am waiting for you to call on Me.  Does not My word say that My thoughts toward you are as many as the grains of sand?  Know that I love you deeply as a mother to her child and much more.

Desire to please Me in all that you do.  Make it your priority to come before Me with praise on your lips.  Know that a grateful heart is refreshing.  Let Me see your faith as I test you.  Humble yourself before Me and before others.  Die to yourself and live to please Me and to obey My commands.  Are these things too hard?  Yes if you are still living for yourself, but as you seek Me in all that you do, you will find that this is not a burden, but a joy.  You will experience rest for your soul and peace in your heart.

Acknowledge Me before men and I will mention your name to My Father.  The angels will take notice and come to your aid.  Many are the trials of the wicked for they do not realize My desire to draw them to Myself.  They resist the One who can bring them life.  Never tire of speaking about Me to others.  You are My voice to them for their spirits are hardened and they cannot hear what My Spirit is saying.

Received 4-28-98

My grace is sufficient for you.  My love overcomes your faults.  Love as I love you.  It is not easy to do.  It does not come naturally for it is a gift from Me to love as I love.  Do not cease from trying.

Received 5-9-98

The ways of the Lord are right and pleasing altogether.  He is the standard for all things.  No one can compare with Him for He is above all.  Yet He has chosen to allow man to know Him and be in relationship with Him.  He has revealed Himself and the depth of His love on the cross.

Give your life to Me fully, trusting Me for every aspect.  Will not all that comes then serve to glorify Me and to draw you closer to Me?  Is that not what you want?  Then you must not resist what I am doing.

Come to Me in quiet prayer and communion and receive the grace and encouragement you need for that day.  Let Me fill your heart and spirit with My love.  I will give you peace.  Then expect Me to be with you in all situations and call upon Me.  Let your lips be full of praise as an overflowing fountain.

Received 5-15-98

The days are short and you must take advantage of the time remaining.  Fill your life with Me and I will overflow to others through you.  Take your thoughts captive, which do not agree with My Word.  Renew your mind to think as I think.  Allow your faith to grow as you meditate on My Word.  Use the opportunities I bring into your life to do good things for others and to tell others about Me.  If you really looked around you as I do, you would see so many opportunities that you would be calling out to Me to send more workers into the harvest field.  That is why I am calling you.  I do have plenty of workers, but they are not working, as they should.  So I will stretch forth My arm to bring about signs and wonders to lead people to Me, to prepare them for your words of life and hope.

Received 5-20-98

The grace I give is more than sufficient for your needs.  Rest in My grace.  Allow Me to be the Lord of your life and do not resist what I am trying to accomplish in you.  Look beyond the immediate circumstances to see My hands at work.

Received 5-27-98

Watch, for the day is approaching when all of heaven will be revealed in great glory and power.  Then people will see the truth.  They will have no excuse for their sins of unbelief about Me.  I have revealed My glory in many ways before.

Those whose hearts are tender have taken notice and have responded to My love and grace.  Those who are seeking Me will learn more about My compassion.  I am not like a man.  I can overlook sins because of My love, but I am also holy and just.  There will come a day when I will come as judge.

Study to learn about Me and My ways.  Pray that I will change your heart and mind so that you will be more like Me.  Submit your will to Me.  Exercise your faith as you would the muscles of your body so that it will grow stronger.  Bathe your actions in prayer and believe Me to do much through you.

Received 6-2-98

The days are short and the time is at hand.  There is much to do and My people are asleep. Open your eyes to the harvest fields.  Everyone who calls upon My name should be working now.

Where is justice?  Where is mercy?  My people need to show My love to others.  A soldier cannot be pursuing his own interests in the time of war.  He must join in the battle.  A farmer can’t be idle when it is time to sow seeds or else he will have no return from his land at the time of harvest.

Clothe your life with praise, praise to Me and to others to build them up.  May your lips be a fountain of blessing and life.  People will want to be in your presence to hear the good things you speak.  For the world is full of corruption and deceit.  The wages of sin are being reaped.  They want to hear your message of hope.  Speak of Me while it is still day.

