Received 1-5-99

Give of yourself and you will gain a freedom in life, which cannot be achieved in any other way.  The need to feed one’s own desires is diminished.  Give your life to Me and you will gain eternal life.  Why do you resist My plan for your life when you know My plan is much better?  Can you see into the future as I can?  Do you realize the precise composition of your being as I do as your Creator?  Do you trust Me for your life?  Can you say with Paul that the life you now live is hid in Me and that I now live in you to accomplish My will and purposes for your life?  Do not foolishly resist Me.  Seek to please Me in all that you do.  Recognize that I am your strength.  You will not gain My full favor if you continue to seek the favor of the world.  I am a jealous God.  Nevertheless, My love will overshadow you and you will be changed.

Received 1-8-99

The life that I live, I now live by faith in the Son of God, who has rescued me from my sin.  It is no longer I that live; Christ lives in me, giving me strength and direction.  Lord, may these statements be true!

What is man, that You should take notice of him?  You are the Creator of all life.  You are Eternal God, yet by Your divine purpose we were made in Your image to give You praise.  Who can understand Your ways and know what is on Your mind?  You have revealed Yourself only as we have faith in You.  Even then our faith in You is a gift from You as You choose us to be one in Your adopted family.

Open your eyes and see Me.  Look beyond the natural to the place where I dwell.  Let your heart be moved as you think of Me.  Meditate on what you know of Me and allow Me to reveal more of Myself to you.  When you truly know Me, then you will understand My will for your life.  Then you will be able to praise Me in all things.  Then you will not resist My will, but rather You will embrace it joyfully.

Received 1-10-99

Set your mind on the things above.  Meditate on My truths.  Experience My love.  Seek My presence with a passion that overrides every other desire that you have.  Consider the treasures of heaven more to be sought than the fleeting satisfaction of the things on earth.

The grace that I give you is more than adequate for all that you encounter if you will walk in it and not hold on to your own will in the situation.  For the one who is not the owner has no rights over an object even though he may use the object.  View what you have as a good steward and not as an owner.  View your life as a temporary stay in this world with your true home being with Me.  I have given you a command to produce much fruit for My glory.  Be a diligent worker in My kingdom who is neither idle nor easily distracted.

Received 1-11-99

He who wants to gain life must lose his own to Me.  What does this mean?  First you make a decision to turn your life over to Me.  Then you allow Me to change your thinking so that you will not make any life decisions without first seeking My will.  As this process develops, you will come to have faith in Me and realize that My will and plan for your life is much better than what you may have chosen.  You begin to cover all that you do with prayer that My will is done.  You release your ownership over life and possessions to Me.  You embrace everything that I bring into your life as an opportunity to experience more of Me.

Received 1-12-99

The days of your life are numbered in My book.  Can you trust Me for your future?  Release your life to Me and see your concerns lifted.  I will never leave you or forsake you.  My hand will always be on your life to guide you into the path I have for you.

Received 1-16-99

This is a day for rejoicing and dancing.  The One who will redeem the lost is near.  All who call upon the name of the Lord will be saved.  Sin will increase, but My grace will increase all the more to draw those who are perishing in their sin to Me.  What will appear to be chaos and disorder is not.  For I have everything in My control to accomplish My purposes on the earth.  Put your trust in what is not seen, for soon the reality of your faith will come to pass.  None of those I have called will be lost.

Received 1-18-99

Watch and pray that your eyes may be opened to the mysteries of God.  Know that I want to reveal My hidden truths and My very self to the one who seeks Me with all of his heart.  It is My plan to bless My people with all blessings from the heavenly realm.  Do not think of My blessings the same way as the world does.  For what I bless is blessed from all of the knowledge of eternity.  It is not short sighted.  My blessings are good and righteous and holy.  The favor that I give will keep you from sin.  It will lead you to Me.  It will lead others to Me through you so that you are a blessing as well.  Do not withhold your blessings from those you love, either by word or deed.  Let your words be full of life.

Received 1-28-99

If you can hear My voice, then you must obey.  Not all of My people are sensitive enough in their spirits to hear what I am saying.  But those who are have a greater responsibility to respond to what I am saying.  My Word can be a guide to the path of life, but My voice brings direction and clarity.  Diligently seek Me and you will be blessed in all that you do.  You will be challenged to believe in Me more and you will be amazed at what I can do through you if you only will trust in My words to you.  It brings Me joy to reveal to My people what I am doing on the face of the earth.  My people will watch Me at work and they will give Me praise.

You must be willing to change.  I am covering your sins with My blood.  I see in you pride and judgement.  I see in you unbelief and trusting in yourself more than Me.  I see a desire to serve Me, but a restraint produced by the cares of this world.  I see fear of what man will think rather than a reverence to Me.

Do not be discouraged.  I will transform you from within by the power of My Spirit working even now.  Behold I make all things new.

