Received 1-3-2000

Now is not the time to be complacent.  Rather you should be all the more in prayer and service, as the days become fewer before My return.  Do not withhold from doing good if it is within your ability to do so.  I will multiply your efforts as never before.  Be gracious and dispense My love to all you see and meet.  Cover your lips with grace and speak words of life.  Many will be hurting as the time draws near.  They may appear to be resisting Me, but in their hearts they are searching for answers that only I can provide.  Put a shield of protection over your loved ones through your prayers.  The enemy will be unleashing his fury, for he realizes his time is short.  But you are greater than he because of My Spirit within you.  Nothing I say to you is new, but I say it again to remind you.

Received 1-9-2000

Continue to look for the signs of the times to indicate the nearness of My return for it will be sooner than most will imagine.  Do not become complacent or anxious, but rather be diligent in your efforts on My behalf.  I will multiply your efforts and use you to accomplish much.

Received 1-19-2000

Are you willing to pay the price to be My disciple?  Can you yield your will to Mine?  Be at peace for I will lead you as a good shepherd.  I will help carry your load.  I will instruct you in the way you should go.  Will you pause to seek Me or will you proceed in life following your own direction and understanding?  You must choose and this must be a choice you make every day and at every crossroad.  The person who is yielded to Me will be at peace in the storm, knowing that I am with him.  Does this mean you must accept the bad along with the good without resisting the bad?  No, but you will know that I will not leave you on your own.  I will rescue you as you call upon Me.

Who can know the mind of God?  His ways are past understanding and yet He reveals His thoughts to us if we seek Him.  He has given us His Spirit.  He has given us faith to trust in Him when things don’t make sense at the time.  We can rest in His love.

Received 1-26-2000

Gracious is the God we serve.  He gives us treasures from His storehouse.  He opens wide His arms when we turn back to Him when we fail in our pride.  He is quick to forgive and he doesn’t hold our past up to shame us.  He loves us just as we are and He does so with full knowledge of what we really are and not as we try to portray ourselves to others.  His ways are righteous and just in every respect, even if they don’t seem to make sense to us from our limited viewpoint.  He is always there for us.  He never turns His back on us no matter how many times we fail.  He rejoices when we rejoice in Him.

Received 2-4-2000

Rejoice in the Lord and be glad.  I say again rejoice in the Lord.  There is no one like Him.

Received 2-11-2000

Come unto Me all you who are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.  Let Me take your cares.  Give Me your anxious thoughts.  Bring your needs before Me.  Come before Me and quiet your heart and mind.  Allow Me to show you what I desire you to do.  Know that all the resources of heaven are there to help you do what is My will for your life.  Yield your will to Mine and let Me accomplish My purpose in you.  Receive the grace and peace to overcome your anxious thoughts.  I love you and I will always be with you.  Do not forget this.

Received 2-19-2000

If you seek Me, I shall be found.  Fill your hearts with thoughts of Me.  Saturate your mind with things that are good and upright.  Rejoice and be glad.  Let My praises be ever in your mouth and on your tongue.  Banish the thoughts that are not of Me, that trouble your heart.  For I give only good gifts to My people.  Never before and never again will you see the display of My power and majesty as you will soon see with your eyes.  The very windows of heaven will be opened up.  There will be shouts of joy and praise.  My glory will be displayed.  Taste and see that I am good.  Know that I can satisfy your innermost desires for life and affection.  I pour out My love without limit.  The more you yield to Me, the more you can experience My love and grace.  The more you are in My presence, the more you will radiate My love to others.  Just as the sun can leave its mark on your skin as you soak up its rays, so too are the effects of being in My presence.  He who is not against Me is for Me.  And he who is for Me, I will bless.

The Lord He is God.  The Lord He is mighty and just.  Great is His holy name!

Received 2-21-00

I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh and your sons and daughters will prophesy.  You will see displays of My glory in the heavenlies.  People will be in awe and many will be greatly afraid.  The conviction of My Spirit will be great.  As never before, people will be confronted with their sins.   Those I have called will receive the solution for their sins.  Others will run and try and hide from My presence.  And many others will attack My people as if they were attacking Me.