There will be an anointing on My people.  It will attract and repel.  Those who are called will be drawn to you.  Those who have hardened their hearts will mock and resist Me.  Train your mind and heart to be sensitive to the voice of My Spirit.  Be quiet and listen.  Be willing to obey.

Received 6-10-98

Do not be discouraged by the negative things around you.  The influence from the enemy on this world will grow.  Keep your eyes on Me and let My word renew your mind.  Fill your lips with praise and thanksgiving.  Be grateful for what you have been given.  The days are short, but you should not dwell on this.  Rather you should be doing My business and seeking My will for your life.  I will direct your paths.  Nothing pleases Me more than for My people to be using the gifts I have given them to bless others.

Received 6-18-98

Give of yourself.  Pour out your life like water.  Don’t hold on to the gifts I have given you and you will be blessed.  Receive and then give, receive and then give.  Don’t give old revelation, but give from what is revealed at that moment from My Spirit.  It may be what I have taught you long ago, but it is given to your mind and Spirit as what you should now give.  If you give only what is in your mind, there will be no anointing on your words.  Be a blessing to others and they will be a blessing to you in return.

Received 6-21-98

Do not be deceived.  I will not be mocked.  You must give an account for your life.  It is not for My sake that your life will be judged, but for yours.  For I know what is in a man and what will motivate him to do good.  However, your life will be examined with My righteous judgement and standards.  What man esteems is not what I esteem.

Can you love as I love?  Can you look at people and see them as I see them?  You can if you are yielded to the voice of My Spirit to not only hear, but to obey.  Can you love yourself as I love you?

Received 6-27-98

If there was a day like today, all the saints of old would want to be living in it.  For it is the day of My return.  They would see all the promises fulfilled of which I spoke to them.  Your hope is near, so you must be diligent to perform what I have asked you to do.

Do not be distracted by the things of this world.  Put your trust in Me.

Quiet your heart and mind.  Seek Me in prayer.  Feed the love in your heart with My word.  Desire to know nothing but My love and ways, then your life will be blessed beyond what you could ever hope or imagine.

Received 7-8-98

Come to the table.  Fill your body with food that will last.  Let your mind dwell on Me and My word.  Make for yourself a sanctuary where you can come and meet with Me, yes and we will have sweet communion together.  The food that I give will spring up to eternal life, flowing out with waves of blessings.  Do not shrink back, but receive all that I give you.  You may not understand what I am doing at first, but later you will come to know the value and wisdom of what I have done.  Nurture a willing heart that trusts in Me and says, “yes” to Me.  Cast your cares upon Me and do not let the enemy steal your joy.

Received 7-14-98

Blessed is the Lord who lifts my feet to solid ground.  Wait upon the Lord, for His help will surely come.  Seek Me and you will find Me, for I am near.  Though a thousand fall at your side, you will be protected.  I will be your shield and defender.  All the days of your life are before Me.  I know your thoughts, your fears, your hurts and even your failures.  I will not leave you, for you are Mine.

Received 7-19-98

They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength.  Watch for Me, seek Me and humble yourself before Me.

Received 7-28-98

There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death.  My ways lead to life and life more abundant.  Do not hesitate to draw near to Me, for I welcome you into My presence.  Yes, draw near to Me and I will bless your coming and going as you sense My direction and plan for your life.  You will gain new insight into My ways.  You will know truth.

I have many gifts for My people, but they go unclaimed, unopened.  They are not willing to believe My Word.  They would rather trust in their own ability, than to wait and allow Me to work for the lasting result.  My ways are not your ways and your ways are not My ways.  I see differently than you do.  I know what is in man’s heart.  Nevertheless, I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh and they will be changed in that day.

Received 8-11-98

Peace I leave you, peace I give unto you.  It is not the peace of this world, but peace in the inner man.  He who trusts in Me will never be ashamed.  My ways are not of this world.  I am working even today to accomplish My purposes and good pleasure.  You will not see the true outcome until all is fulfilled in Me.  Do not be discouraged, for the things of this world will always disappoint.  If your focus is on Me and My kingdom, it is there you will find true satisfaction.