The times of refreshing are near.  Soon you will walk in green pastures and find rest for your soul.  You will enjoy My presence without restraint or limit as you experience My glory.  You will be made complete on that day.  Put your hope in Me and the burdens of this life will grow dim.  I endured the cross for the joy set before Me.  So too, you must look ahead to the day of My redemption for the world.  Kingdoms shall rise and fall, but those who trust in Me will never fail to receive from My hand.  May your hearts be renewed in the love I give, the love, which breaks through to the stony heart.  Be a vessel for My love.  Receive then give, receive then give again.  You can never run out of My supply of love.  It will be like a flood in you if you are willing to give it away freely.

Received 1-31-99

Joyfully accept the life, which is laid out before you.  Have I not prepared it for you?  Yes and you will see My glory displayed as I work through you.  Put aside your cares and seek Me with an undivided heart.  Embrace each moment as an opportunity to praise Me.

When you were a child you were totally dependent on Me.  I nurtured you as a loving father.  I led you and protected you.  I blessed your work to be fruitful.  Now is not the time to be independent from Me.  Yes, you can do things on your own, but how much more could you do with Me?  How much better would it be for you if I led you and directed your life.  Yes, you have learned what pleases Me from My word.  Continue to seek My direction from My word, but there is more that I have for you.  Listen to My Spirit within you.  Let all of your decisions and choices be influenced by My Spirit.  And what does that mean for you?  Will you stop and listen to My voice when a choice is before you?   Will you ask Me to guide you as you start a new day?  Will you be willing to obey and not resist My leading?  Test Me and see if I will not honor My promise to be with you and to guide you in all of your ways.  Let My peace rule in your heart and you will not be anxious again.

Received 2-1-99

Seek the Lord while He may be found.  Seek Him with all of your heart, soul, mind and strength.  Take note of the time when there was a famine in the land for the word of the Lord in the Old Testament times.  People were lost without a vision, without a purpose from God.  They did what was right in each man’s own eyes.  There was chaos in the land.  Look around you today.  Where is the truth, which keeps man restrained from evil?  Where is the fear of the Lord?  It is gone.  Yet I am moving on the earth to draw people to Myself.  Most of the world has their eyes closed to what is happening.  They do not acknowledge Me for they do not want to face their sins.

Do not judge them for they are not aware of what they are doing.  They have been blinded by the enemy.  Where is My church?  Has their light gone out?  When I call you to pray, don’t you realize the importance of your prayers on behalf of the lost?  Yes and much more do your prayers awaken My people to those around them.  You are My hands and My feet.  You are the way I express My love for the lost.

Be at peace.  Let your mind dwell on My truths.  Make it your daily aim to discover what I have for you to do that day.  Open your eyes to see the needs around you.  Spend less time thinking about the things you cannot change or affect in the world except through prayer.  Rather focus on what you can do for those who you can affect: your neighbors, your co-workers and your friends.

I have opened My hands of blessing.  Take from Me what you need to bless others, not what you need for yourself.  Give away your idols of material possessions.  Give up what is keeping your heart from serving Me fully.  Give the love, which I have given you.  It is easier than you think to give to others what is clearly a gift of love and caring.  What did the gift of a cake represent to you?  Was it not that others cared for you?  If you are sensitive to My Spirit, you will know what to do for others.  And do not expect it to be a big thing.  Yes, people have big needs, but they do not expect you to solve those needs by yourself.  They only want you to show concern for them.  This will give them hope.  If you learn to do this now when things are going well, you will be better prepared to help when the world collapses in its sin.

A kindness given multiplies itself ten fold as many are blessed.

Received 2-2-99

What would you do today, if you knew that this would be your last day on earth?  What is really important to you?  Who would you see and talk to?  What would you say to them?  Would you make a list and set priorities since there wouldn’t be enough time to do everything?

These are good questions to ponder, for it makes you think about what really matters.  And the obvious answer is that the people you know and love are more important than the pleasures of this world.  So why don’t we more often spend time with these same people?  Why aren’t we saying the things, which are deep within our hearts?

Have we done what God has asked us to do?  Are we forsaking time with Him, for time spent on trivial things?  Are we afraid of Him, that if our lives were judged now, we would have many regrets and shortcomings?

These are weighty thoughts and we must not forget the extent of God’s love and grace for us.  One day is not enough time to correct a lifetime.  Yet today, can be a day to start to live differently.  Every day can be lived to please our Creator and Lord.

Received 2-3-99

Watch and see the glory of the Lord manifested.  It will never be business as usual again as I will make all things new.  Time will seem to speed up.  Are you willing to be a part of what I will do?  Actually your role will be to nurture the ones coming to Me.  Still you will see Me at work as I shower My people with extraordinary power and gifts.

Received 2-9-99

Rejoice and be glad for the Lord is on our side.  When the battle rages we will be on the side of victory, because our King is with us.  He has put His mantle of protection over us.  He has given us His sword of truth.  He marches before us.  We follow His banner.  The world musters its forces, but the battle is over before it begins.  He declares the victory and it is so!

Woe to those who are playing in the world, for they won’t recognize when the battle starts.  They hesitate.  They must decide whom to follow when the time is short.  Open your eyes and see what is happening before you.  Set your course to do what is right before your Creator.  Clothe yourself with His commands.