I will also cover My people with much grace and love.  They will respond to these attacks in supernatural ways and they will be victorious.  The enemy will be defeated.

I love you and I will never stop loving you.  There is nothing you can do to reduce in any way that love.  For I have loved you from the beginning of time.

Received 2-25-00

Wait upon My Spirit every day.  Allow Him to speak to your heart.  Invite Him to instruct you in the way you should go.  Listen to Him as He reveals truths from the word He inspired.  Let Him write that word in your heart and mind.

Many will seek knowledge on that day, but only a few will find it.  My people will be wise and discerning.  Those in the world who claim to be wise will be shown to be foolish.  Their philosophies will fail them and their lives will be empty shells without meaning.  Do not mock them, but rather pray for them to seek Me, the source of all true wisdom and knowledge.  Do not allow the world to compromise your life.  I have purchased you with My blood.  I want you to shine as a bright beacon of light on a hill.  There is much darkness, but your light will lead those who are seeking to Me.

Received 3-4-00

If you will obey My Word, even to your apparent hurt, I will bless you in ways you cannot imagine. You will see the heavens opened and the glories of My throne room revealed.  You will experience My presence and your soul will be satisfied.  Does this appeal to you?  It should, for I have placed a desire within you to obey and you will obey not for the rewards, but because you have known My love.  He who loves Me, obeys My Word.

Are you ready?

Received 3-9-00

I am pleased, not as I look at this world, but as I gaze upon My people.  What a wonderful treasure is My body, My bride as they offer their praises to Me.  A teacher may grieve over those in her class who refuses to learn, but she rejoices in those few that are eager.  She pours out her talent and knowledge and even her very life in a sense to see those few blossom into what I have created them to be.  It is those few who keep the teacher coming back.  So too am I pleased with those who are eager to learn from Me.  There is nothing I will withhold from those whose hearts are seeking Me and whose lips are full of praise.

Received 3-27-00

Will a mother forsake her children?  Neither will I leave My children alone and unprotected.  For the enemy wants to harm them, but I will shield them from his attacks.  The angels are warring on their behalf.  I have given them the authority in My name to push back his advances, but they must stand in unity to be effective.  They must live according to My Word to remove the openings for the enemy’s darts.  The time is short and he is working harder to destroy, but I have poured out My Spirit and the victory is assured.  Come to Me and find shelter.  Receive My peace.  Let your main weapon be love—love for Me, love for yourself and love for others.

Received 4-5-00

The day of roses is here.  A day is here when My people will have the aroma of life.  People will notice and come to receive the gift of life.  Allow your fragrance to be noticed.  Display My love and grace to those around you.  Make yourself attractive as a male suitor wooing his mate.  You will shine as a light in a dark room.  I will magnify your efforts.  You will be blessed and protected, as the enemy will try to snuff out the light.  Do not be afraid for his power is all words and lies, which have no root.  You are covered in My righteousness and My blood.  What can man do to you?  The angels are rejoicing for the time is near.  They are positioning themselves for battle on your behalf.  They can sense the victory is at hand.  Rejoice with them and fill your speech with praise.

Are you content in this life?  If you are, I will make you hunger for more of Me, as a burning desire within your very being.  What is of this world will lose its appeal and become diseased.  You will not be happy with the counterfeit.  You will only want the real, which is found only in My presence.  This will come not as you worship in church, but as you spend before Me in quiet adoration.  I will be with you and hold you.  You will be changed in My presence and you will love Me all the more.  Is this what you want?

Received 4-15-00

Where is your faith?  Is it in your own ability or in Me?  Faith comes by hearing My Word.  Are you hearing My Word?  Are you listening to the voice of My Spirit?  Do you meditate on who I Am?  Do you consider the greatness of My power?  Is there anything I cannot do?  I will stretch out My arm to display My power for all to see.  Many will be dismayed because they do not believe in Me.  They will be confronted by their sins.  So will be My people, if they do not repent of their worldliness.  Do not allow the enemy to deceive you.  I will test men’s hearts to see what they are trusting in.  Only a man who has built his house on My Rock will be able to stand in the day of shaking.