Received 8-14-98

If you will wait, you will see the salvation of God.  Your eyes will be opened to see into the spiritual realm.  You will discover what will soon take place, so that you can warn those in My body you can speak to.  This is not for yourself.  It will be difficult to understand with your mind alone, but through the power of My Spirit you will gain understanding.  It will not go well for those in the world, who have no hope beyond what is in this world.  Even some of My people who are influenced more by this world, than by My Spirit, will have difficulties until they learn to depend on Me for their strength. Do not be alarmed at what you see, but remember that the victory has already been won!

Cover what you are doing in prayer, so I can help you.

Received 8-27-98

May Your grace overshadow our weaknesses and sins.  Blessed be the One who gave His life for us.  Help us to give that same grace and love to others.

Received 9-2-98

Never before and never again will I pour out My Spirit in the same way, as I am about to do.  My people will be touched and affected as never before.  It will bring about a permanent and lasting change in their hearts.  They will be able to love freely without the tarnished influence of this world.  They will be amazed at how My love is flowing through them to others.  Prejudice and bias will not affect this love, nor will their own hurts and lack of experiencing human love get in the way.  Rather this love will be clearly from Me.  People who don’t believe in Me will recognize the supernatural origin of this love.

Received 9-10-98

Gracious and merciful is what I will be to those who call out to Me in their time of sin.  I will remove their stains of wrongdoing and give them white robes of My righteousness.

Do not be concerned about the things of this world, which fade away and tomorrow are gone.  Seek Me with all of your heart and mind and soul.  Make it a priority to be with Me.

Received 9-11-98

Come to the table of blessing and feast on My delicacies.  Let your heart be at rest.  Let your eyes gaze upon My glory.  Drink deeply from the fountain of living water.  The troubles of today will fade away and peace will settle in to your innermost being.  There is a place for My people close to My heart and no one can separate them from Me.  Let Me hold you.  Watch and pray that your strength will be renewed and that your faith would be solidly anchored in Me and My Word.

Received 9-12-98

This should be a time for personal self-examination, a time to seek to live righteously before God and man.  This is not a time for pointing fingers at others, because all have sinned.  Do not be eager for the calamity to come to your enemy, for troubles will come your way too.  Pray that your enemy will repent and find grace and mercy from Me.  Pray also, that My hand will reach out to touch the weak and hurting among you.  Turn from your selfish desires and seek to do My will.  I will greatly bless the one who is doing My will, for he will sense My hand and presence in what he is doing.  It is good to seek Me and to be in My presence where My anointing is.  It is better though, to bring others, who haven’t experienced this, to Me.  You are My hands and feet.  You can be My word to them.  Do not abuse My word by disgracing Me by your life of sin and unbelief.  Allow My word to bear much fruit in your life and then I will be glorified.

Received 9-14-98

This is a day of celebration for My righteousness will be made evident to those who are seeking Me.  They will understand their need for My grace and mercy.  Their unrighteousness will be replaced by My glory as they are covered by the blood of My Son.  I will highlight My Word to My people.  It will speak to their needs and be written on their hearts as never before.  My Spirit will brood over the darkness in a similar way as was done when all things were created.  He will bring forth life out of darkness and death.

Received 9-20-98

There will come a day when My people will call upon Me and I will answer them in My glory.  They will seek Me as never before, for their lives will depend upon My presence and grace.  My hands of protection and guidance shall be about them and I will set them free of their bondage.  I will not let them go!  Nor will I allow them to be trampled by the enemy.  They are Mine.

Rest in My love.  Enjoy the fruits of salvation.  It is like those on a journey who have all of their needs met.  They have no cares or obligation to their host except to continue with him on the journey.  If they lack anything, it is not because it is not available to them, but because they have not asked their host.  The journey is not without difficulties, but the host and servants are there to help the guests overcome these difficulties.  Those on the journey do not know exactly what they will find at the end of the journey, except that they know it will be very good.

Received 9-24-98

This is a day of peace for My people, but utter destruction for the wicked.  Once My people see My hand at work, they will know the time is very short.  Their eyes will search the sky and their ears will listen for the trumpet blast.  Be ready.  Those too involved in the things of this world will have difficulties, because their devotion is divided.  They will experience loss until they recognize their need to die to the things of this world.  Be in the world, but not of it.  Your true home is with Me.  Store up for yourselves riches in heaven.