Received 2-13-99

Feast at My table and rejoice.  Renew your strength in Me.  Bring Me your burdens and leave them with Me.  Learn to rest in My provision for your life.  Put your trust and hope in Me.  If you do, you will experience My peace and blessing.  Happy is the man who follows after Me.  He will find favor in all that he does.

The true measure of a man’s life is not defined by the terms of this world, for he secures for himself a heavenly dwelling, prepared before the creation of time by the Creator Himself.  What he does counts for eternity, for what truly matter are those things led by God, for His glory.

Received 2-18-99

Today is the day of salvation.  All who find it find joy and peace and life.  Do not hesitate to proclaim My word, for by doing so you will help others find what they are seeking.  The world is reeling without purpose or direction.  It has no hope.  Let your light shine before men.  Strive to present Me in all that you do.  Be My ambassador and My spokesman.  Think about what this means.  Can you be casual in your walk?  Can you dabble with sin?  Won’t people get the wrong impression of what it means to be a Christian, if you are not following My commands?

Allow Me to change your heart and mind.  Let Me retrain your responses to the things that irritate and hurt you.  Let Me strip away the scales from your heart, which make it hard and unfeeling.  Do you want to become more like Me?  Study My life and imitate Me.  Nurture a relationship with My Holy Spirit so that you can respond to His prompting.  Let the fruit of My Spirit be evident in your life.  Yes, this will be difficult for you to do in your own strength and ability.  That is why I have given you My Spirit and My grace, but you must allow them to work.  You must recognize My correction and workings in your life.  Then you must yield to My will and offer to be a vessel I can change into that which brings Me glory.

Received 2-21-99

Your life is hid in Me.  Do not hesitate to do what I am leading you to do.  My hand covers your sin.  I will make up for what you cannot do by yourself.

Received 3-2-99

There is a place of rest for the people of God.  It is a safe place where they can be renewed in their spirits.  I will personally touch them and bless them.  I will bind up their wounds and take away their hurts and sorrows.  I will hold them until their confidence returns.  I will replace their uncertainty with faith and trust in Me.  I will allow them to see a glimpse of the big picture for their lives, so they will not lose heart when trials come their way.  I will anchor their souls with My peace so they will not be moved by the storms of life.

How can one find this rest?  It is by coming to Me in quietness and sitting in My presence.  It is by turning off the cares of the world and renewing your mind by meditating on My Word.  It is not found in five minutes, though once you have experienced this rest, you can find it again more easily.  And in time it will become a part of your life as I guide you in all that you do.

Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.

Received 3-9-99

Joy and peace forevermore.  Lift up the hands, which are weak and bind up the wounds.  Spread peace like a warm garment over those in your care.  Let your life be established in Me so that when the storms of life come you will not fall.  People will take notice and those in your care will be reassured.

Received 3-18-99

The way of the righteous will be blessed.  My favor will rest upon him.  I go before him to make a path for his life.  Just as I created him, so also does his life have a design and plan to accomplish My will and purpose.  Put your trust in Me and live in peace.  Guard your heart to keep it focused on Me and not on the things of this world.  For if you do, you will avoid the sin that seeks to ensnare and My blessings can flow into your life without hindrance.

Received 3-23-99

The shaking will begin, but few will recognize My hand at work.  Disaster will come suddenly and without relenting.  People will see their world collapse around them and all that they have trusted in will fail them.  There will be much fear and despair.  People will act more like animals than people.  My people will be blamed and persecuted.  Those I have called to salvation will respond, but most will be more cold and resistive to Me.  They have chosen their fate of destruction and unbelief.   Cover those around you in prayer and I will spare them and have pity on them.

Received 3-25-99

May the joy that is in your heart be spread to those around you.  May My love in you touch all who you come in contact with.  People are hurting, as you have seen.  They need Me and My love.  You can help them experience My love.

You are realizing how long it has taken for you to have a change of heart toward those who have hurt you.  Let this be a lesson to you.  It is not easy to forgive someone when you are being hurt over and over by that person.  But My grace is there to help.  Forgiveness is a decision and the sooner that decision is made, then more of My grace can work to bring about a healing for the hurt.  You have also realized how important it is to pray for Me to bless the one who hurt you.  You won’t so readily curse or speak ill of those you are praying for.  Your attitudes need to be led by My word and not by your feelings.  In time you will not be affected by those situations and words, which have hurt you in the past as My grace received through forgiveness allows you to see the needs of those who are doing the hurting.  This is not to say that you will not be hurt by others, for the enemy continues to attack My people.  But those attacks, which have no basis, will have no power over you.

Received 4-4-99

All the earth proclaims the goodness of the Lord.  His voice had gone forth and all that was created bears His name.  Rejoice for the Lord is near.  He is coming to rescue His people, the ones He has chosen to be with Him for all of eternity.

The ways of man are full of corruption.  If it were not for My grace, none would be saved.  Even so, the days of judgement are coming.  All will have to give an account for their lives.  No deed or thought will be hidden from My eyes.  Do not be glad that the wicked will be punished.  Rather mourn over the loss of a soul created in My image who was deceived by the enemy.  Pray that they will turn to Me and repent and call upon My Name.  Then I will be gracious and hear from heaven and heal them.