Received 4-18-00

My grace is sufficient for you.  In Me are all the resources you need for every problem you may encounter whether to overcome it or to go through it.  Every problem is an opportunity to learn from Me and to draw closer to Me.  If you choose to solve the problem in your own understanding, it may go away, but you have not learned from Me, the source of all wisdom and truth.

Received 4-23-00

Easter reminds us of the vast extent of God’s love for us in that He sent His only Son to die a very painful death on the cross to bear the punishment we deserve.  It was painful physically and also painful because of our sins laid on a righteous and holy person.  How ugly and repulsive our sins must have been to the spotless Lamb of God.  Think of the most undesirable thing to do, even though not painful, such as wallowing in a pool of excrement and smelly chemicals for weeks.  How unclean you would feel! But to His praise He shed His blood to forgive and cover our sins.  Now instead of seeing how tarnished we are in our sins, God sees Christ’s robe of righteous covering us and He is reminded of the obedience and love of His Son.  We must not lose sight of the great price Jesus paid on our behalf.  We have been purchased and we now are not our own.  We must live to please and serve God.  We must yield our will to do His will and to follow His commands.

I love you.  Do not dwell on your sins, but think about My love for you.  Think about all that I have given you.  Think of how I rescued you in your times of need.  Receive My joy as I looked beyond the cross to see My Father smiling His approval of Me.  Receive My peace that calms your heart and mind.  I am looking forward to the day when My people will be with Me for all eternity.

Received 5-5-00

Out of the depths of my pain I cried out to my God.  He rescued me and brought me to His side.  He has let me experience physical pain beyond my comprehension.  Now I will be able to feel compassion for the hurting as never before.  Oh the goodness of our God, for His ways are not as our ways.

Received 5-11-00

Blessings and victory are in My hand. I give them out to those who follow Me with sincere hearts.  I Am their shield and protection in the storms of life.  I Am the gift of Life itself.  Set your mind on the things above.  Concentrate your thoughts on Me and My words to you.  Let it be your ambition to please Me in all that you do.  You will be blessed eternally if you do these things.

You cannot see now what is before you.  You cannot see what I have designed in your life to make you more like Me.  Purpose now in your heart to learn from every experience and person that comes your way.  Do not waste one moment in life for the time is short.

Received 5-19-00

My joy will fill your heart.  You will be lifted high above your enemies and problems.  I will come to you and rescue you with My outstretched arm.  I will cradle you as a mother with her baby.  Why will I do this?  Because of My unending love for My people.

Choose this day to yield your will to Mine.  Make it your conviction to follow Me and obey Me with all of your heart, mind and body.  You will be blessed as never before.  Your spirit will soar and your light will be bright.  Nothing will hinder you from accomplishing the purposes I have for you.  I will go before you to make a way for you.  I will personally lead you with My hand upon you.  My peace will flood your soul and you will be content and secure.

Received 5-20-00

Watch and pray for the night is coming. Do not be complacent.  It is good to be content with your physical surroundings, but you should be crying out over those who are on the path of destruction, who have no hope and who are lost in their deception.  Remember that you once were like them in your ignorance.

Received 5-29-00

There is joy in knowing Me.  My joy will sustain you when things don’t happen as you expect. You will recognize that the joy you are feeling is coming from Me and you will turn to Me for help.

I give my blessings so that My people can bless others. At times I might ask them to give out of their need as an act of faith, but mostly I want them to share what naturally they have to share.  But they must have a loose hold on what I have blessed them with.  They must have a steward’s heart.  Honor follows humility and you must always remember the source of your blessings.