Received 10-1-98

The sky is full of twinkling stars.  So many, they can’t be counted.  This is the number of times I think of you.  Every second of your life was mapped out from the beginning of time.  I see your life from your birth on into eternity and I am pleased.  There are no surprises.  Yield your life to Me and you will see many blessings.  I do not hold back My gifts to those who love Me.

Received 10-5-98

The days of your life are numbered.  Every day is known by Me.  Every day you must choose to follow Me with all of your heart.  Seek Me and My will for each day.  Discover what pleases Me.  Obey My word.  Give Me praise and thanks for what I will do in you and through you.  Set your heart on Me.  Do what is good for others as you have the opportunity.  Speak blessings over them and pray for their needs.

Received 10-9-98

This day will be important for My hands will stretch out to touch you.  I will remove the stain of your sin.  I will cause your wounds to be mended.  Your heart will be made new and your spirit will be renewed.  You will be utterly amazed.  Your lips will be loosed to speak praise to Me as never before.  I will proclaim My Truth through you to others.  Do not hold back the words I give you.  Now rest in Me and be secure even though there are storms about you.  See, this day I have put My angels around you.

Since the beginning of time, My hands have reached out to an obstinate people.  They have refused to listen to Me and obey My words.  Even though I love them, they are unwilling to receive from Me My gifts to them.  They instead, want to choose their own way.  I have warned them of the dangers, but they still refuse to believe My words of life.  What can I do, but to touch them and change their hearts so that they can receive.  I will love them until they can’t ignore My love any longer.

Who will call upon Me in earnest prayer?  Who will seek My face?  Who will not be satisfied until My presence is manifested?  Your life is more than food and drink and shelter and happiness.  Have you not learned that apart from Me you can do nothing?  Where is the blessing in your life and deeds without Me?  Awake from your slumber and stir your heart and spirit to praise Me and in doing so, you will come into My inner sanctuary.

There is nothing more you could do to receive your salvation, for it is already secure, as you have trusted in Me.  But you can be more effective in this life, if you are willing to trust me every day for what you cannot do alone.  You are no longer just a man.  Your spirit has been renewed and you are living now both in the natural realm and in the spiritual realm.  If you ignore the spiritual part, you will be unable to do what I want you to do.  You will not be able to please Me.  My people must live by faith and believe that I can and will do what seems to be impossible.  And it is impossible for you.  You do not have to fail any longer.  Don’t try to escape from the thoughts that plague you by filling your mind with other things.  Rather turn to Me and let your focus be on My promises.  I am your solution and help.

Received 10-17-98

Joy and peace and love and grace be unto you.  Let these things cover you.  Wear them like a garment.  As you receive, give them away.  Fill your mouth with words of praise.  Put so much of these good words in, that nothing else will come out.  Shower those around you with these words.  May it be like the heavy dew that collects and starts to flow and begins to water.  May all be affected by it as you speak.  I want to convey My love to My creation, but those I have made are not listening.  Tell them for Me by giving the love I have given you away.

Received 10-19-98

Rejoice and be glad for all that the Lord has done for you.  Rejoice and give Me praise.  Let your heart meditate on My goodness.  Think about My promises.  Recount My dealings with My people.  Then watch and see Me at work in your life.  I will not disappoint you.  All of what you know about Me is but a shadow of what I am!  It gives Me joy to reveal Myself to those who hunger after Me.  Do not hold back in seeking Me.  Do not say that you will let others seek Me before you.  There is plenty of Me for all.  Let My altars be filled with those who are seeking Me.

Received 10-24-98

What is it that you are trying to accomplish?  What is the goal of your activities?  Will you spend as much time planning to do My will as you are spending on your own projects?  Is ministry only for certain times and activities or can you minister as part of every aspect of your life?  Do you pray as much for your family and unsaved family members as you do for strangers?

Behold, I stand at the door of your life and you must give an account for all that you do.  I am not trying to keep you busy doing things for Me.  Rather, I want you to give your life to Me and allow Me to guide your path.  What you will do will be what I have placed before you to do.  And what you do will not really be of your doing, but of Mine.