Received 4-20-99

Those who seek Me shall find Me, but those who pursue their own lives shall be lost.  There is nothing in man that is good.  Only by My grace is there any righteousness in him.  The loving kindness of the Lord brings peace.  My Name is your covering and your shield.  Put your trust in Me.

Received 4-23-99

There is a river whose streams flow from the heart of God to water the souls of men.  It brings life and sustains all who partake of it.  People are needy.  They need a Savior.  They need hope and purpose, but they are looking in the wrong places.  They live only for today.  They seek only to please themselves.  Will you tell them about Me?   I am working to prepare them, but they are not seeking Me.  Let them know I exist and that I love them.  I will anoint your words to penetrate their hearts and they will respond.

You cannot serve two masters.  I am not a part time God, but that is how many treat Me.  They call upon Me only in their need.  They pursue their own lives most of the time.  They don’t understand and they are deceived.  I withdraw My blessing and they complain to Me, but they don’t examine their own sinfulness and stubbornness of heart.

Received 4-30-99

Seek the Source of Life and give yourselves fully to what He desires for you.  You will not regret it.  You will never be bored.  You will not become weary, for every day will bring new displays of God’s power and glory.  You will sense His presence and His love for you.  Your heart will be bursting with joy and awe.  Great are the wonders of our God.

The Lord’s hand is reaching out to a stubborn people.  He is drawing them to Himself.  He knows their need and He tenderly displays His compassion for them.  Who can resist His love?  His love is greater than any sign or miracle.  His love breaks down the walls of resistance and hostility.  His love satisfies our inner longing for our Creator.

How much better is God’s way than our own.  There is peace and contentment in following Him.  The world’s way is full of sin and selfishness.  There is jealousy and anger and hurt.  We must keep ourselves free of the snares of this world so that we can experience His full blessing.

I am pouring out My love in a special way.  It will rest upon you like a covering that all can sense in your presence.  Bring forth fruit that will last.  Let others partake of your fruit.

Received 5-8-99

The joy of the Lord is your strength.  The peace of the Lord is your foundation.  The love of the Lord is your covering.  The grace of the Lord is your help.  The forgiveness of the Lord is your salvation.

God has provided all that we need in Jesus the Son and in the working of the Holy Spirit.  There is no limit to the resources and power available to us in God.  Our weaknesses come from ourselves.  So why do we trust in our own abilities?  Why are we reluctant to give control of our lives to the God who is the Creator of the universe, who is all knowing and all present and who loves us enough to send His Son to die for us?

The prayers of My people have reached My ears.  I will withhold My full judgement on their nation.  Yet where is the cry for repentance from their leaders?  All I see is hypocrisy, deceit, immorality and pride.  Their words say one thing, but their hearts are far from Me.  I will reward them with what there actions deserve.  I will plague them until they turn to Me in humbleness of spirit.

Do not be like them.  Don’t let your repentance be hollow without full effect.  Don’t return to the prideful and independent ways that you said you were forsaking.  Every man will reap what he sows.  You do not realize the full extent of My grace and love working to cover your sins.  I will withhold this covering so that you will truly cry out to Me.

Received 5-11-99

Where is the voice of My prophets?  Why are the people dull of hearing?  I am pouring out My Spirit, as never before and yet My people are asleep and indifferent.  They don’t really want to hear.  They don’t want to change.  They can’t see how they are being conformed into the image of the world and not of My Son.  I am close, even at the door and yet My people are not ready.  Yet I will be gracious and forgiving.  I will touch them and they will be changed.

Received 5-19-99

Live for Me and rejoice in all that I bring your way.  The world will have trouble, but I will give My people peace.  Focus on My presence with you throughout the day and you will be blessed.  You will find more wisdom and inspiration if you do.  I will direct you paths and go before you to prepare the way.  You will have opportunities to be My witness and to bless others.  Respond to whatever is put before you.

Received 5-22-99

It pleases Me when My people think of Me.  When they take time to sit in My presence, when they offer their praises to Me and when they say they love Me, it pleases Me.  The world is full of proud and arrogant people who say they don’t need Me.  They scoff at Me and use My name in vain.  You should not be like them.  Come to Me with a humble heart.  Acknowledge your need for Me and be grateful for all that I have done for you.  The time is short and soon you will have to give an account for your life.  When you are here with Me you will praise Me for all eternity.  But your praises now are more special to Me.

Received 6-15-99

Rejoice and be glad for all that the Lord has done for you.  Don’t be so preoccupied with the little problems that you lose sight of the big picture of God working in your life to show you His love and blessing.

Things of beauty can be meaningless apart from My glory.  Just as your good works need to be flavored with love and be directed by Me, so also in a similar way, the things that man esteems as good to look upon may not please Me at all, because the creator did not know Me.  His work brings praise to himself, rather than to Me.  Nevertheless, it is better to look on what is lovely than to fill your eyes with evil.  No copy of what is real can exceed the glory of the original.  What I have made will always be better than what man has made.