Received 6-3-00

Let your eyes be opened to see Me and to see what I am doing.  Focus your attention on what I want for you.  Spend time with Me to know My heart.  Yield your will to Mine.  If you do these things, you will experience great displays of My glory and power as people you touch are transformed by My love and grace.  You will experience greater freedom from sin, as you no longer desire to do the things of this world.  You will disturb the enemy, but My power in you is greater.

Received 6-14-00

There is a hope that grows in the hearts of men for a Savior to come and rescue them from their despair and that hope will not go unanswered.  I will come soon and their eyes will see Me.  Some will cower in their fears because of their sins.  Others will run to meet Me because I have washed away their sins.  Oh what a day that will be.  What a contrast will happen between those in the world and those who are trusting in Me.

You must be like the diligent farmer who is casting his seed.  You must spread seeds of hope and life and salvation to all those you meet.  It matters less what you say for My Spirit will immediately work to bring conviction and hunger in their hearts.  Your love will speak volumes, but your words will bring forth life as they are energized by My Spirit.

Received 6-15-00

Give of yourself, share what you have and be a vessel I can use.  I am working in you to bring about my good pleasure and will.

Received 6-22-00

Watch and see what I will do for the man who is yielded to Me.  How hard is it for a man to give up control of his life.  Yet how great is the freedom and joy for the heart that is humble before Me. I delight in such a man.  He is not afraid, for he trusts in Me with a confidence that cannot be shaken.  Whatever may befall him, he knows I am there with him and he will be in My presence forever.

Do not hold on to what is not yours, for you have been purchased at a great price.  Acknowledge Me and recognize who I am.  Meditate on My word.  Let your thinking be changed.  Nurture the faith I have placed within you.

Received 6-27-00

Joyful is the man who puts his trust in Me.  He is not concerned about the storms of life.  He is not afraid of the darkness.  He knows that I am with him to rescue him and lead him into a broad safe place far above his enemies.

Received 6-30-00

I will be with you always even to the ends of the earth.  I will not leave you alone.  I will send you My Holy Spirit.  He will lead you into all truth.  He will open your eyes to the message of hope that I have for all mankind.  He will guide you with His hand of blessing to make your path secure.  Put your trust and faith in Me.  Do not be fearful or afraid, I have overcome the world.  Allow Me to expose what is in you, so that you can see what I see.  Let Me shape your heart to receive more of My love and understanding.  Do not be afraid for I love you and nothing that I do in your life will harm you.  The master gardener prunes back his prize rose to produce a blossom of excellent quality.  Are you willing to be pruned?  Can I work in you to produce what pleases Me more?

Received 7-2-00

Oh that My people would have ears to listen to My Spirit!  I have much to tell them.  I want them to know the depth of My love for them.  My words are life and they are truth.  All who hear and obey them will be blessed beyond what they could ever imagine or think. Even if they would just read and meditate from My Word, they would be blessed, for then My Spirit can work in their hearts.

Will you rise up and proclaim Me to others?  Will it be your passion to see others come to know the truth and be set free?  Will you bring those around you to Me in prayer?  Do not despair, for I love them and I will reach out to them, just as I did to you.  I will give you a heart for those whom I am calling.

Received 7-8-00

I will display My power for all to see.  My glory will be revealed to those who are seeking Me.  I am nearer than you think.  I am within you working My pleasure and will.  If I were to touch you, you could not stand.  I know your weaknesses.  I am not surprised by anything that you do.  I will lead you and guide you with My Spirit leading the way.  Trust Me to do what is best in your life.  Give up ownership to everything you have and are.  I am worth much more and I know what you need.

Received 7-11-00

I will bless the Lord at all times.  His praise shall continually be on my lips.  Others will see and notice what a wonderful God we serve.  Words can be resisted, but love penetrates to the heart.

Who can resist My love?  I know not one!  Are you willing to love and forgive and release your selfish hurts?

Great and mighty is His Name!

Received 7-16-00

The Lord reigns in majesty and splendor.  His court is filled with worshipers and the sound of praise fills the air.  His glory is displayed for all to see.  All attention is placed on Him.  His dominion and power causes the strong to bow low before His throne.  The expanse of eternity is before Him and nothing is hidden from His view.  The Lord He is God.