Received 10-26-98

Joy and peace I give to you.  Do not let your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid, for I am in control of your life and nothing will harm you.  Are you jealous of those who are experiencing Me?  Then seek Me more and I will not disappoint you.  Be at peace.  There will be enough time to do what I am calling you to do.  But you will have to spend less time doing the things of this world.  Are you willing to do this?

Received 10-30-98

Taste and see that the Lord is good!  His mercies endure for a lifetime; they are new every morning.  He is a God of faithfulness.  In Him we have redemption through His blood shed on the cross, the forgiveness of our sins and the hope of eternal life.  His Word is unchanging for He is Truth.  Great and numerous are the promises to us who believe.  He showers us with His unconditional love.  We are always in His thoughts.  He gives us His Holy Spirit to be with us.  How foolish we are to resist Him.  He welcomes our prayers.  He reveals His love in His answers.  He carries our burdens if we let Him.  He opens pathways to blessings before our feet.  We can experience Him working through us to help others.  There is joy to be found in Him.

Received 10-31-98

Out of the depths of My heart I cried where are My people?  Why don’t they seek Me?  Only when I withhold My blessings from them, do they seem to call upon Me.  Repent and turn from your selfish ways.  Bring your offerings of praise before Me, yes and even more than this; bring yourself as an offering of devotion.  I know you are weak.  I know you are blemished.  But I have loved you from the beginning of time.  I have purchased you with the blood of My Son.  You are Mine and no one will take you from Me not even yourself.  I will not let you go.  I will reach out to you tenderly as a father until you return to Me.  I will hold you in My arms.

What is your need?  Who is the source to meet that need?  Let My desires be yours.  Focus on Me and My kingdom and your needs will go away.

Do not think that the robe of righteousness I have given you is only white for I have covered the robe with many colorful scarves of silk and have put jewels in your robe, which sparkle before Me.  These are the trophies of a life yielded to Me.  These are the evidences of what I have done in you to bring Me glory.  I am pleased with what I have accomplished in you.

Received 11-7-98

Put your trust in the living God.  Make it your goal to seek Him daily until you find peace and joy for the day.  Let your perspective be on what is eternal and spiritual, not earthly and full of selfish desires.  Do you desire to know the mysteries of God? Then lay a foundation of truth based on My Word.  Live for Me and I will live in you.  Let your life be hid in Me, so that people see Me in you.

Many are hurting around you.  Open your eyes and reach out to them.  They need what you have.

Received 11-11-98

Not all who come to Me will find Me, for their hearts are not with Me.  They seek what I can give them, but not Me.  Yes, but those I have called will find Me.  They will know from within their inner most being who I am.  You have been called.  I have revealed Myself to you.  Are you willing to pay the price to know Me more?  For it is in the desert that you can really experience more of My grace.  Yes, you can sense My glory on the mountaintop, but that will sustain you only for a short time.  But the grace received in the desert will last for a lifetime.

Received 11-20-98

Why are you downcast O my soul?  Put your trust in God and He will save you.  There is hope only in Me.  Men will run to and fro seeking to find what is lacking in their lives.  They refuse to come to Me.  They are too full of pride and they are deceived by the enemy.  Life is not about winning, but it is Me.  True life is realized when the inner man is at peace with Me.  If you look at the world, you will be discouraged.  For there is nothing the world offers to meet your need for peace and joy.  The pleasures of this world are fleeting at best.

Where O death is your sting?  It is gone.  The wages of a life given to Me is realized fully at death’s door.  For death becomes the start of being in My presence.  Do not seek death though, but seek Me and seek the life I have for you now.  I am there in your pain and suffering.  I grieve when My people hurt because of the sinfulness of this world.

Received 11-27-98

Today is a day of beginnings.  It is a time to start anew with your heart fixed on Me.  Old things have passed away, behold all things have become new.  Set your mind on the things above.  Let your mind be in Christ, let your life be hid in Me.  Awake O dawn for the King reigns over all the earth.