Received 6-19-99

Be joyful and full of hope for your redemption draws near.  Death where is your sting?  The blessings I have prepared for you will never cease.  They will satisfy your every need and desire.  I will fill you with so much of My love that it will seem like your heart will burst.  Keep your eyes on Me and you will never be downcast or discouraged.

Received 6-19-99

Keep yourselves free from sin, for the wages of sin is death and you will miss out in receiving My full blessing.  The pleasure from a fleeting sin cannot compare to the blessing I give to a righteous and holy man.  Purpose to follow My commands.  Fill your lips with praise to Me and you will not soon be cursing your brother.  Pray for your enemies and bless them and you will be repaid many times over.  Seek peace with all men and spread My love to all you are with.  A trail of good things will accompany My servant.

Received 6-23-99

Wait and believe.  Trust in Me and put your full reliance on Me to meet your every need.  I am the Rock of your salvation and I will not be moved.  Your future is secure in Me.  I have covered your past with My blood.  Rejoice with Me today.

Received 6-29-99

The day of the storm is near, but do not be afraid.  I will be with you.  I will be your shield and your rear guard.  Many will fall on that day.  It will be a time of testing. Some will cry out to Me in their desperation, but others will be cursing Me in their rebellion and unbelief.  I will not spare them for they will reap what they deserve.

Pray that you will not fall into temptation and turn from the path of life.  Pray for those who don’t know Me that they might call upon Me and be saved.  Rescue them from destruction by your intercession.

Peace and safety by the world’s standards will be hard to find.  But there will be great peace for those who are Mine.  There will be an expectation of My return, which will grow until it is fulfilled.  Look up for your redemption draws near!

Received 7-4-99

Rejoice and give Me praise for all that I have done in your life.  Meditate on My Word and remember the answers to your prayers.  Think about who I Am!  Study the lives of the men of faith, both of old and those living today.  Will not your faith be increased and your heart encouraged?  Won’t your problems seem smaller?

If this isn’t enough to help you, know that you are always on My mind.  My thoughts and plans for your life are for your good.  My Son is interceding on your behalf.  My grace and mercy is covering you.  My Spirit is constantly helping you overcome the temptations you face and He gives you wisdom to know what to do.  He makes His gifts available to you and the fruit of My character is being grown in you.  He helps you understand the mysteries of the ages and He has sealed you for the day of redemption, which is near.  See, I have not left you alone, but I have made My presence known to you.

Look at your heart.  Allow Me to expose what needs to be changed.  Repent and let My Spirit mold your thoughts and attitudes into conformity with those of My Son.  Most of your struggles are from within as the enemy seeks to stir up your fleshly desires.  Submit these things to Me, resist him and you will gain victory.  Humble yourself before Me and I will lift you up.  Realize that it is not in your striving that you will gain the victory, but in My power and grace working in you as you merely yield control to Me.

Received 7-14-99

Man is foolish to ignore Me for I will come at a time he is not prepared and his life will be judged.  How does that statement make you feel?  Are you self-righteous and glad that they will be judged?  Or are you moved with compassion at their folly and are you seeking to rescue them?  Judgement is for those who show no mercy.  Were you not one of them in your unbelief and ignorance?

Do not cease to do good if you have the opportunity to do so.  And I will give you those opportunities if you will just open your eyes to see.  My love working through you will touch their hearts.

Received 7-18-99

If you will seek Me, you will find Me.  It is My desire to be in fellowship with you always.  But you do not spend time with Me.

Received 7-22-99

Yours is the kingdom of God, yours is the path to life and yours is the fellowship with Me.  I have given these things to you and you must walk in them to realize their benefit.

I give grace to My people, grace to face the specific challenges they will encounter, which I have designed for them.  It pleases Me greatly to see My people choose to obey Me and to do what I desire for them.  I am looking for people who will say “yes” to Me even if they don’t fully understand what I am doing.  Even those who hesitate, I will lovingly guide along the path I have chosen for them.  I will be patient with them.  For he who endures much, will later love Me more as I rescue them from their trial.  Do not be downcast, but rejoice in Me in all things and at all times.  If you do, you will be blessed all the more.

Received 7-28-99

Jesus is my Strength in times of trouble.  He is a Rock that doesn’t move.  He is an Anchor holding me as the storms of life blow.  He is my Comforter when I hurt.  He is the Gate to the path of eternal life.  He is the Way and the Truth and the Life.  He leads me to my rest beside still waters.  He is the one who baptizes me in the Holy Spirit.  He freely forgives my sins and washes me in His blood.  He redeems my life from the pit.  He gives me His righteousness so I can come before the Father.  He is my Intercessor before the Father.