Received 7-23-00

Nothing escapes My view.  I know all about you.  I see your coming and going.  Your thoughts are before Me.  It pleases Me when you think of Me.  If it were not for the blood of My Son, I would have to judge you for your sins.  But you are covered with a robe of righteousness.  I can shower on you My blessings and grace.  Because you are Mine, I give you My love.  What more could you need?

My inheritance is to see My people gathered around Me.  My joy is in their praise.  I cannot resist releasing more of My blessings for those who worship Me with humbleness of heart.

Received 7-27-00

What is the cost you will pay to be with Me?  Are you willing to give up something you like doing? Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you.  Have you considered that everything that is good in your life comes from Me and is a sign of My blessing?  Look to Me instead of useless filler and chaff.  What will those things add to your relationship with Me for all of eternity?  Will you explore My Word instead of playing a game?  Will you pray for others instead of watching TV that has no significance?  Is your mind full of clutter and stressful thoughts? Then rest in My peace as you come before Me in humbleness and praise.

Received 7-30-00

Gracious is our God and full of mercy.  He looks not at our unrighteousness, but at the covering of His blood.  He knows we are but dust, but He loves us as if we were His own flesh. We cannot escape the work of His Spirit in us for He does the Father’s will to transform us into His image.  Mighty is His Name.  Glorious is the One who died for us and Who reigns in majesty and power!  Bow before Him and bring your gifts of praise and thanks.

Received 8-3-00

The day is at hand and the time is now for My people to rise up and claim the territory the enemy has taken from them.  Why should it be that My blessed ones are not reaping the benefits of My grace and love because of what the enemy may do?  You must exercise your faith in My word and take back what is rightfully yours.  You must intercede for others so they too will have what belongs to them.  Cover those you love in prayer.  Live righteously before Me and do not give the enemy a foothold into your life to attack you.  Discipline yourself in what you allow into your mind and heart.  Forgive freely as I have forgiven you.  Rest in My promises to you.  This is not the time to be complacent for you will lose by doing nothing.  Be wise and discerning and seek My Wisdom and in this you will do well.  See that your focus is on Me and not on the things of this world.  You do not realize how crafty the deception of the enemy can be.  Watch and be careful.

The day of victory is near, but first comes the trial.  Those who are rooted in Me will be blessed.

Received 8-10-00

All is well for those who seek Me with all of their hearts and minds and souls.  Those I bless cannot be disturbed when trials come for I will be their shield and protection.  I will lift them high above their enemies and they will enter the land of promise.  All that is good will flow to them from My river of life.  They will have lips full of praise to Me because of My blessings on them.  Just as those in a relationship who find favor with one another, so too is the favor I bestow on those in My blessing.  Do all that is in your power to remain in My blessing.

Received 8-16-00

The turmoil that is in you is not from Me. Let your focus be on Me and My Word. Bring your problems before Me in prayer and wait upon Me for My Wisdom.  You will be amazed and what I will do on your behalf as you give over your problems to Me.  Your anxiety is not good for your body and for your peace and well being.  It hinders your witness, as you are distracted from what I am trying to do with you to reach others.  How important are the things you are concerned over?  What is the real impact of a few more days delay in completing a task?  Do you have to be perfect?  Seek to please Me and you will find joy and peace beyond measure.

Received 8-20-00

Justice and mercy are for the upright.  He rests secure knowing that his God is watching out for him.  He knows he will be vindicated over his enemies when his God intervenes.  His own failings and sins will be covered by the blood of the Lamb.  Many will cry out to God, but the prayer of the upright will not go unanswered.  When he contemplates the majesty of his God he falls down and worships. He recognizes his dependence on the living God to sustain him.  His lips are full of praise.  O the depth of the love of God!  O the grace He extends to mere man! What could man pay for such blessing?

Seek the Lord while He may be found.  Call upon Him in times of trouble. Do not presume that you can live without Him.  You will soon find out that you can’t.