What I have made is perfect.  It is beautiful in My eyes.  If you could see from My perspective, you would see My will unfolding, always bringing glory to My Name.  You would see people coming to Me with humble hearts seeking their Creator.  You would see all of the saints of old, standing before My throne giving Me praise.  Do not look at things with your earthly eyes, for you will miss what I am doing.  Seek My will.  Let your eyes be illuminated with My Spirit.

Received 12-1-98

Great is the Lord and worthy of praise.  He lifts up one and lowers another to accomplish His purposes.  His eyes seek those who will follow His will and whose hearts are fixed on Him.  Nothing is impossible with Him.  His arm is not too short to reach to the extent of His creation, even to the farthest point on the earth.  Those who trust in Him will not be ashamed.  Where is the burden He cannot carry?  Where is the pain He has not already suffered in His own body on our behalf?  His grace and love for us is more than sufficient for our needs.

Meditate O My people on these things and you will not lose heart.

Received 12-11-98

Bring comfort to My people.  Bind up their wounds and lift their spirits.  Help them turn to Me for their strength.  I will rescue them and show them kindness.

I am coming to bring judgement on this world, but before I do, I will extend My mercy and grace to all who will repent and cry out to Me in their distress.  Do not be jealous of My dealings with those who once opposed you.  For I want all to come to Me.  Think of the grace I gave to you and rejoice with Me in those who are being saved from destruction.  Pray that many will turn to Me and pray that you will have a part in their choice to follow Me.

Received 12-25-98

Rejoice and be glad for the Lord has come to rescue His people from their sin and failures.  His arms are open wide for all to come to Him.  His message is true and righteous.  All who hear it will be changed through the power of His words.  Yes, sing and rejoice and proclaim the good news.

Search your hearts and look upon your need for a Savior.  Humble yourself before the Creator of the universe.  Look not to yourself, but to Him who is the source for all that you need.  Have faith in Him and His Word.

The trials you see now are but the early pains of childbirth.  There will be much more to come as I extend My grace to a stubborn people until they repent.  They have trusted in themselves for so long, they need great upheaval before they will cry out to Me.  Help them see their need for Me by showing love and kindness to them in their distress.  Some of My people will also experience trials to show others their faith in Me.  My plan is simple.  There are no surprises for those who are led by My Spirit.  The world will be amazed and afraid of the display of My power.  You will not hear ‘mother nature’, but ‘Awesome God’.  Do not be afraid during those times, for everything is under My control and I will protect My people until I rescue them to be with Me for all of eternity.  I have prepared a place for them where they can see My Glory.  They will be overjoyed beyond what they have ever experienced before on the earth.

I have been preparing My people for this time.  I will increase My grace to them and to those who will come to Me.  They will be like harvesters who cannot see the end of the field they are working.  So many will come to Me because I will give them a hunger for Me as never before seen.  They will cling to you and to your words.  Give of yourselves and it will be returned to you in measure greater than what is given.  Bring in the crop before the storms come and destroy the field.

Received 12-27-98

I have come to rescue My people from their sins and the enslavement of the enemy.  I have the keys of life in My hand.  Open the door and be free.  Live by My Spirit and be free to yield to Me.  For I have a wonderful plan for your life.  He who holds back will not experience all of it.  Grace be with you.  Peace be with you.  May joy be your covering.  Love freely as I have loved you.  My love through you will overcome mountains of unbelief in others.

Received 12-30-98

Heaven will be opened and the Glory of God will be revealed in that day.  My people will rejoice even more at the sight for they will know that their redemption is near.  Be of good cheer, for I have overcome the world.

Where is your faith?  Are you trusting in Me for your needs or do you rely on your own abilities or in the abilities of others?  Are you taking My provisions for your life for granted so that you don’t even come to Me in prayer?  I delight to hear the prayers of My people when they come to Me in humility and faith.  I will go out of My way to see their prayers answered.

Received 12-31-98

Be not afraid of the future for I hold the keys of life in My hand.  Everything is under My control.  I can move mountains just as easily as I can move people and nations.  I have been revealing My provision for your life and for the lives of others that have been similarly affected.  Learn from this and trust Me more when changes occur which you do not understand.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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