He is my Great High Priest who is sympathetic to my struggles against the temptations to sin.  He is the true Vine giving me nourishment so that I can produce much fruit.  He is my Teacher so that I can know how to live.  He is the perfect Lamb of God who takes away my sin.  He is my Advocate when people charge me with wrong.  He is my Healer through the stripes he bore on His back.  He is my Judge who knows all about me.  He is my Redeemer who paid the full price to free me from sin and death.  He is the Author and Perfector of my faith.  He is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end.  He is my Lord and Savior.  He is the Lord of all creation.  In Him all things are held together.  He is the Light of the world.  He is the Word made flesh.  He is my soon coming King.  He is the Ancient of Days.  He is the Cornerstone for His temple.  He is the Head of His body the church.  He is the Good Shepherd keeping watch over His flock.  He is the Lord of Hosts.  He is the Lord over all of His creation.  He is the Rose of Sharon and the Lily of the Valley.  He is my Shield against the fiery darts of the enemy.

Received 8-1-99

Look ahead and see if you can see into the future to know what will happen.  Can you see as I can see?  Do I not know the future as if it is today?  Haven’t I planned it all out from the start of time?  Can you rest from your striving by knowing that I have everything under control?  Come to Me and I will reveal what you will need to know about your own future.  I will reveal only what I know you will need so that you will still have to trust Me as you walk each day.

Does the servant know everything about what his master will do?  No, but he is attentive to hear the commands of his master.  He can anticipate what his master may want, because he is careful to observe and learn what pleases his master from past situations.  The servant does not have to be anxious, but he should be ready and available to do what his master asks of him.  The good master watches over the welfare of his servants, so they will be able to serve him to the best of their ability.  He provides for their basic needs.

Received 8-6-99

Jesus is more than able to accomplish all that He desires to do in us.  He will not fail.  We can have confidence in Him in spite of our own shortcomings.  He will create in us something of beauty in His eyes.  He will use us in ways we cannot always understand to work in the lives of others.  The more we yield to Him, the more easily He can use us.  He has marked out each day of our lives in His book.  He has prepared opportunities to do good works.  He gives us gifts for the benefit of others and talents to provide our livelihood.  He has put in us a desire to know Him and when we find Him, we find satisfaction.  He will let us know when we are about to violate His commands, for He has written them in our hearts and His Spirit is teaching us.  He grieves when we fail Him, but provide the way of forgiveness and restoration.  O the marvelous ways of our God.

Received 8-9-99

How does a loving God deal with a sinful people?  He forgives and pours out His abundant grace.  Why doesn’t He rescue the oppressed from their enemies?  Because they all have sinned and fallen short of His glory.  Who is more righteous than another, when they both refuse to yield their lives to the One who can restore them?  To realize the depth of man’s sinfulness is to see the greater depth of God’s mercy, grace and forgiveness.  Why does He allow His people to unjustly suffer?  He is God and His purposes are not always revealed to man.  He has given us the promise that all things work together for good to those who love Him and who are called to His purposes.  He also has said that He works through our trials to develop in us patience, perseverance and other Godly character traits.

Received 8-17-99

I am the Light of the world.  If you walk in My light, you will not be in darkness.  You will have direction for your life.  You will know how to live.  My light in you will affect those around you.  They can see your light, because of the darkness of their souls.  They are seeking for what you have.  Allow My light and presence to affect how you live.  Spend time with Me.  Just as it takes some time to get a suntan, so too you must spend time with Me to get a covering of My glory.  Think of Moses whose face shown after being in My presence.  Think of My disciples, who though were uneducated, displayed wisdom and faith beyond themselves.

The world is decaying before your eyes.  Do not be discouraged, but renew your trust in Me and My plan of salvation for the world.  Do not focus on what is negative, but rather offer what is good and uplifting to those around you.  At times you will have to see with the eyes of faith.  And you will have to be patient for My plans to be worked out.  I desire that none should perish and so should you.

Received 8-29-99

The days ahead will challenge the world.  They will shake the foundations of the world and its people will stagger.  Tragedy will strike in many places.  Will people cry out to Me for salvation or out of anger?  Will they recognize their sins or will they be full of pride as they complain about the unfairness of this judgment?  Will they even recognize this as My judgment?

Put your trust in the things above and not on earthly things.  For what you see will pass away.  The things that man makes will come tumbling down.

As in the days of Noah they were eating and marrying and were unaware of the flood, which was coming.  Even some of My people will be unprepared for what will happen as they have put their hope in the false prosperity that this world offers.  They have become fat and complacent.  Their focus is on themselves.  They are not moved by those who are perishing around them.  They turn their eyes away from those who are hurting as if pretending they don’t see.

You are My workmanship, created in Christ Jesus, to do good works, which I have prepared before you to do.   Let your eyes and ears be attentive to what My Spirit is saying.

Received 9-4-99

There will come a day of great beginnings.  It will be a day when I make all things new.  Even as in the days of Noah, I started fresh with a select group of people and animals.  And the earth itself became different in climate and appearance.  I will take away man’s sins and sin nature.  I will remove the curse of sin brought by Adam.  All creation will rejoice!  All of this will be My doing and not that of man, for man cannot do what I will do.

Will man sin again as Adam did?  The tempter and his angels will be bound.  My grace will cover man and My Spirit will be poured out as never before.  My Word will be written on man’s hearts and all will know Me.