Received 8-28-00

All the earth will proclaim the glory of the Lord.  For I have put in My creation a reflection of My beauty. I have displayed My presence in the skies.  When will man take notice and believe?  The seeing eye and the hearing ear, have I not made them both?  Does a man breathe on his own?  What are the thoughts of man, where do they come from?  O the folly of man’s heart to ignore the truth of My love for man.  Man is not an experiment.  I have purchased them with the price of My Son.  I have punished My Son for their sake to show them of My great love toward them, but many refuse to believe.  Will you tell them?  Will you acknowledge Me before men? Will you live for Me and not for yourself?

Received 9-6-00

O the perspective of man is small and short sighted.  He can’t realize the folly of his ways.  He can’t understand the destruction he faces because of his sins.  Even for My people it is hard for them to stay focused on what is important as the world drags them into its web.  But I will pour out My Spirit and I will raise up My people from their sleep.  I will awaken the dead to life, even life in Me.  Great will be the harvest as I bring the lost into My sheepfold.  The battle for men will be great, but I will prevail.  Devote yourselves in intercession for the lost and deceived that they may come into the light and be saved from the wrath to come.

Received 9-9-00

The man who seeks after God will find rest, security, peace, covering and love in the bosom of his Creator.  He is not satisfied unless he is aware of God’s presence with him.  He yearns to hear the words, “I love you My son”.   He places his cares before the throne and they disappear.  God is all sufficiency for all needs for all times and places.  His grace is abundant. His love has no boundaries.  What folly is it for us to rely on our own mind when the all-knowing wisdom from the Creator is available for those who ask? Why do we hesitate to trust in His will for our lives?

Received 9-13-00

How many are God’s thoughts toward us.  They are pure like flakes of snow falling quietly on the ground.  His thoughts wash us like water from a waterfall.  They cover us as leaves falling on the ground.  Our spirit responds and we are changed.  He proclaims His blessing over us and the evil ones flee away in terror. He builds a high wall of security about us and His angels stand guard at our gates. How little we know about God and His love for us!

I am continually blessing you as when I provided manna for the people in the desert.  You are not your own any more.  Why do you resist My Spirit? Allow Me to guide you in every situation.  Accept My plan for your life for it is wonderful and good.

Received 9-23-00

Love Me as you would love one dear to you.  Think of Me and know that I think of you.  Spend time with Me in My presence.

Received 10-3-00

The death I died for you is an example of My love for you.  I did it willingly fully aware of the pain of the physical beating and the weight of sin, which was worse than the beating.  Think about the burden and guilt of sin that is left to fester without the cleansing of the forgiveness.  Imagine that multiplied by millions and millions.  Do not think lightly toward your sins.  Do not abuse the grace and forgiveness I offer.

Received 10-7-00

My grace I am pouring out to you.  I know your weaknesses and failings.  I don’t want you to fail, because it hurts Me when you do.  Remember that I love you and that I am with you always.  Do not hesitate to call upon Me.  When will you realize how much easier it would be for you to trust Me for Wisdom before you exhaust all of you own energy on futile speculations?  I will gladly direct your steps.

The more you spend time with Me, the easier it will be for you to recognize My voice speaking to you in the stillness of your spirit. Focus on My love and then you will increase your faith in My words to you.  I am not a man and I will not disappoint you. My promises are ‘yes and amen’ to you.

Received 10-19-00

What will this day bring?  Will you see great things as My Spirit moves upon you and in you or will you miss out on My glory?  What would you rather see?  Are you willing to yield to the leading of My Spirit and move out in faith? Or do you lack faith in My words?  Do not despair for I will increase your faith.  I will be gracious to you.  Speak of Me and you will see opportunities open up before your eyes.

Received 10-28-00

Is there any greater love than this, than for Me to bear all the punishment you deserved for your sin?  Could I add all the times I spared you from your folly by covering you with My grace and love?  Could I also add the times I protected you from harm?  You say you have had hurts and pain, but this is but a fraction of what you would have experienced without Me.  And what about the greatness of My blessing in your life as I made the work of your hands prosper, as I gave you a wife and children, as I let you know My presence and let you feel real joy and peace.  Even now I am holding you in My arms.