Received 9-8-99

Watch and see the glory of the Lord.  He will be lifted up and all will bow before Him.  No one can stand in His presence.  Darkness and sin have no place before Him.  God has given preeminence to His Son.   His inheritance is glorious.

Received 9-18-99

What will be the sign that people will recognize to bring them to repentance?  What aspect of their lives will have to be disrupted to get their attention?  Will it take a natural disaster or a scandal of their nation’s leaders?  Will the leaders of the churches be able to discern the times?  Does My forbearance and patience with sinful man mislead you into thinking I will not judge the world as My Word proclaims?

Look at the nation of Israel in the Old Testament.  Did they not sin against Me and yet I withheld My judgment upon them for a time for the promises I made to their forefathers?  When I sent prophets to them to warn them, they refused to listen.  They chose to trust in the gods of stone and wood, which they had made.  Even if some did listen, their repentance was short-lived and they returned to their old ways once I withdrew the armies of their enemies from before them.

Even if your leaders do not recognize the looming judgment coming, will you not respond and change your own ways?  Will you seek Me and obey My Word?  If you do, you will be blessed and you will escape.  Do not respond only to escape My judgment, but rather because of My love for you.

Received 9-28-99

O the glorious mysteries of God to be searched for and revealed over time!  Each new day brings fresh insight and revelation into God’s love for His people.  As the world stumbles in judgment, God extends His mercy to the humble and the ones crying out to Him.  He loves us, even though we turn away from Him in rebellion and unbelief.  He lets us stray until we come to the end of our journey and we finally recognize our need for Him.

Open your eyes from your complacency.  Seek Me with all of your heart, soul and strength.  Desire to do My will in all that you do.  Not in halting steps, but in confident trust that I am leading you.  Look at the fields of the harvest around you.  Put forth your hands to bring in the grain of men’s lives.

Received 10-5-99

Be still My son and find rest in Me.  Do not look to what is happening, as being from Me for it is the enemy who has brought this attack.  Do not fear for I will defend you.  Even now there is a great battle on your behalf.  I am working to bring down those who are harming you.  Put your trust in Me and replace your fear with trust and faith.  Meditate on My Word and bathe your actions with praise.  Know that I will not allow My children to stumble and fall.  My grace is sufficient for you, for in your weaknesses I am strong.  Vengeance is Mine says the Lord, I will repay.  No weapon raised up against you shall prosper; all those who come against you shall be destroyed.  Look not at what the enemy is doing, but look to what I am doing.  Do not put your trust in man, but put your trust in Me.  Do not hesitate to express your faith in Me.  Take all opportunities to speak about Me, for people are looking at what you do as never before.  Let them see Me in you.

Received 10-8-99

The grace of the Lord extends to the needy to overlook their sin.  Even now My hands are reaching out to the hurting.  What will draw people to Me?  It will be your acts of mercy and kindness.  As hardship and calamity come, My people shall be there.  Even in the midst of their own struggles, I will send them to others as a witness to My love.  Do not cling to what you have, but release it from your grip.  Haven’t I promised that what you give in My Name will be given back to you?  Isn’t your life but a vapor when compared to all eternity?

Received 10-12-99

Overwhelming love that is what Jesus gives us.  He speaks of His love for us over and over.  If we were sensitive to His voice we would hear it.  If He constantly showers His love on us, will He allow us to suffer harm?  Only as much as we can bear, so He can show Himself strong on our behalf.  He does not want us to break, but to recognize our total dependence on Him and our need for one another.  How great is His loving kindness!

Come, come to Me.  Humble yourselves before Me in reverence.  Know that I Am God and there is no other.  I am a jealous God and your hearts are divided.  What must I do to make you aware of how it grieves Me when you ignore My commands and fall into sin?  I have given you My grace and My Spirit and yet you choose to do what pleases you.  You are proud and arrogant and you do not see your sin as I do.  Repent and turn back to Me and I will wash you clean!  Put your faith in Me and believe My words.

Received 10-20-99

Joy and peace are for the weary.  Joy to give them strength and peace to sustain their souls.  Do not grow weary in doing good.  Pace yourself as if running a marathon and you will be able to accomplish much.  Be sensitive to My Spirit so that your efforts are accomplishing My purposes.  Cover your work in prayer.  Seek Me for wisdom and direction.

Received 10-30-99

Rise and be healed!  What would you do if I spoke those words to you?  Would your faith also rise to complete the healing as you respond?  Or would you question and doubt?  Could you still believe even though your body did not seem to be healed at first?  Can you believe My promises even though you must have patience and faith for the fulfillment to be realized?  Are you willing to follow Me because of who I am, rather than what you see or think?  Grace be with you.  I will not ask you to do what you cannot do in My strength.  You may have to give up, so that I can accomplish what you cannot do by yourself.

Received 11-5-99

Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised!  Who is like the God we serve?  Is there anyone who loves us without limit in spite of our faults?  He alone can rescue us from the pit we fall into because of our sins.  When we are down, He lifts us up.  He fills us with joy and peace.  He promises to be with us for eternity as a gift for merely believing in what His Son has done on the cross.  He has sent His Spirit to help us and teach us about Him.  He never abandons us even when we turn away from Him.  He has created a place for us to live and have dominion over all that we see.  He has given us a mind to search out the mysteries of His creation.  Yes, how great is our God!