Let Me draw out the stingers of the enemy, the wounds that fester and continue to hurt.  Let Me spread oil and bind up the wounds.  Let Me put a new song of hope in your heart.  May the recording of your life be changed and made new in Me as I walk with you with every step.

Received 10-31-00

Is there any hope for this world?  What you see is wasting away in decay.  Does it surprise you that sin causes destruction?  But take heart for I have dealt with sin and there is a better place for you.  Do not trust the things of the world.  Put your trust in Me.  I am the anchor for your life.  I am also your source of life.

What do you think when you read a command in My Word? Do you embrace and accept it as being the right thing to do?  Do you ignore what you seem to be unable to obey?  Do you justify your actions as you compare your life to others who sin more?  It pleases Me that you do want to obey the promptings of My Spirit as He shows you truth in My Word.  What I am asking does not gratify the flesh or the soul, but only the spirit.  The Spirit gives life to your spirit as you say yes to Me.  They that come to Me in worship do so in spirit and in truth.

Received 11-13-00

For those who seek Me they will find Me.  It pleases Me to know you want to be in My presence.  There is much to do, but only one thing is really important.  That is the time spent with Me.  Can a leaf survive without a branch or can a branch exist without a vine?

Received 11-22-00

Rejoice and be glad for in Me there is joy and fulfillment.  My purpose will come to pass.  Let your soul find rest in Me. Those who trust in man or in this world will be disappointed.  A house divided cannot stand and I have divided your country to call My people to prayer.  Do not be afraid, but seek Me in prayer.

Received 11-28-00

What would I do?  I would seek My Father’s will and pleasure.  I would discern what is happening in the spiritual realm.  I would ask “what would be best for this person or situation and how could I bless and show love to this person?” All the resources of heaven and earth are at My disposal.  All authority and power are Mine.  Is there anything I cannot do?  Is anything impossible for Me to accomplish?  So come to Me in prayer with praise and thanksgiving.  Seek My face and pleasure.  You will not be disappointed.  No, you will come back for more and more.

May the blessings of My love and mercy be upon you always!  Do you sense the power in these words?  Yes, and you too can give a similar blessing over those you love and over those who are needy.  Your words will have life as you abide in Me and in the anointing of My Holy Spirit.

Received 12-9-00

Do not despair for I have overcome the world.  No longer will things be as they were for I am doing what I have foretold.  This world is falling apart in its sin.  People are believing the lies of the enemy.  They are racing toward destruction unaware of their fate.  Rescue those whom I bring to you.  Pray for them and pray for yourself that you won’t fall too.

You will be mocked for your faith, but I will defend you.  The words they say will not affect you if you are abiding in Me.  My hand will be upon you to sustain you and keep you.  Be of good courage.

Praise Me in all things and at all times for this frustrates the work of the enemy.  Your praise of Me shall be your strength.  Remember what I have done for you and others.  Know that I am God.  I have made you and all that you see.  Nothing is impossible for Me.

Received 12-12-00

Gracious is our God.  He is worthy of all praise for His works are mighty.  His Name is exalted above all else and victory is in His hand.  Gather strength from His presence in your life.  Lean on Him and He will meet your every need.  He will not fail His people and He won’t let His Word fail.

Received 12-16-00

For those who seek Me I will be found.  I am not far away, but near to your heart.  What is love?  Is it sacrifice? Is it giving of yourself to another? Is it obeying and yielding to My will and commands?  My love is greater than all forms of love you know. I love you when you are far from Me in your selfishness and sin.  I love you when you disobey Me. I love you when you blame Me for the wrongs in your life. I love you when no one else will love you. I love you even when you don’t love yourself.  I demonstrated My love on the cross.  I demonstrated My love through My Son. Love others as I have loved you. You will be blessed if you do this.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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