Received 11-9-99

Peace be unto you and grace.  Train your heart to respond to My Spirit.  When you pray say, “yes” to Me.  When you read My Word, believe what is written.  Take what is written as for yourself.  Give Me permission to change you even if it means humbling yourself before others.  There is not much time left and people need to hear the message that only you can speak.

Can you love those who are repulsive to you?  Can you put aside your fears to speak to them?  Who else can influence those around you?  I will cover you and empower every word you speak.  They will be like well-aimed arrows hitting their targets.  These arrows cannot be removed for My Spirit will see that they bring forth fruit.  Be confident and bold and gracious and full of love.

Received 11-15-99

May the joy in your heart be magnified as I work in you do to My good pleasure.  If your trust is in Me, you will be not concerned over anything that comes in your life.  Come to Me and let us have sweet fellowship together.  Put aside your cares and focus on Me.  Seek to hear the voice of My Spirit for He will instruct you and comfort you.

Do not let your heart be troubled, but put your trust in Me.  I have overcome the world and nothing will harm you.  Bring your needs before Me in prayer.  Wrap them with ribbons of praise and thanksgiving.  Send them to Me with faith in your heart.  Anchor them to the promises I have made in My Word.

Do you notice My hand at work in the world?  Do you recognize that the time is near for My return?  The enemy is working hard, but he cannot match the work of My Spirit as He draws many to Me.  People are desperate over their sin.  They try to mask their pain with many things, but nothing will work except My forgiveness and love.  Help them to know Me.  Pray for them as if they were your own flesh and blood.  Bind the work of the enemy in their lives and release My blessings and grace.  There is power in your prayers of intercession.

Received 11-21-99

My grace will cover you.  Do not be alarmed or discouraged, but keep your faith alive.  Focus on Me and know that I can do mighty things on your behalf.  I will make the way for you and you will know what to do as you listen to My Spirit.  Do you seek favor and acclaim from man more than to be praised as one of My faithful servants?

Received 11-23-99

Is your heart broken?  Are your emotions going to rule what you do or is your spirit, which is trusting in Me, going to rule?  Will others decide for you or will you stand for Me as a man of God?  I know your heart and I am pleased.  Take authority over your emotions and believe.  Speak affirmations with your mouth to let the spiritual world know your stand!

Received 12-3-99

I will not be mocked!  My words are true and My judgements are righteous.  I will not give My glory to another.  I AM God and there is no other.  Be silent before Me.  Understand and know your place as one of My creations.  Also know that I love you without reservations as evidenced by the death of My Son Who took on the penalty you deserve.  Offer your sacrifice of praise to Me and humble yourself before Me.  Recognize that apart from Me, your righteousness is as filthy rags in My sight.  I have purchased you with My blood.  You are no longer your own.

Received 12-12-99

How do you overcome hurts in you life?  Give them to God.  Turn your focus away from your problems and pain.  Look to Jesus for comfort and strength.  Give of yourself to others.  Put your hurt in prospective by realizing all that Jesus has done for you and what He will do for you in the future.  Help others in their need.  Your problems are not so big.  See others are suffering more than you are, if you would take the time to notice.

There is sin in this world, in you and in others.  Do not be surprised when bad things happen.  I will be there for you to forgive you, to love you and to see you through to the other side.  I have not promised happiness, but joy in the knowledge of My love.  Learn to be content and to accept My will for your life.  Rejoice in your salvation and give Me praise!

You would not choose to go through the valley of troubles on your own, but I have allowed you to travel there to experience more of Me.  Do not pass up this opportunity to draw closer to Me.  Consider yourself blessed to receive more of My grace and love.

Received 12-17-99

How good it is to reflect on all that God has blessed us with!  It takes away the sting of troubles.  It brings hope that things will be better as God pours out His blessings.  It cancels the lies from the enemy.  It renews the joy of the heart.  O the wonders of the love of God showered upon us in good times and bad.

Now is the time for faith and expressions of thanks and praise.  Now is the opportunity to be positive and give a good report.  Your confidence will lift up others.  Be diligent in prayer.

Received 12-24-99

If any man is in Christ, he is a new creation.  The old has passed away; the new has come.  Do not think of yourself as you once did, for you are a new person in Me.  I reside in you and My Spirit empowers you to do what you could not do before.  Let your mind dwell on Me and My Word.  See things through the eyes of faith as though they were.  Know that I love you deeply with an everlasting and unconditional love.  Allow My love to change your heart so that you can love others in the same way.  Renew your mind and do not think as those in the world think.  They have no hope and no future and they do not believe in Me.

Received 12-28-99

Welcome the new, but hold to the past.  See into the future with the eyes of faith, but with your feet anchored to My Word.  There is a great expectancy at this time as if something significant will occur.  Now is the time to speak of Me, for I will return soon and they are not ready.  Be a blessing and bless others in My name.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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